Pork Wonderland

One really great thing about being in East Malaysia is that people here do not meddle into other people business much, they are rather open minded and live life along each other regardless of what background the next person may have. How many shops in West Malaysia with this sign "Babi Segar!" (Fresh Pork!)? How many graveyards in West Malaysia that has Chinese and Muslim graveyard situated right next to each other? It is a general consensus that East Malaysia must keep it's doors restricted period.

Nuff' said.

Back to the pork. There is this wonderful place that sells nothing but pork. Barbecue pork to be precise. Ten shops or so sells this and done in such rustic manner. Fire, pork and flip. With a little dip of specially made chili sauce, it tastes heavenly. Serve this along with a few bottle of beer (RM 10 for 3 cans) and dinner is served. This place never fails to be packed. I usually will pack and eat with friends over a movie.

Lotsa pork on the grill!

For those with strict diet, you have no idea what you are missing out. At least have a try and savour it before you take an hour run in the park.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

The Perfect Children

Watching Glee made me thought of something. The geek, nerdy, self centered and annoying Rachel Berry got me thinking. Honestly of all the characters, it had to be the one that I will strangle if I meet her in real life... Either way, it got me thinking about the perfect children born into a family of two gay dads.

What would they look like?

What would they be like in school?

What would they be when they grow up?

Que Sera Sera indeed.

The few things I do know that I want are their sex, school activities and list of careers not to take.

First, I prefer having boys. Very "little-soccer-team" family I know but I think having girls will give a load of headache especially when swarm of boys circling around her and high chance of her ending up a spinster. Good quality boys are an endangered species. They are sparse and they are highly probably gay. I would probably the terrifying dad when it comes to meeting my daughter's boyfriend. Every details about him will be scrutinized! So no girls for me or maximum one will do.

The boys will also excel academically along with sports, music, arts and literature. They can have their choice sport they like. Soccer, swimming, ice skating or fencing, whatever to keep them active, healthy and fit. I have always love listening to orchestras and now I can have live performance with my boys mastering strings, brass, percussions and woodwinds. Then to top it off, arts and literature. Be involve in drama classes or Glee Club!

Tall order, I know.

Scary, I know.

Can the boys make it through this boot camp? I am optimistic of it.

Well it is only until they start university. The list is just basic groundwork for them to build their future on. I believe they will do just fine. Tough being a kid these days huh?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter