Look Who's Back

Hello hello everyone. I know it's been like a month since I last updated. Busy with work and not having access to Internet connection is a bitch. My housemates and I are trying to get a broadband connection and install our wireless router. Guess it'll only be done after Raya. Bah annoyance.

Anyhow, as some of you know, I was offshore on an oil platform. It was fantastic and an eye opening experience for me. Just amazing to see how things work and how things finally made some sense. Following operation guys and get my hands dirty on hard steel and concrete. Tonnes of fun.

Sure I got seasick when I was on my way to the platform. Puked in the loo too. Urgh I felt like I was going to die and wanted to go back straight. But once I got used to the seasick, it was alright. In fact, it's lovely to sleep on a ship. The motion of the ship swaying rocked me to sleep every night.

Being on board a ship filled with men, you'd expect me to get some. Well I didn't but it was close. Not that close. Hahahha. Pinoy marine boys were hitting on me. Knowing me, I just keep smiling and laugh it off. That never stopped them from moving from verbal praises and flirts to "Lemme give you a shoulder massage, you look tired.". Temptation looms as they say.

That's all the update from me. Stay tune. Lots of things happened and I'm dying to tell you guys.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter