The Year That Was 2006

In four hours and forty minutes, year 2006 will be another history of mine. 2006 is when I found my love, McDave. The memory of it still lays fresh in my mind like it was yesterday. He looked so different back then and I looked super different back then too. Hehehe. Like an era just past by within this six months. I can't believe how we've grown, personally and relationship wise. Wasn't all smooth sailing but it was a heck of a journey and I hope this journey will go on till the end of time.

Oh almost forgot about Rat Rat too. Hehehe. Rescued them from pesky children and away from preying stuffed cats that were watching from another basket across the isle. Rat Rat brought out the inner child in me, like I need more inner child out of me, and they're like our kids. Hehehe. Yes, crazy I know but heck, whatever makes me sleep at night yea?

This year is also when I founded this blog, QueerRant. A transformation from my previous blog, CampusRant. CampusRant did not quite feel right since most of the things I rant are queer stuff anyways. Seems fitting to have QueerRant as the title of my blog.

The most significant thing this year is earning my own money for the very first time, my internship. Although the pay is like, way way way below minimum wage, it'll do for now. The most important thing is that I am enjoying my work. As Donald Trump said, "without passion, you have no energy, without energy, you have nothing". Even though my wage is probably his lunch money, I think what he says is true.

So this was the year that was 2006. Lets embrace the New Year, the uncertain future.

-Live Long & Prosper

Kids These Days

Ma Cau Hai...

Tiu Nya Seng...

Nya Ma...



Any given day, in any given DOTA game, you'll read this across your screen. Players calling, cursing and yelling at each at other players when things don't go the way its suppose to. I.E to win. They'll start blaming others of their inability or mistakes but never once they think that the other team is better than themselves. Always think they're the best or as they would call themselves, PRO. Pro my ass.


Are kids these days so filled with anger, rage and immaturity?

It sure spoils a nice game where people go there to unwind or just have fun. Not everything is all about competitiveness. Right? I do get occasional really good game where everyone is cooperating. Sometimes we lose but that don't matter cause everyone tried their best.


-Live Long & Prosper

The Intern

Just as I thought time flies really fast when I was in campus, time flies even faster when I'm working, Warp 9.9. I can't really believe that its the end of my third week and I'm going to start my fourth week on Tuesday. I'm really liking the change of pace from studying.

Despite what Leggie says, I love the Quality Assurance Department. Though it looks kinda sad from outside cause there's only five permanent employees of which one is away for maternity leave and another missing one. With the five of us in the department there's three gals, two guys and one gay. We, the interns (two of us, me and FLS), and the other two gals are quite close. They are the one who bring us around for errands and teach us how to do things. Not to mention the endless session of gossiping and mocking each other. Heheh.

My typical day involves spending most of the time in lifts while FSL sits in her cubicle most of the time doing paperwork but starting next week, she'll be working with a Middle-Eastern cute/kinda hot looking guy. Bitch... Anyhow, I go around the floors and look for people for various things. Maybe I should take the stairs and maybe, just maybe I can achieve my Golden Ass, Brad Pitt's ass (*drooool). Come to think of it, McDave is well on his way there. Perky ass. :P

Everyday, I'll wake up at six in the morning to get ready myself for the day. It takes me about an hour to get ready in the morning. Talk about vain eh? I'm not a morning person you see and I'm missing my nightlife. Hehheh, your definition of nightlife is very much different from mine but yea just sleeping late generally. I'm getting used to waking up early and I'm slowly sleeping later. Hope I will have enough energy for night activities with McDave (LOL).

There are a number of cute/good looking guys around the company. Not sure if they're gay cause my Gaydar at the moment sucks and out of calibration. To me all girls are gay. Its true, no? Help me calibrate~~~

It seems that everyone thinks I'm FLS's BF. Hehehe. That's so funny. Poor girl, she's not getting herself a boyfriend soon with me buzzing around her like a fly as her BF. I just play along with the BF thing. Very amusing. Poor girl, first I tell my gay friends she's a lesbian, now I'm her BF. Hehhee. I'm glad that she's in my department. We give ourselves a sense of security of a sort in an unfamiliar grounds and also she's such a doll.

-Live Long & Prosper


Hey all~~~

Guess who's back on the net~~~

Its me~~~

Sorry for not updating the blog for like eons... Lots of things has been going on leaving me unable to update a single blog...


After my exams, I headed straight to Singapore with my cousins. I was able to meet Derek and POD. So nice to see them again. We met up for a nice queer all-you-can-eat steam boat. Hehhe. I remember I was eating so much fungus like I've not eaten them in years. Hahah. Love fungus.

Then a few days after coming back from Singapore, I went down to Melaka with my baby and met Bunny there. (Well to drive us round that is. Thanks Bunny.) I love Melaka soo much cause of the food. Yummy... We had the usual stuff like the last time and the last time before that and the last time before before that. Heheheh. It was David's first time trying "Satay Celup" and I was glad that he loves it. Can't wait till another trip down to "makan-makan".

As some of you know, I started my internship on the 4 Dec. I'm kinda getting used to waking up early now a days. As early as six in the morning... Sigh. Who sleeps before midnight and wakes up at six huh?! OMG... I want my night crawling days back... Oh well. As long as I am busy the next day, I won't be bothered with the lack of sleep.

Oh yes. I finally got my broadband up and working now, as you can see. Its about freaking time too. *grrrr Took them bloody long enough to fix my freaking port. Heheheh. First Torrent I downloaded was from Heheh. Then I started downloading my anime and TV series.

So there you go. A super quick run through of what's been going on. Stay tune for more updates.

-Live Long & Prosper

While I Was Studying

Guess what I found outside my door while studying. Rather disturbing I say...

This was also the same cat that slept on my roomie's bed for the whole day without me realising it. It must have some fetish with football shoes. Hehehe. Whatever helps it sleep I say.

Anyhow, time for shower and back to studying. Can't wait till its over and its internship time for me. Though I don't know if its a good thing, this internship. There are people riding up my arse already... They got this weird affinity to my arse and I don't know why. Hehehe.

-Live Long & Prosper

Study Study Study

Its that time of the year again. Twice a year it comes and all hell breaks loose on my study/game/entertainment/porn table. I've been busy studying for my exams these past few days. My exams starts next week so I have time to prepare for them all I hope. So many formulas to derive as you can see from the picture above where Rat Rat and Teddy are camera-whoring as usual. I love those two buggers. All day long, they'll sit on the table lamp stand and watch me study while I occasionally stroke them when I feel bored and also to elevate hints of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Funny thing is that I can play computers for hours and I don't get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but continuous writing makes me hand hurt. Perhaps I should go get an ergonomic pencil. Hehehe.

Even though this week is study week, I still have presentation to present on Wed for my Engineering Team Project. Sigh. That means more work to do. I haven't started on the PowerPoint slides yet. I'll do it tonight after DOTA of course. I have two classes tomorrow as well. Not sure if I wanna attend it cause I attended today's so call "Review Class" and it was a total waste of time. I don't like this lecturer much. He for some reason, always use the words "quote unquote", "so call", "at this juncture" and "rosy". Its so freaking annoying cause all those words he uses are inaccurate... People only use "quote unquote" when they are quoting someone but he uses it to like quote himself... Strange...

I am so addicted to my Almond Body Lotion from BodyShop. I put it on my
study/game/entertainment/porn table, within arms reach, so that I can just apply it on my arms just to smell the scent of it while moisturizing my weathered arms. Now Rat Rat and Teddy smells like Almond. Hehehe.

-Live Long & Prosper

Food Shopping

Went to Ipoh today to go "makan-makan" and also do some grocery shopping as well since my stock for nuclear winter is running thin. At first, I thought that was all I was buying but my faghags went into BodyShop. Naturally I went nuts over the products they have there. Hehehe. Started smelling this, see that, touch that and test that. Eventually I ended up buying Almond Body Lotion. I'm so in love with the fragrant and its so nice to apply it. Its so light as though nothing was there. Hehehe. A feel good thing for me.

As for groceries, I got two packets of ChipsMore Butter Crunch, Quaker Oat and miso soup. Yum yum. My latest crazy is ChipsMore. My housemate and I take turns buying them. Hehehe. So he'll frequently come to my room to have some cookies. Hehehe. And breakfast I'll have Quaker Oat. I just love the flavored oat. I hate the original one cause it tastes like eating paper. Ewwww.

OMG. I'm becoming like Xavier... I'm gonna nibble nibble nibble like a hamster... :P Hehehe, finally someone that can relate to Rat Rat. He's so cute. Oh and Teddy too and of course McDave.

-Live Long & Prosper

Naughty Naughty Thing

When to see the doctor in campus a few days ago. It was a very funny experience. First of all, the doctor was a she and she's those conservative type of Malay. Covered from head to toe kind of conservative. The whole thing went like this:

Me: Morning doctor.
Doc: Morning. So what's wrong.
Me: I got ulcer on my scrotum.
Doc: *blink blink stunned blank blink blink... On your scrotum you say?
Me: Yes.
Doc: Do you know how you got it?
Me: Nope. Just popped up few days ago.
Doc: Do you do naughty naughty thing?
Me: Huh?! You mean am I sexually active?
Doc: Yes.
Me: Yes I'm sexually active.

Then she was asking if I was going to marry the girl I'm sleeping with. Hehehe. Poor McDave is now a gal. Then she asked if I change partners and all that. Then she asked if she could see it. Hehehe. Oprah Prime Time! Scrotum Ulcer Revealed. Hehehe. I said yes and start to strip.

I decided to be "conservative" that day too by wearing a Renoma brief but still looks skanky. Not that she was looking at me when I stripped. I proceeded to the bed and laid there. I showed here where the ulcers were and she examined it. The last time I had my "package" examined was when I was in primary school. Well the examination didn't take long. Put my pants on and the doctor prescribed me a course of anti-biotic and some sort of cream. She's treating me with the assumption that its just a normal ulcer. I'll see her again next week once the anti-biotic is finished.

Aside from her moment of blankness, she was very professional while examine me. She did her job without the ewww, cannot touch cause you're a guy or anything like that. Kudos to you doc~~~

-Live Long & Prosper

Lessons In Life

Alright everyone, settle down. Now turn to page 332 of your lessons in life textbook. Here you can see that from paragraph 1 to paragraph 3 you can conclude that, ah this is bullocks. There's no such thing as a lessons in life textbook is there? You just gotta live through it and learn from it or alternatively listen to peoples advise and stories and learn from that.

So the title for today's chapter is "Skin Ulcer On The Scrotum Is Uncomfortable". Yes yes, you can stop grabbing your balls and return blood flow to the rest of your body. I have an ulcer on my scrotum. Yes its painful. No I have no idea where I got it from. No I have not been sleeping around. No I McDave doesn't have the same symptom. And no he hasn't been sleeping around either.

Naturally when weird thing happens to my body, I Google it. The wonders of technology. So there were various reasons as to how I got the ulcer. Some was saying that because of exposure to corrosive materials (like those get anywhere near my crotch), or too much pressure or something like that and lots of other stuff. It said all I need to get is antibiotic cream and it should heal.

There's another theory as to why these ulcers developed. I don't like this theory very much. In fact it terrified me for a moment. My bro-in-law says, not confirmed, it may be HERPES. WTF?! STD?! Yikes... So who's been sleeping around?! McDave? Hmmm... Well according to my bro-in-law, its not necessarily through sex cause when he was really young, he got Oral Herpes. Buggered if I know how he got it. It seems that the virus the one of the most common virus around after the common cold virus. Interesting gift for a four month old relationship huh. Heheh.

I'm gonna go to the doctor to get it checked out. I wonder if I have to drop my pants in front of the doctor. The doctor is a she too. Hehehe. I hope it ain't HERPES even though its not that serious. I think...

-Live Long & Prosper

Blast From The Past

I was looking through my Axcest account the other day and I found these. Messages from the past when I first started messaging McDave. All these messages happened in the span of 20 minutes. This faithful day when I first met McDave online.

Original Message (Me)

Hey there. Interesting default pic you have there. ;) Anyways. Just like you looking for all sorts of people to know. I'm from KL. Where you from?

hi i'm from shah alam but i'm not local ppl.
ur intro so cute coz u said only need 2 say hi then can chat 4 few hrs.... really?
i'm stil a student but i got work oso coz tat consider my practical.

any thing u wan 2 know from me?

Shah Alam in UiTM is it? What you studying?

Where you from?

I guess I'm a people person. Like to meet people. Sometimes I think why I'm studying Chem Engineering. Should have taken PR. Huhuuh. I'm studying in **** now... Dem ulu.

i'm not in Uitm la tat place only for bumiputra not 4 Chinese.
i'm actually study at kl
i'm under a *** course
i'm from sabah.
so now u stay at **** lo... i know there a bit 4 u this kl child but u choose there then this is d place u get ur cert.

Huhhuhu. Ooops. Didn't know UiTM only for bumi... Heheh a bit blur today. Weather dem nice to sleep the whole day.

True. Everyone only respect you if you have a cert these days. Its soo stereotypical of people. Oh well what to do.

So you're going to be an *** then? Cool. Never met anyone doing your course yet. You're my first. ;)

So where do you stay? Ampang area? Wangsa Maju? Or PJ? In KL I stay *** area. Quite close by.

Which part of Sabah are you from? The closest I've stayed there was Labuan for a year.

i'm not staying at kl i'm stay at shaha alam coz i work here.
i from sabah *** far from labuan. wat u doing at labuan?
so now u at ****?

Oh yea sorry. Hhaha you live in Shah Alam. The weather again. Huhuhuh. Blur blur.

Yea now I'm in ****, in my campus. I was in Labuan cause my dad got a job there so stayed there for a year for my PMR. But cannot tahan there so cabut back to KL. Huhuhuh.

So considered that you're a final year student then doing your practical now? Mine is this Dec. Ah how time fly.

I just realised can only send 10 mails per day. Dem it. Mind if we exchange numbers so we can chat more? Mine is **********.

my no is **********
u can sms me when ever u wan.

Alright. I'll sms you later tonight. Got some stuff to do now. Nice meeting yea.

ok so meet u soon.

After that, tonnes and tonnes of sms were exchanged everyday till today. Dem you telecommunication companies. Been earning every cents from us... Anyhow, this was how things got started between us.

-Live Long & Prosper

Tick Tock

Tick tock tick tock.

Its been 123 days that Defiant85 and McDave stared a relationship together.

Here's to love and taking it one step at a time.

I love you McDave and sure hell miss you a lot everyday.

-Live Long & Prosper

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Tick tock tick tock.

Guess what day it'll be?

-Live Long & Prosper

Random Ramblings

I was reading Mark's blog when I suddenly realized something. I was reflecting back when I was somewhat going out with this girl. She was actually my senior (shall call her N) back when I was in high school but we started dating, well sort of, when I was in my first year in university. It was a mistake from the beginning. I remember dreading getting calls from her and she would go on and on for hours per call. She would call me every day, twice a day. I was feeling as though she was choking me and it really bothered me like she was checking up on me all the time. It ended as fast as we hooked up.

The realization came when I was thinking that I call/sms McDave everyday. Not that I call/sms him to check on him but to know what's going on in his life and that he's doing alright. Its also because I miss him terribly. Oh well, one more month and I'll get to see him for eight months.

To make this post a little longer, right after I broke off with N, my childhood friend E, called me a few days later. She was crying and wailing on the phone saying that she wants me, loves me, bla bla bla... For two years, she kept trying to get me to go out with her but I wasn't interested. She even asked me why I wasn't interested in her. Hmmmm... Those were the days.

-Live Long & Prosper

What The

Uh what the?

* * * * *

On a completely different note, dad decided to get himself a Nokia phone cause Sony is too complicated to use... Oh well, I'm happy to take the Sony off him. Its the old Sony K300i. Me like Sony Erricson. Really nice to use and Nokia can shove it. Heheheh. This phone got a camera on it too. Its alright quality I guess. Its got really limited memory space so I'm clearing up junk that I don't need and put in two or three MP3s that I can. Me love this phone. Currently, Mozart - Queen Of The Night is my alarm tone.

-Live Long & Prosper

Wailing & Moaning

Dem cats in my apartment area are at it again. They wail, they moan non stop ever since I got back to my home... Is it mating season already? Even when I was in campus cats were bonking bonking and humping humping all day long.


Why do they wail and moan so loud?

-Live Long & Prosper


Ever kneed your loved one or someone you're sleeping with in the balls while making love? Well don't try it or even do it accidentally cause it will cause great pain and possibly no sex for the night or the rest of your life. So try and avoid it at all costs.

None of those happened of course except maybe, ok, the first one. It was dark and the mood was on. There he was, bare and waiting for me in bed. I slowly approached and step by step I move to position above him. I started caressing him with my tender lips and my fingers exploring his exposed body, triggering his senses. I could hear his every breath that he took and I can feel his warm hands slowly hugging me.

Then it happened. Dong... I felt my knee hit something but I didn't know what. He screamed silently as to not alert my mother sleeping in the next room. He clutched his teeth and wrapped his arms around his abdominal. Then I realised, I kneed his testicals. It was like an instant replay in my mind in super slow mo.

All I could do was hug him and giggle... Yes I giggled... It all seemed soo hilarious caused there we were and I knocked his jewels... Heheh. Its still very funnny in my mind. OMG. I'm such a bad boyfriend. Boyfriend got kneed by me and I giggled. Heheheh.

So there you go. The moral of the story, don't hit anyone in the balls unless they deserved it or you just want to see something that cracks you up.

-Live Long & Prosper

This Is Really Stupid

Just as I thought I almost had enough of this stupid country, my campus is really pushing my limit. They've decided to ban any websites related to blogs and forums.




I thought the management of this university is really stupid but today they proved that they're a bunch of idiot. A bunch of idiots running a university. Hmmm, I wonder if this is going to be the downfall of this country. When that happens, I'm sure they'll just say, 'Tak Ape La'. Arrrg... This is sooo fucking annoying.

For fuck sake, we're not in school anymore. Geez. They have these stupid rules and stuff that schools have. WTF. So much of higher education a place for learning. Guess these people don't know the different between EDUCATION and LEARNING. Stupid stupid people.

-Live Long & Prosper

My New Toy

It finally here. My new toy. I had to go through hell to get it as usual in this really stupid and annoying country. I tell I almost had it with this freaking country. The stupid courier service gave me freaking wrong info about when my parcel was suppose to arrive. One bitch, can't speak English for freaking nuts, told me I was suppose to get my parcel by noon but as usual in this stupid fucking country where people don't fucking know how to read time, it didn't arrive by noon. So I waited and waited and waited then it arrive. It arrive at FOUR that is. Seriously, its amazing this country is moving forward even though they don't know how to be punctual... Sigh.

Anyhow, I'm glad I got my new toy, Logitech MX3000. Great keyboard and mouse but I'm still not used to it. Playing DOTA and pressing the Windows key is really irritating... Not to mention the mouse glids and I can't coordinate well. I shall get use to it. Here's how this new toy looks like.

And Rat Rat with the mouse... Not sure why he's in that particular position... Perhaps he misses the other Rat Rat so much. Who knows...

Anyhow, this wireless set is a beauty. Nice buttons to type on and the mouse is really nice to use. Its really quiet when I type and has a soft touch to it. Oh lovely keyboard. Almost like having foreplay with the keyboard with every button I press. It uses laser beam instead of optical so give high precision for gaming purposes and also for those who deals with digital graphics on a daily basis. It has lots of nifty functions to it too but Google it and you guys will see. Off to pressing buttons on my keyboard.

-Live Long & Prosper

Tweak Tweak

I am soo addicted to tweaking my desktop. Finding for the perfect wallpaper to suit the colour scheme, tool bars must have this shade of colour, mouse pointer animate a certain way and myriad of other little details. I just spent two days staring into my computer tweaking and prodding all the options available. Meheheh. Now my desktop is perfect. Well almost until I figure out what is missing. The desktop seems a little clean in someway. Hmmm.

There's soo many softwares out there available to use for tweaking. So far I've only used the two popular softwares, Style XP Visual and Object Desktop. Object Desktop is really easy to use and the themes online are easy to install. There's many themes out there and currently my favourite is Window Vista.

Style XP Visual however is rather complicated to use but its much more versatile and has more special features. I didn't really get to do much mostly because its soo freaking difficult to install new themes. I hate the installation process of the themes because there's stupid additional softwares in it and I really hate those rubbish softwares.

If you're bored with your current outlook of your Window, just go get Object Desktop by Stardock. You'll love it. This is my desktop.

-Live Long & Prosper

Its Here!

In KL, for RM65.00 I can barely get a season of any tv serie but my finally long awaited QAF dvds arrived today. Woot~~~ I got seasons two to four for RM65.00. Now that's a bargain. All I'm missing is Season one. My Bible is almost complete now. Heheheh. I love QAF and all Queers must watch it. I remember what Emmet said, "Everyone came for the Queer but stayed for the Folk". Its not all about sex and lust but its about love, relationships, friends and family. That's what QAF is really about.

Speaking of tv series, Desperate Housewives season three is finally out. All the old eye candies are back. Heheheh but Ryan Carnes is missing... Deng... I wonder where he is... House and Grey's Anatomy season three are out~~~ Soo many tv series. Oh and not to mention Prison Break season two. OMG. How am I to have time for all of these and studies...

Still waiting for my wireless set. A little annoying though cause I'll only get it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Meaning I'll only have a few days to play with it before I go back for the Depavali and Raya holidays. Sigh... Oh well. Better to have the wireless set than the current keyboard/mouse I'm using. I can feel the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome coming in...

-Live Long & Prosper

Another Death

Before I begin this entry, I shall tell you way in advance that it is not a death of a person, cat or plant. My keyboard died... At least it died right after I finished my work at 3.00 AM in the morning. I thought it was just the battery that went flat but it was the keyboard that flatlined on me. Noooo. My most beloved keyboard.

Since the keyboard and the mouse comes together, I can't use the mouse that I have with another keyboard. Peripheral conflict it seems. So I'm getting a Logitech MX3000. I hope I get it this week.

Today is presentation day for me. My Pet Sustenance Kit project. I'm excited about dressing up for it than the presentation itself. Hehhehe. Love dressing up in campus cause heads turn when walking in campus especially the academic block. Heheheh. Wish me luck.

-Live Long & Prosper

Heavy Machinery

Past few months I've been busy with my Engineering Team Project. Its a course by itself contributing 3 credit hours. Its basically a team of 5 students from different faculty of engineering doing a chosen topic to do. We design and fabricate it. Fun fun but loads of headache... Sigh.

So basically I get to try out all the big big machines and stuff that makes deafening noise, things that produce sparks and things that are super cool to play with but having the risk of losing an entire hand all together. Fun~~~ Hehhe. So this the big boys toys eh.

I was using a handheld grinder today and boy, that thing packs a punch when I switched it on. It jolted my hand slightly everytime I turn it on and my the pretty sparks that it made but the sound was like sonic booms. I was grinding a gear to smoothen the surface. Heheh. Fun but scary. When the technician asked me to do it myself, I was rather intimidated as though its some sacred, ancient relic that has the power destroy Earth if fallen into the wrong hand. Hehhehe. But it was a handheld grinder after all. The worst it could happen is that I severed someone's arm. Hehhe.

-Live Long & Prosper

Santa Baby

At long last, I get to munch on cookies my baby's mom made for me. Well she made a lot of them and not specifically for me but I would like to think it is all for me. Good for my ego. Hehehe. Anyhow, thanks to Alex The UPS Man, Mc Dave could send the cookies for me. Oh and a mooncake as well. Also baked by his mother. There were two types of cookies, peppermint chocolate chip cookie and pineapple tart cookie. Yum yum. They're super delicious and they just melt in your mouth.

What I did know was that there was a small tiny Teddy Bear keychain that my baby bought for me and a little note in there wishing me Happy Mooncake Festival. Soo sweet of you my dear. Heheh. Thanks baby.

His mom and my mom are going to meet sometime this week. Hmmm I wonder what sort of topics they're going to talk about. Wedding date perhaps? A Chinese Wedding? A White Dress Wedding? Which family name should be chosen? Hehehe. Ok I'm thinking too far into the future. Heheheh. We did kinda talked about it and Mc Dave joked that we should have The First Wedding. Meaning, Adam and Steve wedding. Hehhee. Everyone comes naked. Oooo, skanky. :P

-Live Long & Prosper

Strange Dream

I had the most weird ass dream. The dream was that my dad suspected there was something going on in between me and Mc Dave. So he confronted me about it and if I remember correctly, the question went on like this, "Are you and Mc Dave having a love affair?".

Hmmm. Is this a sign? My parents know? Oooo. Interesting hypothetical question ain't it?

-Live Long & Prosper

3 Months

Its been exactly 92 days since now. 92 days filled with many stirred emotions of happy, sad, madness, euphoria and many new memories created mostly pleasent but of course there will be some sad ones. Even though we couldn't spend all 92 days being together, we managed to pull it through and I am glad for that. There are many firsts in those 92 days and I hope there are many more firsts to come.

Love you baby~~~

-Live Long & Prosper

Kingdom Of Loathing

The Kingdom of Loathing was once a pleasant place, where all the citizens loathed one another equally and nobody caused too much trouble. Under the gentle rule of King Ralph XI, peace had prevailed for as long as anybody could remember.

One fateful Porktober morning, a Sorceress came to the Kingdom. A Naughty Sorceress. A Naughty Sorceress who was clearly up to no good, and even more clearly up to plenty of bad. King Ralph sought to expel the Naughty Sorceress from his Kingdom, but she imprismed him in a black crystalline shard of curdled magic. It was very dramatic.

Monsters emerged from their hidey-holes to terrorize the citizens of Loathing, and larger monsters emerged from larger hidey-holes to terrorize those monsters, all under the control of the Naughty Sorceress.

In the King's absence, the Council of Loathing convened to attempt to impose order on the Kingdom. Their success was limited, however, to imposing their will on adventurers who came to the Kingdom seeking fame, fortune, or quality products at reasonable prices. And as you've probably guessed by now, one of those adventurers is you!

Come join me in this super duper fun and hilarious turn based adventure in Kingdom Of Loathing.

-Live Long & Prosper

Dinner For Two

I'm not sure about you but from time to time I get wacky ideas (skanky too obviously) that are just terrific for suprises. So last night as I was thinking about what to cook for dinner, I had a sudden super skanky and wacky thought. Why don't I welcome my baby from work, at the door with nothing but my apron. Mehehehe. That'll give him a shocker. OMG... Sooo slutty. :P

So the menu for the night were Pasta with Grilled Cheese Sauce cooked with sliced beef and Pasta with Pesto cooked with small chunks of chicken. I put both the pastas into the same plate together, one side beef and the other chicken. Add a piece of toast with melted cheese and there, a meal for two. To finish off, my baby brought home mini mooncake and served it with Dragon Eye with Rose Bud tea. Yummy. The dinner was terrific and I had so much fun preparing for it.

I tried to make it a candle light dinner sort of thing but all I could find were tiny candles. I stacked four of them in the middle of the table and it was sort of enough light to see what we were eating. If only I had more groceries too cook dessert.

I just love giving suprises to my baby. Love to see his reaction to them. Hehheeh. Cracks me up everytime to see it. I wonder what's my next suprise lurking in the depths of my skanky brain...

-Live Long & Prosper

Back In Civilization Again

Heheheh. Hi all. Finally a post from me after a long long time of my vanishing act. Here I am at home again but this time, as most of you know, alone and with my baby. It was totally a last minute decision to come back. I wasn't even thinking of it but my friend KKK (not the Ku Klux Klan), poisoned me with thoughts of no lectures on Thursday & Friday. So why not go back.

Further more, mom and dad are away in Aussie for my sis's wedding thinggi. Fuck... I could have been in Aussie right now... Grrrr... Dem dem dem. I really want to go to Aussie...

Then again... There's a brightside to this misfortune. I have the whole house to meself. Yes meself. Its been a long long time since I've been in this house alone for several days. Heheheh.
So I told this fabulous news to my baby and he got all excited. Started to plan this and that and this.

So here I am, alone at home again waiting for my "husband" to come back from work. Tonight shall be Pasta with Grilled Cheese and Pasta with Pesto. Yum yum. Oh did I tell you my "husband" is practically feeding me tonnes of food... He is stocking food like there's a nuclear war coming up. Loads of food... And tonight he's bringing more groceries back! I'm gonna be stuffed~~~ Hheheeh.

That's all from me. Going back into the kitchen to do some cooking for my baby.

PS: Paul, perhaps you should switch to my campus and you'll get tonnes of holidays. :P

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Genting Vacation

Would you believe me if I tell you that I have never been to Genting Highlands before? Believe it. Never had a family trip up there before and I have no idea why... Oh well. At last, I've been to Genting.

My baby planned this trip a month back if I'm not mistaken. I told him that I've never been to Genting and he suggested that we should make it as our first trip together. We got a really sweet deal too. RM40.00 per night for two. Deng that's cheap. Gotta love deals like this.

Genting reminded me a lot of Aussie cause of the cold weather at night and the mist that was never in short supply. Literally covered with them everytime we go out. We had the honeydew drink along with Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Peppermint Tart in Coffee Beans, sitting outside of the building with wind and mist blowing into our faces. Yes it was freezing cold but it was great experience.

We didn't go for the Theme Park cause I didn't think it was worth our money and also my baby had been on the rides tonnes of time so why not save some money and use it else where. We did go for Ripley's Believe It or Not and that was super fun. Weird ass stuff but entertaining. I had a sudden craving for cotton candy when we were up there. I haven't had them of ages and I just love cotton candy.Yuummmy...

The cable car ride down was super fun. At first, for a brief moment, I had acrophobia but it vanished after a few seconds later. The scenes were soo beautiful and the mechanism of the cable car facinated me. Heheheh, being the skanky couple, we had to live up to our name, so I decided to take a picture of us kissing in the cable car. Thank goodness not many people were going down that day. Managed to get a car to ourselves. Heheheh.

Pity we couldn't get into the casino and come out rich cause I didn't have any shirts with me... I didn't know the casino had a dresscode to follow. Dem it. Sigh... Oh well. I think besides the casino, there's really not much else around to do except walk here and walk there and see here and see there. It didn't matter to me cause I'm out with my baby. Lovely baby.

Sex in high altitude is awesome and I highly encourage everyone to try it. I know Leggie and Paul are expecting me to write a skanky post but sorry dears, not this time. :P Perhaps next time we shall do it in the plane's restroom as suggested by Leggie. I wonder who's the skanky one these days..

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Mysterious Rash

Civilization finally~~~

Yes I'm back in KL for a week and most importantly, I get to see my baby again. Oh how I have missed my baby so much. Now we can be together again after a month of separation. Love him soo much.

Anyhow. I have this weird red dots or rashes on my body for a few days now. There was nothing at one moment then suddenly pop, so many rashes here and there. It didn't freaked me out but more like annoyed the heck out of me. I'm going to see my baby soon and I got these?! Sigh.

So my mom drove me to Gleneagles to go check what they were. Even the doctor was puzzled as to what the heck are they... The funny bit is that I got no other symptoms to match it to anything that he could think off. If it was skin allergy or disease, the rashes should itch like mad but no itching for me. If it was some sort of measles, I should be having fever but guess what, no fever... I got no aches or pains anywhere in my body. I'm as fit as a fiddle except for the rashes...

He gave me anti-histamine and some lotion to apply on them to reduce the inflammation... Oh well. Its slowly disappearing anyhow. How odd... At least I know from the doc that it can't be spread through touch. Heheheh. Time to get physical with my baby.

-Live Long & Prosper

Its Alive

Hey all. I'm back in action not sure if its permanent yet cause I haven't gotten my replacement graphic card yet as it died a week ago. I'm kinda borrowing my friend's graphic card that was suppose to be dead too but it turned out that its just PMSing itself. Its working on my computer though and I'm happy for that. Hehehe. It doesn't work on his computer for some odd reason. Ah. I'm just glad I get to use my computer now. Woot woot.

Anyhow, nothing much been going on here really. Been struggling to survive without my computer but I almost went insane just playing Rocket Mania in my Palm... Thank goodness for my Palm.

I'm finally going back in a few days time for my Mid Semester Break. Woot woot. Baby here I come. I missed him soo much and I really really wanna spend lots and lots of time with him. Love you dear.

-Live Long & Prosper

Rest In Peace

Today is a sad day for me. Someone dearest to me, someone I've known for six years someone called TI passed on. It was a shocker to me as he was fine few days back. More than fine, he was up and running and brought joy to all who knew him. It was a great loss and I am sorry that I could not be by his side when he passed on as his death was so sudden and unexpected. I didn't know this would happen to him but that is life. We will expire someday. Some sooner, some later but no one escapes it.

There was something about TI when I first met him. He had such allure to him that just captivated me and it made me want to know him more. I got to know him. We clicked immediately the first we
met. He wasn't much of a talker but he has his ways to entertain me when I'm down or just for the sake of entertaining me and he does it soo well too. Never fails but always a perfect act. I think many who knew him knows that he was one of the best of his time. He is soo good that he lasted till now where everything changes in a split second but yet he rode the tide of time till now. He hanged on to everything that he had but in the end, time did cought on to him and there his life ended.

Such a sad sad day. Let us all give a moment of silence to TI for he has passed on. Ah how I'll miss him till the day I too will return to the maker.

Here's a picture of him for us all to remember him by. Goodbye my friend. You've been such a great friend and you'll be mis
sed. This is TI4200SE 128MB. Even though it wasn't top-end of graphics card but it was definately one of the best.

-Live Long & Prosper

Happy Two Months Anniversary

Two is such a nice number and has such significant meaning in our daily life. Many things can only function when there's two say like a pair of chopsticks, you can only clap your hands with two hands, we have two hands, two legs, two ears, two eyes, two testis and many other two things we have. As like the Chinese saying "Good things come in pairs".

It was on this date, two months ago I finally stole my baby's heart. Back then he was still in Shah Alam and I was still on holiday. We would talk on the phone everyday after our first date. Time sure flies. To think it was almost three months ago that we had our first date. Ah such fond memories when we were together and hopefully more fond memories to come.

Happy Two Months Baby~~~

Funny how there's such thing as One Month Anniversary or Two Months Anniversarry while the meaning of anniversary is the date on which an event occurred in some previous year. Heheheh. Oh well.

-Live Long & Prosper

Worrisome Soul & A Broken Promise

I don't even know where to start or how to start writing this post. My thoughts and emotions are still very messy in my mind. I guess I'll just write this. I can't say its not personal cause its every bit personal.

It all started when my baby went out to eat supper with a friend of ours. In fact, the whole day I was feeling as though something bad was on the horizon but I couldn't tell what it was. Not to mention for a week now that I feel the fear of losing my baby. At the spur of the moment, it didn't make any sense, till when my baby went out for supper with a friend of ours in Sunway.

After supper, out of the blue, they were near Liquid and my baby asked if they could go and have a look since our friend hasn't been there for a long time now. I said yes but I felt as though the answer was forced out of my finger smsing him. I said it unwillingly and from then on, it was a restless night for me. Paranoia settled in, I couldn't concentrate to do anything and I was worried... Worried bad things may happen or regretful things may happen to my baby.

So where does the broken promise in the title comes in? Well Our friend promised that we as in me, Mc Dave and him will go to Liquid TOGETHER. As you can see, that was not the case. There are very few things that I despise and this happened to be one of them. Am I to say no to Mc Dave when he asked? I could but I didn't cause my baby is free to do anything he wishes. But bottomline is that the promise which was made was broken when our friend suggested to go.

One very curious thing though, how did they end up near Liquid when my baby lives near Bangsar? Isn't Bangsar in between of the two places? Forgive my rudeness here but who in their rat's ass mind would bring or even consider to bring MY BF to a gay club?! Especially considering that I have not been there myself and that the promise was to go TOGETHER...

Once a promise is made, you honour it even though it'll cost you your life. You're better off dead than to break a promise.

Oh gosh... I sound like a psycho and paranoid BF but hey, I'm looking out for my relationship with my BF and me. I trust him with all my heart but others can hardly be trusted. What can I say, its a vicious world out there. I don't know what is your purpose to bring him there in the first place without me. I don't know your intentions. I'm trying to protect us so I can't help but feel threaten and paranoid.

This would be my second outbreak of emotions but first at being a paranoid. Guess this is what love can do to a person. Sigh. Nothing is simple is there...

-Live Long & Prosper


Today is my first time using a Pore Pack. Took me ages before I finally remember to get them from Watson but I got them today. Nothing much to it really. Easy to use and foolproof. Nothing could go wrong and it didn't.

Step 1:
Wet nose throughly.

Step 2:
Remove plastic liner.

Step 3:
Apply to nose area.

Step 4:
Wait till it dries.

Step 5:
Slowly peel it off.

See simple. I'm gonna use it every three days or so or I'll just use it when I use my scrub face wash. Love to use it and my nose is all nice and smooth except for one thing. I was curious to see what the strip pulled out and it was terrifying. It looked like some alien plants sticking on the strip and it looked... Ewwwwwwwww... Freakish is what it is... Those thing accumulate in my NOSE?! Freaking hell. No wonder pimples can grow there... I don't wanna think more of it... Just do it and throw it away... Sigh. Such trauma...

-Live Long & Prosper


你的心情总在飞 什么事都想去追 想抓住一些安慰
你总是喜欢在人群中徘徊 你最害怕孤单的滋味

你的心那么脆 一碰就会碎 经不起一点风吹
你的身边总是要许多人陪 你最害怕每天的天黑

但是天总会黑 人总要离别 谁也不能永远陪谁

而孤单的滋味 谁都要面对 不只是你我会感觉到疲惫

当你孤单你会想起谁 你想不想找个人来陪
你的快乐伤悲 只有我能体会 让我再陪你走一回

你的心情总在飞 什么事都想去追 想抓住一些安慰
你总是喜欢在人群中徘徊 你最害怕孤单的滋味

你的心那么脆 一碰就会碎 经不起一点风吹
你的身边总是要许多人陪 你最害怕每天的天黑

但是天总会黑 人总要离别 谁也不能永远陪谁

而孤单的滋味 谁都要面对 不只是你我会感觉到疲惫

当你孤单你会想起谁 你想不想找个人来陪
你的快乐伤悲 只有我能体会 让我再陪你走一回
当你孤单你会想起谁 你想不想找个人来陪
你的快乐伤悲 只有我能体会 让我再陪你走一回
你的快乐伤悲 只有我能体会 让我再陪你走一回

Sitting here in my room alone listening to this song again and again. I remember vividly when my baby sang this song during our karaoke session a month back. I only found this MP3 recently and its such a lovely and meaningful song. Everytime I listen to this song, I remember my baby sang it. The voice, the manner of which he sang the song. How he looked at me when singing this song though back then I didn't know what the song meant.

One of the most memorable memory to keep me company when I'm alone and feeling lonely...

-Live Long & Prosper

Wise Words

FLS came up with some wise ass words:

Confucious says,

He who sleeps with itchy bottom will wake up with smelly fingers.

-Live Long & Prosper

The Adventures of Rat Rat and Teddy (Part Duex)

Rat rat and Teddy had a very early start of the day. Woke up at 7.30 AM despite testing the dvds at night till the early hours of the morning. Poor Rat Rat and Teddy for not having enough sleep but what to do. Woke up early to prepare for today's eating activities. Yum yum. Chinese people are known for having their meals early so they had to rush to the Dim Sum place located opposite of KDU Penang from Batu Ferringgi.

When they arrived there at about 9.30AM, it was packed with people everywhere. Loads of them standing any preying over tables where people were finishing their sumptuous breakfast. Rat Rat and Teddy had to do the same. Scouting around the huge place looking for signs of empty table. But once they managed to get seats, it was paradise of dim sum. There were soo many variety of food that they never seen before and the taste of each food imprinted permanently in their mind. They had Chrysanthemum tea for drinks, tonnes of dim sum like Ha Kau, Chee Cheong Fun, Lo Bak Ko, Sui Kao, Taufu, Char Tao Kui and etc and egg tarts for dessert. They were soo full by the end of the whole ordeal and could barely walk much less stay awake for the rest of the day.

After that, they headed to Bukit Jambul for a Malay engagement ceremony. Pity they spent most of the time sleeping while the ceremony was going on. Too tired and too full but still had to wake up and eat lunch even though they were filled to the throat. The food was yummy too. Typical Malay food like nasi minyak (translated as Oil Rice.), chicken and stuff with a different dessert, Payasum. Yummy. Poor Rat Rat and Teddy came back fat fat. :P I still love you all. *hug hug

With Rat Rat and Teddy all stocked up with enough food in them to run a marathon to Singapore and back, they finally bid Penang goodbye.

-Live Long & Prosper

The Adventures of Rat Rat and Teddy (Part Uno)

Rat rat and Teddy boldly went to where no rat and bear has gone before. They went to a place north of Notroh woods and into the land of food. They travelled through jungle under the scorching sun, hitchhiked with strangers that would kinapped them and sell them to brothels and journeyed by foot in the dangerous roads of Penang where crazy drivers seemed to rule the streets. Yes, they went to Penang.

Penang or also known as The Island of The Pearl (though Rat Rat and Teddy were very disappointed coming back to campus poor, fat and no pearls.), is famous for scrumptious, delicious, things that make you super fat food and the price is to die for. The food there is soo freaking cheap and Rat Rat and Teddy ate till they dropped and super sized. Penang is a nice place except the drivers who are really crazy and they had soo many near misses while they were there. Thank goodness they returned unharm.

First stop was Gurney Plaza where Rat Rat and Teddy did a little shopping. They got me a bottle of Oceanus Body Lotion from Bodyshop. I just love Oceanus so sweet of them to get me a bottle. Now I can sniff sniff myself and be reminded of my baby. Thanks
Rat Rat and Teddy. *kiss kiss

Then it was off for makan session in Batu Ferringgi. The roads there are very curvy. Poor
Rat Rat and Teddy almost got motion sickness from the drive there. Luckily they were fine when they finally arrived. They had Char Koew Tiao, some sort of dessert with ginko seeds and popiah with crabmeat on it at a hawker center. Yum yum. They didn't waste anytime gulping the food.

Then they did more shopping at the night market nearby the hawker center. The dvds there are super cheap. Its RM4.00 per dvd and Rat Rat and Teddy got discounts from a guy. He gave them RM3.00 per dvd. Woot woot. Great buy. They got me Queer As Folk Season V~~~ The season finally. Oh I love Rat Rat and Teddy soo much. They also got a headband for Mc Dave's sister and got me and Mc Dave a very nice photo album for us to put pics of us two. Awwww. So sweet...

After all that walking, dodging stomping feet of tourists (especially ninjas from the Middle East) and mad traffic, they called it a night and rested in a clinic in Batu Ferringgi itself. Its got a small house attached next to the clinic. The place is made of wood so its like a village home, very nice and cosy too.

-Live Long & Prosper

Sim City Rush Hour


Did I tell you that Sim City is super addictive? I can't seem to stop playing the game till I really have to sleep. I think Sim City. I sleep Sim City. I love this game soo much. There's soo much options available to me and I can do whatever I want with my city. Perhaps our goverment should have a go at Sim City to improve things in our country eh?

That's all from me for now folks. Back to my city named Caprica.

-Live Long & Prosper

A Sudden Craving

More proof that I'm going mental... I had a sudden craving of playing Sim City. Heheh I have no idea why but yea Sim City. I spent so much time searching it high and low and finally I got my hands on a copy of it together with the expansion pack Sim City Rush Hour. Heheheh can't wait to install it into my computer.

My baby is on his way back to KL now. I'm soo happy since he was out of coverage for several days in Tioman. Poor baby hurt his hand while going snorkeling. I thought snorkeling is like a safe activity to engage in while going on a holiday. Heheheh. He kinda hit his hand on some part of the boat while jumping into the sea. Baby baby... Why la you jump into the sea instead of going down the steps?

Anyhow, classes were rather boring today... Couldn't pay much attention to what the lecturer was bla bla ing about. So my skanky mind wondered around Mc Dave. Hehehe. Much pleasant thoughts compared to boring equations or this theory, that theory. Can't help it that I miss my baby and the time we spent together. Three more weeks before we get to meet each other again.

-Live Long & Prosper

Rain Rain Cold Cold

Heheheh. What am I doing in my room at this hour and not attending my class? To enjoy the weather of course. Heheheh. Its soo nice and cold cause its like hurrican going on out there. It hasn't rained like this in a long time and usually its just freaking scorching hot. I wonder who did the rain dance...

Today my baby is going island hopping. So fun. I wanna go island hopping with him too. Too bad the won't be coverage there therefore no connection with my baby~~~ Nooo... Oh well, hungging rat rat will have to do now in the cold weather. *snuggle snuggle Oh and my baby is going to wear is new swimwear. I don't remember the details well but its blue. I wanna see my baby in it... I'm gonna get a white trunks since I don't have them and they are just oh soo sexy and revealing. Heheh, I know, skanky. :P

Started watching a new anime that I've seen being shared in my campus for a long time now. Its called XXX Holic. Heheh. It sounded like a porn movie more than an anime title. Don't really like the drawing style much but the storyline is rather interesting. Its about supernatural stuff and a little magic in it too. Something about spirits, divination and the like.

-Live Long & Prosper


You Are a Chimera

You are very outgoing and well connected to many people.
Incredibly devoted to your family and friends, you find purpose in nurturing others.
You are rarely alone, and you do best in the company of others.
You are incredibly expressive, and people are sometimes overwhelmed by your strong emotions.

Your Blogging Type is Kind and Harmonious

You're an approachable blogger who tends to have many online friends.
People new to your blogging circle know they can count on you for support.
You tend to mediate fighting and drama. You set a cooperative tone.
You have a great eye for design - and your blog tends to be the best looking on the block!

Missing My Baby

My baby is leaving for Tioman from KL with his friends right at this moment. He's taking the bus from Pudu to somewhere and getting on a boat to Tioman. I wish I could follow him there and I'm sure it'll be really romantic and fun to go there with him. We're yet to go for a holiday trip together but we are planning to go to Bukit Tinggi when my mid semester break comes. I can't wait.

It sucks not being able with my baby... Him being in KL and me here. Going back to KL every weekend would be too expensive and tiring for me. Not to mention I have my project to do. Sucks sucks sucks... Now that he's in Tioman its a little worst cause DIGI don't have coverage there.

All I can do now is hope that I'll get my internship in KL. That way I can spend my eight months in KL with him. I'm not sure if I wanna stay at home with my parents or rent a room. If I stay home, he can't stayover at my place often or else parents would think something is up or have they been thinking something is up between us? I wonder. Whatever the case, do or die, I'm getting an internship placement in KL. My baby took a huge leap by shifting to Bangsar to be closer to me and now its my turn to make the effort to be close with my baby.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna have to settle with hugging rat rat and Teddy. *hug hug They're soo adorable and cute. *cuddle cuddle And they look soo funny together on my bed. *kiss kiss Love playing with them too. *play play rat rat They keep me company all the time. *love love

Yes I've gone mental...

-Live Long & Prosper


Last night's installation was a blast~~~ It was hectic at first but as the night went on, everything was going on as planned. Most of it that is. Though I didn't get to eat much cause I was practically running here and there ensuring that everyone was happy and enjoying the event. Huhuhhu but no worries. Get to lose more weight. Heheheh.

The weekend was not over for me yet. My club brought 15 orphans to Tambun Lost World. Tambun Lost World is like a micro mini version of Sunway Lagoon and I do mean micro mini. Its freakishly small... Can't complain much. We were afterall there for the kids. They had loads of fun there and dragged me everywhere they wanna go and what they wanna play. Pity there wasn't any delicious eye candy to look at. Don't worry baby, no one can woo me away from you.

Pity I didn't have any sunblock... I'm now suffering from sunburn... I'm so freaking dark now like hundred of shades darker... Me like when me was fairer... Waaa. I'm going to shed like a snake... Skin flakes here, skin flakes there. Ewwww... Not to mention my skin feels like its constantly boiling or something and every touch is amplified a million times... Pain pain pain...

After this, I'll be able to have more time to myself and my studies. No more buzzing here and there so much. I need to unwind and relax... Need to pamper myself in a spa or something but got no cash for it... *sob sob

-Live Long & Prosper

Tonight's The Night

Installation night tonight~~~

The big day~~~

Show time~~~

All eyes on tonights event to withness the new board of directors will be installed. There'll be lots of food and drinks around. Tonnes of prizes to be won and tonnes of money to be scamed from people who are coming. :P

Hope everything goes as planned tonight. The show must go on.

-Live Long & Prosper

I'm Dying of Tiredness

Ah finally one more day to go till my installation. Its going to be almost a month of me buzzing here and there to get things done for the event. Its gonna be huge this time with 280 people attending it. We're hoping to make some profit to fund raise our club. Lets just say my club isn't the riches club in the whole of Malaysia and its time to add another figure into the checkbooks.

Aaaaaaa... I haven't done any academic related work since the semester started... I haven't gotten my books yet either... Dem it. Its already third week and I'm soo busy with my installation work and I'll be too tired to do anything else later in the day. I hope after this installation, things will be less busy.

When to pasar malam for the first time this semester near my campus with all my galfriends. I love the pasar malam here cause there's lots of yummy food. I had apam and it was super nice, super crispy and super corny with a little more corns than before. Ordered special chicken burger as my main meal and tou fu fa as my dessert. Ahhhh. Yum yum.

-Live Long & Prosper

Uh... Ah... Eh...

This is rather embarrassing... I forgot what to blog... Need to find where my brain went...

Tee hee...

Oh well. Perhaps something will popup tomorrow. :P

Till then.

-Live Long & Prosper


Recently I discovered a new found addiction. Its fried cempedak~~~ Soo de sedap man. I'm soo hooked on it but its bloody fattening... I can't stop myself for eating it once I have a bite. Its like eating peanut. Once you start, you'll not stop until the whole packet is gone.




Must have more...


-Live Long & Prosper

Cereal Madness

OMG. I love my cereals~~~ I didn't have the time to get my cereals when I was back in KL. Wanted my parents to get them for me but oh well. Today I was in JJ so I bought two boxes of cereals. One is Honey Nut Shredded Wheat and the other is Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries. Yummy. I'm obsess with cereals~~~ I love Post cereals.

That's all for today. I can't think nor do I want to think at this moment. My brain is exhausted from the meeting I just had. Time for cereals. :P

-Live Long & Prosper

Contacts Lenses

Mc Dave gave me a pair of contact lenses when he was sleeping over at my place. So I tried it today for a day. It was suprisingly easy for me to put them on compared to the last time I tried, took me like ages but this time took me less than 10 minutes. Heheh. So proud of meself and I love wearing them cause I feel free without anything blocking my view. I only wish that I can wear coloured contacts... When it was time to take my contacts out, it took a little bit of effort but I managed. Takes some time for me to get used to it I guess.

Oh I'm so tired.... I wanna sleep for a day and not be disturbed by anyone, save my baby. I need to go to a spa or some pampering center with my baby to unwind and destress. Every night I have meetings. My Engineering Team Project meeting and my installation meeting... I NEED A BREAK~~~

-Live Long & Prosper

Back In Campus

After spending two nights and three days with my baby, it was time to go back to campus... If only we can stay together longer or better still, just don't have to go back to campus at all. If only... Anyhow, I followed my baby to work today just to spend the last few hours with him even though he was working. I like to observe him while he's working. A totally different side of him emerges. Ah, I miss him soo much already...

Again I slept throughout the journey back. I was soo tired and I just slept while hugging rat rat. :P I love rat rat. I arrived at campus at about 4.00 PM and started writing entries for the previous days. Then I had meetings to attend, this, that, this and that... Arrrg... Soo many things to do. Geeez. I can't even take a breather. Busy, busy, busy buzzing here and there. Did some washing too. Hehhee. I bought two pairs of g-strings from Renoma, one black and one white. Love it soo much cause its soo skanky and soo me. :P

Apparently, my suprise visit to my baby's branch caused some sort of commotion in his branch. They were having inquisition session on Mc Dave and his "kai mei" about me and Mc Dave. Hmmm... Poor baby had to endure such thing and totally ruined his day. For now the questions sound like they are curious about me, not curious about me and Mc Dave. Phew for my baby but I think they may suspect something about us.

Off I go to do more unpacking and sleeping...

-Live Long & Prosper

101 Stories

Another busy day for me... My schedule for the day was packed back to back but waking up to my baby was a great start of the day... Felt his body warmth and listened to his heartbeats was the best thing ever. Two nude men in bed cuddling each other and snuggling under a blanket in a chilly morning. I'm soo happy when I have my baby with me. Love you baby.

Mom bought us both two huge ass wantan mee. A packet of that wantan mee was like the equivalent of two packets of normal wantan mee. Its super HUGE... Mc Dave and I couldn't finish it. Heheheh. Yummy yum yum. We kinda had to rush this morning cause we were taking too much time getting out of bed and we had to be in KLCC by 12.30 for the gathering in Chilies. I have to break my post into several parts cause too many things had happened today. Basically, first destination was KLCC then Mid Valley. That is the general story guide.

Story #1
In the car enroute to LRT station

The purpose of me coming back to KL, besides seeing my baby, was to attend a dinner or so I thought it was dinner. I made a few calls and I found out that it was suppose to be high-tea. I was totally fucked... I couldn't make it. Holiday Villa, Subang was like a two hours journey from my place and no way can I make it on time. Not to mention I was wearing a pink, round neck shirt with the word "FABULOUS" printed with my jeans. No way was I going to a function with that attire... Plus it clashed with the gathering my baby had planned. So my President made a call to the organizers and they said its alright. I didn't have to pay for it too. Phew... Saved RM50.00 there.

Story #2
LRT station

We were in the LRT station at my place and saw this prepaid counter. We were looking for DIGI prepaid starter pack since its super cheap to contact each other. So we asked the sales person for the list of 016 numbers and we looked through it. We saw the number we liked and asked for it. At the same time, I saw an RM10.00 note on the counter. I had no idea whose it was but continue asking the sales person some questions about the prepaid. We requested for the number and she just took the note on the counter and asked us if we had 50 cents. I passed it to her and Mc Dave took the change. Hmmm. Free number~~~

Story #3
Chilies, KLCC

It was super fun meeting almost everyone again. 10 of us were there chatting, laughing, eating and bitching away. Not to mention two bday boys~~~ Happy Bday again Leggie and Xavier~~~ I hope you two had fun celebrating your bdays with us. :) I had the Exploding something something salad and it was super nice but super huge. Luckily I was sharing it with my baby or else it would all go to waste. Not to mention I still had this morning's wantan mee in me. I suddenly feel fat... Ah good food before I head back to campus where I can control my food better, mostly because the food sucks here...

Story #4
Mid Valley's Loo

My first encounter in any public loo. There were five urinals so I took the forth from the left and there was a guy at the second urinal. As I was doing my stuff, I had a sudden feeling that I was being watched by the guy at the second urinal but I didn't care. Then it occured to me that that guy has been at the urinal for a suspecious amount of time now but again I didn't care. Then an uncle came and took the fifth urinal. He was also looking at me doing my stuff... Hmmm... But luckily I was almost done. So I finished up and glanced at the uncle, he was smiling at me... I just turned to my left and I saw an erected penis... It was very obvious he was stroking his penis there while looking at me urinating and the uncle on my right was enjoying the show, me and the second urinal guy... Freaky~~~ I joined my baby at the sink and he told me that the uncle was staring at me the entire time I was there... When we were done there, we went out but the uncle somewhat followed us. My baby was hugging me and we saw the uncle went another way... We had no idea where the second urinal guy went. Sure was an interesting experience...

-Live Long & Prosper

Heart-Attack #2

I skipped a class today cause I really couldn't pay attention to anything the lecturer was yapping about. The same goes for my friends so we decided to skip the last class and headed for KL. Hehhee. So we left at about 11.00 AM. Nothing much happened throughout the journey cause I was sound asleep with rat rat on me and KKK was playing with Teddy while accompanying FLS, the driver. :P Three hours later, we arrived in KL~~~

The first place I went was back home to unload, refresh and rest. It was about 3.00 PM then and I left my home at 4.00 PM to meet ND for coffee in KLCC. We spent our entire time in Coffee Bean chatting and bitching away till it was dinner time. I had a sudden craving for banana leaf rice and sugested Nirwana in Bangsar. I planned to go to Bangsar to shock Mc Dave so why not have dinner there too. They have the best banana leaf rice I've tasted so far. She made a few calls to her BF and her friend and off we went to Bangsar.

My mad friends somewhat persuaded me to get flower cause it'll be super romantic and super sweet and super bla bla bla. You know how girls can be. ND forced her BF to stop in front of Bangsar Village and accompanied me to go to the florist... Got a red rose. A nice red rose but pity no smell of a rose. Then we went round and round looking for parking. Bloody hellish to look for parking there. Managed to get one tight spot and we marched to Mc Dave's branch.

Heheheh. I wasn't actually sure if it was the right shop when we arrived... I was seriously hoping it was cause the shop didn't have anyone except one person. So I called him and as he was walking out of a room, he saw me and immediately turned back into the room. Heheheh. He always does that when I suprise him. Heheheh. Two other girls came out of the room and as I was walking into the shop, all the three girls stared at me like some hungry lions ready to eat me up. Guess I found out the reason not many customers come to this branch... Later I found out from Mc Dave, it was the rose that was sticking out of my bag that caught their attention. Hoping that I was their knight in shinning armor. Bah. Sorry girls, I'm a knight in shinning armor for someone else.

But yea, Mc Dave was, in every sense of the word, SUPRISED. Heheheh. I love to give suprises to my baby. Love to see his reactions. I had another suprise to present to him. I bought a Snoopy piggybank cause he's soo obsess with Snoopy. Hehhe. I gave him that during dinner as well and heheheh, gotta love the reaction too. Heheheh. Love you baby.

After dinner, I followed him back to his hostel and I was feeling rather sorry that my baby has to stay in this hostel... It was three rooms apartment and his room has three people staying in there. It doesn't have any space for furnitures except one single bed and a double decker bed. The ceiling fan is broken since who knows when and my baby is sleeping on the top bed... Imagine how hot it must be... Poor baby... The sacrifices he has to make to be closer to me...

Our final destination for the day was my home~~~ A place more cosy and comfy for my baby. Super exhausted but happy that I finally got to see my baby. My baby gave me a pair of one month contact lenses for me to try. I'm happy for that eventhough I wish it was coloured. I can't wear coloured lenses cause of my astigmatism. Oh well. We chatted, kissed, hugged and cuddled throughout the night. The rest of the activites, I'm sure you can figure that out. :P

-Live Long & Prosper

Home Here I Come

In a few hours time, I'm going home~~~ Finally I get to see my beloved baby. How I miss my baby. I have been really miserable this week cause I miss him soo much. I didn't have this sort of feeling before with my previous relationship. Its such an intense feeling that even I can't shove it where the sun don't shine... Not even being super busy throughout the whole week kept my thoughts away from him.

Soo many appointment I have when I go back... Sigh... Soo busy... But good busy. I'll leave my campus tomorrow at 11.00 AM and arrive KL after lunch I guess. Gonna go back and unload then go out again to meet my friends. I have to meet her this time or else I can't meet her for another half a year or so. Then Mc Dave is coming to stayover at my place~~~ Yea~~~ Miss sleeping, hugging and kissing my baby. Looking forward to that.

Sat will be lunch meeting with bloggers~~~ Not sure who's coming cause my baby is the one planning the event. Looking forward to that as well. Then at night, we'll attend an installation dinner in Holiday Villa, Subang. See, practically rushing from one end of the city to another. I want my ISqueez~~~ I wonder if we can go to Liquid that night. Hmmm... See if we got the energy for it or we'll allocate that energy elsewhere. Heheheh. I think elsewhere. :P

I'll be heading back to campus on Sunday since I got work to do. Last minute work that popped up. I hate last minute notice work like this Sat actually is my internship briefing but they only told us early this week. The venue is not even confirmed yet... Stupid campus management...

-Live Long & Prosper

My Lovely Baby

I couldn't concentrate the whole day... I kept thinking of my baby cause I'm going back this weekend and I get to see him. Oh how I miss my baby soo much... I kept thinking of what we should do, where we should go, who are we meeting and of course the skanky stuff. I'm soo deprived of sex... I get buildup of sex tension very easily and wanking ain't fun no more... :(

Anyhow, I kept smsing him and calling him just to listen to his voice. There's something about his voice that makes me all warm and fuzzy. I really do miss him being by my side, talking to him, hugging him and kissing him. I guess technology does help but only to a certain extend... Being next to him still is the best way of enjoying his company, listening to his voice, hear his heartbeats and smell his scent.

As we were messaging, we were discussing some problems that he has and I offered to help. Perhaps its the age or some other factor that he kinda shy to accept my help. For some reason, I replied to him with:
For richer or for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
Till death do us part.
Yes, its the wedding vow but I used it to tell him that I am there when he needs me and I know that he's there when I need him. OMG... We're soo married... With the things that's been going on between him and my parents... We're soo maried... I'm not complaining though. I love him soo much. Dedicate this song to my baby. This is our song.


乌黑的发尾 盘成一个圈 缠绕所有对你的眷恋
隔著半透明门帘 嘴里说的语言 完全没有欺骗

屋顶灰色瓦片 安静的画面 灯火是你美丽那张脸
终于找到所有流浪的终点 你的微笑结束了 疲倦

千万不要说天长地久 免得你觉得我不切实际
想多么简单 就多么简单 是妈妈告诉我的哲理

脑袋都是你 心里都是你
念的都是你 全部都是你

乌黑的发尾 盘成一个圈 缠绕所有对你的眷恋
终于找到所有流浪的终点 你的微笑结束了疲倦

千万不要说天长地久 免得你觉得我不切实际
想多么简单 就多么简单 是妈妈告诉我的哲理
I'm Thinking Of You

那回城的票根 你留做纪念
剪一束头发 让我放在胸前
走到那里都有你陪 相随

乌黑的发尾盘成一个圈 缠绕所有对你的眷恋
那一种寸步不离的感觉 我知道就叫做永远

-Live Long & Prosper

Encounter Of The ... Kind

I don't think I have mentioned this in my previous entries but in my previous room, I had a visitor or a ghost/spirit or whatever you wanna call it but I'll just call it a visitor. Since this month is the "Hungry Ghost Month" if I'm not mistaken, I shall this story of mine.

It was one and a half years ago when my roommate and I moved into our previous room. I remember how unusually cooling the room is despite the being soo blazing hot outside but I didn't think much of it then cause cool room temperature here is a wonderful thing. However, the first night for us was very disturbing. We couldn't sleep well that night cause we were experiencing nightmares. I don't remember what they were but it was scary shit.

Then the next encounter was that the windows above my head were shut tight when I woke up one morning. The windows were super hard to shut to begin with and it would have made loads of noise closing it but somehow it was closed... Scary...

That went on throughout time I was there in that room though it wasn't frequent. The visitor wasn't disturbing us or anything much...

This semester, we got shifted to another block but with the same room design. I didn't really thought much of the visitor or anything of a sort seeing that this is a new room but one morning when I got up, my windows where shut tight... A sign... A familiar sign... I wouldn't, for any reason shut my windows and the windows here are broken...

Is it following us?

Who is it?

What does it want?

-Live Long & Prosper

Busy, busy, busy...

Arrrg. Busy, busy, busy...

Busy with lecturers...

Busy with club...

Busy with installation...

-Live Long & Prosper


Tolerance means:
  1. capacity to endure pain or hardship
  2. the act of allowing something
  3. sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own
These three meanings are taken online but something is missing. The question is who tolerates who? Is it me who does the thing that annoys my roommate? Or is it him who should be tolerant to the things I do that annoys him?

Today my roommate got back from his family affair and the first thing he did was, told me to turn my speakers down. I was like WTF. I was watching Tokyo Drift and the volume of the cars drifting was louder than the voice of the actors. So WTF am I to do? Fluctuate the freaking volume to suit to YOUR decible. Not even a hi when he entered.
Always me this, me that. So who should tolerate who now?
It didn't stop there. I turned down the volume as per requested by him. Fine. Turned down. Then I proceed to playing DOTA. Play play play and guess what. "Oh, can you turn down the volume. I want to read notes.". WTF. I already turned it down just now. Why don't you stuff cottons into your freaking ears instead of telling me to turn the freaking volume down again.

I would get a set headphone but we do watch movies or tv series from my computer. So what am I to do? Bring both speakers and headphones? Why must I be the one who's bringing them? Why can't he just stuff his ear with HIS earphone and turn on music to filter the NOISE from my computer. I don't even tell him to freaking shut up when he watches comedies.

Give me a freaking break. I don't even blast the freaking volumes like some other people and he should be freaking greatful for that. I catch myself constantly trying to adjust the volume so his Royal Assness don't get irritated to the freaking volume. This happens especially at night when I want to watch my stuff. How am I suppose to predict when the volume will be loud or when its not going to be loud.

Maybe I should set up an alter here and start burning things for prayers. See how tolerant is he when it happens. Why should I be the one tolerating his intolerant to all the things I do? Why can't he freaking do his part of being tolerant.

-Live Long & Prosper

Just My Luck

Arrrrrg... Today sucks big time... The most unluckiest day ever in my life... All shit broke loose the whole day. Sigh... I'll start in the morning. I woke up late today due to the lack of sleep I have been getting for the past week. Was extremely busy with my club work until late night and wake up super early for classes. What started as usual "morning sickness sniffle" turned into a full blown running nose. My nose is like a freaking tap with snot coming out constantly...

Later in the afternoon, I was doing my washing downstairs. We have one washing machine and two dryers. As I was leaving my room to check on my clothes, I locked myself out of my room... My roommate went to a family function elsewhere and won't be back till Sun... Crap... I had to look for the fellow in charged of my villaged. Found him and took the master keys from him but it wouldn't open my door or any doors in my house. Crap crap... Ran back to the fellow again and this time got the spare keys for my room. All this had to happen when I was about to play my first DOTA game in campus...

Then when it was time to fold and put my clothes back to the cupboard, I found out that my black thong, my favourite thong was MISSING! Arrrrg. Dem it, dem it. So I went back downstairs and searched intently for my thong. Finally when I got to the machine, it was in there in the machine but hidden from sight. Thank goodness no one was using the dryer or I'll lose my favourite thong forever.

Thanks to the weather here, my face looks like all the volcanoes in the entire world is errupting on my face... Stupid pimples... One particular one is really annoying me. Its three small pimples lumped into one... It looks like freaking Mount St. Helen... I want my flawless complexion~~~ My installation dinner is coming, I must look good for it. I need my FACIAL~~~

Tell me why all this happening today? One day after our one month anniversary? Is it a sign that I'm having too much fun and it's time to balance it up with piles of misfortunes, one after the other? Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

-Live Long & Prosper


One month has past since the day Mc Dave and I decided to be together as a couple. I must say that I enjoyed every moment with him even before we decided to be a couple. He is a very affectionate person with a great sense of wittiness and humour. He cares for the person he's in love with, which is ME, and he knows how to cheer me up. Everytime I hear his voice, its give a sense of calmness and serenity in me. I love you my baby, my knight in shinning armor.

Its sad that we can't celebrate our one month anniversary together. I'm here in the middle of no where while his four hours drive away... Sigh. If only I can. I hope there will be more anniversaries to come and we can celebrate them together.

!Happy Anniversary Baby!


-Live Long & Prosper

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Great weather this morning cause of the sudden rain and accompanied by the cool morning breeze. If only every morning is like this and classes start later in the morning. Mornings like this makes me all emotional and wish that my baby is here in bed with me, under the comforter and sharing body warmth while enjoying each other's company. Ah if only...

But this weather didn't hold throughout the whole day. By about 10.00 AM, the sun is scorching hot and I'm gettting darker~~~ Fuck... I don't wanna be tan, I wanna be fair and yellow... I'll find to a way for me to walk with the most minimum duration under the sun cause I don't want to carry an umbrella around. But I ain't gonna waste my two months effort getting fair in my cave at home.

Classes as usual during the day. Nothing much really. Introduction here and introduction there but in the evening I was in JJ. Bought some groceries for me. I'm soo addicted to Post cereals. They have the best cereals EVER~~~ Yum yum. I got the Honey Bunches. Gonna eat it once I finish my Cranberry Almond Crunch. They got soo many flavours and I'm gonna get mom to stock it up for me for the rest of the term. :P A little pricey for me to buy it on my own. Hehehe.

While I was in JJ, I went to BodyShop. I just love that shop cause everything they have there is soo nice. If only I got more money. Anyways, I saw the fragrant Oceanus and I took a whiff of it. I really like the fragant soo much but most of all, it reminded me of Mc Dave. This is his smell and I miss him soo much. Almost made me cry in the shop. I wanted to buy a bottle for myself but no money la... Sigh. So I took the tester paper strip and sprayed some on it for me to take it back. Then I made rat rat to hug the strip till rat rat smell like Oceanus. I'm sure he misses Mc Dave too. :P

-Live Long & Prosper

Gravity IS NOT A Constant

Today is the day I proved scientists all over the world wrong, gravity is NOT a constant cause it changed and my proof is my weight. Yes my weight. My weight increased over the past few days in campus. Now unless I gained mass, which I think I did not, it definately must be gravity. F=MA. Mass is constant but force increased must mean gravity increased. Ahah. Eureka. Gravity no longer is a constant...

Or perhaps I can blame it on the scale cause its not calibrated. Yes, due to excessive usage of the scale, it is now no longer able to give accurate results. It has a percentage error of 10%. So it gave me false reading. I should blame the company that made this scale for causing emotional distress on my poor poor soul...

Ah one more factor I didn't consider. My clothes and the stuff I carry with me in my clothes. They contributed to the increase of weight. Yes. Next time I should weigh myself while I'm naked to get the most accurate reading. Should have thought of that. Hmmm.

Anyhow, its depressing matter for me. Sigh... Why now...

-Live Long & Prosper

Early Freaking Morning...

I had a rough idea of what my timetable is like for this semester. All 8.00 AM class except Thursday which is a 9.00 AM class. Arrrrg. Why soo freaking early one!? So now that I have to wake up early everyday, I shouldn't have a problem waking up early for my intership next semester then. I hope. :P

I was a good boy today by attending all the classes today. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both classes, the lecturer FFKed (Fong Fei Kei) me... Sigh. So I got up from my sleep in the morning and my afternoon nap for nothing... Grrrrr....

Double A is having a promotion thinggie in my campus specifically in my village's cafe. They sell all sorts of paper product and with each purchase, we are entitle to spin our luck and see what we get. Hehehe. I got something from them today. Something interesting. Imagine a tuna can. Now imagine paper. Put them both together and you'll get paper in tuna can. It contains 250 sheets of round colourful paper. Cost RM5.70. Rather pricy for paper but hell it sure is interesting. I wonder what I can do with it...

I do hope I get my internet connection by this week or latest next week. So if I don't update, don't worry, I'm not dead. (I'm assuming there are people that cares about me. :P)

-Live Long & Prosper

Day One

Classes started today and I skipped all my Monday classes. I think there are two or three on Monday. Hehehhe. Why? I was busy with my Rotaract work. A bunch of us were in Ipoh doing some stuff for our installation for the whole day. We left at eight in the morning and got back at eight at night. Yea tiring. Though I did manage to buy some underwear. :P I couldn't help but treat myself. Heheheh. They didn't have what I wanted so I got Renoma Touch hipsters instead. Hehehhe.

I guess its a good start to the semester busy with something instead of walking around going to classes like a zombie cause of the holidays. Nothing like skipping classes to jump start my semester. :P

Oh and Ipoh is soo FREAKING hot~~~ My arse was feeling like "Niagra Fall" will all the sweat. Not to forget the freaking Sun. Its so intense, it can scorch anything. I feel like a turkey in the oven for Thanks Giving...

So that was my day one of my semester. :)

-Live Long & Prosper