Another Addiction

For this addiction, I have Friendster to blame... I just love MMORPG and especially when they are free. The game is called MythWars. Its soo freaking fun. I admit that at first it didn't impress me much cause it wasn't that pretty to look at and its just another hack and slash game. But when I got into a guild, it got much more fun. People there are so nice too and willing to help others. Which is so much different compared to players here in DOTA. Stupid kids...

So yea. Basically you go around, hack and slash at monsters. At the same time, collect new pets and items and what not. The thing about this server is that its global. So people from everywhere come play. Which is tonnes of fun I guess. I mean how often you get to meet a person from Israel hmmm?

So yea. MMORPG freaks, try this out. Its free anyways.

-Live Long & Prosper

Thought Of The Day

*Strip yourself of your emotion and think logically before reading this post

Public opinion is the most powerful weapon mankind has that many don't realize its potential, especially Malaysian. Ever since young, we were thought to just swallow what's being fed and don't argue cause they're right. I was like that when I was young till curiosity got the better off me and I started to think for myself. That is why I make such a big fuss about the Vitamin C ordeal because I thought about it and it doesn't make any sense and downright stupid even.

To some, voicing out our opinions are considered snobbish and show-off and those who voiced their opinion out usually get stares and glares from others. I witness this everyday in my campus and I hate it cause this instill a phobia to everyone to give an opinion. Its worst when doing a group project cause I'll be the only person giving out ideas while the rest sits and listen quietly.

However, there is a major flaw in Mankind's Super weapon, language. Language is a tricky thing. It has many rules that differ from one language to another. To make things worse, the meaning that is being conveyed may differ from one to another. I say one thing and other may perceive it differently but this happens less when talking face to face because body language plays a central role when talking to someone. When it comes to writing however, it is a whole lot trickier. No body language to help aid to convey the message.

For example a conversation I had with Alex:

Me: Paul said my name sounds like Chinaman... *grrrr
Alex: Is it?
Me: Ya lo and Sam also agreed. *grrrr
Alex: Why are you so offended by it? I'm sure they're just joking.
Me: Heh?! Who said I was offended by it. I was just kidding you know.
Alex: ? You're not? Then why did you write *grrr
Me: It was just a joking *grrr. Not angry about it.

See how things get complicated when the variable of emotion is mixed into the conversation without body language?

Another fine example of how tricky language:

Kill him not save him.

This sentence is really ambiguous and punctuation determines if a person lives or die.

Kill him not, save him.

The person lives.

Kill him, not save him.

The person dies.

Cruel it may seem that a person's life is at the mercy of a punctuation.

Why am I writing about this? It is because of the recent drama that made me realize how important language is. I think, I maybe wrong but I'm analyzing the situation according to what I currently know, it is because of language flaw when expressing opinions.

I now realize that "A" was writing a post that had a good intention of be careful of people who we meet online, especially those people who we don't know well and seeing him for the first time. This is true because there are many opportunists out there trying to take advantage of people. I know that but I guess I needed a reminder. I never thought about it when I first met PLUs out there because I am a person who thinks everyone is good and have no ulterior motives. Of course I am careful at the same time. So I thank F for posting that post as a reminder to all.

As for "Z", he had good intentions too for organizing bloggers meet. Its a great way to get to know people and helps create new friendships. I enjoy these gaytherings a lot and made new friends from this and I have Z to thank for.

Two good intentions, two doing good for little PLU community of ours.

So what went wrong?

Again, this is my opinion according to what I know at this moment. The problem occurred when these two were integrated in a single post and the integration wasn't a successful one. When a A wrote about bewared of opportunists out there and opinion about bloggers meet being published online. See good intentions again.

So why the drama over it?

The drama is people involved got emotional over the post because the message implied that the bloggers meet that were held were for the purpose of looking for fresh meat and ONS. That was what interpreted by Z and me, as well, when we read it. Emotion got the better of us and Z confronted A and A got emotional and everything got blown out of control.

A single post can cause such drama between two people. Its only a small matter. Both are wrong. It was a mistake by A when he wrote the post even though it was with good intention but it was written in such a way that it was interpreted as a personal assault to the organizer and people involved. It was the mistake of Z for getting emotional when confronting A.

What I'm trying to say is, when voicing an opinion for all to read, do try your best to make sure that there is only one way of interpreting it or else this drama will happen again and again and don't get too emotional.

I'm trying hard to write this post so that my message get through without any interpreting problems. There is only so much I can do, which is why I put the disclaimer of putting emotions aside because this post is neutral and not standing on any sides nor is it a personal assault.

Food for thought.

*CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME sets in after an hour of non stop writing

-Live Long & Prosper

The Bold & The Beautiful

Yet another drama.

The plot thickens.

The drama unfolds.

The plot unveils itself.

Another blog gone with the wind.

Why can't we just get along?

The world is small enough as it is for us.

We are bound to see each other in the future.

"Live is a stage" says Shakespeare.

Am I watching The Bold & The Beautiful live?

-Live Long & Prosper

The Gay Floor

Its about time that I talk about my work place since I've been working there for nine weeks now. In my opinion, even though there's only one gay in the floor, its a very very gay floor. The pillars are painted purple, a very nice shade of purple and the cubicle is pink, light pink. Now tell me this isn't gay for you? Hehehe. Heck, I want my room to be painted with purple. Its the only floor in the entire building that is painted with this colour combination. Heheheh and how lucky of me to end up on such floor. Though one thing I don't like about this floor is that its very gloomy. If it weren't for the purple and pink, I think I won't really like the ambiance.

I really like my department cause it such a small department. Only a handful of us so everyone is pretty much close to each other. Except say for the boss. He locks himself in his office and who knows what he's doing in there with his GTalk. Hmmm. Oh well. So yea, everyday is a fun day with our co-workers. All the time, there'll be random food brought by all of us and put in each cubicle. We also have a corner where we put our stash of snack there for all to nibble. There's a lot of nibbling going on in my department. Murukus~~~ :P

Our co-workers are really fun and makes the learning experience so much fun. They're really nice and helps us in any way they can. I guess because the department is so small, there's virtually no office politics going on in my department. But for others, the stories I hear are soo funny. People fight over small little things and the scandals with clients. *shivers

As much as I love my job, the pay sucks... Its not even a freaking pay. Its a PETTY CASH. I have to apply for my petty cash from PETTY CASH VOUCER every month. Sigh. This sucks...

-Live Long & Prosper

Firsts In Life

Today is first of February.

Today is the first time I withdrew four digits from the ATM.

Today is the first time me having four digits in my wallet.

Today is the first time me buying my own hand-phone.

Today is the first time owning a K800i.

I am happy and proud of me for getting my dream phone myself.

Now I'm broke.

I shall pray for big ang pow.

-Live Long & Prosper