Days of The Dead?

Strange things I see while walking to class these days. At first, I didn't think much of it but it just gotten a little odd after the second encounter. Times like these are what makes my K800i handy.

Imagine you're walking and listening to your music. You're just walking back to your room. Then bang... Something huge just stepped on you and you died. Doubt there'll be an open coffin funeral for yea.

I bet that was how the lizzard right before it got squished...

Squished lizzard.

Poor little feller...

But the next encounter I had was very sad. I saw a kitten lying on the floor but it wasn't breathing. Poor kitten, probably only a few weeks old and to die by the side walk. Life is cruel it seems but I guess a larger picture is, the survival of the fittest is more important in nature.

Sleep tight now little kitty.

Then there was this broken figurine of a sort that was laying on the ground of pebbles. Poor little thing.

Broken and wasted.


-Live Long & Prosper

I Say The Darnest Things

Was thinking of all the things I say at the spur of the moment. Its amusing thinking back those things. Pity I can't remember all of them. So I shall start penning them down for future amusement.

Scene I.

Drizzly Weather

Me: Oh look its raining-ish. No I don't feel like going to class.
Slender Faghag: Well I'm going. Don't you have an umbrella?
M: Yea...
SF: Then use it.
M: I'll use it to go back to my room la.

Scene II

Lecture class going on

Me: OMG, look!
Roomie: What?
M: Cum production: 392 000 stock tank barrel.
R: *gasp!
M: That's some facility...

Scene III

Class just ended

Me: Oh my look. There's a hairless patch on the base of his head.
Roomie: That's interesting.
M: Matrix.

Scene IV

Lunch in cafeteria eyeing on cuties

La Faghag: Oh my there's one there.
Me: Where?
LF: The guy in yellow Dunlop shirt.
Me: Oh ok. Why don't you go to him and say, "Hi Dunlop. I'm Michelin.".
LF: *grrr

-Live Long & Prosper

Little Nephew

I have a very adorable and smart nephew called Daniel. He is six years old this year and he's about to finish his first year of kindergarden. I miss the little toddler so much. So entertaining to have him around.

The last time I saw him was when I went back two weeks ago. We were in a car going for supper dim sum. We went to pick up McDave first at his hostel. Daniel has only met McDave several times long time ago.

I didn't think he remembered McDave nor know where McDave stays.


Daniel: Who are we picking up?
Me: Oh you'll see. He's my friend.
D: *thinking Oh I know. McDave!
M: *shocked How did you know?
D: I thought about it.


Still I wonder how he knew which friend we were picking up. He's seen my other friends too but I guess he's seen McDave more often or maybe McDave had a lasting impression on Daniel. Hmmmm.

-Live Long & Prosper

Meme Five Meme

This guy sure have some balls. First spam my chatbox and now tagged me with a meme! I'm gonna... I'm gonna... Thank you! Nice short meme too. I have updates to write but I'm exhausted...

On with the meme.

Tissue or handkerchief?
Tissue. I don't have space for handkerchief in my pockets and I don't want to put my handkerchief in my manbag either.

Shoes or sneakers?
Leather shoes with heels. I could use the height and I love the sound of my shoes hitting the floor.

Collar-shirt or T-shirt?
Both I guess. I have equal amount of both of them.

Brief or boxer?
How about all three? Brief, boxer and nothing.

Pants or khakis?
I don't own khakis anymore. Its jeans all the way for me. I love to wear pants but I can't wear that to class...

Fast food or restaurant/kopitiam?
Restaurant/kopitiam. Good food, good service and good company is all I'm asking.

Horror or fantasy movie?
Fantasy for me though I don't mind watching horror once in a while.

Genki Sushi or Sushi King?
Genki Sushi. I miss eating sushi...

Pavilion or The Gardens?
I like The Gardens better cause they've got a shop filled with LEGOs!

Five people:
  1. McDave (ooops I did it again)
  2. Janvier (see now you're a whole person)
  3. Jason Jr (additional bday pressie)
  4. Alex (something for you to do at "work")
  5. Drownedglass (been awhile since I last tagged you)
-Live Long & Prosper

Random Photos

You know how they say sharing is caring? Well, I wanna share some interesting photos that I have in my archive of photos. Some are weird, some are hmmm and some are just so wrong...

On with the first photo.

I took this at Jalan Alor of a hotel/restaurant.

Advert at Jln Alor.

I'm not sure what it meant by Sarang Bang (brother's nest). Sounds so "salah" or wrong. Wonder what special services they offer there.

What would you think if you'd find a car that looked like its been through a nuclear blast? First thing that would come into my mind is, "WTF!".

Suspicious car.

Well, a bunch of us found it at IKEA parking bay. Flat tires, coated with an inch of dust and no number plate.


This is highly suspect!

Might be a car used in Falcon Studio porn production and the crew forgot to bring the 'studio' back. I bet there'll be a bunch of used condoms in there.

Next, I love KL's LRT. It brings me to where I want to go, its relatively cheap and somewhat 'reliable'. But have you ever seen this?

Flooded train?

Looked like a flash flood just occured in the train...

Instructions on how to do things are good. Visual instructions are even better. But instructions on how to use the hose in the toilet is rather... Educational.

How to wash your arse 101.

I save the best for last. Everyone loves pressies right? I love them lots too. Though some pressies are best left in a dark, dark place where the sun don't shine. Meet Cow.

Disturbing cow.

Looking at the cow, two words popped up in my mind, pervert and horny. Not to mention that grin of his and hands reaching for the crotch. To top that off, Perky is his name...

That's all folks.

-Live Long & Prosper


It's time for another meme! Fun fun meme. They don't do much but they sure are fun to do. So here goes meme! Oh gosh, I sound like I'm on crack...

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss was with McDave. I miss him much.

2. I am listening to Lee Hom and Jay Chau. I heart them both!

3. I talk loudly and skankily.

4. I love kinky underwear, stuffed toys and McDave.

5. My best friends are my faghags, fagstags and my blogger friends.

6. My car is a Mini Cooper tucked away in my dream.

7. My love life is fun and exciting.

8. I hate it when people ask stupid questions and I have to repeat myself in a text chat.

9. Love is when you accept a person for who he is and for who he is not.

10. Marriage is such a beautiful ceremony.

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking, "how do I spice up my sex life".

12. I'm always horny and thinking about sex.

13. I have a secret cheesy crush on... If I tell you, then it would no longer be a secret cheesy crush now would it?

14. My cell phone K810i. My very first phone that I own and bought by myself.

15. When I wake up in the morning, I always I turn on my monitor and check my mails.

16. When I go to bed at night, I will kiss all my stuffed toys and tuck them properly next to me. Then call McDave to wish him good night.

17. Right now I am thinking about McDave and a bunch of unfinished projects due next week.

18. Babies are so adorable!

19. I get on MySpace and I can't login cause I don't have an account.

20. Today I am going to Tanjung Rambutan for a tour as part of my Malaysian Studies project.

21. Tonight I will be busy watching porn since my roommie will be away.

22. Tomorrow I will start working my ass off for the projects.

23. I really want to go back to bed...

24. Someone that will most likely repost are:

  • C (its a deliberate attempt to radiate you in gaydiation)
  • Ryan (first person I chatted with this morning)
  • McDave (cause I love you)
  • William (you have a larger underwear collection than me)
  • Bong (I know you want to)
-Live Long & Prosper

Quotes From The Minister

Malaysian Ministers sure are a funny bunch of people. Some say they are all talk and no action. Some say they talk cock. I say, some of them can't even talk...

Dato Sami Velu is famous/infamous for his inspiring speeches. I'll list down some of my favourite quotes from him. Such inspring quotes that can revolutionize the whole country! I kid you not.

Blood Donation Campaign

"mari kita sama-sama derma dara"

Lets donate our virgins

A simple letter 'H' makes a whole lot of difference. Dara = virgins. Darah = blood.

Public Appearance

"kemaluan saya besar"

I have a big package

Trying to say that he was ashamed of the incident that happened turned into a public announcement of how big his package is...

Election Campaign

"kita akan bina jambatan untuk orang-orang kampung di sini"

We will build a bridge here for the village folks

Ah finally some sense!

That is until someone said, we don't have a river here. Then he replied,

"kalau tak ade sungai, kita bina sungai!"
If there's no river, we'll build one!

Sigh... Seriously?!

Comment on Pos Laju (Express Delivery)

"besok kirim, hari ini sampai"
Post tomorrow, arrive today.

Does he have a time machine that we don't know of?

For more inspiring quotes, check out Sunshine & Limau Ais.

There's another quote that is still pending for authenticity at the moment regarding our astronauts. It is hilarious beyond anything he's said before. Shall keep you guys updated on that.

-Live Long & Prosper

Soon To Be Wed

Had a pleasent surprise invitation to a dinner function today. The auntie in Pink Shop invited my faghags, fagstag and I to her daughter's small wedding gathering. How very thoughtful of her to include us in the guest list.

She has seen us grow in these four years. The thought of leaving this place saddens me. The people in Pink Shop, especially this auntie, are really friendly and it almost feels like they're family. The food certainly reminds me of home.

The thing that got to me during the dinner were the wedding photos. The soon to be wed couples were so lovely and sweet.
The photos were really beautiful. They make a really adorable husband and wife.

I can see that they're really happy being together. The groom is very close to the bride's family. Even brings the bride's mom to vacations and stuff like that. He's knows how to handle kids (not many men can).

I'd like to have something like that. Wedding photos, get married, living together (even more so now that Desperate Housewives first gay couple just moved in), get a pet and etc. The perfect life, the perfect husband, the perfect job and the perfect house.

We all got our dream life to live for. I hope mine comes true.

-Live Long & Prosper

Desktop Meme

Now that I'm done backposting my posts, I can get back on track with current posts. Today's post will be about my desktop. Not like there's much to talk about as you will see.

Tadaa. My desktop.


The guy in my desktop is Ultimate Twink. I think I'm obsessed with him. Hahhaa. Well not really. I really like his built. Lean, thin twinks. I hear Cherry has similar body build too. I can't really tell since he only wears black.

Anyhow, I like to keep my desktop clean. I'm a minimalist when it comes to my desktop. I use Object Desktop for some of my shortcuts but not many.

What does your desktop look like?

-Live Long & Prosper

Squeeze My Oranges?

I don't know why but I don't really fancy eating fruits. If its there, I'll eat it. If its not, I won't go hunting for it. I do, however, like to drink fruit juices. How I miss JuiceWorks and their wonderful fruit blends.

What happens when I got mom to buy a load of oranges?

Bucket load of oranges.

I squeeze them into juice of course!

But what to use?


Manual Orange Squeeze Thinggi.

Like hell no!

Meet CitrusPress.


This is how you do it.


Orange juice in a blink of an eye.

Orange juice.

-Live Long & Prosper

Back In The Woods

Ah, back again in the Woods. The one week plus break was a well deserved break for me. I haven't had a solid break since July last year! Back to work now.

I wish I could say I'm happy to be back but I'm not. Dumb ass WIFI connection is not working and I'm stucked with a pathetic campus connection. I want my MSN, YouTube, torrent downloads and etc! Its the only thing that is keeping me sane here...

Though I'm happy seeing Sharkie, Moo moo and Teddy.

I love my stuffed toys.

-Live Long & Prosper

I Heart IKEA

Everytime I go to IKEA, I go gugu gaga over the things that they have on display. Everywhere I look my heart will be screaming, "I want!". Can someone please get me a staff discount?

I got two things from IKEA recently. Well three if you count the paint brush in. Needed something to dust my keyboard and a paint brush looks suitable for the job.

Anyhow the first item, tin cans!


Strange item to get from IKEA I know but I just love the prints. Oh and the packaging is so adorable. Its like Matryoshka Doll. Though, I don't know what to use them for... What do I keep in them? Hmmmm.

Next, delicatoboll! It is yummy chocolate ball coated with coconut shreds. Absolutely delicious. The first time I tried it was in their cafeteria for RM1.75, how cheap! The crust is hard chocolate and the inside is soft and fluffy chocolate filing.


Did I mention IKEA is such a wonderful place to camwhore? Well, I'm telling you now. Its a GREAT place to camwhore. The beds, the kitchens, the showers. You name it, I have photos of Sam and I posing in every department (except the kids department). Heheheh.

-Live Long & Prosper

Food, Food & More Food

Did I tell you how much I love Delicious? Well I love it even more now, especially after ordering their main courses. The place is truely divine and the food is to die for.

I think I have quarter of their menu here. All absolutely delicious.

I love the Masala Lambshank. Generous serving and I was delighted to see the portion of the lambshank. Its big! Big enough for me to share it with lovely McDave. As big as it is, it's also delicious. The lambshank is tender and I could taste the spices that they cooked it with, unlike Rain Nudle House. Same goes for the rice, all fluffy and tasty.

Masala Lambshank

Four Cheese Macaroni.

If you want comfort food, I think the Four Cheese Macaroni is what you should order. There's a reason why it is served in this small bowl. Any more, you might be sick of cheese. Though that'll never happen to me. I absolutely love CHEESE! Cheese fan, this is a must to order.

I didn't order nor taste the other dishes but I bet they taste as good as they look.

Carbonara Spaghettini.

Spicy Crabmeat Linguini.

Green Curry Chicken.

Roasted Duck Red Curry with Lychee.

Go to Delicious if you have not. Its a splendid place to dine. Make sure to order the desserts. You won't regret it.

-Live Long & Prosper

Photo Post

I have so many posts to back-post! So I'm just gonna let the photos in this post do the talking. I just hope no one faints looking at the photos.

The End.

-Live Long & Prosper

J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Ever since I had Big Apple's Donuts, I'm addicted to donuts. So naturally when there's a new donut shop out, I must try it out. Me love good donuts. Me despise Dunkin Donuts.

A long ass queue into this place should be some sort of an indication as to how good this place is, yes? Or maybe humans are sheep and just follow the crowd. Either way, I just had to try this place out.

The logo sure looks familiar.

Everything about this place reminded me of something. I just can't quite point it out then. The logo seems like... The menu is very familiar... The smell of the place... The packaging... The crew uniform...


Big Apples! Everything about this place reminded me of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. Even the tray that they displayed their donuts are the same! I'm confused, why are there two donuts outlets that literally sell the same kinds of donuts?

To confirm this, I ordered the peanut butter donut, my favourite. Both of them taste the SAME! Same texture, same flavour, same softness, same peanut butter filling and same chocolate topping.


3 Peanut Butter, 1 Tiramisu, 1 Strawberry & 1 Chocolate.

A quick query with the All-Knowing Google revealed an interesting fact. Seemed that Big Apple Donuts & Coffee is a rip off of J.Co.

Is that so?

I'm not too bothered about this 'donuts war'. I just love good donuts.

-Live Long & Prosper

Rain Nudle House

Am no longer a Pavilion virgin. Woot woot~~~ Went there with Jason and Janvier the other day and wow, I love the interior design. Really chic, really modern and posh.

But of course, I can't freaking afford anything that they sell there. So no biggie for me until I start earning big bucks or some sugar daddy who is willing to sponsor me. All the glamorous names, high fashion and closed doors.


Since the only thing I can afford there is food, I shall blog about the food we had there in Rain Nudle House. Long story short, we went to the wrong place for food. Slender Faghag was raving about some place that Asam Laksa but I guess we couldn't find it.

I am not thrilled about this place... The food is mediocre and the service really sucks. Took them ages to get our food to our table. Took them even longer to get three glasses of water to us. They even got the wrong orders for the customers next to us.

I ordered the beef ball noodle. It was bla... Might as well call it regular soup noodle with a hint of beef. I know a place in Ampang Park food court that sells beef ball noodle that packs more beef flavour than this one and for a fraction of the price too. The beef balls tasted synthetic and rubbery...

Beef ball Noodle.

Janvier ordered the curry noodle. It looked like curry noodle but upon tasting it, it tasted more like coconut milk noodle than curry noodle. Where were the spices? Were they running out? Seriously, how can a place call itself Nudle House if they can't get the flavours right?

Curry Noodle.

At least Jason ordered something that tasted like actual green curry. But again, where were the spices? It wasn't even remotely spicy. Not even a hint of chilly of any sort. I think they could have throw in more prawns and squids into the dish. There's just nothing much in it.

Dry Green Curry Noodle.

I am not happy with this place. I felt cheated and it wasn't satisfying at all. The only good thing about this place were one waiter and countless hawt guys that walked by the place. Sad really.

La Waiter.

Next stop, J.Co Donuts & Coffee.

-Live Long & Prosper

Lights, Camera, Snap

Batu Caves, one of the famous tourist spots in Selangor and also a sacred worshiping place for Hindus. I personally have not been there until yesterday. JL, JY, Jason, McDave and I went there for a photography session.

Actually only JL, JY and McDave were taking pictures. Jason and I just tagged along for fun. It was interesting but tiring at the same time. It was really interesting the rituals Hindus conduct in the temples. They involved a lot of flowers, milk, coloured powder and fruits.

I was blessed by a priest there too. I don't think any amount of blessing will purify me of my skankiness. Heheheh. Though I think the priest was expecting a donation from me which I didn't give. I didn't have small change and RM50 is way too much for donation. The priest wasn't suppose to expect donation in the first place! Hmmmph.

I'm sure they took tonnes of photos. McDave alone took about 380++ photos in the two hours that we were there. Not sure about JL and JY, though JL was taking weird photos of our feet and crevices.

I did a little of photography myself.

Steps up Batu Caves (taken by Jason).

Shot inside of Batu Caves.

They take photos of scenery, I take photos of people.

I'm not going back to Batu Caves again. Its way too tired to climb the steps and potential hazards are everywhere. But it is a nice place for photographers to take photos.

-Live Long & Prosper

Ketupat, Mafia & Taboo

Open house number 2, Adrien's place. It's so freaking far away but it was worth it. Lots of yummy food, great company and great time spent with everyone. With the amount of food I've been eating, I think I gained weight...

I guess the highlight of the open house was us playing taboo and mafia. The last time I played taboo was long long time ago. It was hilarious more than anything especially with Paul around. He says the darnest things.

Alex: What's gold and curly?
Paul: Pubic hair!

*there was a little commotion going on with Adrien and Adrien's family members especially the dad

Scott: This one Paul should know. Which organ in the body is redundant?
Paul: The brain!


Alex: This is what Jason does for a living.
Paul: Prostitution!


Yep that's Paul alright. Says the darnest things at the darnest moments.

Then we played mafia. It was my first time playing mafia and I must say I love it lots. The plot, the scheming and the accusations. Accusing people based on pillow vibrations or "I heard some noise going on at this area" is really funny.

I just say, bring them to the stake and burn them! So medieval mentality. Hahahah.

-Live Long & Prosper

Rendangs, Wii & Frangi

Last night was a blast. What at first seemed like a usual open house party ended up becoming a reach-home-at-3-am affair. We were out par-ta-ying of course! Shake your booty booty, its your duty duty.

I honestly thought, with all the zombie obsession that is Sam, we will go to a mansion ala Adam's Family. Secret tunnels, secret rooms and basements full of body parts here and there. Not forgetting the permanent thunder clouds lingering around the highest peak of the mansion to supply energy to whatever experiments he was conducting. The courtyard filled with tombstones of unnamed victims.

Thank goodness its a normal suburban house. We did the usual eating, chatting, laughing and the occasional opportunistic gropings. I tried my very best to behave but my shirt was just oozing with fagness. It was just a plain white shirt too...

There was one unexpected discovery made that night. The little toddler looks like someone we know. A discovery so massive that it threatens to tear the very fabric of space itself. It was a shocker. I shall not speak of it more for it is rather frightening. Its one of those strange but true moments.

Anyhow, leaving that anomaly aside, I heart the Wii! We all played this fun-tastic party game with all the weird hand movements and jiggle here and there. Then, I was playing Trauma Center where I was trained to be a surgeon and save patient's lives. Fun fun fun and Sam has a scrub (I wonder where he stole that from...) to go with it too.

I want a Wii~~~

As if it was by default (OMG I'm turning into a geek), Janvier the alcoholic, suggested we go to Frangi's. What a way to welcome Hari Raya eh? Who can refuse that suggestion when coupled with FREE COVER CHARGE courtesy of Adrien. Woot woot. So we tszuj-ed up and head to Frangi's.

So many beautiful boys around. So many queers in one small place. Being a Frangi Virgin that I was, I was literally gugu gaga over everything. Not to mention a cute friend of Janvier's.

I heart that place a lot despite the bad ventilation and a permanent haze of cigarette smoke. The drinks there are fucking overpriced! I had Sex On The Beach and it was RM31.31... I'd rather go to Lunar Bar for drinks... Oh and also weird angmo encounter... That freaked my out but thank goodness my ex's ex saved me from that life threatening encounter.

Now I shall get ready for another open house. Destination Adrien's house.

-Live Long & Prosper

Back Again In Civilization

I'm back in civilization again~~~ Arrived yesterday. Six weeks of staying in the Mystical Notroh Wood has its adverse effects on poor little queer like me who crave for big, tall buildings, populate metropolitan air, mass transport system, fashion and SALE!

I heart KL.

The thing about coming back to KL is, money will disappear mysteriously in a flash. This trip for instance, when I just arrived and met McDave and Janvier, automatically RM100 vanished from my wallet... This person's present, gotta have that shirt, this person owes this person bla bla bla. Its like paying airport tax when you land in a foreign country...

Though I absolutely adore the shirts I got from People's (bought one myself and another courtesy of Janvier).

I love People's~~~

The sex shirt is definitely not suitable to be worn for open houses so I shall reserve that for other outings. I love the red shirt with the zombie dog as Janvier puts it. Heheh. Fell in love it with it on first sight and it was an impulse buy for me.

Retail therapy for stressed one.

Now, I shall get ready to go to Sam's house for open house. Rendangs, ketupat and chicken on a stick here I come.

Woot woot~~~

Happy Raya in advance everyone!~~~

-Live Long & Prosper

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Yey~~~ Another meme to blog! Dunno why but I just love doing memes. Today's meme is brought to you by Janvier, who tagged me eons ago. Might as well get on it before this post dusts in my draft folder.

So happy thoughts meme.

The most memorable happy thought I can recall is giving McDave a surprise visit back when he was working in Shah Alam which I blogged about last year in this post. I can still remember his facial expression when I told him I was in front of his shop with Kim Gary's French Toast.

Can't believe its been 16 months plus already since we started this relationship. Lovely times.

Another happy thought is getting my very own personal computer. It was when I was 15 and my dad agreed on getting me a computer. I couldn't sleep the night before the computer was due to arrive. So I stayed up and watched tv until I fell asleep.

None of us were computer savvy so the first computer I had sucked big time. It was overpriced for a mediocre system. I know better now and plus I have computer savvy friends to do the buying for me if I need to get something.

For once, I shall spare bloggers from being memed by this meme.

See I'm kind after all. Heheheh.

-Live Long & Prosper

Gundam 00

ZOMG! New Gundam anime is out! I absolutely love Gundam! New Mobile Suits, new characters and new plot. Gotta hand it to the Japanese to come up with stuff like these. I wonder when I can see a real working Gundam units buzzing around.

The first Gundam Anime I watched was Gundam Wing and immediately got hooked. I think the best Gundam is Gundam Seed. With its massive array of new Gundam units and the plot was amazing, albeit it is a little drama and over the top but its good.

I wonder what's the plot like for Gundam 00.

Gundam Strike, ikimas!

-Live Long & Prosper

生日 Meme

Yey, I'm saved by another meme courtesy of Bibik Nyonya. This time is happy birthday thinggi related. I love memes. Don't you? Saves me time to think something up and memes can be super interesting.

When is your birthday?

24 April 1985. A Wednesday.

How old are you now?

9.10.2007 - 24.4.1985 which gives 22 years, 5 months, 16 days.

Where were you born?

I was born in Kuantan believe it or not. I had such ulufied beginings and now I'm stucked in an ulufied university...

When did you first celebrated your birthday?

When I was a year old (not that I could remember). My parents have this ancient photo of cute little me and back in the days where I can go roaming around nude. Anyways, they had this thing where a list of items were laid on the table and I was suppose to take them one by one. Each item symbolises my future or something like that. I took a KFC drumstick... I wonder what that meant.

When will you next birthday be?

6 months, 16 days to go.

Do you remember getting birthday presents on your birthdays?

I'm not really fussed about it (doesn't mean you guys can skip pressies on my birthdays) so no, I don't keep track. My fav pressie is BodyShop incense burner and Pink Lion.

What are the 3 things you want for your upcoming birthday?

Listen up sugar daddies.


I love this phone from the moment I saw it. Its so sleek, so chic and pretty. I want!


160 GB of entertainment in one little thing! Awesome man. So, pretty please get me one?


This is the finest laptop ever! So slim and matt material coated as well. Very pretty. Its such an attention grabber and fits really well with my attention seeking cravings.

What kind of presents you want for your birthday?

Like I said, I'm not fussed. Though I would love to get more skanky underwears. Can never have enough of them.

Who would you like to celebrate your birthday with?

All my fellow fag and non-fag friends of course!

How do you want to celebrate your birthday?

A little gathering in a restaurant that doesn't chase us away will just do. Nothing like catching/gossip session after meal eh? Perhaps we can conclude it with karaoke and mahjong session!

People to tag cause I love you all:
  1. McDave (cause I love you)
  2. Sam (see I remembered to tag you this time)
  3. William (cause you just celebrated yours)
  4. DrownedGlass (saved you from another post?)
  5. Conan (just because...)
  6. Jason & Janvier (cause both of you attended one without me...)
  7. William/Bill (greetings from us Malaysians)
  8. Aryaduta (cause you've got a fag neighbour)
-Live Long & Prosper

Too Lazy To Blog

Arrrrgh. So swamped with so much work... Presentation for my Plant Design is in two days time and we still have calculation problems with the flowrates here and there! Just gotta get this over and done with.

Thank goodness I found some websites to keep me sane, entertained and virile.

Website #1

The tagline for this website is "A documentary about one mans evolving relationship with his penis". With a tagline like that, its gotta be interesting yes? Lots of general facts about the penis (and pictures too) that I wished I have read this during the my pubescence years.

As they say, never too young to be educated.

Compliments to the guy who made this website (and to his tool too).

Website #2

Then by the stroke of luck or skankiness, I stumbled into this blog. Male Masturbation Techniques. Interesting. Its like JackinWorld but with real demonstration to accompany with the instructions. Don't mind learning new tricks to clean my riffle.

Maybe I'll find something that McDave would like. Hehehe.

Website #3

With the phallus websites out of the way, meet Evil Overlord Inc. Its not an S&M website or sex related in anyway. Its a... I... Hmmm... Well just open it yourself. Its quite entertaining I assure you.

-Live Long & Prosper

Who's That?

Due to some inexplicable reasons, I am really bad with names. Experienced tonnes of embarrassing moments with names. So much so that I just don't really bother remembering them anymore. I can't even remember names of Hollywood stars... Save for the really good looking ones.

So to help me survive in the world of socializing, I'll just not bothered with the names. I feel like hiring an Andy Sachs to notify me who's who. So diva, I know... So I resort to other methods, talk my way through and hope for the best the bugger don't ask me if I know his name.

*walking to the room with roomie*

QR: Hey!
Dude I: Hi there.
QR: Just got back from the temple?
Dude I: Yea. How was the test?
QR: My hands hurt like hell...
Dude I: Hahahha. Well see yea.
QR: See yea.
Roomie: Who was that?
QR: Dunno.
Roomie: ?! You had an entire conversation with him and you don't know who is he?
QR: *shrugs

Always works like a charm.

Who asks others if they know their names right? I think it would be rather strange asking, "Do you know my name?" or worse, "Say my name". That would be amusing wouldn't you think?

It would be Russell Peters all over again with the "Say my name".

Come on, I know you want to. Just say it, say my name.

-Live Long & Prosper

I Have Sinned

Padre, please forgive me for I have sinned. I've fallen into temptation. I should have known better to listened the Devil and to indulge myself in such shameful, sinful act. Oh I am ashamed of myself.

It began innocently in GTalk. I wasn't looking for anyone in particular. Just looking at status of those who are online. Then one status caught my eye. It read, "But if I let you go, I would never know. What my life would be holding you close to me.".

As if like a magic spell, I was spell bounded like a fly to the blue light fly zapper. I knew I couldn't save myself no more. I am bewitched by the Devil himself, WESTLIFE!

I am, to my roommate's amusement, addicted to Westlife. Immediately after I read the GTalk status, I downloaded all that was Westlife and listened to them. My roommie just stared at me in horror while giggling (I don't know how he does it really) as though I was possesed.

How I missed my Westlife. I was such a huge fan of Westlife. I heart Shane Filan. He's so totally hawt. I love his hair, I love his voice, I just love him! Sing for me my Shane. Sing!

I dedicate these video clips to my lovely boyfriend, McDave and to all lovely people out there.

Ah the good old days of Westlife. I wonder when I shall sin again and get hooked on Boyzone.

Anyways, forgive my sins Padre.

-Live Long & Prosper

I Got Listed?

Deng it, just look at the time. Staying up late to do my project and my nose is leaking mucous profusely. I sense a flu coming up. It had to hit me during this busy stretch of period. Arrrgh. Anyhow, enough rambling.

I found something really interesting the other day when I was looking at the referal sites to my blog and I found this Community. Have anyone of you heard of this site before? Its a first to me.

I was rather surprised that my blog is listed here along with Sotongzai. I wonder how my blog got there in the first place. I never signed up for anything like this before.

Gua Community?

Well nothing to complain about as long as it gives me hits. Hahahah. I'm such an attention whore. Though I did find some interesting blogs here too.

I think I should go to bed now. My nose is leaking like a leaky faucet, sneezing like mad and just look at the time. I should go have sahur. Hehehe.

-Live Long & Prosper

A Clay Phallus

I held and put a condom on it. It was fun being watched by juniors while putting on the condom so effortlessly and perfectly. No its not a scheme to get cute junior boys to sleep with me. It was for an AIDS campaign awareness workshop.

A colaboration of Standard Charted Bank with Aeisec, they came to my campus to conduct an AIDS campaign awareness workshop. It was an interesting session though I didn't learn anything new. I was just curious so I popped by.

There's always a putting on condom demonstration and for the first time, they didn't use a broom or a cucumber. They had a clay phallus and it was red in colour. Kinky!

It felt almost like the real thing except its super hard. I doubt I can take it all in. I think its above average in length and the girth was above average too. It felt pretty awesome holding it and putting a condom on it.

The Red Tower of Phallusness.

They gave me a pressie for it the demonstration too. Twin Standard Charted Bank pens. Nice pens though I'd rather have that clay penis.


Like all AIDS awareness campaign workshops, they distribute CONDOMS! I love getting these cause the packaging is nice. No doubt I helped myself with the free condoms. It comes with a pamphlet too with some useful info in it. I like the slogan on the condom packaging, "If its not on, the answer is no".

Smart eh?

More freebies!

I wonder if they've got the ribbed ones?

-Live Long & Prosper

Why I Want To Eat at TGI Fridays

Whenever I think of TGIF, I'll remember the Jack Daniels' Burger and the Ultimate Mudslide. Those are my all time favourite and must haves everytime I go there.

Oh TGI Fridays, where art thou~~~

As you can see from the title, you would suspect Nuffnang is up to something, plotting and scheming something for us Nuffnangers. Ever since the first plot of Why Is The Rum Gone to the latest plot Why I Want To Eat at TGIF.

I'll tell you why I want to eat at TGIF.

See this picture of The Ultimate Mudslide? Its the ONLY picture of TGIF I've got in my collection. How sad is that?! I am ashame to call myself a TGIF fan. Please help me redeem myself from this shameful state of being. Take me to TGIF and I shall camwhore the food like there's no tomorrow.

The lonely Ultimate Mudslide.

Thanks to TGIF for sponsoring an advert here in my blog, now I have cravings for Jack Daniels' Burger and the Ultimate Mudslide... Everytime I look at the advert, I'll go into a state of salivating. Its not a pretty sight.

The moist grilled beef pate, topped with smokey with a tinge of saltiness Provolone cheese and a generous serving of Jack Daniel's sauce. Crunchy fresh lettuce, juicy tomato and crispy golden brown fries on the side, salted and peppered. Now this is what I call a REAL burger.

Oh the Ultimate Mudslide. If there's such thing as the nectar of life, this is it. Just imagine vodca, Kahlua coffee liqueur, Bailey Irish Cream, cream, milk and ice all blended together into smooth, thick and creamy liquid. Pour it into a huge glass coated with chocolate syrup. Then pop in a hand full of Mini Kisses chocolate chip on top. Truely the Ultimate Mudslide.

I swear the amount of things I'm craving for from TGIF, I think I'm pregnant... AGAIN!

I want that Jack Daniels' Burger and the Ultimate Mudslide now!

-Live Long & Prosper

High School Meme

Gone were the high school days though I don't miss it. I like my life now and I'll love it when I'm out of the Notroh Woods. Back then I wasn't fabulous or chic. A true fairy tale of the ugly duckling. Hahah, ya right.

Anyhow, here's the meme.

What's your favourite subject(s)?
Biology and Chemistry.

Who's your favourite teacher?
My Additional Math teacher. He says the darnest thing. "Don't just sit there and shake your balls. Do your work."

What's your worst subject?
Physics. Odd considering I'm doing engineering course.

Did you sit beside a boy or a girl?
Boy who was C.

Did you hold any position in school?
Head Prefect. Muahahahaha.

Is your school a co-ed or all-boys school?

Did you represent your school in any competition?
Nope. Not that smart.

How did you go to school?
The big yellow school bus.

Do you still keep in touch with your school mates all these years?
Yep but only a handful of them.

Did you study Form 6?
I think I would have died if I did.

Alright here are the victims for this meme.
  1. McDave
  2. William
  3. Jason
  4. Janvier
  5. Adik
  6. C
  7. Ryan
  8. Bibik
  9. JL & JY
  10. Drowned Glass
-Live Long & Prosper


I don't like eating mints, those candy mints kind. Plus, its bad for my little soldiers. Menthol is known to kill those little soldiers and reduce sperm counts. I'm not bothered. Its not like I'm planning on impregnating someone right?

Thank goodness for sex, there's an alternative use besides giving me the minty fresh breath. Minty sex is awesome. Specifically Eclipse Mints. Its concentrated menthol and its sugarfree. I'm sure its effects are not as profound and euphoric of those chem sex but it does the trick.

Phallus meet Mint, your new friend.

How to use Eclipse mints:
  1. Pop two it in the mouth discreetly.
  2. Kiss and slowly push one mint into his mouth.
  3. Start licking the nipples and blow gently after every lick.
  4. Give him a full blown blow job while the mint is still in the mouth and blow gently after every blow.
Extra strong tingling sensation is expected. First warm when being licked and extreme chill when air is blown.

You can use Durex Tingling or toothpaste but I think this mint is a good substitution for both. Durex Tingling doesn't give enough tingling sensation and toothpaste is just messy.

When I first tried it out, I got the response that I was expecting from McDave. He loved it. He's happy then I'm happy. After recommending to a few others, they were thoroughly happy about it too.

Give it a try but if there's any allergic reaction or the phallus starts to fall off or deform in anyway, you're on your own.

Have fun.

-Live Long & Prosper