The Year That Was 2007

Goodbye year of the Pig and welcome year of the Rat (Rat rat is very enthusiastic about it for some odd reason...)! So for those who is born in the year of the rat, you're gonna be 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and 84 years old (any older would be pushing it.). I'm gonna recap the happenings the year that was 2007.

Year 2006 ended with me in my host company for internship and mid year of 2007 it ended. That was some experience. I truely treasured it and the friends I've made in the company as well. Which explains why La Faghag and I were in the Annual Dinner in the first place. Contacts!

During the same time as well I was in an emotional turmoil. Love lost, depression hit, I was in my all time low. Yep the Breakup. But we managed to patched things up few months after that. Love you still McDave.

Made lots of new friends, this month in particular due to the Red Carnival inconjunction of World AIDS Day. More activities to participate as well by Pink Triangle Foundation as well as LPG-Community. I feel like an uber "semangat" gay advocate (only through participation of events).

Also, met more bloggers in person which is always a fun thing. Seeing the person behind the blog for the very first time. Some have resemblance to their blog, some are just totally different.

My stuffed toys collection expanded to five with the new recruits Pink Lion, Sharkie and Moo moo! They're so adorable and I love them lots. Though Rat rat is darker and stinkier than before... Hehhehe. Lets not discriminate now.

Bought my second handheld, the PSP, after 12 years since my first, the Gameboy. I still think its such a great buy and one of the best gadgets of the year. Play MP3, plays MPEG4, photo viewing, tonnes of lovely games, TV connectivity, WIFI and multiplayer capability through WIFI and ad hoc.

It is also my first time purchasing a flight ticket to another country, Bangkok (technically I still owe JL for paying for the tickets in advance for me) and also going with the blogger gang next year. Never made such split micro second decision about spending before. There's always a first time in everything yes?

Another milestone that I have made this year is coming out to my mother and accepting that I am queer. Realising that I am queer and embracing it is the best thing that ever happened in my life. Its a whole new state of being and I am extremely happy with being queer.

-Live Long & Prosper

CK Public Announcement

Can I have your attention please, all underwear fetish people (some may have known this in advance). More specifically, CK underwear fans. If you don't own a pair or you want more to add into your drawers (yes plural drawers and don't pretend, you know who you are) this is be a fantastic time to get some.

I'll tell you why. McDave and I just spent RM 299 on 15 pairs (I only bought 3 thongs though) of CK underwear! Now that's what I call a great bargain! CK is having 50-70 % sale in all the departmental stores in Malaysia. This includes The Undershop, Philosophy, ISETAN and Parkson. The reason for such wonderful sale is, CK is transfering their licence to sell CK Underwear to their own boutiques. So those places above are clearing stock.

Let me breakdown the purchase for you and see how extremely cheap it is. We bought:

  1. CK Body Thongs (7 pieces) - RM 50 (original price) RM 15 (discounted price)
  2. CK 365 (2 pieces) - RM 80 (original price) RM 40 (discounted price)
  3. CK Pro Stretch Jock Strap (4 pieces) - RM 50 (original price) RM 15 (discounted price)
  4. CK solid colour (1 piece) - RM 110 (original price) RM 27 (discounted price)
  5. CK comic theme printed waistband (1 piece) - RM 110 (original price) RM 27.00 (discounted price)
Total Original Price - RM 930

Total Discounted Price - RM 299

Total SAVED - RM 631

The Tower of CK Underwear.

I recommend that you guys get it from Parkson because, there's tonnes of stock here (though I didn't check in ISETAN) and also the collection seems to have more variety (again I didn't check in ISETAN). They also give lovely red Parkson paperbags which I absolutely adore and it looks so chic.

I love paperbags like these!

Another perk of getting it from here is for every RM 120 purchase, you'll get a RM 10 voucher. So technically you can get 3 thongs or jock straps for free with RM 360 purchase.

That's not all, they also have this Scratch & Win competition going on. But that's just a side perk. We got to take 10 tokens to scratch.

Scratch and WIN!

So go buy them CK underwear before the sizes run out! And please kind hearted people out there, remember me when you're buying them CK underwears. I love the thongs and jock straps very much.

Donations are very much appreciated.

-Live Long & Prosper

The White Party

The White Party was a blast! Met lots of familiar faces as well as unexpected faces as well. But overall, a great event. I sure enjoyed my role of Prince Charming and even had make up on. I looked uber adorable it seemed.

Let's start from the beginging. Was at PT early to help out with stuff, mostly with the decorations. It really was lovely, White Christmas theme and cosy. The place really transformed from spartan look to White Christmas festive look.

Entrance up into the Wonderful Land of White Christmas.

The interior decorations.

Our little Christmas tree.

Then we have drags. Three of them in fact. One, Shantirina, as the host of the evening and she looked super stunning. As she said, she can go into MIC and men will be pouring her with marriage proposals. I totally agree with that statement. She was stunning. It's uncanny to see a drag who's more beautiful than the real woman. Hahah. Such stunning beauty of the undesired effect.

Shantirina (Santa Claus's Cousin).

Then the other two were in the little sketch that I was involved in. A parody to Enchanted. So the story goes like this. There's the Prince Charming (ME!), Gisselle, Evil Queen Mother and The Lawyer. Prince Charming and Gisselle were going to a ball together. There Gisselle met the Lawyer and dumped Prince Charming. They danced, laughed and had a great time.

The Evil Queen, jealous of Gisselle's beauty decided to poison her and put her to sleep forever. Only the one true love's kiss can wake her up from her deep deep slumber. The Lawyer gave it a try and kissed her. But he too fell into the same spell.

The Prince (Me again!) was shocked upon discovering what had happened. The Evil Queen Mother told him that only the one true love's kiss can wake either one of them. He had to choose between Gisselle and The Lawyer. He picked The Lawyer and lived happily ever after.

The Evil Queen Mother.

The Princess, Gisselle.

These drags really mean business when it comes to appearance. The make up was beautifully done, lovely dresses, long wigs and full sets of authentic feeling boobies. To get those lovely boobies they used condoms and filled it with water. Soft to the touch yet firm at the same time.


Since it was a Christmas party, there's pressie exchange! I love pressie exchange. Its interesting how they did it this time. They gathered everyone in a circle and hold their pressie that they bought. Passed the pressie to the person on the right until the song stopped. Kinda like musical chair. So that maked sure that everyone won't get their own pressie.

But look at what I got!

Mysterious paperbag.

It is a gift from L'Occitane! A bottle of Eau de Toilette Green Tea. I love it. Really nice fragrance.

L'Occitane The Vert Green Tea.

And yes Adrien you can have the bottle when its finished. Hehehe.

FYI to those interested. PT is having their Sunday movie sessions on Sundays at 3.00 pm. They'll screen gay themed movie (not pornography...) and have a chat or discussions, basically get to know each other better.

Click here for map.

-Live Long & Prosper

The White Outfit

At last I have my White Party outfit ready. Thanks to several contributors for lending and giving me stuff for my outfit. I must say I really love it. Never wore a white outfit before in my life till now. I love dressing up. Its so much fun! If only I have more clothes to work with.

I absolutely adore the shirt! Definitely screams fag! Just the way I like it. This is the pressie that I got from my Secret Santa. He knows me oh too well.

Read what the tshirt says.

The jacket was given to me by my ex. I really love this blazer and he made it himself. The lovely cream off white colour, the silk material and the cut fits me perfectly. Best of all, its not thick so its actually wearable in this hot and humid country. Though, I strongly advise against wearing it anywhere outside of a air conditioned mall.

He even gave me some bling bling accessories to go with it. He's such a sweet person yet a pain in the ass at times. Heheheh. Love yea lots too.

Those two are the only pieces that I own. The white shorts belongs to NakedWriter. Thank goodness it fits. Its not sheer like the ones I found in ISETAN but it'll do. Since its not sheer, I can't show off my kinky underwear...

And the Adidas shoes belongs to my love, McDave. He wears the same shoe size as me! Should have asked him to buy me a pair when he was in Singapore... Next time I guess.

The complete outfit.

So that's the runthrough of what I am going to wear for the White Party. I am so excited I can't wait to be there.

-Live Long & Prosper

A Blast From The Past

Check out what cousin found when she was rummaging through ancient stuff stored some where in her house. It is a super ancient photo of my mom and my brother when he was just a toddler. Oddly enough, he doesn't look anything like me when I was a toddler.

I think the most shocking thing about he photo is that I can't recognise my mom. She looked so different back then. Straight hair (why is this straight hair gene is missing in my DNA...) and the facial structure looks very different. Though she does look like my sister. At least there's some familiar resemblance. Heheheh.

Mommy and brother.

It is a very beautiful photo of them both. A glimpse for me of the time when I was still non existent.

-Live Long & Prosper

Possessed Computer?

Just look at the timestamp on this post. Its freaking 4.40 in the MORNING... Such ungodly hour to post a post but that's just the time this post was being drafted. I woke up much earlier than that say about 3.30. Thank goodness I slept early last night or I'll have a terrible headache and feeling lethargic the whole day.

I was rudely awaken by my computer turning itself on and off repeatedly. At first it didn't bug me but the humming noise it made was enough to annoy me. I turned off my computer intentionally before I slept so that I can have a quiet night sleep but my computer had to go amok with the turning on and off business...

It was eerie at first that my computer did this, as though a vengeful spirit kept pressing on the power switch. Prior to this, the switch that powered the computer flipped by itself. Very bizarre. But in the midst of my annoyance, I turned off the computer manually and went back to sleep.

Tried as I may to sleep, I couldn't. I kept thinking what was wrong with my computer. Why did it act the way it did? I got out of bed and started troubleshooting. Took me about 40 minutes to figure out what was the cause. My computer's power switch is fucked... I'm not sure how but I know its fucked. Just great...

I managed to get my computer running again and I'd probably leave my computer running from now on until I replace the switch or the whole computer case. Turning the computer on manually is a bitch. I'll have to open the case, take a screwdriver and make a circuit connection at the power switch pins on the motherboard. Don't follow? Its basically like how thieves start a car without using the keys like in the movies. Connect two wires to get the car started.

Humbug I tell you, humbug...

-Live Long & Prosper

Christmas Luncheon

Merry Christmas everyone! Initially I thought I'd have a nice and quiet time at home. Reading my book, play with my PSP, cuddle with my stuffed toys and research on potential employers. As luck would have it, I was invited last minute to a Christmas luncheon. I couldn't say no since I've already missed one party with the gang in Melaka last weekend.

It was a nice sized group that joined for the luncheon though a few of them were missing and it would be nice to have them. There were loads of food enough to feed the whole of Africa no doubt but delicious none the less. The host and hostest kept feeding us food but aneroxic me could only eat so much. Thank goodness for people with bigger stomach capacity.

I totally forgotten to bring a bottle of wine to the steamboat. A little alcohol shouldn't hurt right? Though some of them were keen to see me drunk. Never been drunk and plan to stay that way. I don't fancy passing out and sleeping in the toilet after puking. Heheheh.

I finally got my Secret Santa pressie along with another random pressie. Happy happy joy joy. My Secret Santa pressie was a white t-shirt with very interesting wordings on it. I forgot to take a photo of it and its now in the laundry... I absolutely adore my random pressie though.

It is so adorable!

Singing Christmas Stocking.

Rat rat approves and now he's got friends. Heheheh.

Now I shall wait for Santa to fill it up with goodies.

-Live Long & Prosper

Emotional Shopping Fallout

I have a love hate relationship with sales and today just proved it. Love it cause of CHEAP stuff! Hate it cause shopping malls will be filled with kiasu-fide shoppers. They will go to great lengths, like scavengers fighting over a dead animal. Its scary.

But that's not the worst part. The worst part is finding something truely lovely and slashed half price flat only to find there's no size! Arrrrrgh. I hate it. So bloody annoying! This is especially true when it comes to bottoms (bottoms as in pants you pervs...).

To make matters worst, my waist is 31 and guess what, I'm not the only freaking aneroxic in town with that waist measurement and good taste in fashion... This cannot happen to me!

As you all know, I am attending the White Party in PT and I am going to dress in all white. Brian and I spotted two, TWO!, lovely cream coloured shorts that would go perfectly with my white outfit. But alas no size! 33 and above! They want me to swim in the pants is it?!

Even my cute lovely bubble ass (verified by Brian himself) couldn't support the pants up. Unless I want to moon the crowd when I'm performing as Prince Charming I'd get the shorts but seriously, no.


I am, at this very moment, shorts-less...

-Live Long & Prosper

Pressie Shopaholic

OMG... I am so broke this month! I didn't even shop for myself, just shopped for pressies. Its one event after the other piling up and all of which I need to go pressie shopping for. Tis' the season after all yes?

I think I shall blog about some of places where I love to go shopping for pressies. This is mid budget pressie shopping mind you. I don't earn a 5 figure income per month. Though it maybe too late for some but just keep in mind for other occasions.

They are arranged in no particular order.


This is an absolutely lovely place to go shop for pressies. Most of the things there are not mid budget shopping but you'd be surprise. There are things that are super pretty and cheap too! You just have to keep your eyes peeled for them. Look at all the items and check the price. Always managed to get something there for about RM 20.

S & J

Definitely a place to find all sorts of gifts for really cheap prices. They do have some nice pressies that aren't to common or cheap looking. But I like to go there to get their glass bottles as part of pressie package. Gotta be a little creative when buying a pressie yes?


A very unlikely place to get pressies considering this place sells furniture and the likes. I managed to get a few pressies from there. For one, the stuffed toys are just so adorable, good quality and sorta cheap. If not, there's always lovely tin cans or glass bottles or glasses that can be a part of the pressie. Look out for bags as well.

Sungai Wang 6th Floor

You'd be surprise what you can get in this "lala" place as they call it. Mostly collectable items from Gundam models to interesting twisted Coca-cola bottles. Lots of decorative items as well and they are cheap too.


Wonderful place to get stuffed toys or toiletary sets or bath sets. Not forgetting, there's always the "all night long fun" sets, which I gave to Alex for his birthday. A tin can from IKEA and fill it with loads of lubricants and condoms for his all night long fun, solo or otherwise.

There you go. Some of the places to go buy pressies without blowing a huge hole in your pockets. Though an actual hole in the pockets can mean certain pleasurable fun in public.

Merry Christmas

-Live Long & Prosper


Mom says that we (brother, sis and me) hated eating "tang yuan" when we were kids. That was the main reason why she stopped making it. We used to complained that we can't swallow it and its sticky, gooey and chewy. Funny how I can't remember me complaining about it.

But today when I was in my aunt's place, I found myself craving for "tang yuan" for no apparent reason. Since it is Winter Solstice celebration, she made some and I got to enjoy them to my heart's delight. Haven't eaten "tang yuan" in ages.

Lovely chewy balls in sugar water. The balls are usually pink (my favourite colour!) and white. I don't know why though. There are variations to "tang yuan". There are those with fillings in them. Red bean paste, green bean paste, shredded coconut and so on. But I still love the ones without filling.

Homemade "tang yuen".

Apparently "tang yuan" is a customary dessert that kids are encouraged to eat because it makes them grow up faster. Buggered if I know how this custom came along.

Either way, I love eating them chewy balls.

-Live Long & Prosper

Café 31

Took my ex, La Faghag and me ages to find this bloody place in The Gardens. Who knew Baskin Robbins had another name called Café 31... We were looking for a quiet place to sit, chat and nibble on something. Since Mid Valley was packed with people from who knows where, we went to The Gardens where there's less people.

I think the name Café 31 is really creative. 31 for the 31 flavours and also from the abbreviation BR. Very creative. At first glance, the place looks like the normal Baskin Robbins kiosk except its in a proper shop. The difference becomes obvious when they served the ice cream to your table.

Brilliant logo.

No more paper cups and say hello Baskin Robbins china and dessert spoon. They even serve lemon flavoured water with the ice cream. Lovely!

Rum & Raisins and Flavour of The Month, Hazelnut.


Strawberry Cheesecake.

Of all the flavours, I love Strawberry Cheesecake. Very yummy. I've always been a fan of their Very Berry Strawberry. And now they combined both strawberry and cheesecake flavour. Heavenly!

The place is pretty nice and cosy. Suitable to sit and chat or hook your laptop to WIFI connection. Lovely place to people watch too. Occasionally there'll be adorable boys or men depending on what you're looking for, who will swing by the place.

-Live Long & Prosper

Little Vietnam

Finally a non PSP related post. I've been desperately trying to blog about something else but with work and constant stress release with the PSP, its only natural I brag about the PSP. But not today. Today will be food blog post.

Little Vietnam, located just below of Co Do, from the name of it specialises on Vietnamese cuisine. I'm not sure what's the difference between Co Do and Little Vietnam (I don't know why I kept typing Little India...). They both serve relatively similar food.

Can someone please enlighten me on this?

Little Vietnam menu cover.

Anyhows, was there with mother for lunch yesterday. She always comes here to buy Rice Paper. I love those rice paper. You eat them with raw vegetables and meats of your choice. Its simple, divine and healthy too.

Mom ordered tomato rice with Vietnames chicken sausages. It didn't look all that special or appealing actually. Kinda like normal fried rice. Didn't taste all that special. Just fried rice.

Tomato rice with Vietnamese chicken sausage.

I am a huge fan of Vietnamese cold vermecelli. They are absolutely lovely especially when the sauce is real good. Char-grilled lemongrass beef and spring roll was really delicious. I love the beef, its so tender, moist with flavors of many herbs that they cooked it with. Lemongrass is fast becoming my favourite flavour.

Char-grilled lemongrass beef and spring roll.

At first taste, I thought the sauce was too sweet but when mixed with the vermicelli and all the other stuff in the bowl like raw bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, shredded carrots and finely chopped lettuce, it tasted lovely. Reminded me of a good salad dressing. I love how there's the satisfying crunch of fresh bean sprouts and hard crushed peanuts but at the same time the lovely soft vermicelli.

I highly recommend this dish to anyone who goes there. Best of all, the portion is enough to be shared between two persons.

Three colours shaved ice with fresh coconut milk.

Never have I associated cendol with Vietnamese dessert (though there is such thing as a Vietnamese cendol). When I think cendol, I think of Penang cendol. I really like this dessert. From its name, there are three ingredients that makes up the three colours, cendol, red beans and corns. Really yummy. I'm not a fan of red beans but I didn't mind it. It wasn't sickeningly sweet too. All of the flavours were just nice.

I'm definitely coming back here to try their other dishes.

Rating time.

Food: 8

I love my cold vermicelli but not the fried rice.

Price: 10

Food here is fairly cheap and not forgetting the portion is big (mostly for the noodles).

Service: 8

Took our food a little while to arrive. The waiters were nice and friendly. They even suggest what to order and take the time to explain what are the ingredients.

Ambience: 10

I love the deco in this place. Kopitiam-ish with Vietnamese furnitures. I love the paintings that they hang on the wall. Bright coloured and animalistic motive paintings.

Cute Waiters: 0

No cute waiters... But then again, its in Mid Valley. Don't need cute waiters, cute customers will do just fine.

Total Score: 7.2/10

-Live Long & Prosper


All of us have our vices. I in particular have many of them or maybe just one big one. SEX! Find myself craving for them constantly. Ask Sam. Poor guy is probably scarred by now. Pity I'm not his type or else I might just do him there and then in the office. Everyday!

Since I can't satisfy my hunger for sex, I channel those frustrated energy to my PSP! I am now addicted to Lumines II!

Super fun game and I reckon that its the best puzzle game ever since tetris. So simple yet so fun. The soundtracks that come with this game are amazing. Really love the music.

Another game that I really like and I think its super cute is Loco Roco. One of the best games for the PSP for 2006. I love it especially the soundtracks too. Super cute songs.

-Live Long & Prosper

I'm Dreaming Of A White...

Chrismas is around the corner! I'm sure everyone knows it by now and how slow of me to write a post about it too. Better late (technically not that late yet) than never yes? Tis' the season to be jolly, fa lala lala lala lala.

After watching the live choir performance by Xanvier and Co, I've decided that White Christmas is my favourite carol of all time. Bravor to Xavier and Co for such a lovely performance. I really enjoyed it, all three sessions.

Here's a little something I found in YouTube. I think its adorable. Heheheh.

Anyhow back to the title. I'm dreaming of a white PSP accessory! Hehehe. Yep you heard me right and yes this is another PSP post. Well just a tiny bit. McDave got me a PSP earphone with remote! How sweet and its white too. Matches with my innocent and pure PSP.

Thanks baby.

PSP earphone and remote.

On a slightly different note, I'm looking for an outfit for my White Party and something Prince Charming-ish. I was thinking a white toga or a white yukata but I have no idea where to get them... Perhaps you guys might have an idea what to wear?

Do tell me your ideas. I like sheer but not transparent please (even though I'd love to go nude!).

-Live Long & Prosper

PSP Plague

Guess who has fallen from the ranks of the non handheld gaming console? Sam, the one who owns almost all gaming console there is, except the PS3. I am such a bad influence. One week of him playing my PSP and finished Silent Hill - Origins, now he is hooked.

Took he and Dan to the same place where I got my PSP. I think the lady there is trustworthy and she takes the extra mile to explain things. She speaks pretty good English too so that's a bonus for me.

Its located at the 1st floor in front of the escalator and opposite of a shop called The Pink Pussy Cat in Sungai Wang if anyone is interested in buying a PSP or any other consoles.

Sam got the Piano Black PSP. Looks real good with the silicon case which kinda look like a twisted used condom if you just toss it aside. Heheheh. A fact accidentally discovered by Sam and I during one of our boring days at work.

So now we can Ad Hoc (play with each other or is it play together?) to play games! Such gaming geeks I know but its fun! Hehehe.

-Live Long & Prosper

Another 15 Seconds of Fame

Ever attended Pink Triangle's Sunday Session? Its basically a movie screening and discussions on topics that are related to being gay. Today was my first time attending it. The movie that they were showing was Hamam. Very interesting movie though I think most would find it too slow.

Anyhow, that's not what I wanna blog about. After the session, there was a meeting that I was dragged into as a volunteer. I didn't even know I was being volunteer until the last minute. PT is having a White Party over at their place on the 29 Dec.

My very first White Party too! I doubt its going to be anything like the real White Party but I shall be open about it. The thing that I am being volunteered is in their small play similar to Enchanted with a very queer twist. I am Prince Charming, imagine that.

Seems like the spotlight just loves me. Hahahah. I'm just moving from one spotlight to another.

I was born to be idolized! Muahahaha.

If only that is true.

-Live Long & Prosper

Queer Ranter The Illustrious Ex-Intern

You wouldn't believe what a night I had! I really love the company that I used to intern in early this year. Eventhough we are no longer employees of the company, La Faghag and I still managed to get ourselves invites to this year's annual dinner.

I would say this year's party is grand compared to last year's especially the entertainments. They had celebrities like Serena C as the host and Anita Sarawak and Anuar Zain for performances. I couldn't believe it myself until I saw them.

Not to boost or anything but I think La Faghag and I are most likely the most well known intern/ex-intern in the company. It all started with last year's annual dinner where we were nominated as best dressed male and female (our 15 seconds of fame). Not forgetting the tonnes of photos of us in the dinner being shared in the company's network. The job as a QA intern requires lots of interactions with everyone within the company, so no surprise everyone knows us two interns.

This year, even with La Faghag's effort to stay low profile during the dinner with her supposed simple black dressed, still managed to be dragged into the spotlight. Anita spotted her (we were sitting front row) and called her up to the stage. Anita was asking her some questions like:

Anita: So who did you come here with?
La Faghag: Oh came here with QR.
A: How did you know him?
LF: Oh he's my coursemate.
A: Is that what they call it these days?

*the crowd broke into fits of laughter

The next thing I knew, I was called up on stage too! And seeing that I was her "coursemate", she sang us a Mandarin song, 月亮代票我的心 (The Moon Represents My Love/Heart). What's more, we had to slow dance in front of everyone! I felt like I was in an episode of Will and Grace.

Anita Sarawak.

So much for being low profile.

I was dressed to kill anyways.

Almost everyone was wondering why we were there in the first place, let alone being called up on stage by Anita Sarawak herself!

I have to compliment Anita Sarawak for her performance. She performed really well and most importantly, she interacted with the audience really well. She's one of those who exudes high stage presents and relates to the crowd comfortably. She can really dance and sing at the same time and look absolutely gorgeous (she dyed her hair black) for her age.

-Live Long & Prosper

More Work?

Finally there's something to do at work. My supervisor managed to get us two computer that were idle in the office. Pity the computers were far apart, no more gossiping while doing work with Sam. At least there's internet access.

Basically, our job is to key in shipment data from October till now. Sounds simple enough but there's about 400 shipments to be keyed in not to mention billing documents to compile as well. Easy but tedious and the shear amount of document is just scary.

I wish there's a bigger monitor for me to work with because the current monitor is best viewed with resolution of 800 x 900 pixels... Its pathetic. I like my 1280 x 1024 pixels resolution. Oh well, I just hope the laptops are ready by next week.

Meanwhile my mom is still stucked in the East Coast since she left on Monday. I don't understand how the hell this country functions. They built a highway connecting to the East Coast (great idea!) but come monsoon season, it is freaking flooded (not so brilliant now...)! Didn't they do surveys before planning the construction of the highway to not build it on flood plains?!

How this happened is beyond me.

I want my mommy back.

-Live Long & Prosper

Spread The Word

Attention dear theater lovers. I have a splendid announcement to make. Mart has asked me to promote an ongoing play that he is involved in. I have no idea what it is about and I am yet to go watch it. I'm thinking of going next weekend.

Click the poster for more details.

The Illusion.

Anyhow, there's still was nothing to do at work. Bloody laptops haven't arrived yet and I have ran out of things to gossip with Sam. He even finished Silent Hill Origin on my PSP. See, nothing to do at all...

I'm hoping tomorrow we have some work to do. I'm getting bored of doing nothing...

And its tiring too...

-Live Long & Prosper

Fairy Tale

This song 童话 (Fairy Tale) by 王光良 (Michael Wong) is super ancient but its such a beautiful song but the video clip is so sad. I can play this song over and over again and never get bored. Just such a beautiful song.

忘了有多久 再没听到你
I forgot how long it has been since I last heard from you

对我说你 最爱的故事
Telling me the story you love most

我想了很久 我开始慌了
I've been thinking for a very long time and I started to panic

是不是我有 做错了什么
Did I do something wrong?

你哭着对我说 童话里都是骗人的
You cried and told me that fairy tales deceives people

我不可能 是你的王子
There is no way I am your prince

也许你不会懂 从你说爱我以后
Maybe you don't know that from the moment you told me you love me

我的天空 星星都亮了
All the stars in my sky lit up

我愿变成童话里 你爱的那个天使
I wish I can become the angel in the fairy tale

张开双手 变成翅膀守护你
Open both my hands and turn them into wings to protect you

你要相信 相信我们会像童话故事里
You must believe, believe that we will be like the ones in the fairy tale

The ending is happiness

你哭着对我说 童话里都是骗人的
You cried and told me that fairy tales deceives people

我不可能 是你的王子
There is no way I am your prince

也许你不会懂 从你说爱我以后
Maybe you don't know that from the moment you told me you love me

我的天空 星星都亮了
All the stars in my sky lit up

我愿变成童话里 你爱的那个天使
I wish I can become the angel in the fairy tale

张开双手 变成翅膀守护你
Open both my hands and turn them into wings to protect you

你要相信 相信我们会像童话故事里
You must believe, believe that we will be like the ones in the fairy tale

The ending is happiness

我要变成童话里 你爱的那个天使
I want to become the angel in the fairy tale

张开双手 变成翅膀守护你
Open both my hands and turn them into wings to protect you

你要相信 相信我们会像童话故事里
You must believe, believe that we will be like the ones in the fairy tale

The ending is happiness

我会变成童话里 你爱的那个天使
I will become the angel in the fairy tale

张开双手 变成翅膀守护你
Open both my hands and turn them into wings to protect you

你要相信 相信我们会像童话故事里
You must believe, believe that we will be like the ones in the fairy tale

The ending is happiness

Together we write our own ending

I feel like some things are slowly slipping away from me. If only things are like in the fairy tales.

-Live Long & Prosper


Being human is so hard sometimes. Harder still with emotions that seems to be very unstable and volatile at times. Just as you feel comfortable with something, something new pops in and you wanna try it. Some may even just take it in a heartbeat.

Are we as humans greedy in that sense?

And selfish as well?

Maybe its just me being a spoilt brat. Always wanting more.

Perhaps that's it, me being a spoilt brat.

-Live Long & Prosper

Not Quite The Ideal Corporate Slave

Ah first day of work. Thank you all for sending sms-es to ask about my first day. It wasn't quite what I expected but that's alright. With Sam keeping me company (more like I dragged him into this mess), all was peachy. Lets have a run through of my day.

It's been so many years since the last time I woke up before six (almost spelled sex there...). I don't know why this morning it took me ages to get ready. Actually left the house late but I still managed to get to Kelana Jaya station on time. That's like crossing the whole freaking city of KL... No choice I guess.

The office is located rather far from the LRT station. There's no public transport there and no where in hell am I going to take the cab. Gonna cost me a bomb for it. Have to be on time so that my supervisor can fetch me to work from the station. Same goes to Sam too.

Work was extremely BORING! We had nothing to do what so ever... We're still waiting for our laptops. No laptop = no work. Supervisor was in the meeting for the whole day and so we just sat there and wait till our eggs hatch hatchlings of some queer spawn.

Detailed account can be found here.

I reckon it could have been a little more exciting if only he followed me into the cubicle. Wishful thinking I guess.

One vital lesson I learnt today though. Always bring PSP and handphone charger. You'll never know when it'll be a super boring day and all electronics are out of juice. My PSP ran out of batt from the constant usage (all thanks to Sam playing Silent Hill Origins). He even juiced my poor phone.

-Live Long & Prosper

Queer Ranter The Bum

Man, how time flies even when I spent it bumming the whole day. Didn't go out since I need to conserve money, it was raining so even the more reason not to step out of the house and of course do some PSP game testing.

At the moment, my 4 GB Memory Stick can only handle on average of 5 games. These games are surprisingly huge, about 1 GB. All because of the pretty cinematics. I love game cinematics cause they're really pretty and sometime hilarious!

So basically spend most of my noon and afternoon uploading and deleting games.

Eventhough I came back super late last night due to the birthday party, I had to wake up early like 7 o'clock. I had a friend tagging along and he was staying over my place. He had to work this morning hence the ungodly hour wake up call...

What's worse was I couldn't get back to bed after that. I had to stay awake to play my part of this intricate web of lies to arrange a meeting with La Faghag and my ex. No one knew my ex is in town and he wanted to give a little surprise to everyone (at the cost of my beauty sleep...).

And what am I going do now?

I'm gonna sleep. Yes its 10 but I have to get a good rest and get to work. First day of work! Heheheh. I wonder what's it like working with Sam.

I smell some office scandals coming along.

-Live Long & Prosper

Queer Ranter The Socialite?

Me the socialite? Hardly. Hahhaha. For one, I'm not freaking filthy rich nor am I freaking famous to be invited to all the parties around KL. Though I'd like to attend fancy parties with everyone all dressed up fancy and they serve all the fancy food. Hmmmm, fancy that.

There were two parties to attend to Sat night. Yes, finally my Saturday is super happening. "Thank You Volunteers" party thrown by the Pink Triangle Foundation and a surprise birthday party in Sky Bar. I sure love parties!

The PT party was really fun. Lovely to see familiar faces that I've worked with for two days again. All of them are such loving and fun people. From the straights to the gays to the transexuals. Hilarious bunch. The food was simple but lovely, kinda like a little potluck gathering.

After that to Sky Bar. I still can't decide with is prettier. Sky Bar scenery or the boy that Adrien brought with him. He's uber adorable! Uber good looking! Very boy-ish looking and shy-ish but he's not shy to talk (don't know if this makes any sense but yea). But pity he's straight. Hahahah. I really am super envious of his pretty looks. Whole night, I was just staring, imaging a porn flick all thanks to drunken birthday boy Alex.

Anyhow, Sky Bar is really pretty. I love the whole design of the place and the location is perfect. Right at the top floor of Trader's Hotel and unobstructed view of Petronas Twin Towers. I think I got too excited about the boy, I forgot to take pictures of the place... I'm so pathetic.

The DJ in Sky Bar was excellent! None of those Ah Beng Beng songs but real nice house music and they played my favourite, Destination Calabria. I'm still so obsessed with the video clip since the last time. There's just something that's super posh and erotic about this.

So that was my Saturday.

What was your Saturday like?

-Live Long & Prosper


Poor me, I was sick with fever last night. Throat infection and cold but thank goodness I recovered fast. Some sleep, loads of water comsuption and lots of loo visit in between my sleep seemed to do the trick.

For some weird reason, this came to mind when I was down with fever.

I simply love Kylie Minogue. Hahahah. My gay icon besides Madonna and Cher.

Anyhow, good thing that I was feeling fine when I got up though not fully recovered. I was light headed, groggy, disorientated and slightly deaf. Well I'm better now but my throat is still sore. I shall keep sucking on Strepsils, they seem to be doing the trick.

On a brighter side of things, Sam and I are finally going to be scandalous colleages starting this Monday. We are officially hired (once we sign the contract that is). Heheh.

-Live Long & Prosper


Finally its here! I have it in my bare hands! One month plus of waiting and here it is. Some of you may already know what it is while other might think what on earth am I rambling about. I got my PSP!

Just look at that pretty thing. Oh so pretty. Decided to go with Ceramic White to reflect the pure-ness and innocent-ness that is not and never will be me. Either way it looks pretty. Didn't want the other colours cause they have glitters... Me no likey glitters.

The console, 4 GB Memory Stick, bag, silicon case, screen protector and USB cable costed RM 980 (modded of course). Expensive piece of gadget but its worth it. I really really love the PSP.

Pretty pretty PSP.

Now that Christmas is around the corner, how about some UMDs eh? Muahahha.

I'd like to thank my dad for the huge subsidy on the PSP and McDave for the colour selection.

-Live Long & Prosper

Santa Came Early

'tis the season to buy pressies and spread the love. Not to mention a perfect excuse to go on a shopping excursion. Though I still haven't shopped pressies for my assigned "Secret Santa" thing yet. Better get it done soon I reckon, before I start my job.

One of the pressies that I've shopped was a Christmas pressie for McDave. When I first laid my eyes on them, I couldn't resist but to buy it and come Christmas, give it to him. I love the pressie that I got him and I think its really adorable. You'll see.

I wonder what's in the red bag.

But McDave came last night for a sleepover and I couldn't resist but to give the pressie to him. I don't do well buying gifts for occassions. I'm better off buying gifts when I see them and give it straight.

At first he had the puzzled looked when I said, "圣诞节快了" (Merry Christmas!). I'm like three weeks early. Hahhaha. Oh well. He thought I was slightly deranged but then again, I'm always deranged.

Then he prodded the bag, trying to figure out what was inside but gave up soon after and opened the bag. The first thing he saw was a grey fuzzy and furry thing. When he took it out, its a porcupine! Big fluffy porcupine. Funny how he asked if the pressie was for him or Rat Rat. He reckon the pressie was for Rat Rat. Hahhaha. Yey, now Rat Rat has more friends to play with.

This porcupine, strangely enough has already gotten a name upon purchasing it from IKEA. It was La Faghag's doing. She called it PorcuPenis! Yea... This happened after our PHOP dinner. I still think its the maple syrup talking. Such an adorable thing with such obscene name...

The best part of this PorcuPenis is it comes in twos! One big one and one small baby one! How adorable! I just adore stuffed toys. Me likey. The furs are super soft, fluffy and don't come off. The workmanship of it is good.

It's the PorcuPenis!

So that was my Christmas pressie for McDave.

Love you McDave.

-Live Long & Prosper

Getting A What?!

Yes! I'm finally getting my PSP! PlayStation Portable. Tomorrow too! Woot woot. Happy happy joy joy! Its about freaking time too. I can't wait! I just heart the PSP so much. Was playing my friend's PSP when he was over and I absolutely love it!

Well just kidding about the PSP. Hahahha. I'm not getting it just yet. Instead, I'm getting a job. Yes a J.O.B. Shocking eh Dr. Paul? Hehehe. Turns out that DHL need some temporary manpower to help out with their backlog database problems.

Pretty well paid for doing just backlogging and we'll be given laptops to work with. Yey my first laptop, well not really mine but still. Heheheh. I'll be like William walking around with the laptop. Oh that means I need a new bag. My Zara bag can't fit the laptop! This calls for SHOPPING!

I am expected to be called for work next week or when they have secured the laptop. There goes my holidays but I guess its the money that I want. No pain no gain. One downside about this job is that it is located in Shah Alam! Transportation there is not a problem but I'll have to wake up bloody early to get there.

This gives me a reason to wear slacks! My bum hugging lovely nice pair of slack! I love my slacks cause they make my bum looks nice, perky and bubble shape. Not to mention wear kinky underwear that gives the illusion of no underwear underneath. Hehehe. Skanky, I know.

-Live Long & Prosper

Silent Thoughts

One of the lessons in life that I learnt is being there for a person is very important. A simple act of being there, whether for small insignificant occasions or huge important occasions, shows that you care for the person and it means a lot to the person that you were there.

My Rotarian advisor once told me, be there for the people you care when they are alive cause it won't matter when they are dead. Which is true. What good is going to his funeral to him when you can attend his play or his fashion show back when he was alive?

I didn't understand why back when I was with my ex, I'll always make it for all his fashion shows. Just to see his work and be supportive of him along side with his family members. Now I know that I did it cause I care for him and I want to show that to him.

Of course its impossible to go for all the events but the effort of trying to make it, makes it up for the others. There's always the choice of ditching something that needs to be done and be there for him. There's always choices laid for us to chose. No such thing as "I don't have a choice".

We all have our things to do and priorities but those can always change just for the moment. To me, being busy with work is such a lame excuse to not attend. Just shows what is being valued the most.

I've gone through my childhood with my parents being absent for important events. It hurts knowing that they're not there and some of these events only happens once in a lifetime. Kinda sucks when it happens all over again with other people currently.


-Live Long & Prosper

Queer Ranter & Community Service!

To kill time, I decided to volunteer for the Red Carnival that was held in Sungei Wang on the 1st and 2nd of Dec in conjunction to the World AIDS Day by the Pink Triangle Foundation. Raising funds and create awareness of AIDS to the public has never been so fun!

I have never worked and surrounded by so many queers before in my life. I really enjoyed it so much and got to know so many of them at the same time. I felt right at home. They're such lovely and fabulous people and now I miss them already. Man I'm such an emotional drama queen.

I was assigned as one of the "Roaming Angels" to collect donations from the public, stick red ribbons on them, distribute condoms and give away balloons and postcards. Super fun. The public were generally supportive of this carnival and we did manage to raise quite a sum of money for it.

Information counter at the Fiesta Walk.

We had a condom manufacturer with us during the carnival too. CARE, this is my first time I hear of them. Those were the condoms that we were given to distribute. I like their packaging a lot. I swiped two stacks for myself since there were leftovers. Hehehhe.

To promote their brand, they had a mannequin dressed in condoms. Head to toe all condoms. Very kinky but I wouldn't wear it. Its too condom-ish even for me to pull it off. You would smell the condoms from miles away with so many condoms used for the outfit. Heheheh.

They're just missing the cream inside the condoms.

Of course I cam-whored with it.

See me and the rubber mannequin.

The theme of the carnival was Mardi Gras, so the "Roaming Angels" had to wear masks, bling bling headbands and wristbands. I was of course the victim of wearing the mask and bling bling headband. Not such a bad thing actually, tourists kept asking me to pose next to them in photos. Yahoo, I'm going international with my cam-whoreness.

That's me with pink mask and that's my fellow "Roaming Angel".

That's me with green mask.

I think they should have more props to wear. I would love to have matching coloured feather boas too. More blings basically.

What made the whole even more fun was the fact that there were so many good looking boys to ogle at! The volunteer team itself had a few that I really really like. Not to mention those who frequent Sungei Wang. Twinks everywhere! I don't know why I didn't take photos with those twinks who volunteered... I'll remember to do that when they're having a party next week.

-Live Long & Prosper


I love getting my haircuts and I'm guessing you guys know why. Cherry of course. He can make my day, any day. Yes I am obsessed with Cherry but I can't help it. Hahha. I even dragged La Faghag to go see what the fuss was and she sees why I get all gugu-gaga over him.

Enough of Cherry though, I believe I've blogged enough of him. After the haircut session, we headed to PHOP (Paddington's House of Pancake) for dinner. It turned out to be a dinner to remember because once we stepped out of that place, we were high! Honestly HIGH! We were giggling at the stupidest things and talk about the dumbest things! We're still figuring out what made us ridiculously high.

We ordered one too many plate of pancakes.

Savoury Buckwheat Blinis (beef bacon, omelette, chicken ham, mashed potato & cheddar)

Full Monty (mashed potato, sunny-side-up egg, beef bacon, mini sausages, baked beans, guacamole dip and cherry tomatoes.

Each of those meals were so much! I could barely finish my own which was the Full Monty. They were really nice though. The combos were perfect. Rich and lovely flavours. Nice big size portion as well, worth every penny.

But the best one is yet to come. The best order in PHOP in my opinion is the Treasure Box! This was a meal on its own! Nice fluffy mini-bite-size pancakes! They're so adorable. Oh I'm such a queer when it comes to adorable things...

Not only that but it was filled with loads of fruits and nuts with ample serving of maple syrup! Not to mention the nice dollop of vanilla ice cream. La Faghag and I were struggling to finish it. Alas, I gave up and let her do the chowing down on the remaining mini pancakes. I know I'm mean but hey, the queer man needs to keep his figure ok!

Treasure Box.

And now for the rating.

Food: 10

Absolutely delicious. No doubt about it!

Price: 10

Those three costed us RM62.00 after TAX. Now that's a lovely deal.

Service: 8

Service was fast, the waiter was friendly and smiled a lot but I guess he needs to talk a little fluidly. Have a little more confidence and self esteem.

Ambience: 10

They recently took over the lot next to them and combined the two making the place really huge and almost unrecognisable for me.

Cute Waiters: 2

He was "alright" looking...

Total Score: 8/10

Totally recommend this place to everyone to try out. Go go now if you have not tried it.

I suspect the maple syrup was the caused of the high. So do not drown your pancakes with too much maple syrup. You have been warned.

-Live Long & Prosper

The Underground

I love watching plays. Any play will do, so long as they are engaging or entertaining. I'd like to frequent to more plays but since I study in Notroh Woods, its too far for me just to travel down to KL for the plays.

I just got back from a play directed by Nakedwriter and a girl I knew back when I was helping out in The Breakfast Club. The play was very interesting, different, fresh and unique. The aim of the play was to disturb comfort zones and confront stereotypes about theater, life and people which they did, splendidly.

The play consists of several skits but revolve around the theme of theater, life and people. My favourite was Two, Two. One solo act and three pairs (hetero relationship, guy-guy relationship and girl-girl relationship) acts.

The solo act was powerful in the sense that it displays how life's a stage and how people always wear a mask of a sort. A line from the act that's etched in my brain right now is, "My next act is up and so is yours". That's kinda scary and in-your-face truth of life.

The three pairs acts were brilliant too. I think Nakedwriter really captured the emotions that were involved when two people commit themselves in a relationship but the relationship starts to fall apart. It did remind me of the break off that I had with McDave but from a different perspective. An outsider's view of the situation.

You and your crew did a wonderful job, Nakedwriter. Bravo.

-Live Long & Prosper

Random Photo

Am seriously looking for materials to blog other than food posts. I have two food posts lined up but I don't wanna upload them yet. I'm resisting the Jason Jr effect. Must resist food post temptation!

I live in an apartment and I really like this place. Near to the city but you don't feel the business of the city, convenience of the LRT and I just like apartments/condos. Its on the first floor too so that's wonderful.

I was walking back from the station on a sunny evening. Everything was wonderful. The evening was sunny but oddly enough, I didn't sweat from all the walking. Kids were playing around, running here and there. Calm evening with birds chirping pleasant songs.

And I looked up to my balcony and I saw a familiar shape and colour but I wasn't sure what it was. Walked a little closer and then I saw more familiar shapes and colours. They were Moo Moo and Sharkie! Then I saw the rest, Teddy, Rat rat and Pink Lion! They were being sunned!

Brady bunch under the sun?

I was laughing my head off seeing them getting sunned. Heheheh. They look so adorable! Just look at Rat rat. It was as though he was really enjoying his sunbathing session. Hehehe.

Ahh... Gotta love em stuffed toys.

-Live Long & Prosper


I am super hyped up to get my very own PSP! I can't wait. The more I look at it, the more I want it. The other day, I nearly snatched one from a four year old rich brat... Kids shouldn't get PSP! PSPs are for ADULTS!

I found a really neat video clip of a PSP functionality. Very nice.

Arrrgh. I must have the PSP... My fingers are itching to play it.

-Live Long & Prosper

Recap of Delicious

I thought my Terengganu trip would be filled with blog-able activities and I would be able to post them but it turned out, there wasn't anything that's remotely exciting. I played PS2 most of the time though.

So I shall do another food post. Seriously, Jason Jr is such a bad influence... Wanna change your blog into a flog, go see him.

This time, I shall recap on the desserts that I have had in Delicious. I just love having meals in this place so much! Since the food there is rather expensive, though really worth every penny, I have decided to have just desserts until I've tried all of them. The dessert itself is enough of a portion for me.

First off, Classic Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. If chocolate is your comfort food, this is the dessert to order to sooth away all your heart aches and sorrows. The whole thing is nothing but moist chocolate and coated with a thick layer of chocolate. Double chocolate-ness.

Classic Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Next, Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream. Ever thought of the perfect death? Like how you wish to die when you're gonna die? I think this should one of it. Death by chocolate (coincidentally, there's a drink in Delicious with this name), the cause of death in your postmortem report.

The brownie itself is densely packed with nothing but chocolate and lots of walnuts. I like to imagine the brownie as a kilo of chocolate power all compacted into a medium sized and dense brownie. And that's not all, they serve the brownie with a generous (and I do mean generous, almost like a tsunami of chocolate hit the brownie).

There should be a new scientific term for this phenomenon, center of chocolate like center of gravity. The denseness of the chocolate on a single plate should cause a tear in the time and space continuum.

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream.

The latest dessert that I've tried is Blackberry Apple Crumble. At first glance, it looked like a huge-ass muffin but don't let the appears fool yea. It packs a whole lot of delicious punch! The muffin top look-alike is divine. Tastes like good old rich English butter biscuits. Oddly enough, the oat flakes in the dough does not taste like paper at all. It is every bit yummy.

The muffin top is quite thick so there's lots of digging to do before I get into the apple part. I didn't mind that cause it's just so delicious. The apple part is full of lovely flavours. Apple, cinnamon and the sourness of the blackberry. Yummy! Its not as sinful as its chocolate counterparts but sure is a gastronomic experience for a dessert.

Blackberry Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Expect more Delicious desserts to come. I still have many more to try.

Stay tune.

-Live Long & Prosper


Woot woot. Finally I got to spend a whole day at home today. Did totally nothing. Heheh. How I miss not doing anything but laze and bum around the house. Gotta love semester breaks!

So here I am, enjoying the stable and fast broadband connection. Streaming online radio using ITunes, downloading my GT downloads (very fast download too!), watched anime and continue reading my book.

Yes I do read fellow bloggers... I can't believe some of you even doubt that. Shame on you. Blind Willow Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami. Very good read though it seems like a compilation of short stories of a sort and they are the most random stories ever! I can't tell what each story is trying to say but I really love reading it.

Seeing that I'm downloading quite a few GT downloads, I'm too lazy to wait for my animes to download using Torrent. So I turn to VEOH. Video streaming at its best! Stable connection, good quality for streaming and all the videos I want to watch are there! I love this site.

I'm off to Terengganu tomorrow for two days. Mom has some stuff to handle there so I'm tagging along. Shall go eat more seafood! Heheheh. Stuffed crab anyone?

So I'll be missing in action tomorrow but will back-post about the short trip.

-Live Long & Prosper

Good Happiness

This blog is seriously turning into a food blog... Then I'll be known as a FLOGGER! Such kinky title for an innocent and pure blogger like me. Hahahha. I wish that was true but yea. I don't mind doing part-time flogging (in every sense of the word).

So today's food joint, Good Happiness in Low Yat Plaza. Been there several times last year but I guess I wasn't that into food posts and all. Nothing fancy about this place though.

Cute menu cover.

So Jason Jr and I went to try this place out after PSP survey, which I shall blog later about it. We heard the Pumpkin Fried Rice was nice so why not try it out.

There's something about Chinese food joints that makes me order "Ying Yong" (coffee and tea) constantly. Maybe I'm just addicted to it I guess. Though, Kim Gary's serve better "Ying Yong".

Ribena and "Ying Yong".

Jason Jr ordered the Golden Fried Rice while I decided to try the Pumpkin Fried Rice. The service was alright and we didn't have to wait long for the food to arrive.

It was, well its fried rice, I can't say much about it. I was hoping that my rice would be bursting with pumkin flavour but it seems that all they did was dug a hole in the pumkin and put in plain-ish fried rice. Rather soggy and wet too. So I wasn't happy about that. The fried rice reminded me of campus food and that's NOT a good sign.

Golden fried rice.

Pumpkin fried rice.

One thing nice that came with Jason Jr's rice was the sambal. It's deliciously spicy-ish, crunchy and salty-ish. Very nice. Reminds me of the sambal that they use to eat with curry noodle back in Melaka.

I think their other rice dishes are better. Their nissin noodles are nice too if I recall correctly.


I've decided to come up with some sort of rating system for my food posts. I think I should. So here are the catagories and each catagory is rated from 0 (really bad) to 10 (excellent).

Food: 3

Not really happy with the food that I ordered... Too plain, soggy and bla.

Price: 7

The pricing for this place is actually alright. Rather reasonable if you order the right stuff.

Service: 3

Nothing to rave about here either. Very robotic, no smile and not much interaction. Puts the menu, zooms off, come back, take down order and zooms off again.

Ambience: 3

It interior design is rather spartan with the exception of nice lights hanging down the ceiling. I just don't feel what this place is trying to pull off.

Cute Waiters: 0

None to speak of what so ever...

Total Score: 4/10

I wouldn't really recommend this place. If you want something like this, Kim Gary is better.

-Live Long & Prosper