While I Was Studying

Guess what I found outside my door while studying. Rather disturbing I say...

This was also the same cat that slept on my roomie's bed for the whole day without me realising it. It must have some fetish with football shoes. Hehehe. Whatever helps it sleep I say.

Anyhow, time for shower and back to studying. Can't wait till its over and its internship time for me. Though I don't know if its a good thing, this internship. There are people riding up my arse already... They got this weird affinity to my arse and I don't know why. Hehehe.

-Live Long & Prosper

Study Study Study

Its that time of the year again. Twice a year it comes and all hell breaks loose on my study/game/entertainment/porn table. I've been busy studying for my exams these past few days. My exams starts next week so I have time to prepare for them all I hope. So many formulas to derive as you can see from the picture above where Rat Rat and Teddy are camera-whoring as usual. I love those two buggers. All day long, they'll sit on the table lamp stand and watch me study while I occasionally stroke them when I feel bored and also to elevate hints of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Funny thing is that I can play computers for hours and I don't get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but continuous writing makes me hand hurt. Perhaps I should go get an ergonomic pencil. Hehehe.

Even though this week is study week, I still have presentation to present on Wed for my Engineering Team Project. Sigh. That means more work to do. I haven't started on the PowerPoint slides yet. I'll do it tonight after DOTA of course. I have two classes tomorrow as well. Not sure if I wanna attend it cause I attended today's so call "Review Class" and it was a total waste of time. I don't like this lecturer much. He for some reason, always use the words "quote unquote", "so call", "at this juncture" and "rosy". Its so freaking annoying cause all those words he uses are inaccurate... People only use "quote unquote" when they are quoting someone but he uses it to like quote himself... Strange...

I am so addicted to my Almond Body Lotion from BodyShop. I put it on my
study/game/entertainment/porn table, within arms reach, so that I can just apply it on my arms just to smell the scent of it while moisturizing my weathered arms. Now Rat Rat and Teddy smells like Almond. Hehehe.

-Live Long & Prosper

Food Shopping

Went to Ipoh today to go "makan-makan" and also do some grocery shopping as well since my stock for nuclear winter is running thin. At first, I thought that was all I was buying but my faghags went into BodyShop. Naturally I went nuts over the products they have there. Hehehe. Started smelling this, see that, touch that and test that. Eventually I ended up buying Almond Body Lotion. I'm so in love with the fragrant and its so nice to apply it. Its so light as though nothing was there. Hehehe. A feel good thing for me.

As for groceries, I got two packets of ChipsMore Butter Crunch, Quaker Oat and miso soup. Yum yum. My latest crazy is ChipsMore. My housemate and I take turns buying them. Hehehe. So he'll frequently come to my room to have some cookies. Hehehe. And breakfast I'll have Quaker Oat. I just love the flavored oat. I hate the original one cause it tastes like eating paper. Ewwww.

OMG. I'm becoming like Xavier... I'm gonna nibble nibble nibble like a hamster... :P Hehehe, finally someone that can relate to Rat Rat. He's so cute. Oh and Teddy too and of course McDave.

-Live Long & Prosper

Naughty Naughty Thing

When to see the doctor in campus a few days ago. It was a very funny experience. First of all, the doctor was a she and she's those conservative type of Malay. Covered from head to toe kind of conservative. The whole thing went like this:

Me: Morning doctor.
Doc: Morning. So what's wrong.
Me: I got ulcer on my scrotum.
Doc: *blink blink stunned blank blink blink... On your scrotum you say?
Me: Yes.
Doc: Do you know how you got it?
Me: Nope. Just popped up few days ago.
Doc: Do you do naughty naughty thing?
Me: Huh?! You mean am I sexually active?
Doc: Yes.
Me: Yes I'm sexually active.

Then she was asking if I was going to marry the girl I'm sleeping with. Hehehe. Poor McDave is now a gal. Then she asked if I change partners and all that. Then she asked if she could see it. Hehehe. Oprah Prime Time! Scrotum Ulcer Revealed. Hehehe. I said yes and start to strip.

I decided to be "conservative" that day too by wearing a Renoma brief but still looks skanky. Not that she was looking at me when I stripped. I proceeded to the bed and laid there. I showed here where the ulcers were and she examined it. The last time I had my "package" examined was when I was in primary school. Well the examination didn't take long. Put my pants on and the doctor prescribed me a course of anti-biotic and some sort of cream. She's treating me with the assumption that its just a normal ulcer. I'll see her again next week once the anti-biotic is finished.

Aside from her moment of blankness, she was very professional while examine me. She did her job without the ewww, cannot touch cause you're a guy or anything like that. Kudos to you doc~~~

-Live Long & Prosper