Have You Popped Your Cherry Yet?

Finally I've met the famous hairstylist from Jean Yip, Cherry, that some bloggers have been raving about. First time I heard the name Cherry, I envisioned a 30 years old daddy in leather boots, leather hot pants, leather top and a choker around his neck with bling-bling words that spell Cherry, ala Hard Gay.

Suffice to say, I wasn't expecting much. Didn't expect anything at all. I needed a haircut so I bugged Alex to bring me to Jean Yip. I have this thing about going to a new salon alone. I feel like a virgin that just sold her mizuage and going to bed a man for the first time.

Putting the fears aside, I sat down and suddenly excited to see who this Cherry person could be. There were a number of good looking hairstylists zooming around attending to their customers. Good looking in my case is twinks, just a reminder.

Then he came and stood behind me. My jaws literally just dropped and I was dumbfounded. He was the most beautiful twink I've seen in my life. Physically, he doesn't look past 20 but he's 24. He has the most adorable face ever. Just very adorable. He rivals even my Ultimate Twink and Cutie Pie.

Normally its a turn-off for me to see a guy using pink lipgloss but he looked even more adorable with the lipgloss. It makes his lips so yummy-licious and it goes well with the rest of his facial features. He is really a pretty boy. Prettiest boy I've ever seen and have him do my hair!

He speaks really good Mandarin too and I love his accent. Not your typical Malaysian Mandarin. Though his English is a little off. It just didn't sound right but I didn't mind it. The manner in which he speaks just captivated me even more. Every curls of his lips and every smiles that he makes are so adorable.

I'm going back to him to get my hair done from now on. He popped my cherries and I want more popping!

Cherry oh Cherry. Another case of Pretty Genes. Genes that I don't possessed.

-Live Long & Prosper

What Do I Do in Lectures?

I'm sure most of you know that I'm an undergrad student. Some may wonder what is it I do especially Paul who went, "OMG. This is not studying. What is this! So many blanks!" when he saw my timetable. So I shall enlighten everyone of what is it that I do in lectures.

In fact, I'll do one better. I'll show you guys pics of what happens in a lecture.

I have two boring subjects this semester, Petroleum Exploration (PE) and Malaysian Studies (MS). The lecturer for PE is all about rocks this, rocks that. How boring (no offence to geologists out there). It is interesting just that its boring at the same time as well. As for MS, its just not really interesting when talking about our country's history again.

The solution is this.


More zzz...

Or we just do our assignments during boring lectures. Hheheheh.

A fine example of multitasking.

As you can see, I love my classes. Its so happening everytime. Heheheh. These photos are only the tip of the iceberg of the things we do. And part of going to lectures is to skip lectures. I'm on my way back to KL again.


-Live Long & Prosper

14 Months & A Day

It has been 14 months that McDave and I have been together. It sure has been a long journey for both of us who have never had a relationship that lasted this long. More so to me because this is the second relationship that I've been in.

I can say it wasn't a smooth ride all the way. We had our fair share of disagreements that lead to a timeout of awhile. I guess we needed some space to think over somethings. Space to breath as well and give our relationship a chance to turn a new leaf.

So many things has happened in these 14 months as well as learning new things about each other. Though I suspect, there are many things I still don't know about McDave. I do know he can't take spicy stuff so he doesn't really eat Indian food. Heheheh.

He's got the most immaculately manicured fingernails and well shaped eyebrows too. He spends a great deal of time filing his nails, even more so than girls. His nails can rival professional manicurist and I love playing with them cause they're so smooth. Heheheh.

There's a distinctive facial feature McDave has that I absolutely adore from the very first day. Can you guess? No its not the penis (I not always that skanky ok...). Its his lips. Heheheh. Very adorable lips. Lovely adorable kiss-able lips yet very peculiar. I shan't go into details cause its my treasure. Heheheh.

Believe it or not, I speak to him in Mandarin and it is often a source of entertainment to him... Our conversations are hilarious cause I kept making mistakes speaking Mandarin. Heheheheh. He helps me improving my Mandarin by correcting those mistakes and teach me new words as well. I wonder when I can have my "oral test" with him.

I have this thing of rubbing Rat Rat to the phone and make some noise. He always know that its Rat Rat. Then I'll come up with weird excuses that Rat Rat was wrestling the phone from me to talk to him and all that. Hehehe. Often our conversations will have Rat Rat in it. That's how much we love our Rat Rats. Heheheh. Our little pet of some sort.

He's such a lovely man. He has his ways of expressing his love to me and I'm beginning to learn to accept it. We all have our ways of showing our love to the one we love. Some people say it aloud, some people do it through their actions.

I love you McDave.

-Live Long & Prosper


In the screaming words of La Faghag, "WTF did you let me watch!". That was the reaction of La Faghag when I gave her some clips to watch. It is disturbing yet hilarious. Gotta hand it to the Japs to do such thing on television.

Imagine a muscular man in leather outfit (sleeveless top and super short hot pants), golden frames sunglasses and a leather cap. Basically a DADDY. He goes around and well... Just watch it for yourself.

Here's the one with kids and good intentions of giving them a balanced diet. The approach was effective yet questionably disturbing and hilarious.

Needless to say, those kids are scared for life by his hips humping manoeuver. Poor kids...

Here's another one for Father's Day.

Yikes... This goes beyond words...

Here's a final one. Hard Gay and Ramen shop.

OMG the kids... Save the kids. Heheheheh.

You can watch these in YouTube. Try watching them all. Its hilariously distrubing. Hahahah.

-Live Long & Prosper


What a memorable day it is today for my two beloved fairies in the Mystical Woods of Notroh. It is convocation day. The looked so smart and handsome with their Harry Potter-ish robes and hat and of course camwhoring here and there. I feel proud to be their fairy friends.

Gratz to you guys.

I got each of them a bear as graduation presents. Two adorable bears with graduation attire. So adorable.


There was a pleasent surprise that happened today. The whole jim-bang of fairies from KL drove all the way up to see them graduate as well. It was really fun bringing them around campus and bitching about this and that while looking for hotties. I think its really nice of them to come up all the way.

Never was there a pink room as pink as mine in the entire history of my campus. Well maybe there is but that's UNOFFICIAL. This is official. Hehehhe. A grand total of seven queers were in my room just now. The new pink room has been officiated.

Pity there wasn't a orgy session...

We sure had tonnes of fun. Though I would like to apologise to some people online that chatted with "me" something about threesomes and the sort. It wasn't me. Honest. It was them or rather HIM. Hehhe.

Next year will be my convocation. I can't wait to finally graduate from university. The time will come and time flies around here.

Once again, gratz to you two!

-Live Long & Prosper

Cutie Pie

I must share this with you guys. I saw this video clip yesterday at The Ministry of Pleasures blog. I ripped the video clip and can't stop watching it. The guy in the video clip is really adorable. Such a perfect twink!

Here's the clip watch it for yourself.

See how adorable is he! Super adorable. He reminds me of a twink version of Kyan from Queer Eye for The Straight Guy. I love his blue eyes and his smile is so sweet. He's so good looking.

Me like me like.

I'm addicted to this guy. Hehehhe. Who says addiction is a bad thing huh?

-Live Long & Prosper

Blogger Video

Blogger's got this new feature that I've been dying to try. Its the upload video function! I've been waiting for so long to use it and its finally here. I really love Google for coming up with ingenius stuff.

Kudos to you guys.

Here is my first video clip to my blog.

*Ignore the voice. I didn't know I sound super bad....

Yep, those are hamsters. And yes that hamster is running left and right and left and right. I spotted these hamsters with McDave when we were at KL Central. Very random I know but its so amusing to see the hamster running left and right.

If you look closely, its mouth is filled with nuts. Hahahah. Just so adorable. Looking at him running for no apparent reason. Hahahhaha.

I wish I can have hamsters as my pets. Heheheh. But I think Rat Rat would not like the idea. Hehehhe. He shall be the only rodent in my eyes. Hehehhe.

-Live Long & Prosper

落 葉 歸 根

I found a new song that I absolutely adore. Its super "jiwang" and it just makes my heart melt listening to it. Its 落 葉 歸 根, Luo Ye Gui Gen from Wang Lee Hom's new album Change Myself.

The song is so captivating especially his voice and the violin. So lovely. I love his voice a lot. There's something about his voice that makes me feel all lovey dovey but yet not to overly lovey dovey like Jay Chau.

The MV for this song is also very nice though its got a really sad ending. Watch it.

He's absolutely hawt in t-shirt, jacket and jeans while playing his violin by the side of the road. I always have this thing for men who can play the violin. Makes me melt instantly and drool perfusely.

I heart Wang Lee Hom~~~

-Live Long & Prosper

The Ugly Truth

I am throughly disgusted and appalled when I read this article in Fridae and also a YouTube of a trailer. The movie is called Jesus Camp. After watching the trailer, I finally understood what Richard Dawkins was trying to say in his book, The God Delusion.

Watch the trailer and see.

ABC News coverage on Jesus Camp.

This is just horrifying... Recruiting kid for their so call "God's Army"? Kids... They're so young and innocent. So hypocritical of them to say that the Muslims in Afghanistan are training terrorists. Like hello... See the resemblance?

The only difference is, that America is the one with the big guns. We already see what's going on today with Bush in the Presidential office. Imagine one of these kids grow up and be the President. I wonder what would happen to the rest of the world or what they call Jesus-Hating-People.

Trained to be God's Warrior only in a much funner way?!


So if the Christians in the West are training their kids to be God's Warrior and the Muslims in the East are training their kids to be God's Warrior.

When is the showdown?

-Live Long & Prosper

Results To The Song Meme

Didn't imagine this meme is so fun. Heheheh. Not bad guesses we have and mostly spot on. So I shall now reveal the songs and artists.

Here it is.

Song 1
Love is of many splendid things, love lifts us up where we belong (duet)
-Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman - Elephant Love Medley

Song 2
Say goodnight and go (female)
-Imogen Heap - Say Goodnight and Go

Song 3
I'd like to be, the kind of dream you'd never share (female)
-Shakira - Hey You

Song 4
Never knew I could feel like this (duet)
- Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman - Come What May

Song 5
If I wrote you a symphony, just to say how much you mean to me (male)
-Justin Timberlake - My Love

Song 6
Let it never be said, the romance is dead (male)
-Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

Song 7
Nunca pense que doliera el amor asi (female)
-Shakira - Te Aviso Te Anuncio

Song 8
Si, ya es hora de esconder, del mundo el dolor (female)
-Shakira - Te Dejo Madrid

Song 9
It’s an illusion, there’s too much confusion (female)
-Madonna - Get Together

Song 10
I'm changing lanes and talking on the phone and drivin' way to fast (male)
-Keith Urban - Days Go By

Song 11
Suerte que en el sur hayas nacido, y que burlemos las distancias (female)
-Shakira - Suerte

Song 12
My lullaby, hung out to dry (female)
-Natalie Imbruglia - Smoke

Song 13
Made a wish, I can dream, I can be what I want to be (female)
-Gabrielle - Sunshine

Song 14
Tell me now if you came sneaking up behind (female)
-Dixie Chicks - Everybody Knows

Song 15
What you gon' do with all that junk? (female)
-Black Eye Peas - My Humps

Song 16
I wake up with blood-shot eyes, struggled to memorize (male)
-Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder

Song 17
I never knew, I never knew that everything was falling through (male)
-The Fray - Over My Head

Song 18
Games, changes and fears, when will they go from here (female)
-Macy Gray - I Try

Song 19
I thought sometime alone was what we really needed (male)
-Luther Vandross - I'd Rather

Song 20
Never met a man quite like you (female)
-Jennifer Hudson - Love You I Do

Song 21
Ay payita mia, guardate la poesia, Guardate la alegria pa'ti (duet)
-Shakira - La Tortura

Song 22
She's got the kind of look that defies gravity (female)
-Shakira - Don't Bother

Song 23
You're repeating me lines that you think I wanna hear (male)
-Anberlin - Adelaide

Song 24
When the calls and conversations, accidents and accusations, messages and misperceptions, paralyze my mind (female)
-Dixie Chicks - Easy Silence

Song 25
BamboooOOOooo, tembaleuoluwaaluweee (female)
-Shakira - Bambo Hips Don't Lie

That's it folks.

-Live Long & Prosper

Song Meme

No I have not forgotten about the meme you tagged me with, dearest C. It just got lost somewhere in the mailbox. Hehehhe. So here it is. Give me your best shot in guessing the titles and artists.

Song 1
Love is of many splendid things, love lifts us up where we belong (duet)

Song 2
Say goodnight and go (female)

Song 3
I'd like to be, the kind of dream you'd never share (female)

Song 4
Never knew I could feel like this (duet)

Song 5
If I wrote you a symphony, just to say how much you mean to me (male)

Song 6
Let it never be said, the romance is dead (male)

Song 7
Nunca pense que doliera el amor asi (female)

Song 8
Si, ya es hora de esconder, del mundo el dolor (female)

Song 9
It’s an illusion, there’s too much confusion (female)

Song 10
I'm changing lanes and talking on the phone and drivin' way to fast (male)

Song 11
Suerte que en el sur hayas nacido, y que burlemos las distancias (female)

Song 12
My lullaby, hung out to dry (female)

Song 13
Made a wish, I can dream, I can be what I want to be (female)

Song 14
Tell me now if you came sneaking up behind (female)

Song 15
What you gon' do with all that junk? (female)

Song 16
I wake up with blood-shot eyes, struggled to memorize (male)

Song 17
I never knew, I never knew that everything was falling through (male)

Song 18
Games, changes and fears, when will they go from here (female)

Song 19
I thought sometime alone was what we really needed (male)

Song 20
Never met a man quite like you (female)

Song 21
Ay payita mia, guardate la poesia, Guardate la alegria pa'ti (duet)

Song 22
She's got the kind of look that defies gravity (female)

Song 23
You're repeating me lines that you think I wanna hear (male)

Song 24
When the calls and conversations, accidents and accusations, messages and misperceptions, paralyze my mind (female)

Song 25
BamboooOOOooo, tembaleuoluwaaluweee (female)

Good selections of songs if I may say so myself.

-Live Long & Prosper

Body Aches

Woke up to a sms early in the morning and aches all over my body. My joints felt like rusted gear trying to move without any grease. I felt like an old fart. Fabulous old fart that is.

La Faghag implicated that the body aches maybe due to too much rampant sex throughout the weekend... Seriously, why are all my friends so skanky?! Or maybe its just La Faghag.

Good news is my fever subsided. Guess I don't have to go see the doctor here then. Even my throat feels fine too.

Yey. Miraculous recovery. Must have been my stuffed toys. Hahhaha. A little TLC goes a long way.

I'm not the only one who's sick. McDave's sick too. Last night he said he had a hint of fever and sore throat as well. Poor baby. I hope he's better today.

Sore Throat

I am back in campus again. Arrived a few moments ago and it was raining like cats and dogs. At least that gave La Faghag's car a thorough wash it desperately needed. Hehhehe.

Anyhow, I'm down with sore throat and fever... Of all things to happen, why am I falling sick now...

I think I know why. Its combination of the food I've been consuming throughout the weekend. Durian, Korean BBQ, Chocolate Fondue and Secret Recipy cakes that my mom stoked up in the fridge...

Oh poor me. I got assignments and projects to do still...

Someone nurse me by my bedside.

Doctor Paul?

Mc Dave?


Chocz Party

It has been sometime since I attended a meet with bloggers. Too long indeed, until today. We had a gaythering in Chocz KLCC and boy it was a blast. Pity not many eye candies walked by for us to ogle at but the company of bloggers is enough to make up for that tiny flaw.

It was, in every intention of the word, a sinful place to have a meet. Chocz, calories, sugar and delicious concentrated chocolate. I haven't had such high doses of chocolate in a long while. It did give me some chocolate high for the day.

Stawberry Fondue. Concentrated dark chocolate.

Mixed fondue.

We ordered fondues to be shared amongst ourselves. It was heavenly but brought the slutty-ness, whore-ness and Paris Hilton-ness in all of us. Suffice to say, we cam-whored till Kingdom come. Oh such incriminating photos (send me my photos please).

Now what should I blackmail them with...

It was a blast meeting new bloggers. Now I have a real person to associate with their blogs. No longer a mystery as to who the wizard behind the curtain of the blog.

-Live Long & Prosper

Off We Go

La faghag and I left campus at 4 pm yesterday to head to KL. With news of the bus accident and also the rainy weather of KL, we didn't want to leave campus too late and also to avoid parents nagging at us. Safety comes first, no matter what you do.

Truth be told, initially we were suppose to leave at 5 pm. We had Malaysian Studies class that ends at 5 pm but halfway through we just skipped the second half of the class. The new lecturer is really boring. A boring history lecturer. Just what we need for an afternoon class.

We just sneaked out of the class during 5 mins break and hit the road.

Road Trip!

Nothing exciting happened. Just tonnes and tonnes of road constructions. So many traffic jams and traffic crawls along the way. I kinda slept for sometime. I can't stay awake in a car. Hit the highway and I'll wonder into slumber land.

Anyhow, I'm in KL now enjoying my weekend dose of civilization.

-Live Long & Prosper

Home Sweet Home

Packing packing packing. Then attend the last class for the day and off I go. Yep, I'm going back to civilization for the weekend with La Faghag. I can't wait to home.

Gonna see my lovely boyfriend, McDave. Woot woot woot. Happy happy joy joy. Miss my lovely man so much.

Not to mention meeting up with some bloggers as well.


-Live Long & Prosper

Charitable Cause

I always love receiving emails from Nuffnang and get all excited about it. Maybe its the thrill of getting new advertising into my blog, time for me to cash out my earnings or upcoming events.

But today its different. Its an invitation to join them for a good cause, preserving the Sumatran rhinos. All we have to do is share some space for the "Save the Rhinos" logo in the blog to lend our support and spread the awareness of endangered rhinos.

Get it here.

Its about time I do something for nature through my blog.

So here's to our Sumatran rhinos.

-Live Long & Prosper

Woof Woof Goes The Dog

Dogs. Some of us love them, some of us hate them while some of us are allergic to them. Personally, I love dogs though I prefer cats more for some reason. Jack Russell or Huskies are wonderful to have. How I wish I have a pet.

Many people consider dogs as man's best friend, hunting buddy or just lovely companions to have in general. We hear many heroic stories that involve dogs saving a human life and stuff like that. Dogs are generally wonderful.

But what about sex partner?

Yes you read it right, sex partner. I recently was exposed to the world of zoophilia. Kinda shocking and it was definitely a first for me. I got two dog porns from a certain someone just to satisfy my curiosity. Both are short clips though.

The dog zoophilia porn went like so:

Girl tease dog.

Dog licks girl.

Girl bends over.

Dog climbs on girl and humps away. (so that's where they coined the term doggie style)

And repeat the whole cycle all over again. Depending on what sort of dog it is, the sex can be quite rough. The dog is surprisingly generally quiet. It is the girl that moans like there's no tomorrow (sounded like wailing banshees to me actually).

Don't worry McDave, we won't be having any quadrupeds in our love making sessions.

Well, save for the stuffed toys but they don't count.

I love my stuffed toys but I love my McDave more.

-Live Long & Prosper

Turmoil Within

I can't seem to blog today. I had something in mind to write but I just didn't feel like writing. Can't seem to focus on it and nothing seem to make sense. So I'm not going to try writing it out. Instead I'll just write this.

Ever felt suddenly you just feel angry and dispirited about something? Out of the blue and smack, I feel low.




Doubt creeps in.

I feel like I want to give up. I lost sight as to why I'm putting so much effort to this. Feeling rather shorthanded and I've been given the short end of the stick.

This is the other me. The dark side of the moon as they call it. Its been awhile since this side of me surfaced for quick breath but the emotional effects are not pleasant.


I'll just let it pass and will be better again.

-Live Long & Prosper

Hanazakari no Kimitachi

I have fallen victim to Japanese Drama... All thanks to Twin Faghag. She just had to mention cute guys. Lots and lots of cute guys... And if that wasn't enough to catch my attention, she cunningly inserted Oriental Cute guys... Now I can't get any work done.

This J Drama is called Hanazakiri no Kimitachi. Which means, "For You In Full Blossom" and its literally filled with pretty Japanese boys. Though I only like two out of the 30 boys that are in the drama. They are Sano Izumi and Nakatsu Shuichi. Sano is the good looking, very composed and cool kinda guy while Nakatsu is the jovial sort of boy and very adorable.

Sano is bottom right of the blond dude.

The basic storyline, if you can call it a storyline, is a girl disguised as a boy and enrolled herself in Osaka High School. What's special about this high school is not the academic performance but pretty boys. Sounds like a school I would love to attend.

Of course there's a reason for her to disguised herself as a boy to attend the school but I'm too lazy to explain it. Watching this J Drama is a no brainer really. I'm just watching it for Sano and Nakatsu.

Someone save me from the evils of J Drama~~~

-Live Long & Prosper


Stupid campus is at it again. Freaking annoying. For a few days now the WIFI connection has been malfunctioning and yesterday, LAN internet connection... Arrrrgh. I nearly died of boredom if it wasn't for file sharing in the local network.

So I downloaded Ratatouille.

Once again, Pixar did it again. Another fantastic production and animation. The animation is flawless and every movements in the animation were really convincing real. Each fur, each water droplets, each facial expression was very life like.

The storyline, as some of you may have already know, is about a rat with impeccable culinary skills and a human with no culinary skills what so ever. Together they became the most well known chef in France.

Rat rat on the silver screen.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and so did rat rat. Of course he watched it with me. Excited little bugger when he found out we were going to watch it.

I wonder who is rat rat's figment of imagination is.

Its a definite must watch movie. Go get tickets when its out next week yall.

Don't forget to be punctual to catch Pixar's short movie before the movie starts.

-Live Long & Prosper

I Look Upon The Moon And I Wish Upon A Star

It is that time of the month again for me, my uncle visit. Heheheh. I'm just kidding. I am rather satisfied (I'm easily satisfied mind you) with Axcest hotshots these days. Every time there's a new set of hotshots, there's something that I really like. Like the Ultimate Twink and now this one.

Browsing through the new set of hotshots, I found this photo of a lovely couple.

Don't they just look so adorable?

Such a sweet photograph taken and pink shirts on the both of them are just so adorable. The guy being carried is so endearing with his cheeky smile. This reminds me of Justin and Brian from QAF during Justin's prom night. That's so sweet.

Sweetest scene ever!

I shared this photo with La Faghag and she said McDave and I look as sweet as the two in the photo. She even offered to take a photo of us in that pose. Hahhaha. What a lovely thought. I would love to have a photo with my lovely McDave.

Then I felt sad.

Sad because I'm missing my McDave. My lovely sweet man. The person that I really care and love. The person I can proudly call my boyfriend.

I miss his touch.

I miss his warmth.

I just miss him being around me.

Funny how a photo can invoke so many memories of McDave.

The first thing that came to mine is when he was singing karaoke. He's a natural when it comes to singing especially Leo Ku - Jin Ke Ji Qu. A ten minutes medley and McDave can sing it through that ten minutes. I love hearing him sing that song and I always request for it whenever we go to karaoke.

Oh there's so many memories of him flooding my mind now.

Miss him so much.

I'll just look into the night sky and dream away. I'll look at the moon with the hope he's looking at the moon too. I'll wish upon a star that this lovely feeling will last for a long long time to come.

-Live Long & Prosper

Bulimic Thief

I pity Slender Faghag. She's been loosing her food supply mainly her dairy product to a thief recently. She's not the only one who's food went missing from the fridge. Even apartments adjacent to them also lost some sort of food.

She and her house mates have a suspect of who the thief might be. A junior girl, an excellent student it seems but was suspended before for stealing food last year. She was caught red handed stealing things from her previous house mates. Small small things that she fancies and she'll take.

So one year later after suspension, she's back and she's the house mate of Slender Faghag. I know its mean to say, "She's done it once, she can do it again" but it is too much of a coincidence that things goes missing at specific hours of the day. It is definitely not the cleaners and everyone except her complained something went missing.

This time, she is selective of what food she'll consume. She only likes chocolate milk by Fernleaf, cheese by Kraft and other selected brands of consumables. She even leaves the evidence behind in plain sight. Slender Faghag found her emptied carton of chocolate milk and a bottle of yogurt drink that was just left on the table to spoil. Not to mention the sudden appearance of cartons upon cartons of empty drinks that didn't belong to the house. Where did they come from?

Here's the ironic bit. She's bulimic. Skinny as a twig but she loves eating. So she'll steal the food and eat em then vomit them out later... Talk about wasting food...

Something tells me this girl got mental issues.

At the moment Slender Faghag is giving whoever the thief is a chance to come clean and get the thief to replace the stolen food. If not, she's going to the Hostel Managements.

If I were her, food poisoning is in order to bait the thief out.

Ok fine, not poison, just laxatives.

-Live Long & Prosper

Man Da Rin

The first thing I hear when I entered mandarin class was 大家好 (Hello everyone). Yep, I joined the Mandarin class for my Humanities elective. Its the only subject available that doesn't clash with my other subjects.

Thus far, he's been spending a lot of time teaching us Pin Yin, the Standard Mandarin romanization. It gets kind of boring after some time but it is necessary. So loads of pronouncing weird sounds and tongue rolling.

Now, I know how to form sentences. Woot woot.

I shall demonstrate.

我爱 McDave。他是我的男友。(I love McDave. He is my boyfriend.)

Ok fine, I didn't learn how to write these words in class. I had some lessons last year. The class is actually meant for people who knows nuts about Mandarin but I don't really know how to read and write that well. So I count as a 'banana' right?

What we really learned so far are:

你叫是么名字?(What is your name?)

我爱我的爸爸。(I love my father)

她是我的妈妈。(She is my mother)

Simple everyday phrases that everyone must know.

He taught us some poems and songs as well to aid the learning process. Kinda funny actually. Though I felt like a retarded person who has a mind of a 5 year old. The songs were nursery rhymes.

McDave couldn't stop laughing when I sang the song to him...

*tsk tsk tsk

-Live Long & Prosper

Morning Air

Morning jogs are lovely and I think I'm addicted to jogging in the morning. Nothing like waking up to fresh air and morning sun. Birds displaying spectacular aerodynamic display and chirping lovely songs that filled the otherwise quiet surroundings (not that I can hear it with my ear plugged to the earphone).

I really enjoyed my jog this morning simply because I was the only one on the running track. There's something zen-ish jogging alone in the morning. Just so peaceful and calm.

Its just me and the track.

Jogging track.

Mornings are starting to be my favourite time of the day. I still favor my nights filled with rampant sex. Heheheh.

Can't deny me of my rampant sex.

-Live Long & Prosper

Uncharted Territory, The Library

Busy busy busy. Busy slacking really. I didn't get anything done throughout the weekend and I have no idea why... Slowly the work is piling up, I can just feel it. On the bright side, I managed to start jogging. Ultimate Twink here I come. Don't over eat and exercise regularly is the key!

Another feat I have achieved thus far is enter the library for the first time in many semesters. Yes you've read it right, the library. I don't like going to the library to study cause I like studying with my computer in front of me. Not to mention, I have my bed here. Heheheh. I just like the comfort of my room.

La faghag and I spent about an hour in the library hunting for books. These books are illusive to find cause the books are rearranged back to its shelves once everyday. Not very efficient are they... So searching for the books was hell...

Books books books.

We borrowed two books and I'm borrowing a thick ass, throw-at-the-dog-and-the-dog-dies kinda book. I gotta lug that book with me from the library to my room. That's about 10 minutes walk... Sigh. How I wish I can cast 'Wingardium Leviosa' to carry my books around...

Speaking of which, I had the sudden urge to dress up today even though there was only on class today. I wore my buttoned shirt and my SEED Jeans that I got the other day with leather shoes. Hehehe.

I even used my Zara bag to class. I could put my A4 size folder in it too. I was thoroughly thrilled. Now I can use this bag from now on. Happy happy joy joy.

Talk about being vain huh?

-Live Long & Prosper

Your Misery, My Happiness

What happened yesterday brings friends with benefits to a whole new level. Could hardly believe something exciting actually happened here in Mystical Notroh Woods. Not exactly in Notroh Woods but somewhere a little more civilized, say Coffee Beans.

So here's the story.

Slender Faghag, Twin Faghag and I were in Coffee Beans. I like the Coffee Beans here cause the Assistant Manager is uber adorable. Anyhow, Coffee Beans was our last stop before heading back to campus from shopping and Twin Faghag wanted to order a drink.

Right after that, we headed back to campus.

Then Twin Faghag received a call and it sounded really urgent but I had no idea who was on the phone or what was happening. Next thing I knew was we headed back to Coffee Beans.

Apparently, the people in Coffee Beans had deducted RM22 instead of topping it up from the Coffee Beans card. Effectively made the card negative credits and nullified. Great...

This unleashed a fearsome dragon from Twin Faghag, kinda like Double Dragon. We stormed into the Coffee Beans with a vow to scold the crap out of the worker for the inconvenience he had caused us all.

Twin Faghag gave more than a piece of her mind to the guy and it kinda scared the shit out of him. I believe he was about to bow down and beg for his life if it wasn't for the counter separating him from Twin Faghag's Fist of The Dragon.

He compensated her with a complimentary drink. Like I was gonna accept such pitiful peace offering. I demanded for two drinks, Berried Treasure for me and Ice Blended Pure Chocolate for Slender Faghag. He had no choice but to summit to our demands.

Hurriedly, he prepared our drinks. His torment was not over just yet. Twin Faghag suddenly had an appetite for their Poppy Seed Bagel with Cream Cheese. He just obied her request.

Mocha Chip, Berried Treasure, Pure Chocolate and Bagel with Cream Cheese.

And this is how we got our two drinks and a bagel for free.

The dude screwed with the wrong Malaysians. Normally, Malaysians won't really bother with compensations but not us. We take 'Customer Satisfaction' seriously.

We must seemed like customers from hell to him. Terrified to death and screwed inside out, left and right by us.

So Twin Faghag's misery became Slender Faghag and my happiness. Gotta love friends with benefits or sudden acquired benefits.

-Live Long & Prosper

Pink Shop

One thing that I missed during my internship and I will miss when I graduate is the food here. No not campus food. Campus food is rubbish. Over cooked vegetables, watered down curries and too much salt, MSG and oil...

The food I am talking about is proper cooked food. Proper Chinese food that is. Pink shop we call it since the interior is painted pink. The food there is seriously delicious. As good as home cooked meal and freakishly cheap too. The lunch below, only cost RM3.00.

Roast pork, tofu, egg plant and steamed egg.

Everyday, there's always different food cooked for mixed rice for lunch and for dinner, there's a menu to order all sorts of yummy food. One of my favourite dinner ala carte combo is 'Ha Ku Sambal Tofu Kang Kong' (urine prawn with tofu and kang kong). The name is kinda disturbing but it is the best prawn ever!

My fav combo for dinner.

I love the different type of soups that they cook everyday. Lovely soup that is not just delicious but also have cooling effect on the body. Not to mention the herbal tea that they make and serve in beer mugs.

Yummy drinks.

Ah, how I'll miss this place.

-Live Long & Prosper

Pretty Genes

I was surfing Axcest Hotshot and I spotted the most adorable looking boy. He is the ultimate twink, Eastern version of a Greek God. Well, he is to me anyways.

I really like boys that have the typical pretty Chinese boy looks. Fair and smooth complexion, straight and styled hair, prominent and perfectly shaped eye brows and toned and leaned body.

Just like this one.

So adorable. So perfect. Ultimate Twink.

Yes, I am a Rice Queen. Rice is my staple food but on occasions, I'll have potato salad as a side dish.

Don't get me wrong though. This is not what I look for in a boyfriend but something I love to ogle at. In the end of the day, I go for substance rather than physical attributes. It is what mattered the most in the end of the day anyways.

I want he's genes...

Plus, I have a saying, "The good looking ones are usually trouble.".

Sometimes I wonder why I don't have that pretty Chinese boy look. Which part of China did my grandparents come from? I don't have straight hair and my eyes don't look that Chinese-ish. I'm not sure myself what look I posses.

Always wishing on the impossible.

Guess I'll just have to make do with what I have. Hit the gym the first chance I get and in the end, the ugly duckling will become a beautiful swan.

Actually I'm already a beautiful swan, just need to be a hot twink next.

-Live Long & Prosper

Locked Door

Curious thing happened in the showers. My roomie spotted it first when he urgently needed to go to the loo. He kept waiting and waiting but the door remained lock. Luckily for him, the other loo was vacant some time later.

I too went after him but the door was still locked. Seriously, he must have been wanking hard to stay in there for that long. I didn't give any attention on it after that.

Mysterious locked door.

Came back from class several hours later, still the door was locked. Did he go in again or was he still in there?!

Even when I showered, I didn't hear anything. Not so much as a squeak.

It turned out that the door was deliberately locked from the inside to keep the washing machine in. We're not allowed to have washing machines so I guessed my housemates must have gotten wind that there's a spot check today. So they hid it in there. To make it looked like there's someone in there, they hung a towel on the door.

So much for someone waking till his phallus falls off.

I'm a little sex deprived myself...

Need to watch porn to relieve the pressure...

-Live Long & Prosper

Mucho Gracias

The results are out for the best blog of the month organized by Khalel for the month of July. It was a close race to the end but my blog managed to win by a mere 7 votes.

I would like to thank everyone for their support for my humble little pink blog. I am utmost excited about this award. Lots of hard work I have put into this blog and its nice to get some recognition for it.

Thanks again everyone.

Now where is a bottle of champagne when you need one. Guess I'll just make do with my little bottle of Jim Beam that was given to me to celebrate.

Sure looks tempting.

-Live Long & Prosper