All Set

I love being a final semester student. I hardly have any classes. Three on Mondays and Tuesdays, two on Wednesdays and Thursdays too. Or something like that, I can't remember my classes as usual.

La Faghag and I managed to negotiate a one to one replacement lecture since we're gonna miss classes to go back to KL today! Yep, we'll be missing for a three days worth of classes for Lunar New Year shopping!

Yes students now a days eh? But hell, at least we got our priorities right. Shopping first. Heheheheh. I'm in a dire need of retail therapy!

-Live Long & Prosper

Let's Talk Cock

Everybody loves scandals especially hot saucy saucy sex scandals like the Singaporean girl sex scandal or the Ministry of Health sex scandal. Then there's a latest sex scandal about Edison Chen. Interesting photos of him and Gillian Chung though I don't know if its real or not.

Anyhow I'm not going to talk about that, I'd much rather talk about cocks instead.

Why the sudden urge?

Well, it happened with Sam, Alex, Jason, Daniel (though he was eeeewing more than anything) and me in the car en route back to my place and Edison Chen's cock came into the conversation. Alex started describing Edison's lovely, yummy, attractive and Asian sized cock. He got me (and I'm sure the rest of us too save for Daniel) all excited too while I listened to him intently. The conversation that took place in the car can be found here.

So what makes a cock a nice looking cock?

It's a package of attributes that makes a nice looking cock but most importantly, it has to look clean, neat and tidy. I don't fancy jungle tracking in Amazon Jungle while I'm down there. Worst is having pubic-floss stuck in between my teeth and having to pluck it out every now and then. What a turn off (girls have the same complains too guys). So please trim or shave those unruly pubic hair.

Then there is the matter of being cut and uncut. Two of them have different advantages. Uncut is hot and there's a little extra to play with when it comes to blow jobs. Pop the hood and you'll see the smooth and shiny cock head. Also, the foreskin shouldn't be too long or it'll be an unsightly appendage hanging. Being cut on the other hand is also sexy, especially the scar and the permanent bareness of the cock head is very hot. Cut cocks look gorgeous and can be seen clearly when worn with white underwear or white trunks. Great for teasing someone with it.

The question about sexual performance is enhanced through circumcision is highly debatable

There are many shapes of cocks out there. I've noticed three basic shapes and they are equal girth from the tip to the base of the shaft, big head but small at the base of the shaft and finally small head but large on the base of the shaft. Ecstatically, I prefer the first two but I guess if the guy knows how to use it well then I'm not complaining.

Like the many shapes that cocks come in, they also point in many different directions. Some point straight, bend to the left, bend to the right, bend upward and bend downward There's not much differences with as to where it points. Only matters when it comes to sex positions. I like seeing those straight and bend upward ones.

The bigger the better they say but I beg to differ. There's such thing as being too big. Too big till it resembles an animal rather than a human is scary. I think 6 to 8 inches is ideal, visually (not sure about physically as I have yet to try anything above 6).

Since I'm talking about the appearance of the cock, skin colour plays an important role. Fair skin with pinkish head is hawt. Slight skin pigmentation are ok. However, dark skin with dark head is not something I fancy. Its just a preference, nothing racist or anything like that.

In my humble opinion, that pretty much covers all there is to it about nice looking cocks. The so call Edison Chen's photo of his cock is yummy indeed.

-Live Long & Prosper

Yum Yum

Through a friend's recommendation, we went for dinner in Ipoh called Yum Yum Restaurant. We were expecting "baba" food but when we were there, we found out it was more Asian than "baba". A little confusion there. None the less, it was delicious!

Upon entering the place, the very first thing that came into mind was that this place was decorated to the fullest for the Lunar New Year. Red here, red there. Statues and figurines to bring good fortune. Not forgetting the miniature citrus plants and cherry blossoms.

On to my favourite part, the food!

We ordered five dishes and they are tofu, "choy tam" sauté with fresh garlic, asam fish head curry, Pandan Chicken and Mango Kerabu. They were all delicious. My favourites were the Pandan Chicken and Mango Kerabu. Really lovely.

The chicken was really one of a kind. The spices they used to marinate the chicken and the fragrant from the pandan leaves make the chicken one of a kind. Pity I was only able to have one...

Pandan Chicken.

One word to describe the Mango Kerabu (mango salad), crunchy! The unripened and pickled shredded mango and the prawn crackers makes it extra super cruncy and I like it.

Mango Kerabu.

The Asam Fish Head Curry was nice too but I like it to be more "asam". Though maybe its a different style of cooking it. The curry was thicker and milkier than the usual Asam Fish Head Curry but still it was nice. The fish head was huge and had lots of meat everywhere. Tender and succulent meat, enough to feed the six of us.

Asam Fish Head Curry.

I love my tofus. Steamed, fried or cooked in soup, I love em. Fried tofu with sesame sauce is no exception either. Two of my favourite stuff in a dish. Tofu and sesame seed. Scrummy!

Fried Tofu with Sesame Sauce.

Rating time.

Food: 9

Love the food. They were all delicious.

Price: 7

The bill came up to RM 101. Its alright but it was the miscellaneous that kinda annoyed me. Reminds me of RedBox with their titbit charges and such.

Service: 8

The people there were friendly and they work fast. We didn't have to wait long before all our food came.

Ambience: 8

The place has a very homey feel with all the decorations. One thing I didn't like about the place was the air ventilation. Once I exited the restaurant, I can smell oil on my clothes.

Cute Waiters: 8

The waiter that served us was adorable. He's very pleasent looking and had flawless skin complexion. Nice face structure too. Slender Faghag caught him checking out my roomie. No fair!

Total Score: 8.0/10

Yum Yum's Contacts.

-Live Long & Prosper

Call Me Crazy But

For those who has visited Notroh Woods know that the sun is strangely, if not excessively blistering and scorching. Very good for, say drying salted fishes or getting your coloured clothes turn to white by the sun.

But the weird ass sun is good for something else too. Suntaning! I went swmming at 3 pm today. Yes I'm crazy I know but it was actually awesome. No one at the pool which is good since they'll act like village boys and start jumping into the pool like its their backyard river. Though, I forgot to get sunscreens but I didn't stay long enough for sunburns.

So I finally got to use my lovely white trunks. Not as sheer as I thought it'd be but its still fabulous. I love my goggles and they're tinted too. At least the sun didn't seem blinding to me when I was in the pool.

I really did enjoy the swim. The cool water and the quietness. Pity no one was there for cruising. Then again, I doubt there's anyone in this campus that cruises here to begin with.

All that swimming made me a shade tanner and a faint but obvious enough SPEEDO tan! Heheheh. I think speedo tans are hawt and sexy. Gonna get myself more tanned and of course get myself into a better shape. I want Daniel Bego's bod! He's so hawt!

-Live Long & Prosper

12 Days Till...

Yey! Its 12 days before the Lunar New Year! I'm super excited about this year's celebration. Lots of things to do, lots of people to meet and hopefully tonnes of "ang pau" to collect.

This year's celebration will be a little different. I have a special someone visiting and celebrating with me for this Lunar New Year. She's came all the way from Holland and as requested by us, to extend her holiday so that we can celebrate with her. She's my long long long lost contact Godmother.

Yep, I have a Godmother. I remember when I was young she used to send me Lego sets through mails for my birthdays. I still have them all piled up in my house somewhere. I am extremely happy to see her now in flesh. She left for Holland when I was still a small boy so I don't really know what she looks like besides what's in the photos.

I'm coming back to KL this Thursday too. One week before Lunar New Year! Gotta get some shopping done. I'm thinking of what to buy. I definitely want long sleeve shirts. I would need more short pants too. Oh and Adidas shoes too since ISETAN has RM 50 discount with RM 200 and above purchase. Must get a few more CK underwear. I'm thinking if I should get Renoma's auspicious underwear. They look nice too.

Ah so many things to buy...

Must prioritise. Shoes, shorts, shirts and underwear. Must have all...

Can't let Jason and Bong have all the fun in retail therapy right?

-Live Long & Prosper


Something hilarious just happened just now while I was chatting with Silas (I always misspelled it and I don't know why...). So chat chat chat away and it is evident that I am going senile. Either that or I'm desperately clinging onto 2007.

It happened when he asked how old I was and I blatantly said 22 this year. Then I started counting and to my horror, I'm not 22! I'm farking 23 this year! Eeeeeks.

Sigh. Must have been all that plucking strands of white hair from my head. It seems to be infested with white hair these days... I plucked 10 strands of fine white hairs the other day. All fine new hair.

Maybe I should go find Cherry and dye "ang ang" colours. Hehehhe.

-Live Long & Prosper

What's For Dinner?

Weird cravings have struck again. Perhaps I should take a pregnancy test to see if I'm secretly pregnant or something. As consolation, at least the things I crave for can be found in the small towns nearby. So I bought them and had it for dinner.

It has been ages since I last ate yam cake. Usually I eat this for breakfast or tea but heck, it filled me up just fine. I love the chilly sauce that they use. Its has a strong taste of vinegar to it. Its also got these bits of pickled carrot and some other unidentifiable pickled stuffed sprinkled on top of it. Yummy.

I used to think yam are the most disgusting thing ever and the only form of yam I would consume is yam basket or "fatt putt". I wouldn't touch yam flavoured bubble tea or yam ice cream. The purple colour kinda freaks me out.

Yam Cake.

Kuih Lapis.

Then came dessert (not like yam cake was a proper main meal to begin with). I had "kuih lapis" or also known as layered cake and "lor mai chee".

I am facinated with the way "kuih lapis" is made. Each layered are steam in a sequence. First they'll steam the bottom layer until it solidifies, then pour in the next layer and steam it until it solidifies and the next and the next. Its very tidious but delicious! I like to peel each layer and eat it instead of biting a whole chunk of it.

Then there's my favourite, "lor mai chee". Such a simple thing. Glutinous rice dough filled with crushed peanuts and sugar. So simple yet so divine! I love the other version of "lor mai chee" too called "mua chee". It is the opposite of "lor mai chee". "Mua chee" is glutinous rice dough covered with crushed peanuts.

Lor Mai Chee.

Its hard to find these "kuih" in the city anymore. They do sell in night markets but they're becoming a rare thing these days. And shops that specialises in these "kuih", they probably cost about 4 times the actual price. I got all these for RM 3.00.

-Live Long & Prosper

Tweaking Away

I absolutely love Stardock. They have so many softwares to tweak the desktop instead of having those boring standard ones. Makes my desktop look chic and stylish. I've spent countless hours customizing as you can see from my previous posts of my desktop.

I present to you my latest desktop outlook.

My Desktop.

I love it. Yep, black is back.

And this time, my wallpaper will change every hour. Awesome! And all my wallpapers are very green and blue. Very nature like.

I even managed to tweak the icons as well. Very Apple-ish. Heheheh. This is so fun!

Check em icons!

I wonder what else I should do to enchance my desktop.

-Live Long & Prosper

Catching Up

It has been three days since the first day of the new semester and guess what I've been doing besides brooding and cursing the unstable internet connection. I've been downloading tv series, movies and reading storybook. Noticed there's no education related activities in it. Chill man, its just the first week.

I was catching up on tv series that I didn't follow up on when I was working. Namely Desperate Housewives, Heroes and Ugly Betty. Though those only took a day to finish watching. Disappointing that there were very little episodes to watch. Screenwriter protests... They better pick up the pace and be quick about it!

Then I was in the mood of digging up old movies that I've not watched. Just finished watching Stardust and I love it. Love the book too but I read that aeons ago and I don't exactly remember the storyline. I've also downloaded Apocalypto and The Phantom of The Opera (sudden craze for musicals since Sweeney Todd).

Thank goodness for campus internal network. Lots of things to download from. Piracy rules!

Currently I'm reading The Golden Compass. I love the book thus far. Way better than the movie I think. I thought the movie was too rush and I just don't like rush movies. I still haven't gotten around to read Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows and The Velvet Rage too...

I'm such a slow reader...

Back to watching movies.

-Live Long & Prosper

How About A Shave?

Sweeney Todd is definitely not for those with hematophobia nor is it for those who tsk everytime the casts sing (I don't understand why they even bother to watch a MUSICAL). I throughly enjoyed watching Sweeney Todd. Enjoyed every bloody bit of it.

The acting and singing skills were flawless. Every emotions were cleverly portrayed especially by Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. Through the thick, pale, black and white, gothic makeup, every expressions and emotions could be clearly seen. Top notch act.

Not forgetting the chemistry between the two. They make a very adorable, if not a very odd couple. Their vocals compliment so well with each other when they sing. And the scores were sprucely composed that made the chemistry of the two even more convincing.

I absolutely adore the costumes and the sets in this musical. Really beautiful works of arts. The dress that Mrs. Lovett wore look more like couture than a plebeian dress of the day. There was one thing that bugged me throughout the movie but I never paid attention to it. It was Mrs. Lovett boobs. They varied in sizes in the movie and that time I thought it was just the costume. Apparently it wasn't the costume, it was because she was pregnant. Hehheh. Now that's funny.

I love love love the dark and morose storyline. La faghag and I were happy and chirpy while others seemed disturbed by the movie. My fagstag even said he's avoiding big pau for a month. Hheehhe. La faghag and I would really love to watch it again but uncensored. Stupid censorship board kept censoring the gory scene while they were SINGING!

I love everything about this movie. Unquestionably a must watch and movie of the year for me.

-Live Long & Prosper

Creepy Tales From The Eyesocket

Day one started brilliantly. I overslept for an 8 o'clock class. Hahahha. My roomie and I just slept through our alarms. No we didn't do anything that left us exhausted and overslept or anything along those lines.

When I did actually wake up, I had a shock of my life! See, I have been complaining for several days that I felt there was something somewhere in the back of my eye. I couldn't figure it out. Even thought that I might have scratched my eye somehow leaving a scratch mark or something like that.

Thank goodness it wasn't what I thought it was though still frightening. I found a small dried and torn piece of my previous contact lense by the side of my eyes where the tear duct was. Bloody scary.

I didn't know the previous lense was torn as I threw it away when I took it out. Must have torn when I was taking it out but how? I still can't believe it has been in my eyesocket all this while. Tried pushing it out by massaging my eyelids but nothing came out.

Funny how just the other day I was talking to my friend about where does the eyelashes that got caught in the eye go. And now I got to experience it first hand.

Pity I didn't take a photo of it. I must have threw it away in the instant I found it.


-Live Long & Prosper

Exiled... Again...

And hopefully for the last time too. Yes I am back in the Mystical Notroh Woods where the sun shines brighter than usual, almost blinding too, and scorching heatwaves. On the bright side, with the sun and the pool, I can get my speedo tan in no time.

Three hours of shifting my stuff up to the third floor, cleaning the room and unpacking has left me with sore shoulders. I do hope it goes away soon or else how am I to enjoy my time in the pool. This is assuming that the pool is clean. Might just turn out to look like a hazardous dumping site.

Mixed feelings about coming back. Well not really mixed. I didn't want to come back period. But I had to do my final dash to the end of the line and graduate in August.

I'm already missing KL and my friends. Well no worries, I shall be back for Chinese New Year holiday. I can't wait to collect "ang pau". Daddy could use some money for computer parts.

So stay tune for my arrival in KL peeps.

Till then.

-Live Long & Prosper

Apple Is In The Air?

Some of you may have seen and some of you may have heard. Apple has done it again. They came out with something so revolutionary, mind blowing and jaw dropping product that the competitors are screaming their head off at their own technical personnels why can't they make something like that.

It has to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern world. The MacBook Air. Its farking brilliant! And Steve Jobs is one of those that presents superb presentations. I love watching him present new products.

Not forgetting Apple ads. I just love them. Watch the MacBook Air ad. Makes me wanna get it NOW!

I love the song! Can anyone tell me who's the singer or what's the title?

Here's the terrifically delivered presentation by Steve Jobs.

How about that for a laptop?

Bloody brilliant ain't it?

-Live Long & Prosper

It Had To Happen Now...

Bloody hell. Talk about strings of bad luck happening as the time to go back to Notroh Woods creeps in nearer. Well better those bad luck happening here then there. If it happens there, I'm screwed!

I'm sure you guys know about me hotwiring my own computer to start it up. Well that's one but that was last year. I think it started from there.

Not forgetting the Blue Screen of Death... Stupid MSN...


Then yesterday, after C's marathon on my PSP with Lumines II and Loco Roco, my PSP refuse to charge! WTF! How can it refuse to charge... What am I suppose to do for power then. Its weird but I reckon a fuse or a lose wire connected to the batt is gone. So gotta get that fix today and hope it don't take more than a day... I'm going back Sunday dem it and its coming with me.

No more electronic failures please!

Not sure if this is considered badluck or not but I'll just put it down here anyways. The company that Sam and I were working for called saying that our offer letters are finally here and we need to fill it in... Just great. Took them 6 weeks to process a simple freaking letter. Thank goodness our pay is in.

Oh please nothing more unexpected things happen. I need to go back to campus with a tranquil soul and peaceful mind.

I shall think Zen and meditate.

-Live Long & Prosper


Just realised that I haven't ranted in a while or have I been ranting all these while. No matter. This post will be a rant. I shall rant about MSN. How MSN has caused havoc to my newly formated, dusted and upgraded computer.

Do you know what a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is? BSoD is, as the name implied, a blue screen that pops up when something is seriously wrong with Windows. It is design to stop the Windows from functioning further to prevent further damage. It's frightening to get BSoD, at least to me anyways, because troubleshooting a computer can be a bitch. What more when I just formatted my computer. Its not suppose to pop up the BSoD...

It took me four days since the format to determine that MSN was the freaking culprit. I had to restart my computer countless times. Enter Windows in Safe Mode to check for faulty software installations. Turn programs off and on. Basically eliminating one by one of the countless softwares and hardwares for the cause.

So MSN right now is being a bitch. Therefore I can't use it until they freaking figure what the hell is wrong with the codings on that bloody thing.

How do I live without MSN
I want to know
How do I breathe without MSN
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive
How do I
How do I
Oh, how do I live...

-Live Long & Prosper

Double Take

Had my first back to back movie screening for the year in GSC Pavilion with McDave today. We couldn't decide what to watch since we were torn between In The Name of The King and American Gangster. So why not watch both yea?

Our first movie was at noon for In The Name of The King. It was screened in a huge hall but there were only five people watching. Hahhaha. Imagine that. A huge hall all to ourselves. It was fucking cold that I swear I was about to experience hypothermia.

The movie however sucked and that's being polite about it. Why the movie sucked. The costumes for the Krugs looked like the costume wore by those monsters in Ultraman. Very fake and synthetic. It wasn't natural enough to look like flesh or move like flesh. Very al-cheep-o costumes.

I think they were putting their money on the battle scenes to make the movie worth watching since the storyline felt like its trying to be Lord of The Rings but didn't quite make it. It felt like there were too many things that it made the movie felt as though it was very rushed. Trying to cramp everything.

The battle scenes too were bla... Again trying to be as epic as LOTR but fell short. There were these weird ninjas warriors. So totally didn't fit in the Medieval look. Then there were these woman jungle warriors like the Woman Amazon Warriors. Somehow, something of them reminded me of Cave of The Golden Rose. Too many unnecessary things that didn't have to be there.

Basically I didn't like the movie at all. Freezing my butt for this is so not worth it.

American Gangster on the other hand was an awesome movie. Totally gave me the feel of how it was back in the 1970s. Drugs, money, gangsters, police and corruption of the 70s. Danzel Washington and Russell Crowe acted brilliantly in the movie though I think Danzel was really in tune with his character the most.

Based on a true story of how Frank Lucas became the drug lord and monopolising the heroin market in Manhattan. This man changed the economics of drug trafficking by dealing straight to the source, South East Asia. Buy cheap and high purity heroin + sell expensive low purity heroin = $$$.

Its a fantastic movie and a must watch. Read the comments and reviews in IMDB. The comments and reviews does more justice to the movie than me writing about it.

-Live Long & Prosper


Once again, the computer has gone through another facelift. This time its a new case for my computer since the old case has gone wonky and I had to hotwire it to get it started. I wasn't about to risk a major computer crisis when I'm back in campus. So I got a new case.

Meet CoolerMaster Centurion 5. Not the case that I've been aiming to get, Thermaltake Shark, but it'll do for now. Its mighty slick and I love the design. Although screw-less mounts have been around for awhile, this is my first time assembling it. I like. Hassle free assembly.

Cool box.

Front view of the case.

It took me about five hours to clean and transfer my computer parts from the old casing to the new one. Had to dust out tremendous amount of dust that accumulated throughout the years. So much dust that its just not funny. Invasion of the dust bunnies!

Empty case.

Case filled.

I've always wanted a transparent side panel for my case and now I have it. I didn't realise it was transparent until I bought it. I am happy. Now I shall pimp it with lights or the fancy water cooling system. As if I have the funds for it.

Side view.

So yey new case. I hope nothing else fails. I've tried my best to keep it in tiptop condition but I guess it will go off one day.

Oh and its so much quieter now. My previous casing was kinda quiet but this is quieter! From the sound of jet plane taking off to the sound of wind breeze. And the case looks awesome.

-Live Long & Prosper

He's Back!

It's him! Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the new Hugo Boss ad campaign. He's so hawt in the ad! I was half playing Lumines II and half watching CSI: NY when this ad popped up. Oh me like him a lot.

This is such a sexy ad. Perfect chemistry, with all that passion and lust between the two.

And he's so HAWT!

I am in love with his sexy voice. Just listen to it. Listen to that Irish accent. That manly voice.

*giggle giggle giggle

-Live Long & Prosper

Fresh Start

No one likes a sluggish computer, especially me. I get really irritated waiting for a simple task like turning on the computer to complete. Everything must process in a click of the mouse. Even when I'm walking, I get irritated when people in front of me walk at a glacial pace or people behind me also walking at a glacial pace (I feel so Singaporean).

It took me about five hours from formatting the computer to getting it online on the net. All the instalations take forever to finish. Not to mention the countless restarts... And I had to be extra careful during formatting. Harddrive was being a bitch and I didn't want my 60 GB of twinkie porn to just vanish. Yes, my porns are my precious.

A new year demands a new look for my desktop. Hence, I changed my previous black minimalist look to a clean white look. Explains the snow landscape photo as my wallpaper. Took me a long time to get a high definition photo since I max my screen resolution.

My lovely white desktop.

Now that everything is running smoothly and warp speed like, I am happy.

-Live Long & Prosper

Cupcake Chic

I can't remember the last time I had good cupcakes or did I? Oh no, my memory is failing me yet again... But I distinctively remember the lovely icing... Or was that the awfully delicious and sinful butter cake... Arrrgh.

There's a place in The Curve (its outside and facing IKANO) called Cupcake Chic. They claimed to be the first shop specialising in cupcakes in Malaysia. I wonder if that's true. Anyhow, it caught my attention. I love the name of place and the signage is just oh so chic!

Absolutely love the signage!

Entering the place, there's huge ass cupcake menu billboard. Everyday they will bake different sort of cupcakes and they have a huge list of cupcakes too. Besides the billboard, the rows of colourful cupcakes displayed behind a glass panels greets the customers. All decorated with different colour of icing and sparse decorations.

One of the many rows of cupcakes.

I have to agree with La Faghag. The cupcakes were very Spartan on the decorations... Its too plain, bla and not fabulously laced with shiny sugar beads or rice chocolates. I like my cupcakes pretty with decorations.

Oh so very chic box.

Rum and Raisin and Chi cupcake.

I love the box they gave us to pack the cupcakes. Very posh looking and chic just like the name. Comes in two sizes, the two and the six. It locks the cupcakes in place so it won't end up like a mush of icings with some dough here and there when it gets tossed around.

La Faghag, Sam, Ban and me decided to just buy a few to give it a try. Sam and Ban tried the Chi while La Faghag and I tried Rum and Raisin. Its real rum too! I was surprised and estatic about the whole real rum thing.

The Chi was a little weird at first but the after taste was nice. It was confusing at first cause it's sweet and spicy with spice like a western version of Payasam on a cupcake.

I didn't like the Rum and Raisin. It was way too sweet for my liking. So that was that, unfortunately...

The dough for the cupcake was moist and soft. I don't like those dry and hard ones. It's got a nice buttery flavour to it too, not overwhelming but just nice.

Rum and Raisin.

I shall reserved my judgement of this place for later after I've tried their other flavours. Rum and Raisin is definitely out for me. But do give the place a try. Never judge something until you've tried it.

-Live Long & Prosper

Let's Do The Patapon!

There's a PSP game that I'm really excited to play. Its as adorable as Loco Roco, if not more amusing or more addictive to Lumines II. Patapon! Even the sound of it is catchy kinda like Britney Spears Gimme More. But yea, the game looks promising.

Basically you lead an army of Patapons into battle. Issuing command to attack or defend through combo buttons of square, circle, triangle and X. Each buttons produce a different sound, like making a battlecry with drums.

I love the graphic for this game. Its 2D, brightly coloured and the tiny soldiers are just so adorable! I think the gameplay is really unique. A combination of a platform game and the Para Para. I can Pata-pata-pata-pon all day!

Click here for Patapon preview.

I can't wait till it the English version comes out. Should be super fun and comical to play.

-Live Long & Prosper

Thank Goodness It's Public Holiday

As promised, my supervisor and his girlfriend (which is my ex-colleague in my previous company) met us, La Faghag, Sam and I in TGIF, The Curve at noon for lunch. I can't believe that was my first time eating in TGIF ever since I got back. Maybe we should have asked to go to The Apartment instead. Hahahha.

I was so happy to finally eat in TGIF, particularly ordering my favourite burger Jack Daniel's burger and the must have Ultimate Mudslide! Lovely combination but oddly enough, I couldn't finish my meal. Must be all the Bailey's that was filling up my stomach.

It was a lovely lunch. Catch up on previous company gossips, complained about the company that I was working at and enjoying my Ultimate Mudslide. Yes I love it so much. Hahaha. Can't blame me, its creamy and has alcohol. Perfect combo.

Ultimate Mudslide.

Fried Mozzarella and Marinara Sauce.

Jack Daniel's Burger.

After that, we parted ways and I headed to CHERRY'S for my long overdued haircut. I really don't like my hair long cause it starts to curl and impossible to style even with the strongest wax. He even complained about my hair. Guess he misses me. Hehhehe.

A little window shopping here and window shopping there, then we're off to Marmalade Bangsar for a quadruple gay date and a single girl, La Faghag.

-Live Long & Prosper

Goodbye Farewell

All good things (and not so good things) must come to an end they say. True enough, today was our last day at work. It wasn't a sad occasion or anything but rather a busy day finishing and handing over the paperwork to the new guys that came in.

Despite the fact that the job was rather mundane, I had fun. Having a friend to work with is always nice. The gossips, the secrets, the laughters. It almost felt like we were never working but rather like the Desperate Housewives on Wisteria Lane having tea while gossiping.

This job gave me an invaluable experience. Running a huge project without proper procedures will lead to disaster (internship in Quality Assurance thought me that) and this job is a solid proof of that. Everything is such a mess but I shan't go into details about it. Nothing I can do about it either.

The farewell was swift with no emotional breakdown or any of the sort. Mostly because it was only a month and we were busy doing paperwork and eating our curry lunch everyday than socialising with the staff there.

So came 1730 hours, we said our goodbyes and headed back home. But it doesn't end there, our supervisor is treating us to TGIF in The Curve tomorrow. He's such a generous and nice guy. Woo hoo Fridays!

-Live Long & Prosper

The Random of Randomness

Deng it. I can't write what I was suppose to post... So I shall see what random thoughts and write them down instead. This is a back-post, as usual. I'm such a tardy blogger. Random random random.

Thought #1

I want McDonald's Prosperity Burger... Dumb ass Janvier got the balls to MMS to me while he's enjoying his Prosperity Set Meal...

I want Carl's Junior too... Dumb ass Janvier, AGAIN, sent me photo of the half eaten burger...


Thought #2

Yey tomorrow is my last day at work. Finally I can get my beauty sleep that I desperately need and enjoy what's left of my holiday.

Thought #3

My monthly allowance is finally in. Bloody hell, took them so long to bank it in... So annoying. Now I'll have to pay my debts to McDave. Was siphoning cash off him for our outings.

Thought #4

My sex craving is back... Need to ravage (or ravish but I like ravaging someone) someone...

Thought #5

I love my PSP. I've personalized it with photos, MP3 and a music video of Love At First Sight (I know, so gay right?).

Thought #6

I can't wait to go to Bangkok! Need to save up the money I've earned for it. Happy happy joy joy.

-Live Long & Prosper

The Magic Box

In conjunction with Sam's post, I figure it is high time that I blog about our latest toy that we got ages ago in the office. Its seriously over due considering that work is FINISHING THIS WED! Finally. I'm just wanna be able to wake up later than 5.40 in the morning everyday!

Readers, I'd like you to meet Dell. Dell this is your post and here are your fans. Took the IT nearly two weeks to get us our computer to work with. So no more of doing nothing, hello paperwork processing. We were hoping for a laptop actually but guess this is the best they could give...

La Computer.

Not much different from the computer I used for my internship but I really love the monitor a lot. Its a 19" (wish it is a wide screen), so there's ample work space to toggle between worksheets but that's just normal. I really love this monitor because it pivots, swivels and yaws. It even has two USB ports at the side to charge my PSP!

Check out the monitor.

Gone were the days of the bulky, potentially hazardous radiation emitting source and source of unwanted heat that was CRT monitors. LCDs are way cooler too.

Rat rat at work.

Speaking of LCD monitors, I recently spotted two widescreen that I WANT! Not both but either one will do. The HP W2207 and Samsung SyncMaster 215TW. They're such beauties. I could use some upgrading on my poor neglected computer.

HP W2207.

Samsung SyncMaster 226BW.

The thing that breaks my heart most is that they cost roughly about the same price as my 17" monitor 4 years ago. Sigh.

-Live Long & Prosper

RedBox Plus

I love karaoke. There should be a printed t-shirt with those words or maybe "I heart karaoke". Whichever works. But yes, I love karaoke especially with a nice sized crowd and cheap package! Yep, I had a karaoke session today as you could probably guessed.

This time we had it in RedBox Plus in Pavilion. For some reason when googling RedBox Plus this appeared. Never mind that. I am in love with RedBox Plus. I think I'm gonna stick to this outlet for my karaoke sessions from now on.

RedBox Plus.

Everything about this place is fabulous! I love the interior design on the place and the different sections of the place. From the funky red chairs at the reception to the different zones they have. This place doesn't look sleazy or cheap. It kinda screams chic.

Waiting area with free internet access.

First zone that I encountered was the cool blue Fresh Water zone. I didn't go into the rooms to see how they were decorated but the first thing that I saw was a salt water aquarium at the end of the hall way and it was lit with dim and cool blue light.

Fresh Water Zone.

Then there's the Flaming Hot Zone where everything is red. Not sure what's the interior design like for the rooms here either.

Flaming Hot Zone.

Pretty pretty lights.

From the entrance, the buffet area can be seen through this hallway with red walls and disco balls hanging on top. The buffet area is located at the Deep Forest Zone which was where our room was. Earthly colours and wood decorations decked the place.

Deep Forest Zone.

Deep Forest Room.

The room that we got was just nice to accommodate 9 people. Semi circular leather seats with two round wooden tables in the middle. It has two "mini bar" seats as well behind the leather seats and next to the entrance.

A huge screen, big enough for everyone to watch and sing along and the equipments were working great. No annoying, high shrieking sound made by the mic. I am quite happy with the karaoke videos that they have (despite some of the weird ass karaoke videos with woman being so syok sendiri on the beach) though I wish that they have The Elephant Song.

The buffet was alright for RM 27.44 including free flow drinks. I really enjoyed the pumpkin soup. Couldn't stop myself from having seconds and thirds. The chicken broth was lovely too. They had baby octupus, pastas, local dishes and lots of mini pastries.

For only RM27.44 for buffet, free flowing drinks and 4 hours (11 am - 3 pm) of fun filled entertainment, its freaking CHEAP! This is so going to be my regular outing activities.

-Live Long & Prosper

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Pau

Nothing like a food post to usher in the new year. Gotta have all the good food here while I still can before going back to Notroh Woods. Finally I've gone to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Pau at Lot 10. Pay extra attention on the names as Crystal Jade has many different branches serving different menu.

As the name suggests, they specialised in making La Mian (basically hand pulled noodle) and Xiao Long Pau (small steam pau with soup and minced pork in it).

I'm a huge fan of La Mian. Its like rice and can go with almost anything. Even comes in many variations depending on which province in China it comes from. I love Xiao Long Pau as well though I've only had it twice. I find it facinating that soup is contained in the pau itself.

I get fascinated easily.

Anyhow, I ordered Cold Noodles with Sichuan Beef Brisket (I'm such a cold noodle fan) and McDave/William ordered Hand Sliced Noodles with Beef Brisket. SK ordered dessert which was the Puff Pastry with Shredded Turnip. Good thing too cause I could barely finish my own bowl of noodle.

I throughly enjoyed and loved my cold noodles to the last strand but its not for the faint of heart. Its basically cold noodles flavoured with sesame oil and other chilly oil with tender and chuncks of succulent beef (generous portion of fatty meat) brisket. Yes its very oily at the bottom so it is advisable to mix it first and leave the bottom noodles. Leave out the fatty meat too though they're really nice.

Cold Noodles with Sichuan Beef Brisket.

The hand sliced noodles reminded me of Pan Mee because the dough and shape of the noodle is quite similar to each other. It is almost the same as the cold noodle but not with oil based flavouring. I don't quite remember what it tasted like (I was really enjoying my noodle you see) but its not bad too. Same tender and succulent beef brisket. I love the beef brisket. Super yummy.

Hand Sliced Noodles with Beef Brisket.

The Xiao Long Pau is to die for. Lovely pau. The skin is just thick enough and steamed just right. The soup was marvelous and the minced pork blends in so well with the skin, soup vinegar with shreds of ginger. Perfect combination for a party of bursting flavours.

The Famous Siu Long Pau.

This is a very interesting pastry and it was my first time having it. The crust just melts in my mouth. Upon setting my teeth onto the crust, the crispy, golden fried dough breaks into millions pieces of flakes and melted away. I love that effect in my pastries. Then came the piping hot filling. I'm not kidding. The filling were literally blowing out steam but once it cooled to nice warm temperature, its just lovely. Turnip has never tasted this good before!

Puff Pastry with Shredded Turnip.

The Xiao Long Pau and the Puff Pastry with Shredded Turnip are a definite must order. The noodles too if you're a fan of noodles.

I really love this place and am unquestionably coming for more.

Rating time.

Food: 9

Love all the food that I had above. Truely yummy though I think my cold noodles was a tad generous with the oil.

Price: 7

Kinda a little pricy for noodles but they compensate a little with generous portion.

Service: 8

They were generally friendly. Much more friendlier if I could understand more Canto and speak fluently too.

Ambience: 10

Located at the side of Lot 10 and one floor above street level so we can people watch if sitting by the window. The interior decorations are lovely too. Gives a very Oriental feel to it yet very modern as well.

Cute Waiters: 8

The waiter that was serving us was kinda cute. My kinda boy. Yes I'm a cradle snatcher but I'm pretty sure he's way above legal age.

Total Score: 8.4/10

-Live Long & Prosper

What Are We Having For Lunch Sam?

Work was definitely slow today. Our supervisor has gone to Singapore for two days leaving us floating aimlessly in the sea of paperwork that we're suppose to finish. That's what we did today, we floated around.

To kill time, we were busy chatting, blogging, replying emails, PSP-ing and of course attempt to do some work.

In the midst of it, someone from the department asked us if we wanted McDonald's. Heheh. Did she even need to ask? Of course we want McDonald's. Its free lunch after all! There goes one resolution Sam.

Speaking of free food, my supervisor had been very generous with me. He's been buying me breakfast (which is tosai every morning), gave me his Touch 'n' Go card with credit and occasionally buys me lunch too. I'm a little confused as to why he's being uber generous. Oh well, I'm not complaining.

Our period of employment is ending soon and Wednesday will be the last working day for us. Our supervisor suggests that we have either lunch or dinner as part of farewell meal of a sort. See so generous. I didn't know that temporary workers get farewell party!

I wonder if we get to pick the place to eat. Where to eat though?

Ninja Jones?





Carcosa Seri Negara (fat chance!)?

So long as its food its fine with me.

-Live Long & Prosper

G Status

Proof that the so called "working adults" aren't really working at all. It all started with Alex and his suffix obsession. Then of course there's the super long chain emails that everyone (in our gang) reply to. Don't be surprised that one chain email can go up to 100 replies in less than a day.

Back to the suffix. One fine day, Alex bugged me to change my status of my GMail to the suffix of the week. Ever since then, we change suffix every Friday. Its fun and funny at the same time. Lots of creative works there. See jobless people so free to announce the new suffix of the week.

This week's suffix is -hood. I set mine as circum-hood. Heheheh. Its hilarious. Sam nearly had his imaginary milk coming out of his nose when he saw the status. Heheheh.

Circum-hood anyone? No?

Suffix's for the coming weeks are:


The ultimate proof that "working adults" aren't really working is the email replies. Hahahha. Thank goodness I'm using GTalk. The replies are nicely arranged into one conversation and 6 GB capacity should be enough to hold tonnes and tonnes of emails.

Usually we use it to plan our outings and parties but often it'll be sided tracked to some other weird ass topics. Like this one email thread was discussing about a gathering, got side tracked to Lam mee to Nitrogen to Neutrogena, to Shokubutsu to what makes someone horny.

Here's a fun fact about Neutrogena by Xavier.
Neutrogena is a brand of cleanser la with high water solubility and low residue (so that u can wash them off ur face and hair and scalp easilly/effectively without causing build-ups that will make ur skin looks dull or ur hand getting thick and entangled prone)
How does hands get entangled dear Xavier (he did clarify that its hair and not hands)?

-Live Long & Prosper

Sheer Is Important

White is fast becoming my favourite colour! Since the White PSP, White PSP Earphone, White Party and now I got a new white item to add into the list! White white white! I absolutely adore it and yet to have my premier appearance in it.

So what white item is this? Its a white BODS swimming trunk! And see the sides, its got rainbow stripes! Totally awesome! I fell in love with it the first time I saw it in Philosophy but I didn't get it. Thanks to William, who got it for SGD 15!

Freaking cheap!

White with rainbow stripes trunks.

Just look at it.




I can't wait to wear it and get into the pool. It'll definitely be sheer. I wonder how sheer will it be. Opacity of 10% perhaps. Heheheh.

Run kids, RUN! Close your eyes. Don't look at the hawtie with the thinggi showing through the speedo.

-Live Long & Prosper

Party People!

Happy 2008 to all my dear readers. I definitely had the best New Year celebration ever (usually I just stay home and have a quiet night). With the company of close friends/bloggers, the night was filled with laughter and joy.

We had two parties two days in a row, back to back (kinda like Channel V's Double Take). One a sleepover at Lifebook's place (which was a total blast!) and one... I don't even know what to call it. Lets try poolside-potluck-all-of-a-sudden-its-La-Faghag's-Bday-Party. Yes I believe that's it.

Unfortunately, in the midst of all the laughing, eating, laughing some more and screaming out answers for Charades, I forgot to take pictures... No worries, McDave and Alex, our professional photographers were well armed with their SLRs.

No matter.

We had tonnes of food over at Lifebook's place. There were beef stew, angel's hair, Ayamas, Shepherd's Pie (which was more like mashed potato with some beef at the bottom though it was nice), 6 tubs of ice creams, Chinese Chocolate Cake (don't ask and I won't tell), caramel pudding, Big Apple's Donut, lots of alcohol and more food.

After all that munching, we played Mad Gab. Totally hilarious! All of us sounded spastic and down syndrome-ed trying to guess what the hell were those bunch of words suppose to mean.

Try guessing what's "Yore Luke Ink Hood".

Then we got bored of sounding spastic and down syndrome-ed. There's only so much we can take and plus Adrien drank way too much alcohol by then. So we played Charades. Awesome game to play when you're drunk ask Adrien.

Imaging if you had to act out "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". That was a bitch to guess but dem funny.

This was the train of thought of Xavier:

Who's the Father.

My train of thoughts:

Virgin Mary.
What?! She wasn't virgin?!
Jesus wasn't immaculately conceived?!
Oh fuck it.

No we didn't get to guess it. Too freaking hard!

Then try acting out "Ms. Saigon". I won't even begin to describe the train of thoughts for this. It's just too funny. finally Adrien for some bizarre reason guessed Chinese Chocolate Cake...

With 15++ over people in the house, we had to play Mafia. Lovely game to play when there's a big crowd. Lots of hilarious things happened. From the betrayal of La Boyfriend to tragic love of the Butterfly Lovers.

By now, it was well over midnight and those who didn't stay over left. But for those who stayed over, the night just started and watched Metrosexual. Good movie for an Asian production. Look out for Kong in the movie. He looks oh so yummy!

Unfortunately, orgy wasn't part of the sleepover. How sad...

The next day we went to Tesco to shop for food and drinks for Adrien's weird ass, all in one celebration party! And these were some of the stuff we got. Excluding the Barbie of course. Heheheh.

Last minute party shopping cart.

More food came in as people arrived. Dominos, Cinnabon, lots of KFC (me was having KFC craving too), a birthday cake from King's Confectionery and chips. So much food is making me FAT! I can't believe I'm welcoming the New Year with me stuffing myself with food. This is not good...

Some went for swimming in the pool, while others sat around and bitch, chat and moan a lot.

So that's my two days of party-capade.

How was your New year celebration?

-Live Long & Prosper