Spread The Fame

After experiencing my short lived fame, I've decided to help out a fellow friend (well a friend of a friend). It is a portrait photo competition by a New Zealand skincare brand, Living Nature. Get this, the prize for this competition is a stylist make-over mini. It is adorable!


They're looking for "The Most Natural" face and I have to say, they have quite a number of really good looking ones. As for the friend of a friend in question, this is him. 18 years old Steven with his tag:

The most natural factor:

I am the most natural because I'm flawed enough to be perfect, ordinary enough to be extraordinary.

You guys should take a look and perhaps participate or vote for your most natural looking face.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Durian Season Is Back!

My favourite fruit of all time is back and mommy bought one this morning. It was a real good buy. The meat was thick and extremely full of the yummy durian flavour. It was extremely sweet, so tender and melt with every bite. Great way to start the day but at the same time horrible way to start because no amount of mints will wash the bad breath away.

Hmmm thorny delight.

Since durian season is back, I thought I might share some tips with you guys. I hate eating with my fingers for the sole reason, my fingers will smell of what I just ate. Let it be banana leaf rice or "nasi lemak", my fingers will smell of it no matter how much I wash it. Same applies for durian. It is impossible to get rid of it using conventional soap.

I discovered a very uncanny solution to this persistent stink of a problem. Durian shell. No not pierce your hands with it. Put the shell (the thorny part) under a running water and wash your hands with it that water. Sounds simple enough but it works like a charm. Not sure if it'll work for washing down bad durian breath.

We believe that durian are "heaty" food. Meaning, it rises the body's temperature and it does. Eat enough and it might just give you a fever and sore throat (to some people). So my mom will put some salt on the white part of the shell where the fruit was contained, mix it with some water and drink it from there. It is believe to mitigate the heat. This is not proven but I just drink it anyways.

Another method to mitigate the heat is to eat mangosteen while eating durian. Mangosteens are "cooling" food so it'll cool you down. I just eat them cause I like them. Cooling effect would be a side effect for my love of eating mangosteens. Delicious fruits. Yum!

So there, three hopefully helpful tips for you to enjoy your durians.

To those who haven't tried durian because of the pungent smell, you don't know what you're missing. It may smell like Hell but it sure taste like Heaven.

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Queer Ranter


Today was suppose to be the day that DC I was suppose to come back to me on their employment decision for the interview I went two weeks ago. They have to decide by the end of this month because the position needs to be filled by 1st of July. You can imagine how nerve wrecking the wait was for me. I hate being in the dark and unknown of where I stand in a situation but it can't be helped.

So I called my future boss to be at 3 pm. I dislike calling people in the morning and hope that after lunch, they would be less likely to be grumpy. First call, no one picked up. Half an hour later, no one picked up again. Hmmm. Perhaps he's in a meeting. Wait another hour, still no one picked up. Then I decided to call his superior but the line was busy. This was already about half pass four. I called again and finally got him at five on the dot. To my horror, my future boss to be has already left the country but he has spoken to HR about the hiring.

The guy who I called told me that he'll call me back after he checked on with HR. I waited about 20 minutes and still no call. So I called back but the receptionist told me that he has left the building...


What the heck...

You have got to be kidding me. All that wait was for nothing. Only built up more stress in me. How annoying. So I'm back to square one, waiting for the call. Sigh. I'm so worked out about this, I need to de-stress.

I need to go clubbing but I can't cause I have an early start tomorrow and I'm going for Urbanscapes in KLPAC. Some sort of an art festival with loads of performances throughout the whole day.

Oh well. I shall enjoy my weekend and not think about the employment thinggie. I'll just listen to Seamus Haji remix of Touch My Body alone in my room. Maybe I'll go clubbing tomorrow night instead.

Party people hey, it's Friday night.

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Queer Ranter

State The Nature Of Your Medical Emergency

How I wish I have a holographic doctor just like the one in Star Trek Voyager to help cure me of my medical emergencies... I'm in dire pain. Pain beyond belief and oh, the emotional turmoil that it has caused me. I am scarred for life~~~

Well not really. I'm just being melodramatic as usual. For about a month now, my fingertips have developed a skin condition due to the stupid El Cheapo dishwasher solution. I was using it back in campus where I literally camped in my room day and night. Washing my plates and utensils made the skin dry and started peeling...

But that was alright once I stopped using it and applied loads of moisturiser.

Then it came back again and now worse I think. Just today, I peeled of a new layer of dry skin... I don't understand why cause I actually stopped washing the dishes... What could have irritated it more?

Are my fingers curse to forever be skinless. Expose my fragile naked finger flesh?

The nakedness. Exposed.

Any tips on how to get rid of this unsightly and irritating condition?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

New Addition To The Family

I think this calls for a celebration. A baby shower perhaps for the new addition to the family. No I didn't get any of my faghags pregnant nor did I get myself pregnant... It's another stuffed toy given to me by Slender Faghag. So sweet of her. She won it from the Nuffnang's Wild "Live" party.

Everyone, meet Bobo.

Meet Bobo.

I haven't quite figured him out yet. He's just so different from the other stuffed toys I have... Rat Rat, Teddy, Moo Moo, Sharkie and Pink Lion. Then I have Bobo. Very odd indeed. Well one thing for sure, he has already picked up the habit of sleeping for the whole day. I wonder who's responsible for that. Rat Rat would be my guess...

So now I have a big family of six. Soon I'm gonna run out of bed space to sleep in.

New family portrait.

To my little family of stuffed toys.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Brownies Anyone?

This is by far the weirdest craving ever. Not eating brownies but baking them. Is it my hidden talent or my alter ego trying to call out to me? That I, this nothing else better to do blogger, is going to be the world's famous pastry chef? I doubt that. I just wanted to bake something.

But first, a confession. I know nuts about baking. Having said that, I know what makes good brownies. Meet Betty Crocker! Instant brownie mix! Love it.

Gotta love modern technology for this.

But before that, you'll need some ingredients. Two eggs, three table spoons of water and three quarter of a slab of butter (it says use oil but for soft and moist dough, use butter). Melt the butter and let it cool.

Pour out the mix and put the ingredients in like so.

It looks like concrete mixture to me...

Mix them really well and pour it into baking pan. Usually people use a square or rectangle baking pan but I only have a 10 inch round one.

Preheat the oven at 225 degrees Celsius for about ten minutes then pop in the baking pan into the oven for about 25-30 minutes. Depending on the size of the baking pan.

T-Minus 30 minutes.

T-Minus 15 minutes.

Use a chopstick or a toothpick to make sure that it is thoroughly baked.

The final product.

Best to let the brownie cool and settle so that it becomes dense. Warm brownie with a glass of cold milk. Mmmm. Warm brownie with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Mmmm.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

China Burger?

Introducing a new breed of burger, China Burger! My eyes were literally like this "O.o" when my dad first brought it home from a night market. Surprisingly, it's very nice and unique. It's not your normal definition of a burger, that's for sure. The night market is located here, on Jalan 46b/26, every Thursday evening.

Back to China Burger. What's so special about it? Well for one, it doesn't use bread or have vegetables garnishing it. First they crack an egg into the cylindrical hole, add in the meat (pork or chicken) then pour some sort of batter onto it.

China Burger in the making.

A few flips here and there then tadaa, China Burger.

Mmmm China Burger.

It's weird to bite into a burger that has two different texture consistencies. The dough and the fried egg. But it is yummy and it's one of my must haves when getting food from this night market. And it's cheap too, RM 1.40 each.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Right Here, Right Now

Yey, finally a meme to write. I miss doing memes and it has been ages since someone tagged me. Meme's are useful when there's nothing to blog for the day. Hahahha. Filler posts. Oh well. Here's the meme.

Right now, what's at the top of your "top 25" list on iTunes?

It is a tie between Sara Bareilles - Love Song and Hairspray - Miss Baltimore Crabs.

Right now, what's the first thing on your "to do" list for today?

Check on my torrent download for Sex and The City Season 3 and 4.

Right now, what are you thinking about having for your next meal?

I have a sudden craving for "bak kut teh"... Someone please feed me "bak kut teh"~~~

Right now, what other applications are running on your PC as you do this meme?

iTunes of course. Then uTorrent for my torrent downloads. MSN and GTalk running at the back.

Right now, name 5 people you think will respond to this Meme if you tagged them?

I'm tagging girls this time. I'm amazed I have more than five gals in my blogroll!

Min Li
Miss Porcinus May
Roe Seann

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Queer Ranter

Yet Another Party Outfit

Yet another party to attend to and this time it's Nuffnang's Wild "Live" Party! I received my invitation yesterday and I get to bring a guest. Weeee. Happy happy joy joy. Me loves party but now I have to think of what to wear and who to bring.

The theme for the party is animal so I expect many bloggers are going to come as one. For the first time, I'm dressing down to a party. Nothing fancy. Take a look.

Little bunny hop, hop, hop.

I'm coming as a cute little slutty bunny. How cute is that aye? Pair that with a pair of slacks and a bunny tail and the outfit is complete. Normally I would crack my head on what shirt to match with my vest but not this time. The only part of the shirt I'm wearing are the cuffs.

Sexy me!

Though this bunny is a brown bunny. Little brown bunny hopping around.

Here be wolves. Beware~~~

See you at the party.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Adopted Family

Since La Fashion Designer is leaving tomorrow for London, I slept over at his place. Spend some time with him before he flies off for another six months or so before coming back to Malaysian shores. I'm no stranger to the household. More like an adopted son come to think of it. Her mom just loves feeding me food. In the words of La Fashion Designer, "You are like the perfect son. An engineer in my father's eyes and eats my mom's cooking.".

His mom's cooking is awesome I tell you but none of her three sons appreciate it! I can't believe they'll eat something else than her cooking! I absolutely love her curry. Chicken curry. Mutton curry. Fish curry. You name it, it's delicious! Very rich and concentrated, filled with flavours of all sorts of spices.

So today she cooked fish curry with several stir fried vege and kept insisting on me to finish the food seeing that no one else eats them. Well that and the fact that she thinks I'm way too skinny. If only she knows how hard it is to be a Chinese queer. The fish curry was delicious as usual. I wish I could have packed some home.

Authentic Indian Fish Curry.

Home cook stir fried vege and butter prawns!

As if the meal didn't filled my stomach to the brim, La Fashion Designer decided to bake his famous brownies. I swear, the whole family is trying to fatten me up! Thank goodness there weren't any ice cream to go with the brownies or my calorie meter would have just exploded...

Absolutely sinful brownies.

I love staying over or having meals at his place. The food are so good, one might have thought it's gourmet food from India itself! But the best thing of all is enjoying the food while having a good chat with La Fashion Designer, his family and friends.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Idiot Box Busted

I'm not the potato couch kind but when the Astro decoder went busted, I strangely feel like something is missing... I probably spent an average of three hours tops watching TV per week. So it was a surprise for me that I'm actually missing it.

Humbug Baldrick, fix my Astro.

No idea what happened but I assure you that it's truely busted and not an idiotic case of not plugging in the decoder into the power point. One fine morning, it just wouldn't work. Pressing the on button on the remote didn't work. Pressing the manual on button didn't work either. Even fiddled with the wire connected to the power point but nothing happened.

Well now it's in Astro's service center. I hope it's nothing majorly wrong with the circuit. Let's see how long do they take to fix it. I'm missing my E! already... I need my fix of gossips and hawt photo of actors!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Tactical Operation: Stealth Potato – Episode 1

As previously stated, my team and I are to come up with a game plan to bag all 30 tickets to Old Trafford and enjoy a good old football match. Knowing us Malaysians, if we can save money and yet bag all those tickets we'll do it! Call us kiasu. Call us stingy. Call us tight arsed but hey, it saves money right? 100% profitability.

Let's recap on what the prizes are and how you can win it.

Take a look at the GRAND PRIZE! Football tour to Manchester, England. This includes Stadium and Museum Tours worth RM 15k and they're giving this out for FREE! On top of that, top 3 highest football point collectors get RM 5k! Monthly winners will get official football jerseys. I like Ballack. He's kinda cute.

Now that a beauty.

All you have to do to enter the competition is collect Mister Potato seal and pouch to accumulate football points and redeem attractive prizes. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Game Plan

So our team has decided to run our game plan in several phases within the course of 48 hours. First phase starts with me and get the plan going. Remember, our objective is simple and direct. Collect as many Mister Potato canister seals and empty pouches and enter the Mister Potato Football Contest. So we came up with 5 fantabulous plans. All of it which will be explained thoroughly in 5 episodes of posts!

T minus:




Our mission starts with something simple yet guarantees to bring in many Mr. Potato stubs. Due to the huge success of KL Freeze in getting people to rally for a common cause through the use of Internet, mainly Facebook, I propose we recreate the KL Freeze event with a twist of Mr. Potato. It is high time that we have a Mr. Potato Day celebration in this country.

To start this is easy. Take any random person on the street and I bet you that person has a Facebook account. The world is getting smaller and smaller. So create an event code named Mister Potato Day. All participants must bring at least a packet of Mister Potato with them. Knowing the power of Facebook, it'll generate enough hype that even the media will come to cover the story. And knowing people and their love of being publicised, they will come for their 5 seconds of fame.

This was KL Freeze but it's just missing a little something...

Something's not right...

It's missing this of course!

Packets of Mister Potato go a long way~~~

KL Freeze would look very different with Mister Potato. Everyone there with a packet of Mister Potato.

Photos courtesy of Shahril Mohammad.

Photo courtesy of Shahril Mohammad.

Here are some of the winning poses that will guarantee to be media worthy.

As the clock strikes twelve, everyone opens their Mister Potato and munch. Several assigned staffs will go around collecting the empty Mister Potato packets and thus collecting the canister seals and empty pouches. Win win situation. Mister Potato and the crowds get their publicity while we have the canister seals and empty pouches for FREE!

Mission accomplished.

T minus:




Meanwhile, Wong Yee Ming (Episode 2) initiates the second phase of our game plan.

Shaolin Tiger - Prologue
Precious Pea - Episode 3
Roeseann - Episode 4
Miss Porcinus May - Episode 5

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Night Of The Glitz And The Glam I

Many things went on during the Made of Honour event in JW Marriott so I'm gonna blog it in two parts. The first part is the food they served us. I am glad I managed to get a hold on a pair of passes. It was an extremely lavish affair.

While waiting for the doors to open into the hall, waiters barraged guests with free flowing fruit juices, whiskey on rocks and sparkling wine with a strawberry in it (I was convinced that it was champagne too...). Of course I camwhored while waiting and sipping my free flowing alcohol but those photos will be on the next post.

No I didn't get all bimbotic drunk this time. I was being a good boy.

My passes~~~

As expected from JW Marriott, the food served were amazing.

The first dish is my favourite! What a way to start the 8 course meal with a bang. The duck was absolutely delicious and super tender and that fried basket thing, I went nuts cause I absolutely love them!

Pineapple Chutney with Smoked Duck, Seared Tiger Prawns with Tomato Salsa enhanced with Kerabu Mangga.

I love the soup. It reminded me of the soup that my aunt cooks during Chinese New Year but of course it had more stuff in it than this. It was delicious none the less.

Shredded Chicken and Bamboo Pith Soup.

I'm not a fan of this though it was alright. It's partly because the fried yam was already cold and soft. I like my fried yam hot and crispy. Love the curried mushroom.

Sauteed Julienne of Seafood with Curried Mushroom Cream Sauce served in Yam Ring.

I love my seafood and this sea bass was amazing! Steamed and topped with Thai Sauce is just superb! It was a perfect blend of flavours. The Chinese Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice, otherwise known as "lo mai gai" wasn't that nice though. Best leave that to dim sum shops instead.

Steamed Sea bass with Thai Sauce accompanied with Chinese Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice.

This odd looking mashed potato on asparagus is actually roasted chicken! Very interesting flavour and very tender and juicy. Love it.

Roasted Chicken Parcel on Pencil Asparagus served with Percik Sauce.

I haven't had risotto in ages since the last time I was in Aussie visiting my sis. I'm a fan of risotto and that night I satisfied my hidden craving for risotto. Very creamy and rich, just how I like it.

Saffron Risotto with Buttered Baby Carrots.

The meal ended with a serving of Haagen Dazs. By this time I was already very full. I only took two bite just for taste. I love it even though the rest didn't like the chocolate moist cake.

Chocolate Moist Cake with Fruits Coulis Tropical Fresh Fruits served with Haagen Dazs.

It was a fantastic event! The food were awesome and I was very happy with the service. I'd love to attend another party in JW Marriott. Just superb! Though I have one regret, I didn't have enough sparkling wine...

Stay tune for the second part of the event.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Goodies From Abroad

I love it when La Fashion Designer comes back from London. He always brings something back for us to try. The last time was Krispy Kreme which was divine. Makes Dunkin Donut seem like rubbish and J.Co and Big Apple is just so so... I'd kill for another Krispy Kreme.

This time he brought the most delicious and sinful cupcakes ever. This cupcake is gazillion times better than Cupcake Chic. Cupcakes from Hummingbird Cafe located on Portobello Road, London. It is called Red Velvet. Honestly, they should have called it the Red Death or something because it's just so divine!

Red Velvet with delicious cheese icing.

The icing is absolutely yummy! I've never tasted anything like this. It's sweet but not sickeningly sweet and here's the lovely part, it's cheese flavour! Never had anything like this before! Y-U-M-M-Y!

Check out the redness of it!

After I had the whole cupcake to myself, I started getting sugar rush and kept giggling like a school girl. It was embarrassing. Almost like when I'm drunk. The bimbotic drunk...

Like that wasn't fattening enough, he also brought this. Marks & Spencer Mini Bites. Just read the description! Ra-ra-ra chocolate, ra-ra-ra chocolate and in ra-ra-ra chocolate. Triple chocolate in a single tiny mini bite. This is bio hazard...

I heart Marks & Spencer products!

Just look at the chocolate coating! It's so rich just looking at it and I with that one bite, you'll know this is the real deal of fine chocolate. Delicious! The inside is just as lovely. Moist chocolate cake. Thank goodness they don't sell it here or else I'll stock up my room with this. In case of a nuclear winter you know.

Yummy Mini Bites!

I'm currently going through a phase of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. It's the scarf thing. I heart scarf! They're like the perfect accessory for any occasion! A plain t-shirt is just too plain without accessory. Throw on a scarf and it looks a ton better. Me hearts scarf.


Thanks for the goodies La Fashion Designer.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Cutie For An Interviewer

Now for the post interview briefing (or is it debriefing...). But let me just say this, one of the interviewer is super duper CUTE! Like seriously cute! For a guy who has been working in this line for six years, he's got a really good complexion! Lovely face structure and the skin is so fair, not to mention smooth and it glows too.

I love his adorable single slit eyes. There's something about his eyes that's so attractive. Oh and his smile. Oh his smile... Lovely fine lips. Nice pink-ish lips. He's a soft spoken person too. All the more attractive~~~ But I shall remain professional.

Best thing is, if I'm hired, I'll be under him (now how did they figure that's my favourite place to be?)! He'll be the person I'll be reporting to. I think he'll be my mentor as well. Good company, good pay and good looking superior! What more can I ask!? I do hope I snag this opportunity~~~

Back to the interview. I think the interview went alright. There was an aptitude test of a sort. It had IQ test, basic log reading (which I have no idea how to do...) and trigonometry questions. My brain was exhausted doing those trigonometry questions. I haven't touch them in like six years! Sine. Cosine. Tangent. Find the angle. Find the length of the side.

So after that, there was the one to one interview with the three of them. That went well. Mostly getting to know me sort of questions. I could answer them fairly well. Then there was the group sort of interview. I couldn't answer one question well. The question was, "How could you be an asset to the company?". I was like fark and I had to answer it first. I tried my best but that was like my weakest answer of them all. Oh well. No worries.

And no I didn't talked about ribbed condoms or tight arses...

The thing is, there were four of us being interviewed and they are only hiring two. So basically I have a 50-50 chance. I've already done my part and now it's up to them on who they want to hire.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Girl Power?

Look what a friend of mine found. It's a video clip that's really well made promoting women are as important as men. They should air this in our local tv to shut those ignorant bigots in Parliament and shove it up theirs. I wonder what other sexist and degrading remarks have they made in public.

Enjoy the video clip.

P.S: Big day tomorrow~~~ Interview~~~

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

I Got Fished!

The results for Nuffnang's premier for Made of Honour is finally out! Got the email from Robb the Blogger Relations Executive (cool title man!) today. So yey I'm going for it. 8 course dinner in JW Marriott and the movie premier. Oh this is so exciting!

Thanks Nuffnang. Love you lots~~~ Thanks to Hong Leong Bank too.

At least now I know pressie for La Fashion Designer is covered (went through hell to get it too). Best thing is that Slender Faghag got in too and the bestest best thing is La Faghag is coming too and we'll all be dressed up by La Fashion Designer. So it'll be me, La Fashion Designer, Slender Faghag and La Faghag. Just like old times. I do hope we will make a grand entrance with out pretty outfits!

They're serving alcohol too! I do hope it's free flowing but I should watch it. Don't wanna make a bimbotic fool out of myself now do I? Imagine me giggling on a particularly sad scene and everyone around me staring at me waiting to throw drinks and popcorns.

I finally decided on what to wear for the event. It's simple but with a twist of Chuck Bass. It's the same batik jacket that I wore for a dinner function last year but I will pair that with a red scarf. Bright red on black is totally hawt! Gotta love La Fashion Designer. He's got loads of stuff to wear and a kind heart to lend them to me.

I totally love the outfit!

Who else got through?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Where Them Boys Went?

I was at SIN after the Freestylz event in hopes of drinking, dancing and seeing them cuties. But alas, when we got there, there was hardly anyone in the club. I was sitting by the bar with my bottle of beer for two hours and the club was literally empty... Even with free entrance too... Not many people came in. No one was dancing on the dance floor.

It wasn't the first destination where there weren't many (if any) eye candies. Imagine Pavilion only had a handful of good looking patrons... How can Queer Central be lacking of eye candies?!

Then it hit me. Most of them have gone back to their hometown for Dragon Boat Festival. Meh... That's where they went. Home to be with family and eat Zongzi... There's an interesting story behind Zongzi about how this festival came to be. I just like Zongzi cause it's delicious and uniquely Chinese. My aunt makes a mean Zongzi.

So KL was experiencing a shortage of eye candies for the weekend. I do hope next week they will be around. Clubbing is best when eye candies are around. Then again, I might be too bimbotic-aly drunk to notice them. Heheheh.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

F&N FreeStylz

My first Media Pass to an event was a totally AWESOME experience. Loads (enough to feed the whole of Africa) of food from Italiannies, freebies, met up with friends, took a photo with a celebrity (Danny Wan) and watched artists create beautiful street arts on giant tin cans. So yes, totally enjoyed myself there.

Basically the whole event is to promote street art, a good platform for youngsters to express themselves. So they got local celebrities to help design three limited edition F&N cans (Sarsi, Ice Cream Soda and Orange). How awesome is it to have your own can eh? These cans will be on the shelves for two months. I like the cans cause they're funky!

Q&A Session.

The event started out with torrents of food served to us from Italianese. Caesar's Salad, stuffed mushroom, several types of pasta and pizzas. It was truely a huge feast. Then came the Q&A session with the marketing team and two celebrities who designed the cans regarding this campaign. Once that was done, then it was camwhoring session! I managed get one with Daniel Wan~~~

Every one of us got the limited edition cans as freebies! Though mine only has one autograph on it... They must have run out of autographed cans when it came to my freebie... Something is better than nothing right?

Limited edition cans.

Took some photos of the street art on the can and I must say, some are really impressive. My favourite was the one with the cute blue and white cartoon character with the stitches on its hands. So cute!

So yea, it was totally a fun event for me. I do wish that they gave us those media tags and such. Oh well.

Oddly enough, meeting Aronil, MinLi, Nick Dorian and Yee Ming was the highlight of the event for me. Weird I know but its true.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Why I Love KL

Less than a day of my arrival in KL, already I'm busy as a bee. Busy socializing that is. There's just so many things happening in KL and my schedule is slowly filling up as the days go by. Better to have something to do then nothing right?

So let's see what I was doing and will be doing for the week to come.

Last night and tonight, I was out for "yam cha" or better known as supper with some bloggers. Last night, I had the most yummy Hokkien Char Mee with extra fried pork rind. Pity the place had bad lighting and I couldn't take a photo of it. But I'm sure I'll return once more to have it again. Will take the photo then hopefully. And tonight, it was just a regular mamak session. Nothing like good old mamak session with a friend to chat.

Then tomorrow, I have an event to cover in The Curve. F&N Freestylz, street art competition. I'm very interested to take a look at street art in action. Most of us just think its a sore eye in city scapes but they're actually very artistic if done properly. So that'll take a day.

Then Tuesday, La Fashion Designer is coming back and I am obligated to welcome his arrival... Diva ass... Just as well. Haven't seen him in donkey years and who knows when will I see him again. I do hope he remembers to get me one donut from Krispy Kream. It's just utterly sinful yet heavenly~~~

Come Thursday, I have my interview with DC I! I've yet to start my preparation for it... Arrrgh. I'll get around to it. I must! Shall focus.

And Friday, I've got a party for three birthday celebrations and a farewell party all in one. Something tells me there's drinking involve and you know me. I love parties with booze and dancing~~~ Finally I can satisfy my hunger to party. Yey~~~

This is why I love KL. It's so happening! I shall enjoy it while I still can before being shipped elsewhere for work.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Home Sweet Home

I'm home again and this time I won't be going back to the Mystical Notroh Woods no more. I am officially done with my studies. Woot woot~~~ But of course there's the nightmare of packing my stuff! I thought I had cut down the amount of things I brought to campus but when I started packing, it still seemed a bit much...

How much?

This much...

Whole load of shitload...

That's not even including my computer stuff.

Thank goodness I persuaded my dad to get Toyota Unser years ago. Who knew it was going to be this useful. Check out how packed the car was. Oh well. This is the last time that this car will be packed with my stuff heading to or away from campus.

Full load.

Surprisingly packing didn't take that long. I don't think its considered as packing. I basically just dump everything I can in every small spaces. Even clothes that I packed were just shoved into a luggage with the hangers so that I can just hang it back straight. Yes lazy me.

I'm still in the midst of unpacking. I'm way enjoying stable and fast internet connection. I'm actually throwing out things I don't want anymore like old clothes to accommodate my current stuff. Next, I'm thinking of getting rid of books and junks I can do without. I'm itching to spruce up my room with a new coat of paint, new furnitures and new tiles, I'm thinking marble tiles.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

The Call

The call I've been waiting for. That one most important call. He called me yesterday and I have never been so happy to receive a phone call before. Potentially life changing phone call. It was from DC I. My career is hanging on to this opportunity.

I was kinda worried since I didn't get any news from him last week. In fact, I was about to give him another buzz or email him again just in case he forgotten about it until he called. From the noise I heard on his end, sounded like he was on the field with metal clanging and welding noise and such. Could barely hear him.

Anyhow, he asked me to come by his office on the 12th of June for second interview! Yipee~~~ This time there will be several others interviewing me. Oh what are they going to ask me?! What do I have to do?! Eeeeeks.

[Insert] Post Adrenal Rush.

This is exciting and all but its also scary. I'm a virgin when it comes to second interviews. I've only had first interviews! Gonna prepare myself for the interview by familiarising with the standard interview questions and brush up on my technical knowledge.

Alex recommended sex on the night before the interview to calm my nerves. His skanky side is catching up fast, giving my own advice to me! Naughty naughty.

I wonder who else got called besides me. There were six of us, hand picked by the guy himself on the day of the Career Fair. Oh well, I shall just concentrate on me. Gotta bag this interview and secure myself a career.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Project Trafford Unveiled

Remember I blogged about Project Trafford? Well I got in and no Darren, no stripping involved. Deng it really... There goes my wish of doing a Janet Jackson. So I'm working in a team of six including me. How exciting! Meeting new bloggers and I can say they're a fun bunch.

Here they are.

Shaolin Tiger (Leader)

So what's this Project Trafford is all about? It is to promote Mister Potato Football Contest here. Now do you see where the name comes in? Winners of Mister Potato Football Contest will get to watch a live football match in Old Trafford itself!

Several teams have been formed to promote the contest as well as plan a game plan to bag all 30 tickets. That post will be up soon. Now that the cards have been drawn, I'm interested to see what we can come up with and what the other groups have thought up.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter