Busy, busy, busy...

Arrrg. Busy, busy, busy...

Busy with lecturers...

Busy with club...

Busy with installation...

-Live Long & Prosper


Tolerance means:
  1. capacity to endure pain or hardship
  2. the act of allowing something
  3. sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own
These three meanings are taken online but something is missing. The question is who tolerates who? Is it me who does the thing that annoys my roommate? Or is it him who should be tolerant to the things I do that annoys him?

Today my roommate got back from his family affair and the first thing he did was, told me to turn my speakers down. I was like WTF. I was watching Tokyo Drift and the volume of the cars drifting was louder than the voice of the actors. So WTF am I to do? Fluctuate the freaking volume to suit to YOUR decible. Not even a hi when he entered.
Always me this, me that. So who should tolerate who now?
It didn't stop there. I turned down the volume as per requested by him. Fine. Turned down. Then I proceed to playing DOTA. Play play play and guess what. "Oh, can you turn down the volume. I want to read notes.". WTF. I already turned it down just now. Why don't you stuff cottons into your freaking ears instead of telling me to turn the freaking volume down again.

I would get a set headphone but we do watch movies or tv series from my computer. So what am I to do? Bring both speakers and headphones? Why must I be the one who's bringing them? Why can't he just stuff his ear with HIS earphone and turn on music to filter the NOISE from my computer. I don't even tell him to freaking shut up when he watches comedies.

Give me a freaking break. I don't even blast the freaking volumes like some other people and he should be freaking greatful for that. I catch myself constantly trying to adjust the volume so his Royal Assness don't get irritated to the freaking volume. This happens especially at night when I want to watch my stuff. How am I suppose to predict when the volume will be loud or when its not going to be loud.

Maybe I should set up an alter here and start burning things for prayers. See how tolerant is he when it happens. Why should I be the one tolerating his intolerant to all the things I do? Why can't he freaking do his part of being tolerant.

-Live Long & Prosper

Just My Luck

Arrrrrg... Today sucks big time... The most unluckiest day ever in my life... All shit broke loose the whole day. Sigh... I'll start in the morning. I woke up late today due to the lack of sleep I have been getting for the past week. Was extremely busy with my club work until late night and wake up super early for classes. What started as usual "morning sickness sniffle" turned into a full blown running nose. My nose is like a freaking tap with snot coming out constantly...

Later in the afternoon, I was doing my washing downstairs. We have one washing machine and two dryers. As I was leaving my room to check on my clothes, I locked myself out of my room... My roommate went to a family function elsewhere and won't be back till Sun... Crap... I had to look for the fellow in charged of my villaged. Found him and took the master keys from him but it wouldn't open my door or any doors in my house. Crap crap... Ran back to the fellow again and this time got the spare keys for my room. All this had to happen when I was about to play my first DOTA game in campus...

Then when it was time to fold and put my clothes back to the cupboard, I found out that my black thong, my favourite thong was MISSING! Arrrrg. Dem it, dem it. So I went back downstairs and searched intently for my thong. Finally when I got to the machine, it was in there in the machine but hidden from sight. Thank goodness no one was using the dryer or I'll lose my favourite thong forever.

Thanks to the weather here, my face looks like all the volcanoes in the entire world is errupting on my face... Stupid pimples... One particular one is really annoying me. Its three small pimples lumped into one... It looks like freaking Mount St. Helen... I want my flawless complexion~~~ My installation dinner is coming, I must look good for it. I need my FACIAL~~~

Tell me why all this happening today? One day after our one month anniversary? Is it a sign that I'm having too much fun and it's time to balance it up with piles of misfortunes, one after the other? Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

-Live Long & Prosper


One month has past since the day Mc Dave and I decided to be together as a couple. I must say that I enjoyed every moment with him even before we decided to be a couple. He is a very affectionate person with a great sense of wittiness and humour. He cares for the person he's in love with, which is ME, and he knows how to cheer me up. Everytime I hear his voice, its give a sense of calmness and serenity in me. I love you my baby, my knight in shinning armor.

Its sad that we can't celebrate our one month anniversary together. I'm here in the middle of no where while his four hours drive away... Sigh. If only I can. I hope there will be more anniversaries to come and we can celebrate them together.

!Happy Anniversary Baby!


-Live Long & Prosper

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Great weather this morning cause of the sudden rain and accompanied by the cool morning breeze. If only every morning is like this and classes start later in the morning. Mornings like this makes me all emotional and wish that my baby is here in bed with me, under the comforter and sharing body warmth while enjoying each other's company. Ah if only...

But this weather didn't hold throughout the whole day. By about 10.00 AM, the sun is scorching hot and I'm gettting darker~~~ Fuck... I don't wanna be tan, I wanna be fair and yellow... I'll find to a way for me to walk with the most minimum duration under the sun cause I don't want to carry an umbrella around. But I ain't gonna waste my two months effort getting fair in my cave at home.

Classes as usual during the day. Nothing much really. Introduction here and introduction there but in the evening I was in JJ. Bought some groceries for me. I'm soo addicted to Post cereals. They have the best cereals EVER~~~ Yum yum. I got the Honey Bunches. Gonna eat it once I finish my Cranberry Almond Crunch. They got soo many flavours and I'm gonna get mom to stock it up for me for the rest of the term. :P A little pricey for me to buy it on my own. Hehehe.

While I was in JJ, I went to BodyShop. I just love that shop cause everything they have there is soo nice. If only I got more money. Anyways, I saw the fragrant Oceanus and I took a whiff of it. I really like the fragant soo much but most of all, it reminded me of Mc Dave. This is his smell and I miss him soo much. Almost made me cry in the shop. I wanted to buy a bottle for myself but no money la... Sigh. So I took the tester paper strip and sprayed some on it for me to take it back. Then I made rat rat to hug the strip till rat rat smell like Oceanus. I'm sure he misses Mc Dave too. :P

-Live Long & Prosper

Gravity IS NOT A Constant

Today is the day I proved scientists all over the world wrong, gravity is NOT a constant cause it changed and my proof is my weight. Yes my weight. My weight increased over the past few days in campus. Now unless I gained mass, which I think I did not, it definately must be gravity. F=MA. Mass is constant but force increased must mean gravity increased. Ahah. Eureka. Gravity no longer is a constant...

Or perhaps I can blame it on the scale cause its not calibrated. Yes, due to excessive usage of the scale, it is now no longer able to give accurate results. It has a percentage error of 10%. So it gave me false reading. I should blame the company that made this scale for causing emotional distress on my poor poor soul...

Ah one more factor I didn't consider. My clothes and the stuff I carry with me in my clothes. They contributed to the increase of weight. Yes. Next time I should weigh myself while I'm naked to get the most accurate reading. Should have thought of that. Hmmm.

Anyhow, its depressing matter for me. Sigh... Why now...

-Live Long & Prosper

Early Freaking Morning...

I had a rough idea of what my timetable is like for this semester. All 8.00 AM class except Thursday which is a 9.00 AM class. Arrrrg. Why soo freaking early one!? So now that I have to wake up early everyday, I shouldn't have a problem waking up early for my intership next semester then. I hope. :P

I was a good boy today by attending all the classes today. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both classes, the lecturer FFKed (Fong Fei Kei) me... Sigh. So I got up from my sleep in the morning and my afternoon nap for nothing... Grrrrr....

Double A is having a promotion thinggie in my campus specifically in my village's cafe. They sell all sorts of paper product and with each purchase, we are entitle to spin our luck and see what we get. Hehehe. I got something from them today. Something interesting. Imagine a tuna can. Now imagine paper. Put them both together and you'll get paper in tuna can. It contains 250 sheets of round colourful paper. Cost RM5.70. Rather pricy for paper but hell it sure is interesting. I wonder what I can do with it...

I do hope I get my internet connection by this week or latest next week. So if I don't update, don't worry, I'm not dead. (I'm assuming there are people that cares about me. :P)

-Live Long & Prosper

Day One

Classes started today and I skipped all my Monday classes. I think there are two or three on Monday. Hehehhe. Why? I was busy with my Rotaract work. A bunch of us were in Ipoh doing some stuff for our installation for the whole day. We left at eight in the morning and got back at eight at night. Yea tiring. Though I did manage to buy some underwear. :P I couldn't help but treat myself. Heheheh. They didn't have what I wanted so I got Renoma Touch hipsters instead. Hehehhe.

I guess its a good start to the semester busy with something instead of walking around going to classes like a zombie cause of the holidays. Nothing like skipping classes to jump start my semester. :P

Oh and Ipoh is soo FREAKING hot~~~ My arse was feeling like "Niagra Fall" will all the sweat. Not to forget the freaking Sun. Its so intense, it can scorch anything. I feel like a turkey in the oven for Thanks Giving...

So that was my day one of my semester. :)

-Live Long & Prosper

At The End Of The Universe

Arrived campus at last after three hours of driving and a lunch pitstop in Tapah stop. The first thing I noticed was how freaking hot this freaking place is and how bloody humid it is too. Arrrg. Why why... So I arrvied at 2.00 PM and I went straight to the office to get my keys. Guess what, its closed and there's a notice saying registration will continue at 2.00 PM. Hmmm. Gotta love Malaysians with their ability to read the time...

Since I didn't want to sweat like a pig and get roasted till I'm all crispy and "well done", I headed to the "Pink Room". Hehehhe. I missed the "Pink Room". Met Xavier but he was studying like there's no tomorrow and I could see lots of paper and files everywhere. Not a good example of being "GAY". :P Managed to chat a little in between him reading and writting stuff that I don't think I want to understand... Weird ass graphs and illustrations... Then Alex came in. Heheheh. So I was basically there killing time till it was 2.30 PM then I went back to the office again. She was there and I got my keys.

I headed to my room to try out the keys but the key wouldn't turn. Its stuck. Fuck... I went back to the office to get another set of keys but they were all the same. WTF... I took all the same keys back to try my lock again. Still it wouldn't turn. Arrrrg. I gave up with the keys and asked help from my housemate. It didn't take him any effort at all to unlock it. WTF... Apparently the lock had to be twisted and turned in a weird way... But finally I managed to open it. After that was just shifting stuff from the car to my room.

My room design is the same as the last, which is the corner room. I love this room soo much cause of the positions the beds are at. Its under a window so fresh air in the morning~~~ One thing is different though. My block faces the girls block and they are at higher grounds... Not to mention even though I'm in the second floor, my room is almost the same level as the road outside. So people tend to look in the general direction of my room. Oh well. See ma see lo. :P

I'm missing my baby already. Sigh. Why why so "ulufied"... At least I have my rat rat to remind me of him everytime I play with rat rat... Sigh...

-Live Long & Prosper

Packing SALE Packing SALE

Soo sad!~~~ I'm leaving for campus tomorrow morning. I don't wanna go but I have to. Why why~~~ I don't wanna leave civilization behind and my baby behind of course. Sigh... Oh well. I guess on the brighter note is that I get to see Alex and Xavier, though I'm sure they're working their arses to study for their exams... Poor them... Then after that, I'm sure they'll be off for holidays leaving me behind. Waaaa. Hehehhe. Soo drama.

Anyhow, I spent most of my daytime playing DOTA. Finally met Chris online but couldn't play a game with him. Deng it. The games has been really sucky these days. Arrrrg. No good games at all... I'm soo pissed with that. A game is a game. Can't complain much about it. Bad days and good days.

I did pack some stuff after my games. Nothing much to pack since I didn't unpack much when I got home for the holidays. So easy job for me. Just pack cloths and my computer along with other stuff I need in campus. I also unloaded rubbish so that I don't have to carry soo many things up and down to my room.

My mom got an sms from Padini today. It was about a clearance sales in their concept store at Ampang Point. Mom asked me if I wanted to go. Like hell I'm going to miss this clearance sales. Hehhee. So I just tagged along and went shirt hunting. I got meself three t-shirts. One plain black shirt, everyone must have a plain black shirt. Another a super gay super fag shirt, pink in colour with the words printed in the front "FABULOUS". I love it but I'm not sure when I'm going to wear it. The last is a red, long sleeves t-shirt. Oh and a belt. This all cost a grand total of RM 75.00. I love sales~~~ So yes, I'm happy.

-Live Long & Prosper

Blur Blur Day...

My my was rather bizarre early in the afternoon. It was alright when I woke up, kissed Mc Dave good morning, shower and had breakfast. It was the most perfect morning I could have asked for. After breakfast, everyone in the house got ready to go out. This was about one o'clock. We all got into the car and mom drove us to Sungai Wang. Quater way to Sungai Wang, I realised something. My Chinese class starts at TWO~~~ Fuck. Told mom and she turned the car round, headed back and dropped. Sigh. I'm not sure why I totally forgotten about it. I was so hyped up to go out to Sungai Wang and do a little last minute shopping.

The class was fun as usual but it was my last... I now can write simple sentences and I can recognise some of the daily use words. I'm so happy and now I can continue learning Chinese myself. If only I was Chinese Ed. Then again, I won't be the person I am today.

After the class, we got ready again to go to Sungai Wang even though it was raining pussy and puppies out there. I called soo many cab companies but none had any cabs for us. Finally mom came back from her outing and brought us to the LRT station. Getting to Sungai Wang was no hassle but getting the things I wanted was another story.

First thing on my list was to get meself a new sling bag. We saw a nice sling bag previously when we were there. So we went back to the same shop to get it but it took a little more decision making skills to determine which bag I wanted. I kept comparing the bags to suit my needs. So I got a bag which was RM 10.00 extra but it was worth it. I love the bag lots. That pretty much took most of my energy and I was running on my reserved energy.

After bag shopping, we went to The Undershop. Yes, if you don't already know, I have underwear fetish. I can't help it. I just love underwear. So there we were, browsing through the sample underwear and I asked the sales person for the underwear that I wanted. She looked at the shelf and told me they ran out. Fuck AGAIN!? Its out even here?! Shit man... Sigh... I want more underwear! Arrrrg... Fine, then we walked to Time Square to The Undershop and guess what, it ran out there TOO~~~ Fuck...

To sooth my anger, disappointment and rid of my fucked up chi, we went to eat Chinese herbal jelly. Me love lots and now I'm a herbal jelly junkie~~~ Hehhehehe. Its delicious, yummy and cooling. So we just sat there and enjoyed each other's company. Walked around to kill some time before we had to leave to my faghag's birthday party.

By the time I was at my faghag's birthday party, my reserved energy ran out. I was super exhausted so I didn't do much, actually didn't do any socializing at all. I was basically just talking to the people I know there and stick to Mc Dave. I guess the party would have been super fun if I had the energy to enjoy it. At least my baby and I got to talk with each other about when I am in campus and the future.

When we finally got back, I was soo tired. I went to shower while my baby was updating his blog, reading and commenting blogs. My baby gave me a foot rub after he showered and we slept hugging each other. The last sleepover before I go back to campus... Love you baby.

-Live Long & Prosper

Karaoke Anyone?

Today was a super fun day to make up for yesterday's super boring day. I went out to meet my baby and it was a super busy day for us. First was to meet my baby in KL Central then headed for One Utama to meet Chris for lunch and Pirates Of The Caribbean, Dead Men's Chest. We had lunch in a place similar concept to Kim Gary's called... I forgot what's it called. The food was actually quite nice and I enjoyed it much and ate a lot too. :P Suprisingly Chris ate very little. He had a weird ass blue colour drink and a bow of spicy noodle that barely filled his bottomless pit. Dunno why he didn't order more food. Hmmmm.

After that, we walked around to kill time before our movie. We went to The Undershop to have a look. I was thinking of getting some undies but to my horror, there's no size for me~~~ Fuck... Did all the gays suddenly decided to get the undies that I want?! Arrrrg. Oh well. My baby and I took Chris to look at skanky stuff at the underpass between the Old and New Wing. They were miniature statues of a bear with funny, skanky positions like the bear sitting on a vacuum with the hose sucking his penis or the bear in SM costume. Hehhehe. Chris couldn't stand it. Hahhahaha. Soo funny. Forgive me, I couldn't help it. :P

Movie time~~~ The movie was awesome! Its a must watch for everyone. I enjoyed it lots. Jack Sparrow has done it again. Hehehhe. I'm not going to spoil the story for those who hasn't watch it. So go watch it for yerself, savvy?

By the time the movie finished, Mc Dave and I were half an hour late to meet Harvey and Lawrence in The Curve for karaoke. I the movie was longer than I expected it to be and it took us another half an hour to get to The Curve. We met them in RedBox and the people showed us our room. It didn't take long for my baby and Lawrence to start singing and I joined in then Harvey. Must be Harvey's first time cause he looked a little reluctant to sing at first. But soon enough, we started singing, wailing, shrieking and shrilling our lungs out. Lawrence and Mc Dave were the best singers for the night. Hehehhe. I kinda lost my voice after the whole karaoke session, though it was all worth it. We had a blast.

We had our dinner in RedBox itself and the food was suprisingly good except the sushi cause they didn't use the sticky Jap rice. Oh well, the other food were superb and they had CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN~~~ It was soo yummy~~~ Love it lots. However the price for the whole thing was ridiculously expensive. It would have costed us 250++ for the four of us if it weren't for Mc Dave's coupons and redemption points. We end up only paying for the super duper overpriced titbits which were RM 23.00.

The night ended with Harvey bidding good bye to us and Lawrence kindly sent Mc Dave and me back to my place. Thanks lots Lawrence. But the night didn't end there for me and Mc Dave. Heheheh.

-Live Long & Prosper

Nothing Interesting

I got up...

I sms Mc Dave...

I ate...

I DOTAed...

I slept...

It rained too...

That was my day...

-Live Long & Prosper

Santa Baby, Baby Santa

Today my parents and I went to Shah Alam to see Mc Dave. Hehehe. Yep we all just love him soo much so we decided to visit him. Hehehe. Just kidding. Dad's lenses finally arrived so they decided to go get it done. It was really nice seeing my baby again even though he slept over on Sunday. :P Its really interesting to see how glasses are made and how simple it seems. Take the shape of the frame, put it into the cutting machine and pop it into the frame. It took about an hour for the whole process to complete. My parents left to do some shopping while I spent time with Mc Dave in the shop.

He's wearing my bracelet that I got him from Melaka and he looks good and macho with it. He finally finished crafting my new pair of glasses too. Me love it soo much. I like the frame a lot cause its rather bright and out there. Not too out there but enough to be noticed. He got me new powered lenses too and now everything is super sharp. Thanks baby.

Reinstalled my DOTA and now I can play again. Hehhehe. Woot woot. No idea what was wrong with the game previously. Too lazy to find out. Now, I shall go back to playing DOTA.

-Live Long & Prosper

ETA T-168 Hours

Its freaking depressing to think that in one week time, my semester starts... That means I have to leave my baby here and we are going to be worlds apart. Trust me, when you're where I am, IT IS worlds apart. Almost like going to an alien planet... Communication between us is going to be very, very expensive. Not sure which telco now will gain lots of money of us... First Maxis, then Telekom, after that Celcom and next...

~ ~ ~

My baby woke up really early this morning despite us sleeping only for 4 hours again... I don't think we have ever slept for more than 6 hours before when he or I had a sleepover. Heheheh. I had the best breakfast ever, even though we only ate toast and half-boiled egg. Its the fact that he's here eating breakfast with me. Makes me dream about the future and hopefully that dream will be realised.

I was watching Oprah and she was interviewing Faith Hill. They were talking about her relationship with Tim McGraw. Something Faith said struck home in me and they were talking about how did you know he was the ONE? She said, "The feeling was like wearing an old t-shirt that you've always worn and you just want to keep wearing it. It felt warm and nice.". I get that feeling everytime Mc Dave is around and I really love that feeling. I feel like we belong together and hope that that's true.

He had to go to back to his home to get some stuff before going to work. Unfortunately for him, mornings are rush hour and taking the LRT is madness. My baby had to take the LRT away from the city to the last station and take a train from there. He did make it to work on time. At least now we have a rough idea of the time it takes for him to go to work so he can stayover her more often. :P

~ ~ ~

Had another queer outing for dinner in Mid Valley. Hehehe. This time it was with MrBunnyBan, Paul, Leggie and Chris. It was fun but took us awhile to decide where to eat but we settled for Manhattan Fish Market. It was my first there but it was kinda ok for me. Perhaps I ordered the not so nice meal... Oh well. It was a long dinner. We basically do what us, gays, do best, bitch, chat, rant and all that involves the oral organ. :P

Next we crashed at Leggie's new place and it was rather "Spartan". Heheh. Can't blame him really since he just moved in a few days ago. Though the place is suitable for orgy parties I say. Heheheheh. :P We chatted some more and watched Leggie play Mario and Contra. Hahahah. I know, super old school games man. We also had a go at his huge keyboard but non of us except Leggie knew how to play it. So that was my night outing and I almost forgotten about it if it wasn't for Alex who reminded me about it. Thanks.

-Live Long & Prosper

My Baby Returns

After much waiting at home in my room, staring at my screen just to kill time, he finally arrived~~~ He was suppose to arrive earlier but deng AirAsia, the flight was delayed for nearly an hour. My baby took the bus from LCCT to KL Central but that bus too was delayed a little. Arrrrg. All those delays were getting into my nerve... But in the end, he arrived safe and sound and my mom and I picked him up from the LRT station. Oh my Prince Charming. Mom was really pleased to meet him and it was as though mom was hogging Mc Dave from me...

So he brought my parents and I tons of stuff back here. His mom bought my parents big ass fresh prawns, they are as big as Harvey's prawns back in Melaka, and baked us cookies. Lovely cookies. There were London Almond Chocolate, black and white chocolate, chocolate chip mint cookies and pineapple cookies. Yummy. He gave me a pair of chopsticks~~~ Oh soo sweet.

I'm sure you guys know what it means right, the significant of a pair of chopsticks? Well I'll just tell just in case. A pair of chopsticks can only function when two are together. With just one chopstick, its just a stick and meaningless. A chopstick cannot be replaced with another chopstick. Oooh soo sweet. Thanks baby. Nice pair of chopsticks too. I like. Heheheh.

He also gave be a bottle filled with "saga" seeds. I don't know what's it called in English but its small, look a little like heart shapes, hard shell and red in colour. Its soo lovely and something to remember him by. In return, I gave him a bracelet I got from Melaka made from stones of some sort and passed him rat rat~~~ Heheheh. Now he's got company in bed and rat rat smells of me. :P

-Live Long & Prosper

I Win! Next Level...

YES~~~ I WIN I WIN~~~ Heheh. Finally finished Titan Quest and man it was fun. The ending was rather disappointing though cause too easy to kill the BIG NASTY Boss. Hit and run is my favourite tactic. See him, unleash all my skills on him and run like mad and repeat the process till his dead. Huhuhuh. Fun fun fun. I'm a bitch ass Oracle. Heheheh. I pretty much one shot everything in sight throughout the game cause of a mean ass staff. Hehehhe. Next level should be interesting even though its the same game.

I felt rather miserable the whole day despite me finishing my game. I was missing Mc Dave terribly... The last day of waiting for me but it seems like an eternity or as they say in Chinese, "Yi Ri San Qiu". Arrrg. I'm soo emotional but I can't help it. I just want to see him and have him by my side. Its been too long since we've met and the fact that his away makes it even worst. Sigh. 24 hours to go...

Something my dad said made me wonder if my parents know what's going on between me and Mc Dave. Dad actually asked me about inviting him for dinner at my place. Dad's cooking steak and all that stuff... At this point I'm thinking, oh dear, Mc Dave is like the son in law now, just missing the wedding ceremony. Once when Mc Dave and I were on the phone, we heard my other phone being put back to the craddle... I wonder who picked up and what were we talking about... Hmmm... Would be nice if my parents are cool about me and Mc Dave. :P

-Live Long & Prosper


For those who needs some inspiration to go persevere through, especially Xavier & Alex. Good luck studying and good luck for your 4.5 hours papers. A little something to get you guys going.

Faith Of The Heart

It's been a long road
Getting from there to here
It's been a long time
But my time is finally near

And I can feel the change in the wind right now
Nothings in my way
And they're not gonna hold me down no more
No there not gonna hold me down

Cause I've got faith of the heart
I'm going where my heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
I can do anything
I've got strength of the soul
And no one's gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I've got faith
I've got faith
Faith of the heart

It's been a long night
Trying to find my way
Been through the darkness
Now I finally have my day
I will see my dream come alive at last
I will touch the sky
And they're not gonna hold me down no more
No there not gonna change my mind

Cause I've got faith of the heart
I'm going where my heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
I can do anything
I've got strength of the soul
And no one's gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I've got faith
Faith of the heart

I've known a wind so cold and seen the darkest days
But now the winds I feel are only winds of change
I've been through the fire and I've been through the rain
But I'll be fine

Cause I've got faith of the heart
I'm going where my heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
I can do anything
I've got strength of the soul
And no one's gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I've got faith
Faith of the heart

Faith of the heart
I'm going where my heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
That no one's gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I've got faith
I've got faith
Faith of the heart

Its been a long road

-Live Long & Prosper

Where Are My Horseshoes?

Well seems like luck is not on my side this time round. As previously mentioned, I was on waiting list to fly to Melbourne but I didn't get the ticket. So no flying to Aussie for me... My parents. however, got themselves ticket for next month to fly there. Arrrrg. I wanna go too. Dem it. Sigh. Guess no new edition of DNA mags or gay porn mags.

On the brightside, I get to stay here and spend my time with my baby and do all the plans he's been planing. Woot woot. Sleepovers~~~
Lots of RAMPANT SEX~~~ I mean quality time together. Yes, quality time. :P He's coming back this Sun and staying over for the night since he'll be arriving late that day and it would be too late and dangerous to go back to Shah Alam at that hour.

My exam results are out but its not what I was expecting. I got like a bunch of B+s with a B and a C+... Fuck... I thought I would get As for the B+s cause I was sure I did well for the exam. Studied freaking hard for it and this is the result... Fuck... Sigh. Dem pissed off with it. I can't really send it back to remark cause it costs a bomb per paper... Arrrrrg. At least my CGPA didn't drop, just maintained... Sucks really...

-Live Long & Prosper

New Addiction...

Ok, I've been really slacking in updating my blog. I am sorry... :) I've been occupied with my latest addiction, Titan Quest~~~ Titan Quest is a PC game similar to Diablo back in the days. Mindless clicking of my left mouse button to kill infinite amount of creatures and pick things up that they drop as loot. Repeat the process till you get your desired item sets. My friend calls it the Piñata Effect. Keep hitting it till it falls out candies. :P Heheheh. It sounds simple but its super fun. Storyline is interesting too about Titans trying to rule the world again. I've played this game for days now, hence the vanishing act from the blogsphere and IMs. Heheheh. Komenasai~~~

Then there's always old faithful DOTA. Nothing like playing DOTA to entertain me when I'm bored. But these days, I can't logon to Blueserver to play DOTA. The login screen just stops at downloading files... Annoyance... Sigh. Now I can't DOTA. Soo sad...

So that's how I spend most of my time if I'm not out. I'll be in my cave with the light I bought from IKEA turned on and fan at speed 4 playing computer games. Part of my plan to be white before I go back to campus where I'll turn dark. Hehehe. Suprisingly, this regime of mine doesn't make me gain weight. Quite the opposite. I lost some weight. Woot woot.

-Live Long & Prosper

Launching of Apollo & Hermes

I am proud to announce that my baby's blog is ready for public viewing~~~ It still under-construction but I'll get around to fix it up.

I bring you...

Apollo & Hermes

-Live Long & Prosper

How Random...

Still in Melaka but forced to wake up freaking early in the morning... My phone kept ringing... Family affair type of calls. Sigh. I think my phone woke Lawrence up too. But yea, though they were very weird family affair calls and at the end of it, I maybe flying down to Aussie by the end of this week. Yea I know, "how random" as Idiot would say. :P Why couldn't this happen early in my holidays? Why now at the end of my holidays? Sigh. Mom is making arrangements to get ticket for me to fly. I do hope there's ticket for me. Just one little queer guy wanting to go to Aussie...

After all the phone calls, I happily woke Lawrence and Harvey up with Chinese New Year songs. :P Heheh, yes super hyper morning for me. We went down to the poolside and looked for the jacuzzi. We were expecting the jacuzzi to be warm or hot but it was freezing cold... So that sucked. Then we headed to the sauna. Ahhh warm and hot at last... But something was missing. Where was the bucket of water to make steam?! It was like a freaking oven in there... Geez. Don't the people working there know what a jacuzzi and sauna is... So we didn't really had fun in the morning. Bunny joined us for sauna too. Again... No gay, hot, steamy action there even though Harvey was wearing my super transparent pants. Deng it. It was such a straight gathering...

We left the sauna back to our apartment to freshen up and pack up. Then we checked out and off for lunch at Jonker's Dessert but to our horror, it was closed. WTF... How can they close? We wanted to have laksa and durian cendol... Oh well no matter, Bunny brought us to another place and ordered asam fish, otak-otak, kangkung belacan and toufu. Oh it was so delicious, seriously heavenly. Yummy. Since we didn't get our dessert in Jonker's Dessert, we headed to Tan Kim Hock. There we were tasting the dodol and other junk food that they have. Quite yummy stuff too and of course had our durian cendol. Yumm. Next destination KL and sayonara to Melaka and Bunny. Arigato Bunny for bringing us round and hanging out with us. Melaka will be void of queer Melaka blogger for awhile...

Mc Dave's holiday started today and he flew back to his hometown this morning. As though things aren't complicated enough, the distance between us gotten even further... Not to mention I maybe flying to Aussie too and that would kinda screw the plans he planned for us to meet... Sigh. I'm torn between going to Aussie or staying here to see my love... Arrrrg... Soo many challenges being thrown at us. Guess nothing good comes easy huh... Whatever happens, wherever we are, I love you with all my heart baby.

-Live Long & Prosper

Melaka Here We Cum!

Once again, Melaka was invaded by a bunch of queer guys. This time there's five of us: Lawrence, Prince, Prince's BF, Harvey and me. Everything almost when according to plan the morning we were suppose to leave but we should have anticipated a tiny glitch in our plan to meet Lawrence. Harvey being Harvey the blur blur one overslept... We were waiting for him at the KTM Station but he was no where in sight nor did he call. So Lawrence called his phone but someone else picked up. We didn't know Harvey's real name so we couldn't talk to Harvey. He tried calling again then finally Harvey picked up. We finally left KL two hour later. :P We forgive you Harvey.

We stayed in Mahkota Century Hotel, a two bed room apartment. Needless to say who got which room and all that. :P We met MrBunnyBan there in the hotel but he was also as blur blur as Harvey. Bunny went to Equatorial Hotel thinking its Mahkota Century Hotel... Hmmm... After that, we went makan-makan in Jonker Street. Chicken Rice Balls~~~ Yummy. Though something was missing after this delicious lunch, DESSERT~~~ We had regular cendol and it was sooo nice... Oh an a plate of Mee Siam. Hheheh. I'm feeling fat... :(

Then we headed to Mahkota Parade to meet four of Prince's friends. One guy, one couple and one suspected gay. Hahahah. We went to go jalan-jalan to the historical places around like A Farmosa, St. Paul's hill and other tourist attraction. We walked back to Mahkota Parade to take a break from walking and stayed there till it was dinner time and off to Satay Celup~~~ 10 people eating Satay Celup is fun. We got two whole table to ourselves. It was a good dinner and I was disturbing the Indonesian "kak" there. She's soo funny. In the end, we got 30 cents discount. :P Oh, Harvey got a huge big ass and I really mean huge big ass prawn. If you're a prawn fan, you just might get an orgasm there and then.

Not much went on after dinner. We were exhausted anyhow cause of all the walking we did but we did go and have a look at a cruising spot Bunny told us. Yes, you heard me right, Bunny said it. Heheheh. We didn't see anything really. It was really dark and I was having a bad feeling about it so I said lets head back. Too dangerous I'll say. So we headed back and sleep... No gay, hot, steamy sex action I'm afraid. :P

-Live Long & Prosper


Parents are annoying...

Enough said...

-Live Long & Prosper


I had the weirdest, weird ass dream this morning. I dreamt that I was studying in my old high school. It started out as a normal dream where I went to class, hanged out with friends and talked to the teachers. Suddenly out of no where, Mc Dave appeared in my dream but it didn't feel weird. He was my classmate but we weren't dating. The dream continued like how my days in high school were.

The next thing I knew, I was getting flashs of images or short clips of me being bullied by this girl. I think she was this over zealous antihomosexuals, religious person. It terrified me cause of the things she did to me. I remembered a small part of my dream before I woke up, she took my backpack and threw all the content out on the floor. Then took my water bottle and emptied the contents on me. People were gathering round to see it happening.

I woke up with the sound of my door opening. I was soo terrified and messaged Mc Dave... Must be telepathic thing going on between us cause he and I sent our messages at the same time. He called me immediately to check on me... I don't like nightmares... I think it must be rat rat's doing, meddling my beauty sleep...

-Live Long & Prosper


Today really sucks. The weather sucks. I can't play DOTA so that sucks. Didn't have the mood to study my Chinese and that sucks. Arrrrg. Today just sucks... Didn't do much either. Couldn't sleep in the afternoon cause the phone kept ringing. Just stayed home to get fairer and went to a friend's place to laze. That was my day.

What did you do today?

-Live Long & Prosper

Si Bei Bored

DOTA has been really sucky lately. Pathetic games and I'm just bored out of my skull. I just wanna lie down and sleep the whole day... Sooo bored~~~ Must be one of those days... Arrrg...

Anyhow, took this pic this morning after I got up. Heheheh. Looks like Teddy and rat rat are having a fun time with each other on my bed while I was asleep. They're soo adorable~~~ Every queer should get one. No. Don't get one. Its only for me and my Mc Dave. :P Hehheh soo selfish. I love stuffed toys~~~ They're fluffy and soft~~~

-Live Long & Prosper

IKEA Addiction

I LOVE IKEA. Went there again today with my parents to have lunch there. I know crazy ass idea but they've got the best meatball ever. Its soo delicious and fabulous. 10 meatballs with two boiled potatoes are enough to fill me stomach to the max. There's something about the ball shape that makes things very delicious. Take for example the Chicken Rice Balls. Its just regular chicken rice but super yummy.

While I was there, I got meself a lamp for my room. I love the lamp soo much. Makes my room very cosy and romantic and looks oh so fabulous too. I love dim lights for my room and this suited me perfectly. I saw this lamp with Mc Dave last Sunday too when we were there window shopping for our future home. He loved it too. I kinda got lost in there for a moment. Trying to find my way to look for the lamp was a little tricky but I managed. Heheheh. Too many furniture everywhere makes me go bonkers.

After I got the lamp, I past by the children's room section. Normally I wouldn't pay attention to it but something in the stuffed toys corner grabbed my attention. It was these rats that caught my attention I went crazy over them. They're soo cute and adorable. I couldn't resist myself and got one for me and another for Mc Dave. They're soo fluffy and nice to hold. Even a mother and her daughter were laughing when I went to pay for them. Heheheh. Now Teddy has friends to play with. Currently they don't have any names yet but I call them rat rat for now. :P Any suggestions?

-Live Long & Prosper

Future Son-In-Law?

Went out with Mc Dave today to Sungai Wang, Low Yat and KLCC. I met him in KL Central at noon and we headed for Maybank. He wants to have an account but couldn't. There was shit load of things to do and tonnes of restrictions. He didn't know that he had to make an appointment to open an account. Then, he needs a supporting letter to open an account. WTF. And also, he has to go to the branch nearest to him to open an account... Needless to say, no new account in Maybank.

We took the monorail to Imbi to go to Low Yat for lunch. We had it in Good Happiness. Its similar concept as Kim Gary's but they failed in the waiters department. No CUTE or DELICIOUS waiters. WTF. Canto food must come with goodlooking waiters that serves the food to us. You can give it a go to try but I'll just stick to Kim Gary's. We walked around Low Yat to look for a handphone. Previous day, I expressed my need of another phone for my prepaid cause sms in my prepaid costs 1/5 the cost of sms in fixed line. 1000 sms costs RM50.00 while it only costs RM10.00 using my prepaid. We found one phone that suited my need, very basic need really. Nokia 3120, a newer version of 3100, my old phone, but didn't get it on the spot.

Headed to Sungai Wang after that to just walk around to kill time before dinner time. He was bringing me to go ring shopping. Hehehehe. I was delighted but unfortunately we didn't get any. There were lots of nice looking one but not couple's ring material. Sigh. Poor baby was sad that things weren't going as planned. We walked around some more looking at stuff and found this shop that sells many decorative stuff. He found this nice looking Absolut Vodka tin box and I bought it for him to put his stash of forbidden stuff. Heheheh. I know, I know, SKANKY. :P Then we headed to The Undershop to checkout new Renoma stuff. He found a new set of colours for his jockstraps that he didn't have and bought it there. (Ok... I can hear people chanting, "Skanky couple, skanky couple, skanky couple...)

After a lot of walking around in Sungai Wang we headed to KLCC for dinner. We didn't have our dinner on time as planned cause my parents were fashionably late. While waiting for them, we had a heart to heart chat. We were talking about the future and stuff like that. It was a nice chat. I was thinking about the new phone too. Then I decided, to get it after dinner.

My parents finally arrived an hour later. Geez... Parents... Guess where we had our dinner? KIM GARY'S. Hehehh. Mc Dave bought me and my parents dinner to somewhat celebrate Father's Day kinda thing. Yea I know. Such a sweet heart. Dinner was kinda fun. He and my parents were chatting away as though he's apart of the family. It was nice moment. Talk about "Meet The Parents" huh. Mc Dave was telling my parents that his mom is coming to visit in October and guess what my mom told him. She said, "Oh is it. Do bring your mom to meet me so we can chit chat and go out.". Ok, is it just me or "Parents Meet The Parents" is going to happen next. Are my parents trying to tell us something?

Mc Dave and I left my parents to go back to Sungai Wang to get my phone. Heheh. I know, crazy isn't it but yea. I like to have some time thinking about it before buying it. Went to the bank to draw out some money and off we went. We shared the cost of the phone. The phone is now a direct link to Mc Dave like the phone that President of USA has in his office to Russia portrayed in Hollywood movies. After that we had a drink in Coffee Bean then off to KL Central to see him off to Shah Alam.

He had a little incident there. He kinda, sort of missed his bus back to Shah Alam. Not his fault really. The stupid bus didn't stop and just past by the station. So he had to wait for another bus. Luckily I wasn't in the LRT station yet. So I turned back and headed to where it was. I gave him a scare when I spooked him from the back. Hhehehe. I could see how scared he was by the amount of sweat he generated. I know, I'm naughty. :P The other bus took about 45 minutes, I think, to arrive. He nearly kissed me in public too when the bus arrived. Awww. Mc Dave is getting braver by the day. My knight in shinning armor.

So that was my day today. How was your day?

-Live Long & Prosper

A Day In The Life Of Mc Dave

I finally got to see where he stays and who his housemates are. Pity I didn't have time to go through his stuff. Heheh. Things people have tells a lot about the owner. He showed me photos of him since he started his course. Its a huge difference, his hair especially. They weren't as super fly as last time. Well, they weren't super fly fullstop. :)

Didn't get much sleep after the looking at photo session. Slept at 4.00 AM but woke up at about 7.30 AM. Sigh. Kept tossing and turning in bed and Mc Dave was also doing the same but he was more energetic than me. Guess he's a morning person while I'm so totally not... Anyhow, by 8.30 AM we got up and got ready cause Mc Dave had to go to work by 9.30 AM. He had to open shop for business or his juniors will be waiting for him outside of the shop.

As I have mentioned before, he's an student/employee optician. Come to think of it, he's the first person I know that is studying in this field and its kinda interesting. I'm soo facinated by the things he studies and the things he does as an optician. The reason I followed him to work was my dad wants to get new lenses for his glasses. Hehehhe. Father and son bonding?

I had been soo interested to see how they cut lenses to fit into the frames and today I got my chance to do so. MrBunnyBan out of spontaneous shopping desire, I think, decided to get a new pair of glasses. Just kidding about the spontaneous shopping desire. He really needed new ones cause he's was rather ancient. Now he looks super fly~~~ :P Mc Dave was able to make his glasses on the spot because he had the lenses that Bunny needed. So I got to see the process of making a pair of glasses. Me soo happy. :) Mc Dave gave Bunny one month disposable contact lenses for Bunny to try too. It was funny to see Bunny putting them on and hilarious seeing him taking them out. Heheheh, I'm soo mean.

Then my parents came. Took them long enough but luckily there was the making a glasses thing to keep me awake and facinated or else I'm not sure what I'll do in his shop. Soo tired and I most probably would have fallen asleep there and then. Mc dave was sweet enough to get some info about cataracts for my dad since he asked Mc Dave the other day. So he did an eye test for my dad and told my dad that the lenses he currently have are tinted not gray-shading ones. Dad was a little angry cause he got cheated.

-Live Long & Prosper

An Almost A Queer Last Supper

As I said from my previous post, we had a farewell party for MrBunnyBan. 12 queers attended, short of one to make it The Last Supper. Guess Judas wasn't interested in attending our party. Your lost. :) The guest list:
  1. MrBunnyBan
  2. Alex
  3. Joshua
  4. Xavier
  5. Dr Paul
  6. Leggie
  7. Derek
  8. Chris
  9. Harvey
  10. Silentside
  11. Mc Dave
  12. Me
Amongst the 12 queers, I met Joshua, Derek, Chris, Harvey and Silentside for the first time that night. It was really great meeting them and we were talking non stop, laughing till my head hurt and boy, weren't we like SOO LOUD~~~ There were these three guys sitting behind us and according to Xavier, they're queers. Well, they kept staring at me and Mc Dave cause we were feeding each other food, holding hands and hugging. Like I said, "If you have it, flaunt it.". But I guess every Tom Harry Dick in TGI Friday knew we're queers. The waiter serving our table definately knew we're gay cause:

Waiter: So are you guys going to stay for the game? (Refering to football.)
Xavier: What game? (Asking with the muka sepuluh sen. :P)

Think about it. 12 guys but none of us paying attention to the game going on and it was full house in TGI Friday too. Heheheh.

Hot deng it. I don't think I've spoken to Joshua much. I guess he is what he portrays online. Then again, I didn't get to chat much with him online these days too. See see, because of a CERTAIN PERSON la. Hogger. Yea you know who you are. Grats anyhow. Heheheh. But great meeting yea non the less.

It was really a pleasure to meet Derek being the Queer GodFather. All of us knew who Derek was and was connected to him in the blogsphere one way or another. I like talking to Chris cause he's got that "boy-boy" innocent look. This made me want to defile and deflower him. Skanky mode ON~~~ Hehhehe. Not defile/deflower him physically of course Derek. :P Not to mention, Chris plays DOTA too. Yes finally another queer DOTA player in Blueserver. I can see my Queers R Us clan is coming to view. Hehehe. Can't wait to play with him. I meant DOTA.

Silentside. Bah. My ass will bloom lots of flowers in WINTER with icicles forming on each of them if his nick is any indication of his personality. He is really funny guy, never short of expressions when talking to him and loud. I had tonnes of fun talking to him in the car and we were going nuts with our bimbo and super queen expressions. Gotta love them bimbos and queens. Oh and he dances too. Not sure what sort of dance.

Harvey. Hmmm. Harvey half what I imagined him to be. I don't know how else to put it. I guess in some ways he's like Bunny. Heheheh. Mc Dave spoke to him more than I did. Bitching about me were you?! Kidding. What were we talking about? Ah deng this lack of sleep syndrome. I totally forgotten. I don't remember most of the things I talked about. Aaaaa~~~ And
soo many people to talk to but soo little time and table arrangement sucks. They should have given us a round table. I think that would be much better.

I'm glad that Mc Dave
finally got to meet my blog friends. I hope he had a great time chatting with them and getting to know them. Though I wished that Mc Dave was sitting next to Dr Paul just to see what Dr Paul would do to Mc Dave. Tease him? Prod him? Inquisition session? Heheheh.

-Live Long & Prosper

Window Shopping

I had the best and most fabulous outing ever with Mc Dave today. We had lunch at Mc Donalds in KL Central. (Har har har. I can practically hear everyone laughing still.) I only had strawberry milkshake while he had the new Spicy Beef Foldover. No idea why but I had a sudden craving for strawberry milkshake. I love Mc Donald's milkshake.

After lunch, we headed for One Utama. It took us ages to get there by cab from Taman Bahagia but it was nice when we got there. That was my fifth time going there. We went to The Undershop to get MrBunnyBan's parting pressie. Guess what I got? I got him my all time favourite kinky and skanky wear, A POUCH. Then we went to a gift shop, initially for a card but found out they sold empty decorated bottles. So got the bottle instead to put the pouch in it. What a lovely gift. We went to one of the optical shop to go visit Mc Dave's friends. Sat there and chatted away. Nice people from what I can tell. Last destination was Popular bookstore. Mc Dave wanted to look for books to aid my learning in Chinese. We found some really nice books that I like. Gonna get them soon with mom later on before going back to campus.

Oh, Mc Dave and I got this matching handphone chains. Its two people kissing when they're joined and its soo lovely. The gal thought I was buying it for a gal. Hehehe. It was one of those stall looking shop things. That shop had really nice stuff but only for heterosexual couples. SEXIST~~~ Though the one I got was not obvious. Can't really tell its heterosexual couple kissing each other.

The highlight of our outing was IKEA~~~ I love furniture shopping~~~ No, we're not getting a place of our own cause none of us can afford a place but it doesn't hurt to just walk around to see what furnitures were available and imagine our ideal home. We decided that our dream home would be a loft. An empty space with no walls. I love it soo much. Check out Brian Kinney's place from Queer As Folk. We saw many furnitures we liked and many furnitures that we ain't touching with a TEN FOOT POLE. He and I have similar taste on how to decorate our home. Out of the blue when we were in one of the model home, he asked a very important/serious question.

Mc D: Do you want kids?
Me: (A little shocked.) Well, at this moment no. I'm not sure about the future but most likely no. Like I said to Bunny, I'll take care of your kid but that's as far as I'll go.
Mc D: I don't want kids too. (He said something more but I couldn't remember. Lack of sleep...)

We went on talking about pets. It was one of my minor priority for our ideal home. He's a dog person while I'm a cat person so I guess when we get our pets, we should get it at the same time and the doggie and the kitty must be of a very young age so they can get along. I loved the time we were in IKEA. It was a semi dream come true relationship wise. Moving in and going back to IKEA to get furnitures is the dream come true for me.

While in dreamland, I had a call from Alex saying that he was in TGI Friday. So Mc Dave and I left IKEA and headed to TGI Friday. We were having a farewell party for MrBunnyBan and a grand total of 12 queers attended. I will blog about this in the next post. The party came to an end at about 2.00 AM in the morning. MrBunnyBan drove Mc Dave, Silentside and me back. We dropped Silentside back to his place first then to Mc Dave's place. Mc Dave and I really late, 4.00 AM and I think everyone knows what went during that period of time. :P

To MrBunnyBan,

Thanks so much for everything ever since I met yea in Melaka. I had tonnes of fun knowing yea and you sure is one of a kind. I wish that you'll have a great time in Aussie and good luck in your studies.

With Love,

-Live Long & Prosper