The Dark Ages

Can you believe, last night my campus had a power outage? Its ironic considering that this university focuses on engineering discipline and yet power outages happens. They didn't even have the decency to give us a heads up on the power outage.

I was really annoyed when it happened last night, shortly after midnight. I was watching Ugly Betty and poof, there goes the power. I can imagine how frustrated other people were if they were doing some simulation work with their computer.

The thing I'm most concerned was the condition of my computer. Stupid power outages have been known to fried computer parts and alike. Thank goodness its working fine. Though the WIFI network is gone. Have to wait till tomorrow to complain to the IT department.

When the power outage happened, I could hear the students from the whole hostel compound were screaming, shouting and wailing away. Then they started burning fireworks and the sky lit up like it was Independence Day. I was enjoying the show from my vintage point.

Reminded me of the ancient China times when the solar eclipse happened. They would hit drums, make loud noises and burn fireworks to scare off the devil who ate the Sun.

Turn off the electricity and see the savagery of mankind.

-Live Long & Prosper

Day of Interruptions

Today is just full of interruptions. Tried to do my assignments and projects but so many things kept popping up. Not that I'm complaining. I work better with some sort of disruptions from time to time. I work better with the work and get reward sort of system.

I woke up this morning thinking I could immediately start my assignment but when I turned on my monitor, I realised I haven't finished watching Secret. So I just sat and watched the remaining of the movie. I love the movie. Its so touching and so lovey dovey.

Apparently, Jay Chou doesn't just mumble when he sings. He mumbles when he speaks. I could barely understood what he was talking about so I had to rely on the mandarin subtitles. Yes I could read almost half of it.

Type type away and I realised, I haven't post for yesterday. Blogged blogged blogged leaving my half done assignment aside. Uploaded photos for the post as well and published!

Now I should be able to continue my assignment.

Guess I spoke too soon cause Dan just had to ask me to read Will's post. Casting my assignments further aside, I read the post. Then I got all emotional cause it was a touching post. Comment on his blog and that should be all the interruptions.

Continued doing my assignment and Twin Faghag pm-ed me in GTalk saying, "UGLY BETTY Season 2 out!". Ah crap, not another one~~~ I just couldn't resist and I downloaded it and watched it straight. Arrrgh this assignment is not going anywhere with progress like this!

Here's the best part, all these happened during the first half of the day...

The other half of the day felt like constant bombardment of heat wave or something...

-Live Long & Prosper

The Quest For Beer

Out of the blue, I decided to get a bottle of beer from 7Eleven in Ipoh. Though I'm disappointed that they didn't have the beer I wanted. Oh well, I guess Heineken will do.

Nothing like a bottle of beer to enjoy while watching a movie. The movie of choice was Secret (不能說的秘密). Though before the movie could begin, I realised I didn't have a bottle cap opener with me...

Time to improvise.

Beer is ready and chilled.

The first thing I tried with to open the bottle was the cabinet handles. Pry and pry I tried but only gas on the bottle came out, not the bottle cap. Deng it...

Cabinet bottle cap opener I.

Tried the other alternative, the drawer handle. At first, only gas came fizzing out but after several tried, pop came the cap. Woot woot!

Cabinet bottle cap opener II.

Finally opened!

Nothing can stop me from opening that bottle of beer. Hehehe.

And now, movie time!

-Live Long & Prosper

What's The Connection?

Evidently I'm have lots of free that I even pre-blogged this post yesterday. So today's post consists of several things that are connected with each other. Find the connection.

First clue is a by Savage Garden. I love this song and Darren is such a cutie pie. Gone were the days where Savage Garden rocks!

Second clue is a song by Garbage.

And the last is my favourite hairstylist of all time. He's so adorable though he's not at his best in this pic. See the pink lip gloss? It just makes him all the more adorable. Oh pretty gene, where art thou?

He's so adorable!

Now be a doll and guess what's the connection between the three.

-Live Long & Prosper

Heroes Is Back

Its finally out! Heroes Season II that I've been waiting for! Gonna download it and watch the continuation of Heroes. What happened to Peter Petrelli and his brother?! Arrrrgh the mystery!

Here is a preview of the new season.

I am thoroughly excited!

Save the cheerleader, save the world.

-Live Long & Prosper

Grass is Always Taller on The Otherside of The Fence?

To make things clear, I am not obsessed with phallus (I can't believe I just said that). I just happened to stumbled upon phallus related topics to post about again. Hence, today's post on a YouTube entitled The Quest For Length.

It is about a man's journey to elongate he's phallus. Its interesting to see alternative methods that he tried. From acupuncture to penis pumps to pleasing the gods.

I wanna make a mold of my phallus too! Hehehhe looks like fun. Funny how he goes around and shows people his molded phallus to ask their opinions about it. I think it looks alright. No reason to alter it really.

But no I won't go through surgery for length. No knives anywhere near Little QR. And OMFG that operation looks painful! Just like the other post I posted.

Would you go through the pain for a few inches of happiness?

-Live Long & Prosper

This is For Your Own Good

For today's post, I figure I should do something that will benefit the queer sociaty. Be a good queer citizen once in a while you know. Plus, its something extra to do in the showers. I love showers.

And here it is. How to fondle/check your balls for any abnormality. How fun! Do watch the clip and practice what the old fart doc tells you to do.

I find it odd how the doc wasn't using gloves when he's examining the guy's testicles. Pity the guy isn't much to look at, besides his testicles...

Well there's always the alternative to get the oh-so-hawt-and-sexy Doc Paul to do it for yea. I'm sure he's glad to fondle/check testicles for a change of scenery. Queue here for Doc Paul's special treatment.

Excuse me while I go shower.

-Live Long & Prosper

The Three Sisters

I have a lot of moles on my skin throughout my body. There's quite a number of them that I can even identify some of the constellations with them. Not like I'm complaining about them. So long as they're not harmful to me.

I particularly like two constellations of moles. One is the Orion's Belt and the other is the Southern Cross. Both are in plain sight, Orion's Belt on my forehead and the Southern Cross on my right arm. I've always like the Orion constallations. Its the only one I can recognise in the night sky all year round.

But today, Orion's Belt is being invaded by three, identical stars arrangement as Orion's Belt. I call it the Three Sisters though I have no idea why but its mere existance horrified me.

My number one enemy since puberty, the PIMPLES!

Pimples! Eeeeeks!

Just look at it. Three in a row. Sigh. Its taking advantage of my current stress level.

Time to take out arsenals of facial products to get rid of the ASAP! Oh my beautiful face is ruined. Darn you pimples...

Figging Out

I absolutely love to dress up for any occasion especially where many people gathering. Its the whole idea of being seen and it feels good to be gawked at. Yep, I'm a attention seeker, cam-whore extraordinaire and expert adorable-boys hunter.

Today, I had an opportunity to dress up. In fact, I've been planning this for awhile now. There was a dinner function that I had to attend to and the theme was batik. Seeing that my ex is a fashion designer, its only natural that I nicked clothes from him.

I love this suit that he made. It fits me perfect and its loud and bold. The batik motive is very modern and its got crystals on the back. Makes it all flashy and metrosexual borderline gay-ish. Qualities that I absolutely love.

Gliz and glamour?

To think that the hat attracted quite a number of glares, the back just blew them away. I love showing the suit off and taking pictures with a number of people with various poses. Of course, I had my fair share of cam-whoring by myself.

Hats off to my ex, the fashion designer for a perfect suit made.

-Live Long & Prosper

Deloris Umbridge

I have a Deloris Umbridge lecturer for on of my course this semester. Bitchy as hell and puts herself on a pedestal like she's somebody great. She speaks with a snobbish tone. No doubt she's a knowledgable lecturer but she's got attitude problem.

Then when I was online looking at lecturer's biodata, guessed who I found. The bitchy lecturer's. I was horrified of what I read.

... I don't like students who turn up to class after I did. I like students to ask questions in class (relevant ones please) but if you feel you need a one-on-one session, just make an appointment. I wont' guarantee that I can see you on a walk in basis. AND... do not ever miss an appointment with me without sufficient prior notice. angry If you did, I shall treat you like a misbehaving 5 year old kid. Other than that, I'm a very reasonable person...

Holy fuck! Diva to the max and what a bitch... Who writes this as a biodata?! I shall treat you like a misbehaving 5 year old kid... Who says that... Then again, she speaks to us in class like she's training dogs anyways. So no surprise there.

Anyhow, thank goodness yesterday was her last lecture with me though the next lecturer is hopeless... Utter waste of time going for his tutorials what more a lecture... He wouldn't not bother answering questions asked by us that are out of his "scheme". Whatever that is...

Just fantastic.

-Live Long & Prosper

Mobile Games

During my internship, I stopped playing computer games like the-ever-so-addictive DOTA. I found that I just don't have enough time to spend it on computer games. So I quit computer games.

Until today that is. I discovered the world of mobile games for my K800i. The game is called Alpha Wing 2 and I just can't seem to get my fingers off this game! Its so simple yet so fun to play.

Shoot, shoot, kill, kill.

Lots of fun, lots of fun. Gives me something to do when I attend super boring classes. Heheheh.

-Live Long & Prosper

Food Anywhere?

I really hate the Fasting Month. Hate not because of what it signifies, just hate what happens when it comes around. Proves how inconsiderate the uni administration towards the other non fasting students.

Seriously, there's no food to be found in campus. The usual cafes will be closed and the only one that opens is the one in the academic buildings. Like I'm going to walk so far for food. Not to mention, the portion of food cooked are barely enough to feed everyone.

Luckily I stocked up some food from my last trip. Biscuits, cereal, low fat milk, fruits and instant noodles (save it for a rainy day). Though I find myself munching more often... I should stop munching.

Took a before and after picture when I was passing by a closed cafe.



How very smart of them. Hilarious even.

-Live Long & Prosper

The Magic Number 5

What do I do when I'm out of things to blog? I hunt for memes! Hehehhe. Memes are such a convenient thing to fill up my blog with during dry spells of things to blog about. I got this meme from Bibik.

5 Things in My Bag
  1. Umbrella
  2. Coin bag
  3. Keys
  4. Contact lense solution
  5. Story book
5 Things in My Wallet
  1. Cash
  2. ATM card
  3. Identity card
  4. Cute hairstylist namecard
  5. Cinema ticket stubs
5 Things I Like Most in My Room
  1. My stuffed toys (Rat rat, Pink Lion, Teddy, Moo moo & Sharkie)
  2. My computer
  3. My phone
  4. My books
  5. My clothes
5 Things I'd Like To Try
  1. Do kinky things in a park
  2. Camping in the great outdoors
  3. Singing a Chinese song in karaoke all by myself
  4. Play the violin
  5. Going on to the Eye of Malaysia
5 Things I'm Doing Now
  1. Skipping class
  2. Waiting for my stomach to subside whatever that its doing
  3. Doing this meme
  4. Listening to Ju Hua Tai
  5. GTalking
5 Victims Tagged
  1. McDave
  2. Chester
  3. Janvier
  4. Adrien
  5. Jason
Yey I'm done.

-Live Long & Prosper

My First Production

Been really busy studying for my tests, hence the late update and back posting as well. I've finally gotten around to do a little video recording with my phone. Its a funny ass video, I'll tell you that.

I bring you Liang Zhi Lao Hu by Rat Rat and Pink Lion.

Yep, this is one of the song that my lecturer thought us in class. I know, its a kindie song but I guess it helps to accelerate the learning the language.

Till another production of Rat Rat and Pink Lion.

-Live Long & Prosper

How Things Work

I absolutely love Google. All that is Google is good. Hahahah. I was logining into my GMail account when I saw a YouTube link of GMail video. I think its a very clever video and endearing too.

Watch the video and you'll appreciate how you get your GMails everyday. Heheheh.

Now wasn't that fun knowing how your mails get into your inbox?

-Live Long & Prosper

Lets Do The Para-para

Today was my first time stepping into an arcade center. Yep, you read it right first time. Never went into the arcade when I was kid to play games and all. I'm more of a computer games person. Not much of a console gamer.

I was just amazed at how many boys there were in the archade. The whole place was packed! Almost every consoles were occupied and popular game consoles even had queues. On top of that, some had people gathering at a console watching and gawking a guy playing the game. I was one of them gawk-ers.

Then suddenly someone said, "Lets Para Para." and pranced to the Para Para console. Spent most of the time in the archade gawking here. Seems like every player on this console is a pro.

Watch the video I took for yourself.

Enough about games, there's something else more important that I found in the arcade. Boys! Lots of boys! Though no doubt there's more lala boys than actual boys. Boys of all sorts gather here! What a treasure box I've found.

I should come to the arcade more often to checkout boys. Heheheh. I'm such a pedophile.

-Live Long & Prosper

Co Do Revisited

Yep, my mom and I went to Co Do again for dinner. I assure you it was mom's idea to go there. I wanted to go to D'licious in Mid Valley instead... Next time I guess.

We ordered something new this time, Cold Vietnamese Vermicelli set. It says that it serves two persons but I think the portion is enough for three. Its served in this huge bamboo tray that Chinese people use to steam dim sum.

It has all sorts of ingredients in it. There's pickled white and normal shredded carrots, bean sprouts, cabbage, fish cake, pieces of beef (or chicken depending what you ordered), tomato, cucumber and Vietnamese vermicelli. Not to mention, some fried spring rolls and skewered squid balls.

Looks like a dim sum salad platter.

Then, there's diced roasted peanuts, fried garlic and onion and sweet and sour fish sauce. The sauce is really delicious and binds each of the ingredient's flavours together perfectly.

Roasted peanuts, fried garlic and onion and sweet and sour fish sauce.

Take the ingredients and put them into a small bowl and mix everything. It should resemble something like this.

Ready to serve.

I assure you, its really delicious and full of flavours. I like the balance between cooked and uncooked ingredients of this dish. Every bite is an adventure in the land of food texture. You'll have crispy bean sprouts, then tender beef to crunchy peanut bits. The flavours just explodes with every chew. Very satisfying to eat.

Grilled tofu with lemongrass paste.

I love the grilled tofu from the last time we were there. So we ordered it as a side dish.

Yummy yummy yummy.

-Live Long & Prosper

Here I Go Again

Guess what. I'm off to KL again! Woot woot. So happy and finally get to meet McDave after a month not meeting him. Hehehe. Seems like I don't have work to do eh.

I'd like to show you guys what I found in the toilet recently. Graffiti. Heheheh. I think its hilarious.

It says, "Think for a moment. Malaysia has been independent for 50 years and you're still squatting and shitting. Think about it."


Happy Belated Bday Msia!

-Live Long & Prosper

Memory Lane

No, no this is not one of those oh so tragic childhood things post. Its the the opposite actually. Hilarious and embarrassing moments sort of things. I look back at these memories, I'll just ROFL to myself.


Once I was in Kinokuniya browsing for books in the Fantasy section. Kept going round and round but I couldn't find the books that I wanted. Then I found it and it was at the bottom of the shelf. I squatted down to take the book and that's when THE FLATUS happened.

It wasn't one of those loud ones but the silent killer like those stink bombs... The worst of them all and it had to happen when there were people around me too. I just scuffled out quickly and silently.

How embarrassing...

Get Out Get Out!

There was a time when my faghags stayed over at my place. Being a good host and a gentleman (hard to believe I'm a gentleman eh?), I let them sleep in my room and I slept in the living hall. Helped them settle down and attended to their whims and whimpers.

Then, there was something I needed to take from my room so without thinking, I just opened the door and entered. Out of the blue, I heard screaming from my one of my faghag. She was screaming, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Get out get out!". I looked at where the scream was coming from and I saw her sitting and one corner not dressed and signaling me to get out.

Hehehe. The whole incident was hilarious and still vivid in my mind. Pity I'm gay eh?

Under The Table

Last year, McDave came to my campus for a stayover before my mom came to help shift my things out of campus for semester break (we have to clear our room every semester break). So sweet of him. Naturally, being young and horny couple, there was lots of sex when he was over and I have a roommate mind you.

That evening when he arrived, my roomie decided to bring his car for a wash and yep, you guessed it, McDave and I got kinky. Hehehe. We had a blast and somehow, I don't remember how or what we were doing but I was under the table and he was sitting on the chair.

Then my roommate walked in on us.

The look on my roomie's face was priceless. The door opened, he walked it, said, "oh shit" and walked out and closed the door. I was laughing my head off and went out to drag my roomie back into the room assuring him we were done and he saw nothing.

Gotta love the bloopers in life. Makes things a hell lot more interesting.

-Live Long & Prosper


See the new widget that I added? Its called PacMee (PAC = Personalisation, Advertisement & Communication) brought to you by Hotlink. Saw it in my Nuffnang advert and it got me curious about it. So I decided to try it out.

At first glance, its features and functionalities are very similar to Twitter. Something you put in your blog, online profile or websites and announce what you're up to. It looks kinda nice too and blends in well as a widget don't you think?

Being a product of Hotlink, you can bet your wallet there'll be charges and true enough there are. RM 0.50 for 10 shoutouts and 20 shoutouts are limited to a month. 20 shoutouts? That's a bummer. Well, not like I use it that often. Heheh. I just like the option of putting more than 20 shoutouts. I'm a fan of options you see and I like having them.

Then they have this feature of following a person's shoutout for a low low price of RM 0.25 a month a person. You'll get sms notifications of all the shoutouts.
Its like receiving sms from your favorite online celebrity. Something tells me Maxis and Hotlink are making lots of money from this.

Well, I guess its a somewhat useful sending a shoutout through my phone when I don't have access to the net. At least you guys will know I'm still alive right?

-Live Long & Prosper

More Yummy-licious Food

Third consecutive post on food stuff and the like. Guess I'm in the mood of food posts and I've been busy taking pictures of the food I ate. Might as well make it into a post.

I don't know how to catagorize Ang Gu Kueh. Its not a biscuit nor is it a cake. Its a 'kueh'. Chinese pastry perhaps? That's the closest I can get. I have a craving for Ang Gu Kueh especially the shredded coconut filling. The dough is sticky and oily and there are so many kinds of Ang Gu Kueh depending on the filling.

Usually they use red bean paste, green bean paste and fresh or panfried shredded coconut. I prefer the fresh shredded coconut one. The shredded coconut is crunchier. They'll use different colour dough to indicate different fillings of the Ang Gu Kueh.

Shredded coconut Ang Gu Kueh.

Choi pao or vegetable pao is one of my favourite pao. I love this pao because its dough is fluffy and light and the filling is delicious. The filling is cooked shredded turnip in some sort of sauce. Choi pao is one of the many paus they can make. The filling could be red bean paste, shredded pork or shredded chicken.

Choi Pao.

I just realised that Chinese love to try many sorts of stuffings and stuff them into doughs. You have dim sum where practically everything is stuffed into some sort of dough, you have pao, dumplings and even the pastry. How very interesting.

That's all the food photo I have for now.

-Live Long & Prosper

Drinks & Desserts

Where there's yummy food, there sure will be yummy drinks and desserts to follow suit. So here's some of the drinks I've captured in my phone. Actually I just wanna show off my (non existent) photography skills. Hehhehe.

Just discovered this drink the other day when a bunch of us were in Delicious, One Utama. Apparently its their signatrure drink and its watermelon and lychee ice blend. Delicious indeed! Such a good thrist quench-er. I shall go back and try it out myself.

Delicious's signature drink.

Leng Chee Kang is a Chinese herbal drink. Unlike the bitter and pungent herbal tea that will scare any kid away from drinking it, this one is sweet and yummy. Its got white fungus, mata kuching, barley and bunch of other herbs that I can't identify but yet they ended up being chewed by me. It can be taken cold or warm, whichever tickles your fancy.

Leng Chee Kang.

Now this is Malaysian's all time favourite. Ais Kacang, or Air Batu Campur (ABC for short). This is the solution for hot tropical weather. Its cold, sweet and bursting with flavours. There are many variaty of ABCs, mainly the ingredients they put in it. Typically there'll be black sugar, syrup, coconut milk, sweet corn, kidney beans, cincau (wheat grass I think), jelly and peanuts. Sometimes they put a scoop of ice cream on top or glutinous rice at the bottom.


Oh deng it, now I want something to quench my thirst... Where's that bottle of cold beer when I need it.

-Live Long & Prosper

Yummy Food

As Anton Ego said, "I don't LIKE food, I LOVE it. If I don't LOVE it, I don't SWALLOW." I love my food too and I shall share some of it with everyone. Please don't read this post on an empty stomach.

I love pan mee ever since I was a kid. I prefer the pan mee in soup (chen tong) instead of the dried (kon low) version and also it has to have pork meat in it. No pork meat is not pan mee for me. I love my porky. I like my pan mee made from the shreaded dough as suppose to the normal noodle. Easier to eat and less chances to burn my tongue since its only nice to eat pan mee when its piping hot.

Pan mee soup.

It is extremely difficult to get good popiah these days. Its all about the content with it comes to popiah. Sometimes its too wet making the skin all mushy or sometimes its tasteless then its pointless eating it in the first place. It must also be rich in flavour and texture. A good popiah has a balance of soft, tender and crunchy texture.

Popiah Rolls with chilly sauce.

I love to see the hawker cook fried carrot cake. I'm amaze at the coordination the person cooking with both his hands, slicing and dicing the carrot cake while stirring the carrot cake about. Fried carrot cake is normally fried with eggs, pickled carrots and bean sprouts. Normally, I would ask for spicy fried carrot cake.

Fried carrot cake.

I just realised that all the above are hawker food. Like most Malaysian, I just absolutely love hawker food. They're delicious and cheap. What more can I ask for. Hehehe.

More food posts to come.

-Live Long & Prosper

J Songs

I'm slowly hopping onto the All-That-Is-Japanese-Is-Cool bandwagon or am I already on it? It started first with J anime, then J drama and next thing I know, I'm hooked with J pop songs.

Adrien introduced these two lovely female Japanese singers, Mika Nakashima and Shiina Ringo. Both have their distinctive style of singing and both are really good.

Mika Nakashima - Yuki No Hana

Shiina Ringo - Yukushitsu

Both of these songs are so addictive. I love the instruments played in Yuki No Hana especially if you can find the 'Silent Version' cause the violin adds so much emotion to the whole song. I reckon the 'Silent Version' is way better than the original.

I don't know why I like Yukushitsu. I just do. The beat, the lyrics are catchy!

Everyday without fail, these two songs will be in my playlist.

Do you listen to J songs?

-Live Long & Prosper


Neurotomy or better known as denervation is a procedure to remove nerves to relief pain. This is of course done in extreme cases when other methods have been exhausted to try to relief pain.

There's also another use of neurotomy which is to remove sensations and this doctor has a radical procedure to help cure premature ejaculation. It removes some nerves within the penis itself and some from the scrotum. As if that's not enough, the foreskin is removed as well...

The logic is, the less sensation to the penis, the longer the ejaculation can be delayed. Sounds simple enough but it looks extremely painful and mutilated...

Take a look at the procedure and be warned that it is very graphic.

Never knew that premature ejaculation can be a cause of a failing marriage. The pain better be worth it for the guy...

-Live Long & Prosper

AIDS Awareness

I realised that this country has virtually no massive awareness campaign on AIDS considering that its a global issue. There are those like the Pink Triangle Foundation but it doesn't reach the masses. Only those who are in the know will know about the campaign.

I found two videos in YouTube that are quite hilarious yet still deliver the message effectively, practise safe sex.

Take a look at it.

I doubt we'll be seeing these on the local television anytime soon.

-Live Long & Prosper

Somewhere Over The...

When I was a kid, I used to have this wild imagination of how a rainbow is formed. Fairies and other sort of mystical creatures made the colourful rainbow. I also used to believe the myth about a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and boy did I cycled and cycled and cycled but alas it was out of my reach.

But now, I know better than to believe such fairytale. A rainbow is simply refraction of white light when it passes through droplets of water. Simple phenomenon yet its still beautiful to witness.

I couldn't recall when was the last time I've seen a rainbow. Must have been ages ago but today I spotted one when I was out eating dinner in a mamak stall. I was in awe at how beautiful and huge the rainbow was.

Just look at it. Nature's beauty at dawn. There's even a hint of a second rainbow as well.

Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

-Live Long & Prosper

Peeled Coconut?

Besides my addiction to durian, I love coconuts. Nothing like a chilled coconut on a hot sunny day. Kinda like a cool bottle of beer and best of all, no beer gut from drinking coconut.

Meet Instant Peeled Coconut. No fuss no mess from peeling the coconut husks and unwanted bits of broken coconut shells. Instead, its perfecally peeled and stored in transparent plastic container ready to drink.

Laguna Peeled Coconuts.

See nicely packed and ready for consumption. Mind you, this is not the young coconuts but a little older because the coconut meat has to be harder to be able to retain the coconut water in it.

Peeling in action.

The guy was hacking most of the coconut husk away and when he spotted the coconut meat, he too out this really flexible knife and started to detach the coconut meat from the shell. Once that's done, the whole thing just fall out into the plastic container.



Ingenius way of presenting coconut. Very creative. But I guess its a marketing gimmick to get people to buy their coconut. Its RM3.50 per coconut. Kinda expensive but I was enough curious to buy it.

-Live Long & Prosper

Co Do

I was out with my mom yesterday in Mid Valley to request for a missing puzzle piece of a puzzle she bought and completed save for the last piece that's missing. I guess she's got nothing to do and decided to pick up assembling puzzle to pass her time.

Come lunch, we had no idea what to eat. I only know that I don't want to eat in food courts. Then we passed by Little Vietnam and the menu got our attention. Plus, its been ages since we had Vietnamese food. I spent a greater part of my childhood in Vietnam.

So up the stairs we went into Co Do.

The entrance to Little Vietnam.

Its located on a floor above the normal level of the row of shops. People who frequent Mid Valley (specifically GSC there) would know what I'm talking about. I really like the place. Its really cosy and I like the furnishing of the place as well. Very antique and rustic theme.

The view from the inside.

We ordered a set meal for two since we didn't know what's this place's specialty is. It was Soup Rice with chicken and grilled tofu, fried yam and omellette as side dish. They were really delicious. Soup Rice is a pot of soup that has been brought to boil and cooked rice is added in the soup.

I've had my fair share of tofu tasting and the tofu that they served were really good ones. Its not those soft and smooth type of tofu. Its the hard and strong flavoured type of tofu. Grilled and laced with lemongrass paste, its absolutely delicious.

The chicken was cooked with basil leaves and it had a similar taste to a Thai dish that I had before. It went really well with the pot of Soup Rice. They were rather generous with the ingredients in the Soup Rice. It had lots and lots of vegetables in them that made the soup sweet and bursting with flavours.

Grilled tofu, fried yam with sweet and sour sauce.

Basil chicken, omellet and sweet and sour sauce.

Soup Rice pot.

They offer many ala carte dishes that I would love to try the next time I go there again, especially their beef noodles. I love Vietnamese beef noodles and they are well known for it too.

How I missed authentic Vietnamese food.

*thanks for the clarification Jason.

-Live Long & Prosper

Paddington House of Pancakes

The last time I had real good pancakes was years ago in Melbourne. The shop only sell pancakes. Every dishes had pancakes in it. The pancakes were really delicious and I vividly remember the whipped butter. Real awesome whipped butter.

Then a few months back, I heard of Paddington House of Pancakes and yesterday, I finally had a meal there. I wasn't, not a single bit, disappointed with the pancakes they served. It was light and fluffy served with good quality maple syrup. I wished they had whipped butter though.

I ordered the American Stack Pancakes that came with hash browns, beef salami and two sausages. They were lovely. The sausages were firm and crisped on the outside and juicy on the inside. With every bite, there's a satisfying crunch and spurs out hot sausage juice. Yummy.

Forgot what number is this...

The pricing is not too bad for the serving that they provide. Average about RM 20.00. Not to mention the promotion they're having. With purchase of RM 50.00 and above, you are entitled Banana Pancake Ice Cream dessert.

Number 609.

I love the place for its pancakes. Though the service could be improved. Its a little slow when I was there.

Go try!

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