Lessons In Life

Alright everyone, settle down. Now turn to page 332 of your lessons in life textbook. Here you can see that from paragraph 1 to paragraph 3 you can conclude that, ah this is bullocks. There's no such thing as a lessons in life textbook is there? You just gotta live through it and learn from it or alternatively listen to peoples advise and stories and learn from that.

So the title for today's chapter is "Skin Ulcer On The Scrotum Is Uncomfortable". Yes yes, you can stop grabbing your balls and return blood flow to the rest of your body. I have an ulcer on my scrotum. Yes its painful. No I have no idea where I got it from. No I have not been sleeping around. No I McDave doesn't have the same symptom. And no he hasn't been sleeping around either.

Naturally when weird thing happens to my body, I Google it. The wonders of technology. So there were various reasons as to how I got the ulcer. Some was saying that because of exposure to corrosive materials (like those get anywhere near my crotch), or too much pressure or something like that and lots of other stuff. It said all I need to get is antibiotic cream and it should heal.

There's another theory as to why these ulcers developed. I don't like this theory very much. In fact it terrified me for a moment. My bro-in-law says, not confirmed, it may be HERPES. WTF?! STD?! Yikes... So who's been sleeping around?! McDave? Hmmm... Well according to my bro-in-law, its not necessarily through sex cause when he was really young, he got Oral Herpes. Buggered if I know how he got it. It seems that the virus the one of the most common virus around after the common cold virus. Interesting gift for a four month old relationship huh. Heheh.

I'm gonna go to the doctor to get it checked out. I wonder if I have to drop my pants in front of the doctor. The doctor is a she too. Hehehe. I hope it ain't HERPES even though its not that serious. I think...

-Live Long & Prosper

Blast From The Past

I was looking through my Axcest account the other day and I found these. Messages from the past when I first started messaging McDave. All these messages happened in the span of 20 minutes. This faithful day when I first met McDave online.

Original Message (Me)

Hey there. Interesting default pic you have there. ;) Anyways. Just like you looking for all sorts of people to know. I'm from KL. Where you from?

hi i'm from shah alam but i'm not local ppl.
ur intro so cute coz u said only need 2 say hi then can chat 4 few hrs.... really?
i'm stil a student but i got work oso coz tat consider my practical.

any thing u wan 2 know from me?

Shah Alam in UiTM is it? What you studying?

Where you from?

I guess I'm a people person. Like to meet people. Sometimes I think why I'm studying Chem Engineering. Should have taken PR. Huhuuh. I'm studying in **** now... Dem ulu.

i'm not in Uitm la tat place only for bumiputra not 4 Chinese.
i'm actually study at kl
i'm under a *** course
i'm from sabah.
so now u stay at **** lo... i know there a bit 4 u this kl child but u choose there then this is d place u get ur cert.

Huhhuhu. Ooops. Didn't know UiTM only for bumi... Heheh a bit blur today. Weather dem nice to sleep the whole day.

True. Everyone only respect you if you have a cert these days. Its soo stereotypical of people. Oh well what to do.

So you're going to be an *** then? Cool. Never met anyone doing your course yet. You're my first. ;)

So where do you stay? Ampang area? Wangsa Maju? Or PJ? In KL I stay *** area. Quite close by.

Which part of Sabah are you from? The closest I've stayed there was Labuan for a year.

i'm not staying at kl i'm stay at shaha alam coz i work here.
i from sabah *** far from labuan. wat u doing at labuan?
so now u at ****?

Oh yea sorry. Hhaha you live in Shah Alam. The weather again. Huhuhuh. Blur blur.

Yea now I'm in ****, in my campus. I was in Labuan cause my dad got a job there so stayed there for a year for my PMR. But cannot tahan there so cabut back to KL. Huhuhuh.

So considered that you're a final year student then doing your practical now? Mine is this Dec. Ah how time fly.

I just realised can only send 10 mails per day. Dem it. Mind if we exchange numbers so we can chat more? Mine is **********.

my no is **********
u can sms me when ever u wan.

Alright. I'll sms you later tonight. Got some stuff to do now. Nice meeting yea.

ok so meet u soon.

After that, tonnes and tonnes of sms were exchanged everyday till today. Dem you telecommunication companies. Been earning every cents from us... Anyhow, this was how things got started between us.

-Live Long & Prosper

Tick Tock

Tick tock tick tock.

Its been 123 days that Defiant85 and McDave stared a relationship together.

Here's to love and taking it one step at a time.

I love you McDave and sure hell miss you a lot everyday.

-Live Long & Prosper

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Tick tock tick tock.

Guess what day it'll be?

-Live Long & Prosper

Random Ramblings

I was reading Mark's blog when I suddenly realized something. I was reflecting back when I was somewhat going out with this girl. She was actually my senior (shall call her N) back when I was in high school but we started dating, well sort of, when I was in my first year in university. It was a mistake from the beginning. I remember dreading getting calls from her and she would go on and on for hours per call. She would call me every day, twice a day. I was feeling as though she was choking me and it really bothered me like she was checking up on me all the time. It ended as fast as we hooked up.

The realization came when I was thinking that I call/sms McDave everyday. Not that I call/sms him to check on him but to know what's going on in his life and that he's doing alright. Its also because I miss him terribly. Oh well, one more month and I'll get to see him for eight months.

To make this post a little longer, right after I broke off with N, my childhood friend E, called me a few days later. She was crying and wailing on the phone saying that she wants me, loves me, bla bla bla... For two years, she kept trying to get me to go out with her but I wasn't interested. She even asked me why I wasn't interested in her. Hmmmm... Those were the days.

-Live Long & Prosper

What The

Uh what the?

* * * * *

On a completely different note, dad decided to get himself a Nokia phone cause Sony is too complicated to use... Oh well, I'm happy to take the Sony off him. Its the old Sony K300i. Me like Sony Erricson. Really nice to use and Nokia can shove it. Heheheh. This phone got a camera on it too. Its alright quality I guess. Its got really limited memory space so I'm clearing up junk that I don't need and put in two or three MP3s that I can. Me love this phone. Currently, Mozart - Queen Of The Night is my alarm tone.

-Live Long & Prosper

Wailing & Moaning

Dem cats in my apartment area are at it again. They wail, they moan non stop ever since I got back to my home... Is it mating season already? Even when I was in campus cats were bonking bonking and humping humping all day long.


Why do they wail and moan so loud?

-Live Long & Prosper


Ever kneed your loved one or someone you're sleeping with in the balls while making love? Well don't try it or even do it accidentally cause it will cause great pain and possibly no sex for the night or the rest of your life. So try and avoid it at all costs.

None of those happened of course except maybe, ok, the first one. It was dark and the mood was on. There he was, bare and waiting for me in bed. I slowly approached and step by step I move to position above him. I started caressing him with my tender lips and my fingers exploring his exposed body, triggering his senses. I could hear his every breath that he took and I can feel his warm hands slowly hugging me.

Then it happened. Dong... I felt my knee hit something but I didn't know what. He screamed silently as to not alert my mother sleeping in the next room. He clutched his teeth and wrapped his arms around his abdominal. Then I realised, I kneed his testicals. It was like an instant replay in my mind in super slow mo.

All I could do was hug him and giggle... Yes I giggled... It all seemed soo hilarious caused there we were and I knocked his jewels... Heheh. Its still very funnny in my mind. OMG. I'm such a bad boyfriend. Boyfriend got kneed by me and I giggled. Heheheh.

So there you go. The moral of the story, don't hit anyone in the balls unless they deserved it or you just want to see something that cracks you up.

-Live Long & Prosper

This Is Really Stupid

Just as I thought I almost had enough of this stupid country, my campus is really pushing my limit. They've decided to ban any websites related to blogs and forums.




I thought the management of this university is really stupid but today they proved that they're a bunch of idiot. A bunch of idiots running a university. Hmmm, I wonder if this is going to be the downfall of this country. When that happens, I'm sure they'll just say, 'Tak Ape La'. Arrrg... This is sooo fucking annoying.

For fuck sake, we're not in school anymore. Geez. They have these stupid rules and stuff that schools have. WTF. So much of higher education a place for learning. Guess these people don't know the different between EDUCATION and LEARNING. Stupid stupid people.

-Live Long & Prosper

My New Toy

It finally here. My new toy. I had to go through hell to get it as usual in this really stupid and annoying country. I tell I almost had it with this freaking country. The stupid courier service gave me freaking wrong info about when my parcel was suppose to arrive. One bitch, can't speak English for freaking nuts, told me I was suppose to get my parcel by noon but as usual in this stupid fucking country where people don't fucking know how to read time, it didn't arrive by noon. So I waited and waited and waited then it arrive. It arrive at FOUR that is. Seriously, its amazing this country is moving forward even though they don't know how to be punctual... Sigh.

Anyhow, I'm glad I got my new toy, Logitech MX3000. Great keyboard and mouse but I'm still not used to it. Playing DOTA and pressing the Windows key is really irritating... Not to mention the mouse glids and I can't coordinate well. I shall get use to it. Here's how this new toy looks like.

And Rat Rat with the mouse... Not sure why he's in that particular position... Perhaps he misses the other Rat Rat so much. Who knows...

Anyhow, this wireless set is a beauty. Nice buttons to type on and the mouse is really nice to use. Its really quiet when I type and has a soft touch to it. Oh lovely keyboard. Almost like having foreplay with the keyboard with every button I press. It uses laser beam instead of optical so give high precision for gaming purposes and also for those who deals with digital graphics on a daily basis. It has lots of nifty functions to it too but Google it and you guys will see. Off to pressing buttons on my keyboard.

-Live Long & Prosper

Tweak Tweak

I am soo addicted to tweaking my desktop. Finding for the perfect wallpaper to suit the colour scheme, tool bars must have this shade of colour, mouse pointer animate a certain way and myriad of other little details. I just spent two days staring into my computer tweaking and prodding all the options available. Meheheh. Now my desktop is perfect. Well almost until I figure out what is missing. The desktop seems a little clean in someway. Hmmm.

There's soo many softwares out there available to use for tweaking. So far I've only used the two popular softwares, Style XP Visual and Object Desktop. Object Desktop is really easy to use and the themes online are easy to install. There's many themes out there and currently my favourite is Window Vista.

Style XP Visual however is rather complicated to use but its much more versatile and has more special features. I didn't really get to do much mostly because its soo freaking difficult to install new themes. I hate the installation process of the themes because there's stupid additional softwares in it and I really hate those rubbish softwares.

If you're bored with your current outlook of your Window, just go get Object Desktop by Stardock. You'll love it. This is my desktop.

-Live Long & Prosper

Its Here!

In KL, for RM65.00 I can barely get a season of any tv serie but my finally long awaited QAF dvds arrived today. Woot~~~ I got seasons two to four for RM65.00. Now that's a bargain. All I'm missing is Season one. My Bible is almost complete now. Heheheh. I love QAF and all Queers must watch it. I remember what Emmet said, "Everyone came for the Queer but stayed for the Folk". Its not all about sex and lust but its about love, relationships, friends and family. That's what QAF is really about.

Speaking of tv series, Desperate Housewives season three is finally out. All the old eye candies are back. Heheheh but Ryan Carnes is missing... Deng... I wonder where he is... House and Grey's Anatomy season three are out~~~ Soo many tv series. Oh and not to mention Prison Break season two. OMG. How am I to have time for all of these and studies...

Still waiting for my wireless set. A little annoying though cause I'll only get it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Meaning I'll only have a few days to play with it before I go back for the Depavali and Raya holidays. Sigh... Oh well. Better to have the wireless set than the current keyboard/mouse I'm using. I can feel the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome coming in...

-Live Long & Prosper

Another Death

Before I begin this entry, I shall tell you way in advance that it is not a death of a person, cat or plant. My keyboard died... At least it died right after I finished my work at 3.00 AM in the morning. I thought it was just the battery that went flat but it was the keyboard that flatlined on me. Noooo. My most beloved keyboard.

Since the keyboard and the mouse comes together, I can't use the mouse that I have with another keyboard. Peripheral conflict it seems. So I'm getting a Logitech MX3000. I hope I get it this week.

Today is presentation day for me. My Pet Sustenance Kit project. I'm excited about dressing up for it than the presentation itself. Hehhehe. Love dressing up in campus cause heads turn when walking in campus especially the academic block. Heheheh. Wish me luck.

-Live Long & Prosper

Heavy Machinery

Past few months I've been busy with my Engineering Team Project. Its a course by itself contributing 3 credit hours. Its basically a team of 5 students from different faculty of engineering doing a chosen topic to do. We design and fabricate it. Fun fun but loads of headache... Sigh.

So basically I get to try out all the big big machines and stuff that makes deafening noise, things that produce sparks and things that are super cool to play with but having the risk of losing an entire hand all together. Fun~~~ Hehhe. So this the big boys toys eh.

I was using a handheld grinder today and boy, that thing packs a punch when I switched it on. It jolted my hand slightly everytime I turn it on and my the pretty sparks that it made but the sound was like sonic booms. I was grinding a gear to smoothen the surface. Heheh. Fun but scary. When the technician asked me to do it myself, I was rather intimidated as though its some sacred, ancient relic that has the power destroy Earth if fallen into the wrong hand. Hehhehe. But it was a handheld grinder after all. The worst it could happen is that I severed someone's arm. Hehhe.

-Live Long & Prosper

Santa Baby

At long last, I get to munch on cookies my baby's mom made for me. Well she made a lot of them and not specifically for me but I would like to think it is all for me. Good for my ego. Hehehe. Anyhow, thanks to Alex The UPS Man, Mc Dave could send the cookies for me. Oh and a mooncake as well. Also baked by his mother. There were two types of cookies, peppermint chocolate chip cookie and pineapple tart cookie. Yum yum. They're super delicious and they just melt in your mouth.

What I did know was that there was a small tiny Teddy Bear keychain that my baby bought for me and a little note in there wishing me Happy Mooncake Festival. Soo sweet of you my dear. Heheh. Thanks baby.

His mom and my mom are going to meet sometime this week. Hmmm I wonder what sort of topics they're going to talk about. Wedding date perhaps? A Chinese Wedding? A White Dress Wedding? Which family name should be chosen? Hehehe. Ok I'm thinking too far into the future. Heheheh. We did kinda talked about it and Mc Dave joked that we should have The First Wedding. Meaning, Adam and Steve wedding. Hehhee. Everyone comes naked. Oooo, skanky. :P

-Live Long & Prosper