The Year That Was 2006

In four hours and forty minutes, year 2006 will be another history of mine. 2006 is when I found my love, McDave. The memory of it still lays fresh in my mind like it was yesterday. He looked so different back then and I looked super different back then too. Hehehe. Like an era just past by within this six months. I can't believe how we've grown, personally and relationship wise. Wasn't all smooth sailing but it was a heck of a journey and I hope this journey will go on till the end of time.

Oh almost forgot about Rat Rat too. Hehehe. Rescued them from pesky children and away from preying stuffed cats that were watching from another basket across the isle. Rat Rat brought out the inner child in me, like I need more inner child out of me, and they're like our kids. Hehehe. Yes, crazy I know but heck, whatever makes me sleep at night yea?

This year is also when I founded this blog, QueerRant. A transformation from my previous blog, CampusRant. CampusRant did not quite feel right since most of the things I rant are queer stuff anyways. Seems fitting to have QueerRant as the title of my blog.

The most significant thing this year is earning my own money for the very first time, my internship. Although the pay is like, way way way below minimum wage, it'll do for now. The most important thing is that I am enjoying my work. As Donald Trump said, "without passion, you have no energy, without energy, you have nothing". Even though my wage is probably his lunch money, I think what he says is true.

So this was the year that was 2006. Lets embrace the New Year, the uncertain future.

-Live Long & Prosper

Kids These Days

Ma Cau Hai...

Tiu Nya Seng...

Nya Ma...



Any given day, in any given DOTA game, you'll read this across your screen. Players calling, cursing and yelling at each at other players when things don't go the way its suppose to. I.E to win. They'll start blaming others of their inability or mistakes but never once they think that the other team is better than themselves. Always think they're the best or as they would call themselves, PRO. Pro my ass.


Are kids these days so filled with anger, rage and immaturity?

It sure spoils a nice game where people go there to unwind or just have fun. Not everything is all about competitiveness. Right? I do get occasional really good game where everyone is cooperating. Sometimes we lose but that don't matter cause everyone tried their best.


-Live Long & Prosper

The Intern

Just as I thought time flies really fast when I was in campus, time flies even faster when I'm working, Warp 9.9. I can't really believe that its the end of my third week and I'm going to start my fourth week on Tuesday. I'm really liking the change of pace from studying.

Despite what Leggie says, I love the Quality Assurance Department. Though it looks kinda sad from outside cause there's only five permanent employees of which one is away for maternity leave and another missing one. With the five of us in the department there's three gals, two guys and one gay. We, the interns (two of us, me and FLS), and the other two gals are quite close. They are the one who bring us around for errands and teach us how to do things. Not to mention the endless session of gossiping and mocking each other. Heheh.

My typical day involves spending most of the time in lifts while FSL sits in her cubicle most of the time doing paperwork but starting next week, she'll be working with a Middle-Eastern cute/kinda hot looking guy. Bitch... Anyhow, I go around the floors and look for people for various things. Maybe I should take the stairs and maybe, just maybe I can achieve my Golden Ass, Brad Pitt's ass (*drooool). Come to think of it, McDave is well on his way there. Perky ass. :P

Everyday, I'll wake up at six in the morning to get ready myself for the day. It takes me about an hour to get ready in the morning. Talk about vain eh? I'm not a morning person you see and I'm missing my nightlife. Hehheh, your definition of nightlife is very much different from mine but yea just sleeping late generally. I'm getting used to waking up early and I'm slowly sleeping later. Hope I will have enough energy for night activities with McDave (LOL).

There are a number of cute/good looking guys around the company. Not sure if they're gay cause my Gaydar at the moment sucks and out of calibration. To me all girls are gay. Its true, no? Help me calibrate~~~

It seems that everyone thinks I'm FLS's BF. Hehehe. That's so funny. Poor girl, she's not getting herself a boyfriend soon with me buzzing around her like a fly as her BF. I just play along with the BF thing. Very amusing. Poor girl, first I tell my gay friends she's a lesbian, now I'm her BF. Hehhee. I'm glad that she's in my department. We give ourselves a sense of security of a sort in an unfamiliar grounds and also she's such a doll.

-Live Long & Prosper


Hey all~~~

Guess who's back on the net~~~

Its me~~~

Sorry for not updating the blog for like eons... Lots of things has been going on leaving me unable to update a single blog...


After my exams, I headed straight to Singapore with my cousins. I was able to meet Derek and POD. So nice to see them again. We met up for a nice queer all-you-can-eat steam boat. Hehhe. I remember I was eating so much fungus like I've not eaten them in years. Hahah. Love fungus.

Then a few days after coming back from Singapore, I went down to Melaka with my baby and met Bunny there. (Well to drive us round that is. Thanks Bunny.) I love Melaka soo much cause of the food. Yummy... We had the usual stuff like the last time and the last time before that and the last time before before that. Heheheh. It was David's first time trying "Satay Celup" and I was glad that he loves it. Can't wait till another trip down to "makan-makan".

As some of you know, I started my internship on the 4 Dec. I'm kinda getting used to waking up early now a days. As early as six in the morning... Sigh. Who sleeps before midnight and wakes up at six huh?! OMG... I want my night crawling days back... Oh well. As long as I am busy the next day, I won't be bothered with the lack of sleep.

Oh yes. I finally got my broadband up and working now, as you can see. Its about freaking time too. *grrrr Took them bloody long enough to fix my freaking port. Heheheh. First Torrent I downloaded was from Heheh. Then I started downloading my anime and TV series.

So there you go. A super quick run through of what's been going on. Stay tune for more updates.

-Live Long & Prosper