Tulibu Dibu Douchoo

Yes I know that this is old news but I can't help myself to not post this! I must make a mark of it in my blog! I bring you Valentina Hasan with her rendition of Mariah Carey - Ken Lee (thanks to Janvier and why is it that you have so much time to surf for YouTube?!).

Here's the "improved" version of Ken Lee.

No doubt William Hung has made his mark in the music industry with his rendition of Ricky Martin - She Bang but I like Valentina better. She's prettier for one and she's bloody hilarious, not to mention less creppy. :P

And you know I can't tulibu dibu douchoo all.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Earth Hour 2008

In 12 hours 15 minutes time, 8 pm Malaysian time. A phenomenon is about to take place. Its lights out for everyone for an hour. Earth Hour they call it. Sacrifice one hour in the darkness to help raise awareness on global warming issue.

So when the the clock strikes eight, turn off your lights. Give Mother Earth a little break will yea?

Since this is a backpost, I would like to report that my I left my room with lights and fan turned off. Didn't have the heart to turn off the computer (though the monitor was off) because the internet connection was fabulous!

The torrent downloads must FLOW!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Cause and Effect

Sigh. Few days back I decided to indulge a little. Was craving for a McD burger and I was craving for a slice of Secret Recipy too. Both are high fat and high carb food, I know. So to minimise them, I just ordered a burger from McD and satisfied my craving for slice of cake.

Little did I know, they were going straight into my tummy!

Culprit Number 1.

Doesn't help that I couldn't go swimming for the past few days to burn those fats and calories...

Culprit Number 2.

Or could the culprits also be these?

My favourite juice in the whole wide world. Its yummy, refreshing and its cheap!

Culprit Number 3.

Or could it be the full cream milk that I accidentally bought?

Culprit Number 4.

Either way I need to burn them off! Guess its time to step up my swimming next week!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Multiply My Meme!

Thanks Calvin for the meme and so sorry for forgetting about the meme. Too many things going on at the moment. I'm going through a drought period for blog posts these days, so here goes.

1 Which feature do you zoom in on when you meet a guy for the first time?
His face then down to his toes. You'd be surprise with the amount details I can gather with just one glance from head to toe.

2. Who is your role model?
Oddly, I don't have one. Can't I just say all the beautiful male models?

3. What's the healthiest thing you would eat among sushi, salad and sandwich?
Sushi definitely! Unlimited sashimi! Sake! But who's gonna pay for the bill?

4. Which movie you can watch again and again?
The Devil Wears Prada. I know every bloody lines and every bloody clothes! This definitely screams queer!

5. Three gadgets that you can't live without?
Computer, my K800i and PSP.

6. What is your most annoying habit?
I talk faster than I think. Most of the time its harmless and hilarious.

7. What's one thing you're glad you've outgrown?
Liking girls. Heheheh.

8. I get nervous when...
When I'm in the spotlight in front of the crowd but I enjoy being in the spotlight.

9. My biggest fear is...
I'm not sure what my biggest fear is... To me fear is just a state of mind.

10. The best thing I've done for myself is...
Swimming in the afternoons for workout and tanning session! I'm in better shape now and my tan makes me all smoking hawt (well on my way to be the hawt tanned twink)! Maybe I should work hard on getting swimmer's built and nominate myself to be one of CLEO's 50 Bachelors.

11. Pass this meme to 5 people.
Fable Frog

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Have any of you seen this year's Malaysian CLEO bachelors? Seems to me that as years go by, the bachelors gets fuglier... It truely is very disappointing. To begin with, some of the Bachelors actually have girlfriends and some of the Bachelors even have BOYFRIENDS! How very controversial...

50 men to fulfill your heart's desire... NOT!

This year's selections were very appalling. It was so bad, it made me said, "OMG it gets fuglier as you turn the pages!". Sigh... Seriously... Is Malaysia running out of good looking men?! Did they suddenly became endangered species or extinct?!

La Faghag and Slender Faghag drooling over the Bachelors.

Out of those horrible selection of 50 Bachelors, only 4 somewhat appeals me.
  1. Bachelor 8, Brian Lau
  2. Bachelor 21, Hedzri PJ
  3. Bachelor 41, Owen Yap
  4. Bachelor 50, Ong Weng Jin
Sigh. Where have all the good looking ones gone?! This is depressing. I'll just have to fill my heart's desires or good looking men with a slice of Mango Delight then. Very disappointing...

Yummy Mango Delight.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

One Step At A Time

The post about my campus being flooded and a comment that Samantha left reminded me of a story from a bygone era (also known as my childhood). This story took place on a very heavy rainy day in the morning when I was 9 years old I think.

Throughout my schooling days, I took the school bus. Usually it'll stop just outside of the school but because of the heavy rain, there was a jam entering the street my school was located. So he stopped us elsewhere, in front of a high school, opposite of my school. So we had to walk through the high school, passed the soccer field, crossed the street and reached my school. Simple enough.

My friends and I went through the high school and passed soccer field. We stopped by the street because the huge deep drain was overflowing. The water was so murky and the weather was so dark that we couldn't see where the concrete slab to cross the drain. There wasn't any handrails either.

I tried my luck, took the first step and the worst happened. I feel into the drain.

Drowning by Lordmeka.

Thank goodness my huge bag filled with books kept me afloat long enough for my friends to pull me up. Well its not like I was going to drown like the photo anyways. Just maybe saved me from drinking murky water and possibly diarrhea...

Thus I went into class all drenched from head to toe. My books too were wet. Worst part, it rained for the whole day and I was shivering (and on the verge of hypothermia too) throughout the classes. Wet shoes and wet socks.


You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Torrential Rain

I love the rain, especially those heavy downpour with lightnings and thunders. I like watching the rain in the comfort of my room and enjoy the cool weather, the roaring thunder and the flashes of lightning. Kinda like Fantasia Raw!

The best time to watch the rain is when I'm travelling at night. Train, car, bus or aeroplane, it doesn't matter so long as its dark and raining outside. There's something about travelling through the rain that's so exciting.

Yesterday evening, it was raining like typhoon just hit my campus. Winds were blowing at who knows how fast and rain was pouring down so much. It went on for hours. I was enjoying the view as the wind blew and rain splashed against my window. The cool weather made me hungry and I waited till the rain subsided before I went to pack my dinner.

There I was walking down the stairs and I saw this.

The campus is flooding!

Holy crap! So much rain water and the pavement had turned into a river.

Have a look at the plants.

There goes the plants.

And when I finally arrived at the cafeteria.

Even the cafeteria suffered the same fate.

That was sure one heck of a rain. Floods everywhere. Something tells me the developers forgotten to pay attention to the drainage system.

I don't like getting wet when I'm all dry. It wasn't a pleasent journey to the cafeteria to say the least...

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Comfort Food

I'm not the sort of person that seeks comfort in food when I feel low or depressed. Never have. I prefer to enjoy my food when I am happy and with the company of friends. Fond and memorable memories were made around food. Memories that I treasure.

But something changed today. I was feeling rather low all of a sudden while chatting. It wasn't as bad but I needed something to comfort me. Usually, I'd watch Moulin Rouge's last scene where Satine dies, I'll shed some tears and be done with it.

Not today. I had the urge to buy chocolate. Sweet dark chocolate. I desperately wanted chocolate to make me feel better. As though the chocolate would sweeten the bitter sorrow I that I felt. So I went to a grocery shop and looked at all the chocolate on the shelves. There were so many of them, I couldn't choose. I would have just bought everything. I bought two bars instead, Cadbury and Snickers.

Will you bring me happiness?

I got back to my room and laid the two bars in front of me, just staring at it. Wondering if they could really bring me happiness. I nearly succumbed to gobbling the two bars there and then to fill the void in me.

I couldn't bring myself to do it. Something in me stopped me. It was partly because of the gazillion calories these bars contain. I've worked hard to stay healthy and fit. I'm not about to jeopardise it. But what really stopped me was, I knew that the happiness I get is only temporary. So I just put them aside and focus to balance my emotions instead.

In the end, I did eat the Cadbury bar but I ate it because I want to, not because I was low and depressed and I was happy because it tasted nice.

Now I understand how people with eating disorder such as this feels.

Never again will I seek comfort in food. I have friends that are there for me. I rather seek comfort in them.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Meme Anyone?

Here I am in front of the computer all wrapped up in my comforter typing this post. Its an unusually cold night tonight. Must be the rain but I'm not complaining. I prefer cold to hot anytime.

Been ages since I last did a meme. Courtesy of Slender Faghag, she tagged me with this.

1. Beer: Beer gut!
2. McDonalds: Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and Fries!
3. Relationships: Sure is tough but rewarding.
4. Purple: Love it. I don't have any shirt of that colour yet though...
5. Power Rangers: Blue ranger. Billy was hawt back then.
6. Weed: Wanna smoke some bong?
7. Steroids: Never had them before.
8. Cartoons: The Pinky and The Brain!
9. The President: Weren't they a band?
10. Tupperware: Every housewives solution to food storage.
11. Florida: Sunny beach and toned hot guys!
12. Santa Claus: He's not real!?
13. Halloween: Sounds like a fun party!
14. Alice: Alice in Wonderland, tumbling down the rabbit hole.
15. Grammar: Mind Your Language! Love that show. Still cracks me up watching it today.
16: MySpace: Don't have one. Don't see the fuss to get one either.
17. Clowns: IT, very scary...
18. Marriage: Definitely and there'll be a party with naked handsome waiters to boot!
19. Paris: Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.
20. Pussy: Ewwww!
21. Redheads: Never seen them in real life.
22. Blondes: They have some appeal, blonde hair and blue eyes.
23. Pass The: Dildo and lub.
24. One Night Stand: Haven't had them. Wonder what's it like...
25. Donald Trump: Can he be my sugar daddy?
26. Neverland: How I wish.
27. Dixie: Dixie Chicks!
28. Vanilla Ice Cream: As topping for puddings!
29. Hooters: They remind me of boobs... No thanks...
30. High School Musical: Zach Effron! Hawt hawt hawt!
31. Pajamas: Don't wear them. I prefer to sleep nude.
32. Woody: Every morning!
33. Wet Socks: Ewww...
35. Love: Love Actually. Lovely movie.

I shan't tag anyone in particular (just lazy to think who to tag...) but its open to anyone who's interested.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

What's For Breakfast Mommy?

Guess what. I have a presentation at 0830 tomorrow (now is 0030 and I still have to rehearse the presentation) and here I am blogging. I shall blog about my breakfast! I love my cereals and here's a new one that I really love. Weet-Bix Fruity Wild Berry. Its really yummy I tell you except when its all soggy then its a little disturbing.

Wild berries in a box!

Yes I know, its healthy stuff but I like healthy stuff especially with berries in it. Plain healthy stuff are just too bla. Actually I like my Post cereals more but the supermarket didn't have the Post cereals that I wanted. So I bought this instead and its nice too.

Look at it. Yummy golden brown wonder! Reminds me of hash browns, minus the fats and carbs.

Crunchy crunchy whole grain stuff.

And I have it with a generous serving of milk.

And have them with low fat milk of course.

That's how mornings should be. A bowl of good old cereal.

Now where are my pancakes and crispy fatty bacon strips?!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Tales of The Eye

I nearly freaked out when I saw a strand hair was sitting on my eyeball! I think it got in when I went to Cherry for my monthly haircut. That time it did hurt when the hair went into my eye but I thought it would have fallen out by now. Freaky how it was still in there...

There wasn't any discomfort or anything. It just sat on my eyeball harmlessly. I doubt it'll be harmless when the hair starts to decay. Thank goodness hair takes forever to decay.

But how freaky is having a strand of hair on my eyeball!

The Eye.

See the hair near the bottom eyelid?

I couldn't just leave it there. I had to somehow extract it out. So I cut my finger nails and washed my hands thoroughly. Slowly I try to drag the hair to the corner of my eye to get it out. At last, the hair just stuck onto my finger and its out. I'm used to touching my eyeball. Wearing contacts does wonders to sight and touching one's eyeballs.

I wonder what's the white goo around the hair.

The Hair.

That's quite a long strand of hair to be sitting on my eyeball don't you think?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Lab Rat For Hire

I've always have this thing for friends. If I can go the extra mile for them, I'll do it. But never in my dream that this would include being a lab rat. Yes you read it right, a lab rat. Human substitute to animal testing. What a way to get around the animal rights activist right?

Well like I said, I'd go the extra mile and extra mile I went for SK. I'm still unclear as to what she does for a living but she makes these stuff. Beauty, facial stuff. But yea, she needed lab rats to test her new creation and I opted for it (potential death sentence perhaps?).

These are the goodies I got. Eye gel is (the one in the bottle) for eye bags, puffy eyes and dark circles while the white cream is suppose to make the flesh temporarily firm and toned.

Suspicious looking things...

The eye gel look suspiciously like cum don't it? I thought so too when I first saw it. Cum facial... But of course its not cum. Its smells very gingery but it doesn't sting. I like it a lot cause I don't feel like there's a layer of something applied onto the skin.

I haven't figured out where to use the white cream yet. It has to be used on flesh that has fat on it. Makes the fat firm and toned or something like that. I wonder if it'll increase the stiffness of my erection (I am so not trying it out).

Oh well.

Wish me luck testing the product.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Mount Vesuvius Returns

Arrrgh. I hate pimples! I have one bloody huge one on my forehead and its throbbing... I am in pain! I think this one has been rippening since I got back to KL. Its the aftermath of me doing the stressful calculations. I tend to touch my forehead when I'm concentrating on my work. One of those habits I guess.


Work = Bad Facial!

Well I'm now back in campus. Away from civilization. Away from SALES! Away from shopping. This is sad.

I foresee tonnes of working coming my way. Presentation on Wednesday and a test on Friday. Just fantastic...

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

United, But Only For A Moment

Finally I'm work free for the weekend. So bloody tired of calculating and recalculating and recalculating my calculations. Therefore, La Faghag and I seek solace in KL! Just for the weekend. She with her shopping and me with my haircut with Cherry.

Good thing I managed to meet McDave for dinner before he flies off to Cambodia. Was out for dinner with him in Mid Valley. To my surprise, the place looks bloody empty. Hardly the usual crowd there. I wonder where did all the shoppers went...

Anyhow, just followed him to get some stuff from Watsons for his trip. Basically just seeing him and enjoying his company. We don't get much of those these days. He's busy with work and stuff while I'm in campus. Sucks being far apart.

Last month, McDave gave me a necklace for Valentine's and today I got to see the other half of it. A small gold plus sign that fits into my silver necklace. See how pretty they are together?

2 become 1.

I dedicate this lovely Kylie Minogue song, The One to McDave.

Starlight shimmers everywhere
There’s a certain something in the air
Can you feel what I feel in me?
It’s in the air, electricity oh, oh

Glimmering under neon lights
I can see the look, that’s in your eyes
Like a shooting star in a galaxy
Making it’s way to the heart of me

I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me
I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me
I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me
I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me

My pulse is racing and I’m feeling high
Never-ending starts tonight
When you do what you do to me
Come on and let yourself feel the need in me, oh oh

Circling and we’re getting close
Can you imagine, just suppose
It’s a feeling that I need to know
Close to touch like Michelangelo

I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me
I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me
I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me
I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me

Can you hear me?
I’m connecting with you
Can you feel me?
I’ll do anything to have you near me
I was wondering will you reach me?

Can you hear me?
I’m connecting with you
Can you feel me?
I’ll do anything to have you near me
I was wondering will you reach me?

I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me
I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me

Can you hear me?
I’m connecting with you
Can you feel me?
I’ll do anything to have you near me
I was wondering will you reach me?

I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me
I’m the one
Love me, love me, love me, love me

Can you hear me?
I’m connecting with you
Can you feel me?
I’ll do anything to have you near me
I was wondering will you reach me?

I know I'm the ONE cause you're the ONE for me.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Riddled With Photos

I am still being riddled with numbers. Three days of nonstop calculations is turning my brain mushy. I don't even have the urge to watch porn and wank! Imagine that... Sigh. This is so not the career path for me. At least I'm almost done with it. I just hope its alright or no one notices the mistakes (if there's any).

See the photo below? Its a signage that the campus just put up.

What's the first thing that came into mind?

Oooo signage.

I doubt that they're refering to this.


Nor are they refering to "a free-standing structure sited a short distance from a main residence, whose architecture makes it an object of pleasure. Large or small, there is usually a connection with relaxation and pleasure in its intended use. A pavilion built to take advantage of a view is referred to as a gazebo."

Chinese Pavilion.

Instead, the signage points to this.

I don't see no Pavilion...

Parking lot in front of the main hall.

Interesting yes?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Riddled With Numbers

If I knew there were so much crap to do studying chemical engineering, I would have thought twice before opting for it. Calculation for an equipment in a plant is hell! I spent 6 hours last night doing calculation for a distillation column and that was just trying to figure out how to calculate it. Took me 11 pages of blank paper do to the calculations too...

First find this, calculate that, look at this graph, extrapolate, use this constant and bla bla bla.

To my own amazement, I actually understood the steps but that won't make me a good chemical engineer. I totally suck when it comes to theoretical work...

All I see is numbers...

So on with the scribbling.

And look, two of the many pretty graphs I have to refer to.

And graphs too...

Oh well. Gotta get them five distillation columns calculation done. Right after I have lunch of course.

Maybe another session of PSP.

Watching a movie wouldn't hurt.

After chatting on MSN perhaps?

Arrrgh shan't procrastinate!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Here is a movie that is worth raving about. Absolutely hilarious, intelligent and witty. I would have never thought that a movie about a teenage girl, Juno getting knocked up would be such a feel good movie. But if you think the movie is about Juno getting fucked, pregnant and gives birth, you've underestimated the movie.


Here's the trailer.

The movie started of slow but as it progresses, it got better. The dialogs are amazingly smart, funny and natural. I really love the dialogs and here's some that really stucked in my mind.
I think I'd just nip it in the bud before it gets worse. Cause they were talking about it in health class how pregnancy, it can often lead to an infant.

Hi, I'm just calling for a hasty abortion.

Honey, doctors are sadist who likes to play God and watch lesser people scream.

Hey you know, you can go to early labor sucking face like that.
The most rememberable line is from her father.
Find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty. Handsome, what have you. The right person still gonna think the sunshine out of your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with them.
The casts were superb. Ellen Page is so the girl for Juno. She fits perfectly and acted so well. Totally worth all the nominations and awards that she got for this movie.

I love the parents. They're so different yet not unrealistic. You'd think they would force Juno to do something drastic like marriage or abortion when they found out about the baby. But they supported her decision to give the baby for adoption. They're really funny too.

This is a definite must watch movie. Everything about the movie is brilliant. The plot, the actors, the way it was shot are wonderful. The OST is great too.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Sneak Preview of Thailand

I am so stuffed with food, I don't know how to start this post! All thanks to JC for stuffing me with dim sum in Ming Court. Love that place so much. Delicious dim sum and its dirt cheap. But that's not what the post is about today.

Behold the Thai Fest! It seems that this event is held every other month in Ipoh Parade. Its like a mini indoor Chatuchak. They sell tonnes of stuff from decorative items to food. Naturally two floggers will pay more attention to the food and that's what we did.

There weren't that many variaties of Thai food but its enough to serve as a sneak preview for me.

First there's of course tomyam. How can you not have tomyam when it comes to Thai food eh?


Then there's fried food like pandan chicken, fried spring rolls, fried prawns in batter and so on.

Thai fried stuff.

This is mango rice. Its glutinous rice with fresh mango on top and fresh coconut milk. Its delicious! The coconut milk is so rich and gives a satisfying tingling sensation with every bite. The combination is just so lovely and filling too.

Mango glutinous rice.

They're very generous with the mango.

Mmmm yummy.

Just as I thought I've had enough mango to last me a long time to come, I saw mango salad! This I had to try since I've heard so much about it. I ordered a packet.

Mango salad.

I really love the salad. This and mango rice was my dinner. The mango was not too sour, in fact I could hardly taste the sourness of the mango. They put lots of stuff in it like nuts, crispy and plump anchovies, fish sauce, onion and some other unidentifiable pickled stuffs. Delicious!

Really yummy.

At first glance, I thought they were selling "tang yuan" but upon closer inspection revealed that it wasn't. It was the dessert I've read before, water chestnut coated in jelly. Chewy on the outside and crunchy on the inside. Very nice.

I still wonder how they make it.

Water chestnut coated in jelly.

I've always love handmade ice cream and this coconut ice cream is superb! The texture is very smooth and the flavour is creamy coconut milk. Yummy I tell you.

Coconut ice cream.

Here's something interesting. Fried quill eggs. See how they fry it in a special pan?

Fried quill eggs.

Pity I wasn't up for it to try the Thai crepe. I was already stuffed beyond my limit (this is not good for my diet...). It looks delicious though. I'll have to try it next time.

Thai crepe.

I am so excited and can hardly wait for my Bangkok trip! The promise of good food awaits me there!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Martian Child

Another movie review and this time its Martian Child. I hate that it takes forever for movies arrive in Malaysian shores. This movie was out since December and only now its screening. Bleh. Annoying.

The plot is David (John Cusack), recently lost his wife was considering to adopt a kid, Dennis who thinks he's from Mars. Dennis stays in his Amazon.com box, afraid of the sun and has a belt of flashlight batteries as weights to prevent him from floating off. Basically a weird kid. So the movie is about the journey of becoming a father and son.

Martian Child.

The movie itself didn't do much emotionally. It was suppose to be a sweet, soppy and touching movie but it didn't feel like it. The movie did have its moments here and there but it didn't go all the way. The movie felt lazy if that makes any sense. Its like every scene, the director got lazy halfway through and left a stagnant atmosphere of emotion.

It left me sort of emotionally confused and I couldn't pinpoint any highlights about the movie even if I tried hard to do so. Nothing to rave really.

So I say, meh if not disappointed to this movie.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Any Takers?

OMG... I spent the whole day reading my text on Professional Communication Skills. Seven chapters to cover in a day is crazy. Thank goodness its light reading and not one of those boring technical sciences. Social sciences are so much fun to read.

Fun as it may be to read, still I needed some distractions in between reading and Jin suddenly PM-ed me with this. This guy has some mysterious super power sensing that I have the urge to appraise my self-worth. After a bunch of questions, I am worth $1132/hour! How awesome is that!

bedroom toys

Any takers?

How about a free trial?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Random Photo Day

I am taking a break from ranting. In other words, I can't think of anything to post at the moment but I have the urge of posting. What better than to post random photos taken from my K800i.

First photo. No that's not a rubber ducky. Its a ducky alright but a paperclip ducky! Adorable little thing ain't it? La Faghag believes in personal touch to enhance her studying capability.

I may look like a rubber ducky.

Next, edible Bart Simpson! Its so adorable! Little pawn Bart Simpson. Found this in a cafe/bakery while having lunch. Coincidentally, I have The Simpsons Chess Set and that's how Bart looks like. The details on this edible Bart is amazing! I nearly wanted to buy it just for the sake of buying it. Hehehe.

En guard!

This is my first ever stationery impulse buy. Its a camo pen! How cool is that! My new favourite pen.

Disguise mode.

Final photo for the post is a Pitcher Plant. I found it on sale in a grocery shop! Kinda odd seeing it being sold in a grocery shop and at such cheap price too! RM 12.00, that's like about USD 3.00. That was my first time seeing it firsthand. Pretty awesome. I think I'll buy one back for my mom. Very cool.

Awesome looking plant!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

The One Eyebrow Guy

On the way back from dinner yesterday, we (La Faghag, Slender Faghag and me) had one of the most hilarious conversation in the car ever, for me at least! We met a junior that La Faghag thinks (and still thinks after all the mockeries) he's quite good looking.

In fact, I've blogged about this junior before. Dunlop Guy (as in the tyre brand) we called him.

The conversation went like this:

La Faghag: Yea I think he's Dunlop guy. I remembered the girlfriend.
Slender Faghag: Who's Dunlop guy?
LF: He's one of the juniors that is good looking.
SF: He's GOOD LOOKING (eyes popping out)!?
LF: Yea...
Me: Heheheh. He's Sesame Street.
SF: Weekekekke.
LF: *grrr

I'm so mean I know.

Ernie and Bert.

And yes, Dunlop Guy really looks like Bert. Poor soul. Get a freaking tweezer! Makes me wanna stick duct tape onto his eyebrow and pull it.

Straight men...

On a completely different note.

With regards to my post on Animal Abuse Alert, Sam decided to do something about it. He emailed RSPCA and they responded to him. Check his post for the update.

Another completely different note.

I am being featured in a popular food blog, A Whiff of Lemongrass! Few months back, I reviewed Cupcake Chic and the flogger linked me! I feel so popular! My blog is finally being acknowledged.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

My Topic For Today Is...

Yey. Finally one of my two presentations are done. Its called technical presentation and my topic was Diabetes Mellitus. That went fairly well. Delivered my points, spoke clearly and was on time, 7 mins 10 secs.

I actually enjoy being in the limelight (no surprise to some most). Being in front of a small crowd and talk about some stuff. Its nice. I don't know how else to explain it. Sure I get the jitters and all but once I start talking, I'm on fire. The best part about giving presentations, I get to dress up!

The tie looks oddly large in this photo...

I wore all black today as though there was a funeral. I didn't want to wear my white shirt although its the best shirt and my fav too. Can't recycle my shirts and ties too often. Hence, I need more clothes!

I think the combination of grey and gloomy weather and my black outfit gave the audience a weird vibe from me. My lecturer commended my presentation but gave an odd comment. She said the mood that I set was rather down almost melancholic (as La Faghag aptly described). I was totally unaware of it. At least now I know what to lookout for in my future presentations. Set the right mood.

So yey. Kudos to me for my presentation.

Tomorrow's presentation, La Faghag's on the topic of Alzheimer's Disease.

Break a leg girl.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Animal Abuse Alert

I am deeply appalled by this recent announcement made by Pinocchio, member of the Puppet Student Board, to the dog "problem" the campus seems to be having. Their brilliant solution? Read the article and see.


by Pinocchio, Puppet Student Board

Yes, recently this issue has been a main talking point among students, especially those staying in the OLD V5. These dogs ‘visit’ the hostel blocks at night in search of food and as a result leave the block in a big mess. Apart from that, they are a threat to the students.

Realising the seriousness of the issue at hand, the Welfare Department of Puppet Student Board has come up with a couple of solutions:

1 - Poisoning the dogs
2 - Shoot down the dogs

Why must serious action be taken immediately?

1. The number of dogs in Notroh Woods is steadily rising
2. The possibility of the dogs spreading a disease
3. Catching the dog doesn’t help as the dogs tend to come back

These actions will most probably be taken during the mid-semester break, to ensure students’ safety. We would like to avoid the possibility of a student getting hurt during the process.

This creative article was posted by Pinocchio, Puppet Student Board Welfare EXCO I
The article is anything but creative. It just screams STUPIDITY.

A little cruel ain't it?! Poisoning and having them shot down. Brilliant. Animal cruelty! Are they freaking retards? Call the farking RSPCA dem it. They exist for a reason. Duh...

Its funny how Pinocchio and his marionettes are so keen on killing those dogs but yet they're allowing the cats here to breed like rabbits. The cats hang out in the cafes and eat along with the students. Ewwww. Those cats need castration.

Idiots... Bunch of idiots...

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Boys Will Be Boys

I can still hear the words "OMG, how old are you guys?!" ringing in my head as I typed this post. Slender Faghag said that incredulously when she caught my roomie and I red-handed. It was a Master Card moment. Her eyes were buldging like they were gonna pop out of the sockets and her jaw on the fringe of dislocating itself.

Yep, a sight to behold.

So what did my roomie and I do to warrant the "OMG, how old are you guys?!"?


I call it The Egg-O-Machine.

The Egg-O-Machine.

I absolutely love the Egg-O-Machine when I was a kid. The anticipation of what toy I'll get in the plastic egg. I used to go to the grocery shops almost everyday after school and try my luck. Those were the days.

Then yesterday, the same urge hit me when I saw the Egg-O-Machine. My fingers were twitching uncontrollably to slot in the coin and turn the knob. Turned the knob we did and got ourselves an egg each.

Oooo magic egg.

Its a stuffed thinggie!

Roomie got something adorable and I got something fugly (FUCKING UGLY), hence no photo of it here. I wanted a mini Gundam model...


You know you love me.
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