Food, Boy, GString

I dunno about you but I think Shrek Meal from McDonalds is a little scary... Its so green and green... The green is like a ectoplasm byproduct of Slimer from Ghostbusters. I ain't touching that thing with a ten feet, pink feathered covered in glitters pole. I do hope that JL and Leggie don't turn green by the end of the day.

I only got random things to talk about. I saw a perfectly adorable guy in Isetan KLCC today. He's just too, I don't know how to say it but he's just so adorable. Like the most adorable thing ever. Hahah. I can't make any sense but I guess you'll have to see it. So twink-ish, so adorable. You guys can find him in the kid's floor playing PlayDough. Making little cute cute figures. He's got talent I must say. I was too chicken to take a picture of him. I passed him twice just to get mental picture of him. I love my boys. :P

Actually I spotted him right after I rewarded myself with a pair of Renoma Senso GString. I was so tempted to get three pairs one Senso and two Mesh but I controlled myself. As William put it, "butt-floss"... Such statement hardly does a GString justice. GString for men is the best thing fashion industry has come up with after the pouch that is. Nothing can rival the ingenuity and sexiness of a pouch.

-Live Long& Prosper

The Battle of The Adonis

Just what I need early in the morning to start my day. A fight over who's the more adorable and handsome adonis with Kyle.

I think Wang Lee Hom is the most adorable of them all.

*drool drool Lee Hom

-Live Long & Prosper

Company of Fairy Tales

It all began today during lunch time in Ampang Park. La faghag, Leggie and I were wondering around in search of an ear piercing parlor but to my disappointment, we didn't find it save for one but the sales person seems dodgy. She seemed unsure when we asked if she could do it for me...

Goldilocks and Her Three Men

But the ever vigilant, la faghag spotted something more interesting than my ear. A six foot one to say the least and good looking too (by her standards... not my cup of tea.). So we cruised into the shop he went into and we scouted him. He's name is Cornelius. Interesting name indeed and a perfect match for la faghag's liking. He was perfect in height, in built, in appearance and, here's the best part, he is one of the three cousins that la faghag has been eying on.

The first is Kevin. We met him in our first few weeks of internship. La faghag had slight drooling experience with him at first sight. He is what I would categorize as meaty but he's good looking in the eyes for la faghag and he is tall.

The second is Justin. He, I actually knew way before I started my internship. He was one of Cleo Bachelor back then. He's short but adorable and has a really sweet personality. La faghag attended his birthday party recently and she goes gu gu ga ga over him. I don't see what she sees but its ok. I'll stick to my boys.

Then you have the third. The perfect one. The tall. The handsome. The just nice built. Brain activities seem to ceased when she saw him. Goldilock found her perfect porridge, her perfect chair, her perfect bed and her perfect Cornelius.

Snow White

Looking-glass, looking-glass on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?

Thou O Queen are the fairest of them all!

No truer words from a mirror that does not lie. I have a colleague who is as white as Snow White and owns a mirror like the looking-glass owned by the Queen. It tells no lies and it does more. It gives the normal reflection and the other gives a magnified reflection to see all the little pores and potential clogs.

She often consults her mirror to see who is the fairest of them all and always she is the fairest of them all.

Where might I find such mirror I wonder.

Alice In Wonderland

"I imagine that right now, you're feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole? You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you just how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

I've been tumbling down the rabbit hole into a strange new world every since Sotongzai helped find my true self. Strange new world of fag. Everyday is full of discovery and a new level of learning experience awaits me. Love, lust, happiness, misery, heartaches and a whole lot more in the spectrum of emotions that I never imagined experiencing.

I hope I don't wake up like how Alice did. I'm enjoying every single bitter sweet moments of life. Never regretted taking the red pill and I'm loving this rabbit hole.

-Live Long & Prosper

My Idol

Guess who's my idol. Come come give it a go.

He's popular.

He's so good looking.

He's super fit and sculpted.

He's like *droooooool.

He's none other than WANG LEE HOM. *scream scream *giggle giggle

Heheh. I've been taking pictures of his advertisement for Celcom and he just looks so delicious and handsome. Awwww. Wang Lee Hom~~~ I've gotten four so far. There's one in KL Central that I've yet take.

This is taken in KLCC.

This is in Kepong.

This is on the way to Ikano.

This is in Wangsa Maju.

I dunno why... Maybe its because he's American Born Chinese and everything about him is just lovely. Heheheh.

Well I just adore him. Its like a super duper fat chance that I'll get to know him in person. I wonder if he's gay. Hmmmm.

-Live Long & Prosper

State Of Urgency

I am way to tired to blog about what happened the whole day today. So I shall leave that task to McDave to blog about it. I'm sure he's got tonnes to say and you guys don't have to read it twice from us.

Happy Birthday to Sotongzai~~~

So what's this state of urgency you may wonder. As McDave and I were heading back to my home, I saw something really disturbing and to a certain degree disgusting. Its beyond ewww its just ewww ewww, burn in hell fashion disaster.

What is this fashion disaster? Its boyfriends holding their girlfriend's handbags... Its like ewww. So de ugly... It obviously doesn't match with what he's wearing and its just so wrong... Straight people condemn gays for being fashionable and yet they do WHAT?! Its just so wrong... Its beyond gay, its just damnation of the fashion world.

And girlfriends, what the heck were you thinking of handing your bag to your boyfriends to carry? You spent hours and hours to get a bag that matches you and what do you do? You give it to your boyfriends which in no way can match your handbags...

I remember my colleague told me of a story:

My colleague was in The Curve and she spotted a guy carrying the same handbag as her. She approached him.

Colleague: OMG~~~ You got the same handbag as me!
Boyfriend: *blink blink
Girlfriend: *blink blink
C: Did you get it from the sale at (some place that I don't remember the name)?
B: *blink blink
G: Uh that's my bag...
C: Really?! But he's holding it... *walks away with evil grin

Heheheh. I was so going to do that just now to the couple that I saw just now.

This maybe a futile attempt to reach the straight guys seeing as most of my readers are fags or faghags or just well confused but its ok. I shall do my part.

Please straight guys... Don't ever put that handbag anywhere near you. Its just wrong.

-Live Long & Prosper


I finally had my well deserved rest from the sleep deprived state that I was in yesterday. I slept at nine and woke up twice today, seven and ten. I think I had about 10 hours of sleep. Its been ages since I slept that long.

Had mee curry for branch that mom bought from morning market. Yummy. And I had chicken soup with pork sui kau for my tea since I skipped lunch and dinner. So yes, I basically stayed home spent most of the time online and reading my book. Today is also my first time watching tv in so long. I was watching MythBuster and they were dispelling myths about vodka and also the myth about shooting a bullet straight up, 90 degrees, could kill a person.

I also did my facial treatment, mud mask. Oh I love mud mask. Since I can't go to spas for it, I'll just have to settle with DIY mud mask.

I just realised something. Every time after, I will not immediately dry myself. Instead, I'll sit in front of the computer and surf the net until I feel my body is sufficiently dried then I'll dry my hair and the rest of my body. I dunno why but I like to stay wet for awhile. I remember the times when McDave were here, he would shoo me out of the chair and dry me himself. Heheh. I'm such a big baby. :P

Now I'm off to Calvin's (super old schoolmate. long time ago at first sight, I hated him. now we're pals.) place to play Risk 2210 A.D. Great game to play with 4-5 people.

Till the next post.

-Live Long & Prosper

Sleep Deprived...

Holy crap... I only got home at two in the morning and I slept at two thirty. I wanted to skip work but that wouldn't be good now would it? I literally dragged my ass out of the bed at six in the morning and got ready to work. So tired... There are traces of eye bags and panda eyes now. So sad. My fabulous face.

Anyhow, went to KLCC during lunch hour with la faghag. In lieu of the many birthday celebrations, one of which does not actually belong in this month but I'll let it slide, la faghag needed to shop for pressies and conveniently persuaded me to share the pressies. Its amazing how she does that. Hehhe. Maybe she is trained in the bene gesserit way and command me to summit to her will. Kinky actually.

Anyhow, we did get two pressies for two of our fag friends. Fifty bucks gone there... I was shopping for bags for myself but didn't see any that I like. I'm in dire need of a small sling bag, preferably leather so I can put my stuff (books, umbrella, water bottle, a bottle of Oceanus, contact lense solution and case and my glasses) and look stylish at the same time. There's one in Zara that is perfect but it's RM200... That's way to much for a bag man...

Oh sugar daddy, where art thou?

Even though I was utterly exhausted (even now), I still managed to cam-whore. Hahah. I cam-whored in the office and I cam-whored in the KLCC LRT station. Thanks to la faghag, she took a really nice picture of me in my hoodie. Oh so fabulous. Thank goodness there wasn't any eye bags or panda eyes. Hehehe.

The rest of the day was spent lazing and pretending to have work to do. Even our boss said there isn't much to do now. Hehehe.

-Live Long & Prosper

She's Got Crabs...

Normally, the title would indicate something bad. Something no one, straight or gay, would want to contract after a hot saucy night of steamy action with moans that can rival a thousand cat mating right in front of you. Yes crabs... Bad news crabs...

But that's not the crab that I am referring. I'm referring to the crabs that out of the blue popped up in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Kinda random I think. Overall I enjoyed the movie tremendously with comical remarks from Sam during the movie and I can just hear Dr. Paul's and Sam's eyes screaming whenever Beckett or Norrington pops up on screen.

All thanks to Nuffnang for giving out free tickets~~~ I'm not going to put any spoiler about the movie so go watch it yall. Its great entertainment. Off to the end of the earth to save Captain Jack Sparrow~~~

Movie ticket and my bookmark.

I'm amazed at the speed that Dr. Paul walks that I think I can hear and feel the sonic booms that he creates every time he exceeds the speed of sound. Not to forget, he's got the maneuverability of a bat when navigating through a small corridor dense packed with people. That's how he got us good seats since the screening was free seating. Dr. Paul's kiasu mode is to be revered and feared. Like a laser guided missile aimed to its intended target. Heheh. Now you see then kabooom. Maybe he's got crabs, that's why he walks that fast :P

Finally ate the box of Hello Kitty cakes. I got them three months ago and never opened it cause they were just too adorable to eat. I figured today is a special day so lets open it and share it with Dr. Paul, Leggie, Sam and McDave. This is how it looked like.

Hello there Hello Kitty.

*chomp number 1

*chomp number 2

*chomp number 3

Hello Kitty vanishes like Chipsmore Cookies.

I want my Hello Kitty back~~~

-Live Long & Prosper

A Tribute

Today there will be no ranting from me but it'll be a moment of silent to give my respect to Jesse, who had recently passed away from his three years battling cancer.

Even though Jesse is a stranger to me but as the saying goes, "Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know."

-Live Long & Prosper

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

I just got this book from a friend of mine last Friday. I have Tuesday's With Morrie and he wanted to read it so we swapped books. Only read the book yesterday morning on the way to work and I must say, its a great book though sad that the book began with death.

I say this book came on the right time for me due to the recent drama and in some strange ways, it creeps up in the most unexpected time.

All endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time...

How true... Though I wish I'm in the beginning of things to come right now. How depressing.

The only time we waste [life] is the time we spend thinking we are alone.

I really must snap out of this. Dem it... This roller coaster ain't over yet for me. If only I can find the emergency stop button on this ride.

Then there's a part where it wrote:

ALL PARENTS DAMAGE their children. It cannot be helped. Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of handlers. Some parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair.

Sad but true.

-Live Long & Prosper

Haircut Trip

Got me haircut with la faghag tagging along. I don't know where to start blogging since there were so many things happened today. I'll start with work then. Nothing fancy or boring, just that a TNB substation was malfunctioning so the mid zone, where my floor is, experienced power outage from four o'clock till I don't know when. Spent the time cam-whoring as usual. Hehehhe. We left the office at 5.15 and headed to BB Plaza. I hope there's no power tomorrow too. Heheheh.

La faghag had a gala time looking through shoes in Vincci sale while I was scoping around for cute guys. I did, however, pay attention to her when she asked for opinion which shoes to get. She only got one pair though. Hehehe. Impulse buying girl. :P

Then we headed to Low Yat Plaza for dinner. We had this Japanese snack thing but to me it was like a meal for two from the size of it. It was a little flat on the taste but quite interesting non the less. It had muachi, bacon, load of cabbage and bean sprouts, prawns, scallops, squids and oysters. Perhaps if we had cold beer with us then it'll taste good. The lady making the thing was really nice explaining to me what's this and what's that. Allowed me to take pictures too.

This be the shop and that's the woman making the thing...

Nice but kinda over priced for a snack...

I was stuffed with it by the time we cleaned the plate and I was looking forward for some head pampering. When I stepped into the hair salon though, it was empty and there was like only one customer and two staffs. I was shocked and I thought I was in the wrong place. I asked the lady that was sitting down, looking at me if they were open. It is open just that there's no one around today. Weird...

I requested for my hair stylist but he was away for a moment. His name is Jun, yes as in the month of June Jun. So the lady helped him prepped me up, got me settled and washed my hair. That was a good massage/wash and I was desperately in need of it. La faghag was sitting next to me reading magazines while I enjoyed the massage/wash. Once that was done, she rinsed my hair but it was a little sloppy. The back of my shirt was a little wet from it.

I find it funny that la faghag had not seen me with my hair all wet and messed up. Hehehhe. She was like, "OMG I've never seen your hair like this before.". I wonder if it was a compliment or what? I think I looked kinda hot after the hair wash and all wet. :P

Jun came back just as I was sitting down on the chair, looked at me and said, "You're very prompt for your haircut aren't you?". It was exactly a month, give or take a few days, since my last haircut. Snip, snip and snip while la faghag cam-whored me in the process. I love my haircut. I always do. He can cut really well but I'm better at setting my hair, no offense. :P But that's all good. He makes the shape of my hair, I'll just tszuj it up. I'm too lazy and tired to edit my picture to upload it here. Just go to my Flickr and check it out.

After that, we went to Sungai Wang and window shopped at the place where the local designers like Zang Toi, Mel and Kwan have their boutiques set up. Just looked around and scouted for cuties as well. Funny how I saw Hafiz's boyfriend there, then when it was too late, realised that it was Hafiz to begin with. Could have said hi to them. :P My bad. Hahhaha.

With nothing else in mind, we decided to head home. Took the Monorail to KL Central but as fate would have it, we were on the wrong side of the track but didn't realised it until we were well on our way to Titiwangsa. Heheheh. We just sat in until the monorail headed towards KL Central. Pity there wasn't any cutie to look at... Though we cam-whored some more in the monorail. Hehhehe. I love my K800i.

When we reached the LRT in KL Central, I was on the right side to go back but was on the wrong side to see a cutie... Dem la faghag got to see him up close and personal but didn't like him cause he seemed young... Such a waste on unappreciative eyes...

So that was my exciting day with freshly sniped fabulous hair.

-Live Long & Prosper

Bak Kut Teh

Finally, I got to fulfill my craving for bak kut teh. It was really nice and the meat, oh the meat was so tender and juicy with all the porky and herbs flavour. Its unlike any other bak kut teh I've had. I think its the herbs that they use that made it really delicious. Not to forget tonnes of Ajinomoto that they dump into the soup but that's ok. Though my throat was a little funny after that.

The owner of the restaurant, I'm assuming she's the owner, was really friendly. My mom had been here once before so she kinda knows my mom or something. She was kind enough to teach me how to make tea. She took me to this water heater that was lodged into the wall and gave me the instructions to make tea. She said that the first batch of hot water must be poured out, like washing the tea leaves and stuff like that. I didn't know that. Hehehhe.

The packet of tea that they serve.

I love how Chinese restaurants operate. They literally shout instructions at each other and it quite a spectacle. And if you think shouting across the restaurant is something, this restaurant has wireless microphones, so its even louder and its quite funny if you listen to them.

I took a few photos so you guys can see them. I'm afraid Kyle Frozhart might go nuts with the pictures of bak kut teh though. :P

This is the outside part of the restaurant.

This is the first half of the restaurant itself.

Just look at that. Yummy.

This is the dude that makes the bak kut teh.

Look at the amount of pork they put in that pot.

So after the bak kut teh feast, my mom's friend decided we should visit FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia) since its just round the corner. I just tagged along since I didn't have anything planned for the rest of the day anyways. Most of the time we spent in there was just driving around aimlessly. They didn't even provide use with a map of the place after paying the fee at the entrance...

Then we saw Canopy Walk and decided we should at least go see what's it like. So we walked and walked and walked. Then my mom's friend asked a passerby, (who was all dressed in sports attire looking strangely at my mom and her cause they were wearing casual cloths and heel shoes) where the canopy walk and the person said its like half an hour walk up hill through the jungle walk... We kinda gave up after 15 minutes of walking.

I took some nice pictures there too so it wasn't so much of a waste for all that walking.

The jungle track that we were on.

Canopy-ish shot.

Jiminy Cricket?

Sure are a lot of Jiminy Cricket around.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ever wondered how random people found your blog? I have and have been keeping an eye on it through my hit counter and my Nuffnang as well. Its rather interesting as to how random people found my blog. One obvious option is blog hopping from one blog to another. This is mostly the case for random and known people.

But the interesting thing is when it is not through blog hopping but through search engine, mostly Google. I've seen weird searches that somehow lead them into my blog. I've even tried it but it didn't even appeared on the first page of the search result. Search keywords like Renoma Underwear... I know I wrote a fair few of posts that involves Renoma underwear but when I Google it, its no where near any of the top ten search results.

Speaking of Google. Have you tried to Google your full name? I have and it kinda freaked me out because there's one person who matches my name entirely. *gasp He was a headmaster in a school and it talked about his achievements and stuff like that. The catch is, he is dead for quite sometime now... Quite the shock when I read it.

La faghag has tried to Goggle her name before too but the result was, I don't know if its as bad as mine. Her result was a hooker with the same name as her. Hehehe.

Gotta love Goggle. Expect the unexpected search results from them.

-Live Long & Prosper

Eat Your Veggie Kiddo

This is yet another food post, in response to William's comment, " A food post from you, how rare.". How you like this one then Will?

Baa ram you. Baa ram you.

I wonder if my Handsome Prince is one of these frogs.

The big one looks like a Minbari Cruiser.

That'll do Pig, that'll do.

Happy Feet?

-Live Long & Prosper

The Spice Must Flow

Guest what finished downloaded today, 2.03 GB worth of download. Besides my porn titled Man Art: Take It Like A Man and Japan Pictures Mega Panic. Its Frank Herbert's Dune, not the original but the miniseries. A movie trilogy really but one of the best Sci-Fi slash book adaptation in my opinion. I dare say its better than Star Wars.

I remember reading the book but I'm was after I watched the movie, I think. Oh how can I not remember. I've been hunting for a good copy of Dune. Kinokuniya has them but I don't like the copy. The paper sucks and it feels so... I just don't like the feeling of it. Hence, disturbing my reading mood.

I'm too buggered to write the synopsis so here's what the people in IMDB wrote:

It is a distant galaxy in the far future. Arrakis is a desert planet and is the only source of Melange, a vital drug used by the Guild Navigators for space travel from star system to star system. The corrupt Emperor Padishah Shaddam IV sends the Atreides family to Arrakis to take charge of the mining operations of Melange, once controlled by the Atreide's rival family, The Harkonnens. Duke Leto Atreide's son Paul becomes fascinated by the native Freman's culture and learns he has a special powers and he can see images of the future.

But the Emperor is in league with the evil Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and the Baron and his loyal army attacks, taking control of the mining operation on Arrakis and Duke Leto is assassinated. Paul and his mother Lady Jessica flee in the desert, where they are befriend by the Fremen. Adopting his Fremen name "Maud'Dib", Paul vows vengeance on Baron Harkonnen and the Emperor and he unites the Fremen and forms a army of warriors and leads into battle, as he sets out to defeat the Harkonnen family and put a stop to the Melange mining operation, as Paul sets out to fulfill his destiny, as he becomes the prophesied all-powerful Kwisatz Haderach.

The worm in the movie, which makes the
Melange looks like a dried version of a penis with shells... Disturbing I know. :P Me and my skanky mind. Heheheh.

Now that the story is out of the way, the villian Feyd-Rautha is so cute~~~ Most of the time in the movie, he's almost topless. Might as well be topless. So cute. Yummy body and such a cute twink. He's got this mischievous look with his shaved head. So cute, just so cute.

I'm going back to watching Dune. I hope Feyd comes on screen soon.

-Live Long & Prosper

Dumb Luck Or Plan

I had an opportunity to have several conversations with a few people and I realised something. There are people who planned everything for their future while there are people who makes the best of what they get as it comes.

I was chatting with my Regional Quality Manager. I was curious as to how he got himself to where he is today, offices around South East Asia region answers to him regarding quality stuff. He's something, really some guy. He told me it was a fluke that he gotten into the quality line. He just graduated and was employed as a trainee. A year later, they put him in quality because it was the only vacancy available. But of course, not everyone gets this opportunity.

Then there are many people who planned meticulously about their future. Every single detail and lots of plan Bs, Cs and etc. No doubt it works and its been proven many times round. Though I can't say much about it cause I've been more of a guy with strings of dumb luck handed to me. I am grateful for it though I should start taking charge of my own life. Make my own future.

I wouldn't mind having more dumb lucks coming around in my future. I am, after all an opportunist. However, spotting an opportunity is the tricky part. Sometimes its right in my face, sometimes its light years away.

And Ando from Heroes is really cute. Watching Heroes 22 as I write this post.

-Live Long & Prosper

Two Words: Male Chauvinists

It all started last week when parliamentarians were debating on a bill. Then the rain came and the roof started leaking in the Parliament. (They can't even maintain the roof of the Parliament?! OMG the country is doomed.) Then a female MP of Batu Gajah from the opposition party said that a lot of financial resources was used to maintain the Parliament and yet its still leaking. Then two MPs from the ruling party uttered:

Mana ada bocor? Batu Gajah pun bocor tiap-tiap bulan juga.
(Where is the leak? Batu Gajah MP also leaks every month.)

-taken from The Sun

I was in shocked when I first read the article from The Sun but what shocked me even more was the reply of our dear Deputy Prime Minister when he was questioned about the remark made by the two MPs. He said:

I don't want to pass judgment about what they said. They said it in a very... It was not supposed to be taken seriously, I think if you take it with a sense of humour, then... But of course people are making a big meal out of this issue.

-taken from The Sun

I was like in awe. I couldn't believe he said that. Take it with a sense of HUMOUR?! Are you freaking kidding me. This is as bad as the Health Minister of Japan calling woman a breeding machine and this is all you have to say? Absolute shame and ignorance. Sigh.

A week later and there's no apologies from the two MPs nor was there any action taken by the Parliament regarding this matter. I do hope our dear Deputy Prime Minister will do something to redeem himself from such ludicrous statement by at the least sacking the two MPs for crimes of discrimination and sexism against women.

God or someone save this land.

-Live Long & Prosper

TGIF Celebration


k I know its a bit late for that but I did say in my previous post that the post will be divided into a few posts. I think this is the final post.

We had the celebration in TGIF, the best place to eat and have gaytherings with delicious food and drinks. I love TGIF so much. Initially I wanted to have the burger but I decided not to have it since McDave was having the set meal and decided to share with him. I did however get my The Ultimate Mudslide. I love my Mudslide. Its creamy, chocolaty, yummy and it has alcohol. Heheheh.

And I like it that it has chocolate chips on top that will eventually sink on to the bottom of the glass. Then I'll have to take the straw to poke poke for it. Hehehe. Something to play with in my drink is always nice.

The Ultimate Mudslide.

McDave and I shared a plate of Buffalo Wings, Caesar's Salad and a slice of cheese cake. Even though we were sharing it, I couldn't finish the slice of cheese cake. I can't the whole set by myself. Its just too much. I gotta have the burger next time round. I just love it. The salty cheese that they put and the meat is just so juicy. Dem I'm hungry again...

We sat there chit chatting, bitching and generally causing a racket in TGIF for about four hours. Somewhere in the midst of the racket, Sam decided to unleash his culinary skills, imagine The King of Chef Competition. He took whatever that was remaining for the Moist Chocolate cake (for the record, its so dry that if you fling it, it can cause serious head trauma) and mash it to bits. Then added some seasoning of salt and pepper and among other things he could get his hands on. Not to mention the remaining cheese cake and some ice. A few minutes of battering the dough and there you have it, batter of dung.

Something that looks potentially hazardous.

Now take some of the batter of dung and put it onto a serving dish. Add some pepper and drops of tobasco sauce as garnish. Chuck a candle on it and you have candle on a dung. Perfect for this sort of occasion.

Biochemical weapon in disguise?

Poor JL, the birthday boy had to taste it. I wonder if he had the same effect eating the dung as Peter Parker when he got bitten by the radioactive spider... Hmmm...

Oh not forgetting that he had to stand on the chair when TGIF staff came to our table to sing him his happy birthday saw. Everyone wanted him to start stripping but unfortunately, its a family restaurant. Deng it. I was thinking he strips then lay on the table. Then I'll pour my The Ultimate Mudslide and tadaa, The Ultimate Ultimate Mudslide served. Hehehhe.

Oh well. We had tonnes of fun anyways.

Alex, I do want the pictures you took with your cameras, especially the ones with me, me and me in it. I looked absolutely fabulous. :P

-Live Long & Prosper

Happy Mother's Day

To all moms out there,


After yesterday's birthday celebration, McDave and I went to KLCC to buy a cake to celebrate Mother's Day. We went to a bakery shop in Isetan called Miki Ojisan No Mise which sells cheese cake and the like. I would have bought something from Sun Moulin but the cakes were too big for just the three of us to eat and they were a little pricey for my liking.

The cake that we bought was actually quite nice. Its not like the usual cheese cake that we eat. Its only the bottom layer that is cheese and the top is cream and sponge cake. So its not overbearing of cheese, its just nice and its not sickeningly sweet either.

Ain't it nice?

It was a nice, small celebration with just the three of us. I don't think we ever celebrated Mother's Day before in this household.

In conjunction to Mother's Day celebration, I got my first advertiser advertising. Yey~~~ I'm so happy. Thank you Pensonic for choosing this fabulous blog in your advertising campaign.

-Live Long & Prosper

Outing In IKEA

There's so many things to blog about today so I'm going to break it into a few parts. I'll start with this morning. I got up at about nine today, not because of my alarm but some nasty bugs brooding in my nasal cavity and it kinda got flooded with puss. Its disgusting when I flush it out of my nose... Its the freaking season for nasty bugs to spread.

When I got back from the toilet, I found that Moo Moo, Sharkie and Pink Lion were on the floor. Kinda weird cause they don't really like sleeping on the floor. Maybe it was hot in bed. Oh well, then I looked on my bed and I saw rat rat in a rather funny position. He was actually kinda standing. So cute. :)

Naughty Rat Rat.

Then it was of to The Curve with McDave to celebrate JL's 17th birthday but we were super early. An hour early to be precise. I think McDave lives in a +9 timezone instead of our +8 timezone. Hehehhe.

So we went to IKEA to kill time. I had a fun time there especially the kid's section. Heheheh. I saw some stuff I really like and I think I should start thinking about how to redecorate my room. I saw these lights that I just absolutely adore.

Beautiful lights. Romantic setting for my room.

I was thinking about repainting my room walls from the current mismatch white and peach to nice light purple. Hmmmm.

We kinda just zoomed through IKEA since McDave wanted the unlimited refill coffee from the cafe but I made him spent more time looking at stuffed toys in the kids section.

Is this the next sequel to Anaconda?

Spot the Rat Rat.

Here Be Mean Dragon.

Coffee with milk and cinnamon power.

McDave drank like three cups of coffee. First was cappuccino, then espresso and coffee with milk. Siao ah?

-Live Long & Prosper

Deng It Blogspot

So sad... I can't post comments in other people's blog. It keeps loading but never loads after like a few millenniums past by... Sigh.

Perhaps its TMNet again... What is wrong?

Its so annoying...


-Live Long & Prosper

Kawaii, Oishi, Umai

*Warning. Below is delicious food post and may cause disturbance in your gastronomic track. You have been warned.

-Live Long & Prosper