Prescription To Long Live

Here's the secret to gaining immortality.

Vitamin C 3 times a day, 4 pills of 500mg Vitamin C pills a pop.

Drink water with 3 tea spoons of Vitamin C.

This will give a 50-50 chance of gaining immortality.

Take IV drips of Vitamin C as frequent as possible.

Keep this up and you will live forever.

-Live Long & Prosper

Days Of Our Lives

Had a chat with my boss today with FLS and he said something really interesting. He said, "I think that you guys are born in a harder time compared to the my time." It raised my eyebrows hearing it from him considering that we always here the older generation telling us how lucky we are and that we should appreciate it. Hmmm so who is right?

His main point is that every year, there are thousand of graduate graduating, hence creating an environment of stiff competitiveness in the market looking for jobs. It was not like the older days where graduates are only to few fortunate enough to be able to continue their studies in higher education. So finding a job for them is easier with less competition and higher, more attractive pay and priorities were given to them. But these days, too many of graduates are out there. Every graduate is like any other graduates. We are thus a bottle of yogurt, as Hiro from Heroes said. Having a degree is a necessity and has lost its edge in the market.

Harder still when companies still give preference to overseas graduate for openings. Are local higher education that bad that they won't hire us? Might as well just hire veterans from overseas to just do the job right? That way they don't have to waste time training fresh graduates.

But at least, the government is doing something about it. In the oil and gas industry, such as my company that I am doing my training in, oil and gas companies that want to set up a company here has to acquire a license from Petronas and few of the criteria to obtain the license are to the company must employ a majority of local people and they must bid for local job even though they know they won't get the job.

As for being a minuscule part of a bottle of yogurt, its not anyone's fault but ones own. Everyone is different but most people chose to be the same as others. Its about knowing ones self worth and what they can do because that differs from everyone else and that becomes an unique edge.

I think the older days and the now, its the same thing. Both times have their challenges and people then got through it fine and so will the generation now. Harder or easier challenges is up to each individual on how they look at it. We all gotta live and make it a better place for the future generation.

OMG... Here I am talking adult stuff... This is a first for this blog.

-Live Long & Prosper

The Yellow Cab

For people like me who depends on the public transportation to go around town and for blog meets (see I'm promoting nia), LRTs and taxis are the only reliable mode of transportation. I refuse to take the bus cause its just too slow and it takes forever. If only the public transportation here is as efficient as the ones they have in Melbourne. A truly integrated train, bus and tram system.

Just the other day, I was to meet my senior in Sungai Wang. My usual root would be to take the LRT to KLCC and take the cab from there. Easy and fast enough to get me there in 20 minutes provided there's no jam from KLCC to Sungai Wang. But things didn't go as planned as I would like it to go.

I was rushing to Sungai Wang to meet my senior so I basically speed walked from the LRT station to the taxi stand. There were, as usual, taxi drivers standing at the stand to con tourist by putting fixed fares and that really pissed me off. I'm planning that one day, I get into the cab and pretend to bargain for a lower fare. Then when I arrived at the destination, I'll just walk out. One day.

So I just walked past them and headed to the first cab in line. Got into the cab and I made sure that he turned on his meter. The meter popped up RM3.00... Ok... Nevermind... Rush rush rush... Driving along and halfway through to Sungai Wang I looked at the meter again. WHAT THE FUCK?! RM5?! Already. Shit... Then I saw the rate of which the meter was jumping... RM0.20 for like every 100 meters?! Shit!!!

Kept driving, driving and driving till we reached the corner into Jalan Bukit Bintang... I was already in the state of panic cause I didn't have small change for anything more then RM8 and the meter is already RM8. So I changed my mind and told him to stop at KL Plaza... When he finally stopped, it was RM9.20... I asked if he had change for RM50 and, duh, he does... -_-! I can't believe that short ride cost that much... I could have gone and come back for that price with change!

Now I know. Never ever take the yellow Proton Perdana cab. No matter how rush, it ain't worth it...

Geeez madness...

-Live Long & Prosper

Food Food Food

I love my food a lot. I'm what the elder people call garbage can. I'll eat all sorts of food. Heheheh. I love going to hawker centers to eat all sorts of street food from char kue tiau to bak kut teh or go to pasar malam to eat "rubbish", also known as finger food. Then you have places like Penang and Melaka with their specialty food like "laksa" or "satay celup". *droooool

For supper, the best place to go is, of course, MAMAK~~~ Unhealthy as the wok may be (grease, grease, grease) its the most delicious "mee goreng" you can get. "Mee goreng" and a glass of "teh tarik". Yummy. I kinda miss the mamak shop back in campus. I call it Mama Solice Mamak cause the lady there looked exactly like Mama Solice from Desperate Housewife.

Though I have yet to have "dim sum" for supper or super early morning breakfast. I would love to one day. Perhaps the "orgyniser" can orgynise one eh? *hint hint The first time and the last time I had "dim sum" for breakfast was in Penang at Zim Sum. Soo much "dim sum" and soo cheap too. Yes, scrumptious and cheap and big volume is good.

Another place I like to go for food is buffets. A good buffet for me is a buffet that has its oyster bar. No oyster, not worth going. Unless its one of those specific theme buffet like Japanese buffet. The first few plates will contain oysters, oysters and more oysters. There's nothing like fresh, raw oysters to start my appetite. More like oysters are my appetizer and main course. Heheheh. I'll have soo much oysters that its enough to cover the price or even more. I'm soo obsess with oysters. The next criteria for a good buffet is the desert. I love desert after having a ton of oysters. Chocolate is a must for me. Any kind of chocolate will do but not those sickly sweet ones. I like chocolates that is so rich that you can taste the bitterness of the cocoa.

Good looking waiters are also encouraged like in the case of Kim Gary's in Avenue K back in the days. Internal decoration is also important. I like to feel like I'm teleported else where when I enter the place.

Yummy food.

Food everywhere.

Food good.

-Live Long & Prosper

Rant Of The Day

*rant rant rant*

Me no like William...
William no come for movie...
Me no like William...

*rant rant rant*

-Live Long & Prosper


Can anyone tell me, why my fucking parents are soo fucking annoying?!

Oh I know, cause they're fucking stupid...

I'm like up to my head tolerating them. Fucking stupid.

They freaking think Vitamin C is like the new fucking magical medicine that cures all...


Its like soo stupid. If its the magical-cure-it-all medicine, the world would be a super nice place with no one dying of diseases.


And they wonder why I don't talk with them? Or do they even wonder at all. Every freaking word they utter annoys me.


-Live Long & Prosper

Soo Random

So McDave just arrived right and I opened the door and hugged him. I was only in my towels cause I just got out of the shower (more like I rather let the air dry me cause I'm lazy and I can).


McDave: Why is your body soo warm? Do you have a fever? *touch here touch there
Me: Dunno... Been feeling hot for the whole day now.
McDave: Did you shower with the heater on?
Me: Yep.
McDave: Later at night you should cover your butt... BODY when you sleep.
Me: *blink blink... My butt? *ROFL

And all this happened the first few steps he entered the house...

Baby baby...

-Live Long & Prosper

The Breakfast Club

How many of you readers out there know of the movie in the 80's, The Breakfast Club? I for one don't and the funny thing is I am working in FOH (Front Of House) for a play based on the movie itself. The play is nice and I enjoyed working for the production even though that means I have to work after my working hours. Very tiring but I guess satisfying.

The amazing thing that happened for the past few days were meeting my ancient long lost friends at the play. Friends of a friend dating my other friend or just appeared for the play. Also meeting new friends and funny people. Within a few days, all of the FOH know I'm gay. Hehehe. As people would call me, 100 footer. People can spot I'm gay from 100 feet away. Hehehe. They're cool about it so that's fine.

There's one boy though who I feel he might be gay. He was wearing a super nice pink shirt and it matches his skin colour very well. Put a "siew pao" tan skin with a nice pink colour shirt, it will be stunning. Not forgetting black shirt for white skin. Hehehe. But something about him glow in gayness. The way he walks, speaks, sits, looks and his general vibe (yes, I'm a very observant person) but my friend, schoolmate, thinks his not... Hmmm but something tells me he is.

~ ~ ~

Today was my first time going to SS2 Taipan. Never been there ever cause there's no transport for me to go there but today we went there to a place called Leo's Place or something like that. There I was drinking my drink, listening to people chatting, me chatting and scanning the whole place around. At first I thought I was looking for eye candies but I was wrong. I was looking around cause I felt a familiar present like a blip in my radar but I couldn't pin point it.

Then when I was on my way to the loo, I got a call from Idiot and he said turn around. I turned and literally jumped. Hehehe. Super excited to see him and his faghag. I straight walked to their table and sat there and chatted. Man I miss meeting those two wackos. We were talking about breasts and the best way to see who has the biggest breast is through water displacement test. Hahahah. I'm sure Archimedes would be very appreciative of this test being used for testing the volume of breasts.

Something made me think on the way back from Taipan about my future, our future. Do I wanna stay here in the future or move to other country? I still can't decide. I was talking about this in the car to a friend of mine and he said he would stay here cause its home. Its shitty but its home... Which is true its home but I just don't feel I belong here. Plus I have McDave to think about if I wanna move. Its all so frustrating cause I don't have an answer...