Of Dope, Pig and Fish

I've been busy reading on materials regarding oil wells and such. Loads to learn for a fresh graduate like me. I must say these people, whoever they are, sure come out with weird ass terminologies! I don't know whether to laugh or get frustrated when trying to imagine what it really is.

Take example, dope. Usually this is associated with drugs but not in this industry. Dope or doping refers to applying a layer of lubricant substances on a wire rope to prevent it from wear and tear. How interesting!

Then you have pig, fish and a whole lot of other animals yet to be discovered. Probably a whole animal kingdom awaits me. One thing good is, since it's so weird, it's easier for me to remember them anyways. Heheheh.

Thus far, I'm sorta enjoying what I'm doing. Lots to learn but fun at the same time. I can't wait to get my hands dirty working on the platform. That should be interesting and not to mention, allowance to earn! Woot woot!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

What Lies Yonder My Office

Few days have passed and I realised I miss my skyscrapers. I can literally count with the fingers how many tall buildings there are here. The sky seems a little bare without the highrise buildings, reflective window panels or steel structures that are in KL.

KL oh KL.

This is what lies surrounding my office. Flat lands all around. That means the office is in the middle of NOWHERE! What is with me and places in the middle of nowhere... It's next to the coast but I don't think I'd swim or go suntanning there. The water is dirty and oil platforms are just right out there. Not exactly the Caribbean Islands.

Though really the weather is unpredictable, just like the weather out at sea. Blue sky in one moment and pitch black sky with torrential rains, gale winds and spectacular thunderstorms. But that's about it that's remotely interesting about this place. PMS-ish weather and flat lands.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

So Where Am I Sitting?

Previously, cows will fly before you'll get me out of the bed at six in the morning. But now it seems cows are flying to the Moon because, believe it or not, I woke up at five thirty in the morning to get ready for work. They start work at seven thirty and our ride comes at seven. The sun rises early here and I intend to make full use of the free breakfast buffet as long as I'm staying in the hotel.

Practically three quarter of the day was spent on briefings. HR briefings (claims claims claims!), safety briefings, the company structure briefings and so on. It's true about this company keeping it's employees well fed because food and drinks were provided constantly! I really have to start watching what I eat now. I think I can save my money packing their food for lunch and dinner. There's always extra anyways.

Finally, I know what's my job title. I'm a Production Analyst. Sounds boring, nerdy and geeky huh? Well it's actually quite interesting (it could have been glamourous too...). Basically I'm a General Physician for oil wells., making sure that the oil keeps flowing out. I should have done medical and be a real General Physician instead... Oh well, I get to go offshore whenever I want to with the boss's permission of course.

My colleagues are wackos! Funny and noisy bunch of people. Quite the talker and quite the joker too kinda like during my internship. Though people in the company are generally friendly and love to chit chat and all. I guess it's true about what they say about Sabah and Sarawak people, they're friendly.

It was a good first day though I don't have a workstation to work in... I foresee I will be floating around for quite some time till they get it all sorted out for me...


You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

To The Land of Hornbills

After two hours and fifteen minutes onboard a Boeing 737, the plane finally landed. It was ages since I flew with MAS airlines and I have to say it's so much more comfortable compared to AirAsia. But of course MAS airlines costs two to three times more. Well so long as the company is paying for it, I'm not complaining. I just wished it was a two way ticket.

I am doomed~~~

A total of nine of us were onboard and due to report for duty the very next day. The company sure don't waste much time. They even cut two days from my six remaining annual leave because of my convocation... Oh so cruel! Thank goodness it's towards the end of the year and I don't foresee any immediate need for it. Probably just bring it forward to next year. Gosh, such working class mindset!

Upon reaching the city (the airport's not all that far), it reminded me of Ipoh. Better or worse, I'm not sure but sure reminded me of Ipoh. So I guess it's not too bad. It's actually quite nice at first glance but I wonder if the food is any good.

We are placed in a 4 star hotel for two weeks while we look for a place to rent. Two single beds room each! So my parents get to stay in for free. How nice eh? We could have stayed in a 5 star hotel but I guess there's just too many of us. No worries, this place is nice enough for me and it's in the heart of town too.

I wonder what awaits for me in the office tomorrow. I hope the people there are nice, friendly and wacky. I'd just die if they're nerdy, geeky and boring... This place is quiet enough as it is... I still have no idea what I am going to do...

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Wearing The Square Hat

The day that all under undergraduates have been waiting for, graduation day! I wasn't all that hyped up about it but was just feeling normal like any other day. But when I put on the the robe, hood and mortarboard, I was up in Seventh Heaven but at the same time in the Saharan Desert (I was drench in sweat from head to toe...).

I must say, I looked absolutely dashing in the outfit. The usual diva me couldn't help but stare at myself in any reflective surfaces I could fine. Vain I know. Hahahah. My parents splurged about RM 300 on photos alone. Three packages in total, one family, one solo and a few on stage shots. Such cutthroat prices! But I absolutely adore the solo photo of me. Just such a perfect shot.

The highlight of the day was walking up the stage and accepting the scroll. All that five years of rigorous torture for a piece of paper... The things people put value on sometimes are just ridiculous... Though the feeling that all eyes were on me witnessing my achievement was a fantastic feeling. One of a kind I'll say.

The Chancellor of my university is an ancient old Jurassic guy. I having this thought in my head that he might just passout right when I am about to take my scroll from him. Hahhaha. Silly I know but totally possible! I'll get my other five seconds of fame there from press coverage. Hahahha.

Five years of torture and few hours of awesome time. Totally worth it.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Tides of Change

My sincere apologies to my beloved readers for neglecting my blog for far too long of a time. Ever since the Bangkok trip, the drive to blog just dwindled. I go through phases such as these and my reading habits seemed to have followed suit. No matter, I'll get them back on track.

So what's new with the Queer Ranter?

For one, I'm now officially employed as most of you must have noticed my GTalk status. Now all grown up and a working man. I was rather surprised as I was expecting a few more months of bumming about in the house being jobless. Good news being employed but the not so good news is I'll be working in The Land of Hornbills, Sarawak. From one jungle to another.


It's expected really. Just that it's hard to swallow the fact that I'm working there for few years at least. New place, new life and new friends. So Carrie Bradshaw in Paris. Kinda sad leaving my friends behind. Not just a road trip away but a flight across the South China Sea.

So for the past few weeks, I've been meeting up with friends, enjoy KL to the fullest, eat to my heart's delight with food in KL, absorb every bit of the queer nightlife scene (mainly Market Place) and window shopping in the malls. Oh how I'm going to miss KL.

So that will be my new adventure starting Monday, that's when I'm due to fly over.

Before that, Sunday is my convocation ceremony. Back to Notroh Woods for one last time. No more Pink Room. No more fabulous three. No more suppers with the gang. The good old days are just a memory now.

Next chapter of my life begins when I touch down in Sarawak.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

And The Story Continues

Alexander The Gay decided that we should start a meme of a sort. Five sentences each starting with him. Interesting and let's see what happens by the end of this meme. Kinky story to come?


It wasn't a dark and stormy night - that's really a clichéd beginning for a story. For Julien, it was bright enough to see the faint outline of Philip's naked body. Philip was sleeping soundly on the silk satin bedsheet, but Julien just couldn't even get his eyes closed on that full moon night. He was looking out the dusty windows, lightly holding the almost empty wine glass. Then, he caught a glimpse of a shadow... who was this stranger in the night?


Julien silently shut the window and kept in the shadows, to avoid being silhouetted in the moonlight. "Must get the job done quickly now," he thought while appreciating Philip's physique, "before he gets back." He downed the remains of the wine, then took out his garrotte.

Why do I always get the good-looking ones? he pondered as he got into bed, cradled Philip's head and slid the garrotte around Philip's neck. Then Julien yanked and Philip jerked awake, only to have Julien flip him facedown on the bed and pressed his body down on his, his face smothered by the pillow and Julien still strangling him, when the bedroom door slammed open.


Julien retreat off of the bed leaving Philip's lifeless body. Swiftly he reached for his shirt, knocking the wine glass off the side table. "What have you done?!!", a loud voice came from the door, "Not this one, not right here!!". Julien stood by the bed quiet as a mice, with his head hanging low. The light from the door shine into the dark room, as if spotlighted onto Philip's body while a shadow grew longer reaching the face of Philip.


But then it stopped. The creeping shadow halted, as if time stood still, and the approaching figures outside the door had frozen in place. Julien kept silent, his eyes and ears, vigilant, knowing that even the slightest of movements could trigger the shadows - the frozen figures that spoke of undesired calamity.

“For Hera’s sake, could you please keep that aside?! I strictly told you to refrain yourself from using the powerful one…Wait. He’s still in there. I can sense his energy. His fear. Even so, our beloved Phillip is far too devious to just play dead. Fine. Use it.”

It was a man, and he was not alone.


One of the men produced a verrrry suspicious-looking phallic instrument about 8 inches long which he flicked on. Brilliant white light shone forth from it to illuminate the scene at the bed but Julien wasn't anywhere in sight.

"I really wish you didn't bring that obscene looking flash light of yours here. Couldn't you be a little more serious about work?"

"Oh, don't bother about me and keep concentrating on finding him."


"Just switch on light, dimwit!!"

Julien looked around him. Now he had to get a way out of the room, and it had to be quick before the guys found him. For the moment, jumping out from the windows was his only option.

After a minute of rummaging around, one of the guys managed to find the light switch.....


"I found it!" he said and flicked the switch but nothing happened. The light wouldn't turn on and both of them turned their attention to the faulty switch.

This was the diversion Julien has been waiting for. Swiftly, he sprinted fast and silently like a cat towards the opened window. It was freezing cold with winter winds but he had to get out of there.

Legolas is next!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter