Typically Singapore?

Singapore government is at it again or should I say are still at it? Going around fining people for things they "deemed" not good. It seems like the whole country can only function with all sorts of fines, iron fist perhaps? Of course a country needs some laws for this and that but the way they do things mimics a the Nazi.

The Media Development Authority fined MediaCorp TV Channel 5 $11,000 for airing an episode of Find & Design where a gay couple transformed their games room into a nursery for their new baby.

Their reason for it?
Homosexuality should not be advocated as a lifestyle choice.

A gay relationship should not be presented as an acceptable family unit.
Kinda sounds retarded... I can't believe they still think its a choice and who are they to deem what is an acceptable family unit? Despite being a developed country and having one of the highest concentration of queers in the region, are the people so this closed minded about things like this? Or perhaps its only the government that needs an eye opening experience?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Mmmm Meat

I love my meat very much. All sorts of meat. Beef, pork, chicken, lean and toned boys or any other sort of meat. Yummy. So when I was at McD and saw a new promotion of a Big Mac, I just had to try it. Curiosity got the best of me. Who wouldn't with a name such as Mega Mac? The bigger the better right?

My "healthy" medium set.

Ordered it I did. A medium set. One Mega Mac, one medium fries and of course my favourite Light Coke. Gotta cut those out calories wherever I can. Zero calorie and its refillable! Yes McD does refill, just go to the counter and ask for it.

So what's a Mega Mac?

This is a Mega Mac. Nice packaging.

Mmmm Mega Mac~~~

And tadaa.

Four layers of meat patty!

It is a essentially a double Big Mac! Four layers of juicy meat patty~~~

But that is all that's special about the Mega Mac. I felt a little disappointed. All that hype for nothing... Should have stuck with my regular order, Spicy Chicken McDeluxe instead. I love my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Juicy spicy chicken meat chunks.

My Spicy Chicken McDeluxe~~~

May I have a refund please?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Fun Fact

Noticed something interesting lately. It is very easy to tell if someone was from a Chinese school. Well besides the obvious which is to directly talk to them and listen to the very distinct Chinese undertone (more like an overtone).

No no, I'm thinking of something more subtle than that. Something that can be spotted a mile away.

Lo and behold, a water bottle!

Every person I know who was from a Chinese school will bring along with them a water bottle wherever they go. Its just the culture it seems. I wonder if they teach students to bring water or something. Well whatever it is, its good practice. Though I wouldn't bring a big 1 litre bottle. I'd rather bring something smaller that can fit in my bag. Even then, a bottle of water is not really in my priority list of what to put in my bag.

This is an exaggeration.

There's always something interesting out there if we take a moment to look.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Bad Bad Boy

Again, sorry for not updating. Bad blogger I know but I've got several posts lined up. Begining with my birthday party that I had in my place but I shall reveal that in the post later. I didn't update because my mind was bogged down with so many things. Work, unstable and gloomy emotions and a throbbing headache...

But I'm better now. Work load has diminished to only one task left for the week.

Emotions are back to stable now.

Headache just suddenly vanished. I suspect it was the throat infection that I suddenly got. And as quickly as it came, it vanished but it gave me hell with stiff neck and throbbing headache.

Oh and lastly, fucking campus internet went to fits of PMS-ing rage...

I'm good now so stay tune.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

23rd Jubilation

See, this is why I love my faghags so much. I keep saying that if I was straight, La Faghag will be the ideal girl for me but alas, I like my boys and she likes her men. So we sit on the same side of the fence and enjoy the view of boys and men. My faghags, La Faghag and Slender Faghag brought me to Indulgence for a little treat.


Indulgence is a beautiful place, colonial double storey bungalow converted into a restaurant. Nice little cosy and comfy place. I was here once three years ago and have been longing to dine in this place ever since. I got half of that wish granted today. We came here purely for cakes.

I must say, I am really impressed with the effort they put into the presentation of the cakes. I was delighted to see the pretty chocolate and cream decoration around the cake. Though the cake is just as delicious.

I ordered Mississipi Mud Cake and this is possibly the best mud cake I've had ever! Turning 23 with this masterpiece of a cake is the best experience ever. I was literally climaxing till the very last bite, savouring every last bit of crumbs. The cake was nicely heated to a nice warm temperature and drizzled with chocolate sauce and cream. The chocolate was just rich enough, not overpowering or sickening. But the best is yet to come.

Once every cells of your tongue complete registering the entirety of the flavour, the texture of the cake takes effect. Small piece of the cake began to crumble and disintegrated. The thick moist cake began to feel as light as feather and vanished.

I kid you not. I loved every bit of it.

Mississippi Mud Cake.

Slender Faghag ordered the Fudgy Brownie. It was delicious but uncomparable to Mississipi Mud Cake. It was nicely baked. Not too rich but has a nice dense and moist texture to it. The chocolate and nutty flavour blended with each other so well. And just look at the decoration. So cute and pretty.

Fudgy Brownie.

And the last lovely piece of cake ordered by La Faghag, Chocolate Hazelnut Torte. I like this cake cause its very light and creamy. Chocolate Hazelnut lovers would love this cake very much. Delicate balance of chocolate and hazelnut. Just lovely. Fluffy texture with hard nutty nuts.

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte.

Three different chocolate cakes. Each distictively different and lovely. Cakes like these should and must be enjoyed with coffee or any hot drinks. Macchiato and Cafe Latte. Freshly brewed. Every sip was heavenly.


Cafe Latte.

I'm definitely coming back to this place to try their main courses. So till then for Indulgence.

Details of Indulgence.

14, Jalan Raja Di Hilir,
Ipoh, Perak 30350.
Tel - 05-2557051.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Happy Birthday To Me

Greetings everyone. Once again, sorry for the hiatus of updating my blog. Stupid campus with its stupid internet...

Today I turn 23.
Today I plucked out several white hair.
Today I had a fever.
Today my throat is infected with some weird ass infection.
Such tragic luck huh?

So Happy 23 to me~~~

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Hakka Mee - Ipoh

As surely as all girls have their monthly "Auntie Visit", JC will come visit me and take me away from Notroh Woods in search of good food to eat once a month. This time its Hakka Mee for breakfast in Ipoh ! I love all these old colonial shop lots. They usually have the best hawker food.

This coffee shop is located at the intersection of Jalan Iskandar and Jalan Dato Tahwil Azhar. Its hard to miss it with its huge sign. Plus its a corner lot shop with lots of people queuing.

Look out for this sign.

Eventhough it was around 0930 when we got there, the place was pack with patrons. We didn't have to wait long for a table. People here eat fast and leave. So no worries when you see a queue.

Maestro at work.

What's so special about Hakka Mee?

Its the noodles that they serve and the minced pork along with various oil that was used as the sauce. Its a cross between kway teow and la mian. Its smaller than kway teow but has the texture of la mien called mee pok. I've had this noodle before but none of them are as delicious as this.

Minced pork and noodle.

But to eat just that is rather dry, boring and plain. You'll need to have it with soup! Not just any plain soup. Soup with beancurd stuffed with fishpaste, pork balls and fishballs.

Balls and beancurd to your hearts delight.

The food here is freakishly cheap! Single Mee (small) is RM 1.80, One Half Mee (medium) is RM 2.40 and Double Mee (large) is RM 3.00. The beancurd stuffed with fishpaste, pork ball and meat ball costs Rm 0.50 each.

An Ipoh breakfast is not complete unless you have it with Ipoh's White Coffee.

Ipoh White Coffee.

Now that's what I call a proper breakfast. Yum!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

My Candyman

I am officially sick of MS Word. Not because MS Word sucks. Oh no, I heart my MS Word 2007. I've been doing it for the whole day now and I'm now sick of doing word processing! Reports after reports, endless papertrails. Well technically its only one report but so many documents were opened everywhere!


On to today's post then.

My psychotic, deranged and fruitcake of a junior, ChiRa, has bugged me to do her meme despite the fact that I wasn't TAGGED! Well I shall entertain her demand. Though I think the meme is unfair to me. I appreciate male body more than female body.

Compose a list of your top ten sexiest famous men (if you're a girl) or women (if you're a guy).

Like what do I do now?!

I'll do what I do best, list down my boys/men.

Number 10

This pretty boy's name is Zac Efron. First spotted from High School Musical (which I still have not watch) but was only known to me in Hairspray. I like him because he's young (my age!) and he's got a lovely pair of blue eyes to go with his twinkie looks. Not to mention, hawt body for a person who's the SAME AGE as ME! So unfair...

Number 9

Good day mate! Curtis Stone, possibly the hawtest looking cook this century. He's got the looks, flirtatious charm, endearing Aussie accent and the skills in the kitchen. If I ever get caught in his show Take Home Chef, I will faint and he'll catch me in his strong, skillful and able arms (swoons). FYI, he's still single.

Number 8

Tell me who won't love him for his role in Moulin Rouge? If you don't, you've got no heart you hear! Kidding. I sold my soul the moment I saw him in Moulin Rouge. Such a romantic love story and he portrayed the character really well. Oh and he sings! Once again in Down With Love, he totally stole the spotlight from all the other characters especially the scene when he rips his shirt open and the buttons were flying everywhere. SO HAWT!

Number 7

This man has the most charming smile ever! If you ever want to hire a host for a show and get record breaking ratings, get James Marsden. His charming smile did its wonders on me when I was watching him in Hairspray. Yes I was captivated by his smiles. Oh and he was a Versace model too!

Number 6

Flame On! Yummy and hunky-licious Chris Evans makes it to number 6 in my list for obvious reasons. He's hawt. He's very hawt. He's supernova hawt! And he's got this mischievous boyish look. Oh and his hawt body too. He can spontanously combust my clothes anytime.

Number 5

From the moment I saw him in Las Vegas, I am addicted to him. Josh Duhamel is yummy-licious! Very handsome man, perfectly sculpted body, almost Greek mythology like and I am envious of his hair! Physically, everything about him is so perfect! Very hawt. I like. Dem you Fergie!

Number 4

Jonathan Rhys Meyers stands on number 4 in my list of sexiest famous men. This Irish man is uber hawt and uber sexy and his Irish accent makes my knees go weak. He melts my heart everytime I see him on the silverscreen. I especially love his performance in Match Point and now I'm itching to watch him in The Tudors. My Irish knight in shining armor. I just love the way he speaks and the accent is so entrancing. Irish accent spells SEXY!

Number 3

Ah Daniel Wu. I absolutely love Daniel Wu. I dub him, "Asian Perfection". Smooth and nicely toned body, he is my favourite Asian superstar. I fell in love with him when I saw him in Bishōnen. Any hawt guy who acted as a gay character gets my approval right away. I love his body, very typically Asian. Slender and lean. I also adore his youthful looks. I like.

Number 2

I'm sure everyone has seen this Biotherm ad campaign. Takashi Kaneshiro another "Asian Perfection", is a highly talented actor/model. He speaks Mandarin, Japanese and English fluently!. I am swooned by people who can speak well in English and I'd just die if he can speak Mandarin and Japanese! Look at the photo. See how alluring the gaze of his eyes are? This is what I call F.I.E.R.C.E! Everything about him screams HAWT! So hawt, he's sizzling!

Number 1

And number one in my list of sexiest famous men, Wang Lee Hom! He is super handsome, has a hawt built and toned body and very talented in music. A guy who plays the violin is enough to make me fall for him. A guy who plays the violin, looks like Lee Hom and built and toned, I'd sell my soul to the Devil himself just to be with him. To me, he's perfect! Good looks, talented, real hawt and real sexy! Yes I am obsessed with him.

With my top ten finally done (took me TWO days!), I shall tag the following:

Azzuro (something tells me Daniel Henny is in the list)
Dr. Paul (Chris Evans is in the list too I bet)
Alex (I know Ryan Carnes is in your list)
Sam (hmmm not sure who'd be in your list)
Ohkulala (I'd like to know who makes it in your list)

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Introvert and extrovert.

Both are different sides of a coin and opposite personality types. Introvert, a person who tends to shrink from social contacts and to become preoccupied with their own thoughts. Extrovert, a person concerned more with practical realities than with inner thoughts and feelings. Normally, one is predominant at any given time.

I on the other hand, possess both these opposing qualities. No I'm not bipolar or experiencing split personality. I was rather taken a back upon realising this. Doesn't make any sense does it? I feel like a freak of nature really but that's how it is.

When I'm out with friends for shopping, eating or just plain get together, I'm the loud and center of attention. Ask anyone who've met me, I'm like the Queen Diva dressed in shiny neon pink with feathered boa and outragous make up, standing on a float during Gay Pride parade.

Yes I stand out like a sore thumb.

Once I get home or in my room, I become a very quiet person, who's totally focused on whatever I'm doing. May be just surfing the net or reading a book. I go on for hours without uttering a word and just minding my own business. Even with my roomie, we hardly talk. Not because I don't want to but just felt I'd much rather enjoy the quietness. I hardly chat with people online too. I do respond to them of course but rarely do I initiate the chat.

Freaky huh?

Perhaps this is my quirk. The oddity that is me.

And yes. Right now the room is very quiet but not deafening silence. I can hear the sound of bugs calling out into the cool night, the sound of each key being pressed on my keyboard and the sound of the fan cutting through the air.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Campus Through My Eyes


So much work to do and I don't have anything interesting to blog about today. Practically locked myself in the room, only coming out for shower and food. I do have something that I've been wanting to do.

Post up some photos of my campus for all to see.

I love this first photo. This is taken outside of what we call The UFO building. Its circular in shape kinda like Star Trek Enterprise from the top view. This is where our Chancellor's Hall and the library is located.

Signature building.

This is the inside of the Chancellor's Hall.

Chancellor's Hall.

One of the six clusters of hostels we have in campus. This was taken during a torrential downpour.

Hostels through the rain.

My favourite place to go during a sunny day. The swimming pool!

The swimming pool.

This was not taken by me but by La Faghag. She's got feet fetish you see. So it is of no coincidence that she chose to bite my toe. Hhehehe kidding. But checkout those cleavages!

Guess who's feet belong to who.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Where Oh Where Did They Come From?

Holy crap! I've got so many datelines to meet within the next two weeks! How did this happen?! Where did they come from!?


List of crap to do...

How on earth am I going to finish most of my datelines and study for all 3 tests next week! It just baffels me how it just miraculously pilled up like this. Its already final semester and why did they have to make it so stressful.

Take some chill pill man.


Never the less. I shall enjoy the last few classes I have for the coming weeks. Cam whoring during class is a good start to treasure those moments wouldn't you say?

Got excited over a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator.

Something tells me that I'm going to laugh my socks off looking back at these photos I took in campus.

Oh FYI, the toe is healing nicely (so I hope) with occasional throbs of screaming pain though. The story for my toe injury is, "La Faghag bit my toe while sucking it.". Hehehhe.

You know I love you dear.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

And So It Begins

I love my tv series. Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Babylon 5, Star Trek and many more. But I reckon, none of them comes close to what Battlestar Galactica, BSG (except maybe Babylon 5) has to offer story wise.

The struggle between mankind and machines has never been told like how BSG portrayed. It feels very real, it takes you to the edge of your seat thinking if mankind will survive and above all else, it shows what it really is to be human. The need or survival. The kindness we can show to stranger in need of help. The wicked deeds we have to do in order to survive. The selfishness we all are capable of doing.

So it is of no surprised that there are many raving reviews for BSG. I for one totally a fan of this series. Never a disappointing moment throughout the past three seasons. However, it is disheartening to know that Season 4 will be the last, with 20 or so episodes.

Watch the YouTubes below. Awesome stuff.

Click to read.

If you're looking for an over the edge, emotional turmoil rollercoaster ride tv series to watch. This is IT! Don't worry about the Sci-Fi mumbo jumbo cause there's hardly any.

Get that Torrent download now or get the box set.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

What Do They Take Me For?

Do people really think I was born yesterday? Sending me emails and giving me free cash. Ya right... It was two months ago that I received a similar email and now this. I must say I like this one better than the other one. The other one sounded like it was written by an overzealous Christian...

I hate spams that gets through GMail's spam filter.

Attention please,

I am a dealer in Electric Submersible Pumps, which I import from China.

In October 2007, I received 2 containers from my shipper/freight Forwarder, and one of the containers contained 3 boxes, which obviously did not contain pumps. I took them out and broke open the lock of one box and was surprised to discover that it was packed full with US$100 Bills! I broke the second and the third and they both contained US$ bills. The 3 boxes were stacked full with US$100 Dollar Notes! My guess would be about 30 million or even more! I invited my Shipper, who has become a close friend after many years. I showed him what I found and demanded for an explanation. He was shocked, but recovered to explain that an error must have occurred at the loading dock(during inspection) in Taiwan, where the Loading of my pumps was done.

We both strongly suspected that they were fakes, and I took 5 Notes (US$500) and went to my Bank for checking. To my surprise, my Banker said they were genuine US money! I also went to another bank to crosscheck, and the money was confirmed as genuine. We decided to wait to see if any one would come for the money...

Several months have now passed and no one has come forward to claim the boxes. This is finders keepers. I am not obliged by Japanese law to report the money, and I might even enter into real trouble if I do report this find. I have therefore decided to seek for outside help. I need an honest person who can come to Japan and take the boxes, one at a time and put the money in a suitable bank abroad. If you agree to become my Partner, you must come to Japan first and see all the money; Then, you will travel back to your Country with 1 Box. When you have successfully deposited the money in a safe Bank account, you will come back for the second box, and finally the last.

Because I have no documents covering this money, I cannot spend this money in Japan. Even trying to deposit US$500 into my Bank account will invite an investigation.The Japanese currency is the Yen, and any other currency, especially the US Dollar is closely monitored. This is why I need your assistance to take this money out of Japan and put in a Bank...

The money is in excess of US$30 million and we can share it 50/50 (US$15 plus each of us) or enter into a joint venture business in your Country. From my share, I will take care of my Shipper/Agent.

If you reply, I will give you my phone and fax numbers for a much more secure communication.
Thank you!

Kenji Nakazawa
Okinawa , Japan

So who's up for USD15 million?

And please people, this is OBVIOUSLY a scam.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


I reckon CLEO's Bachelor needs a reselection! Thanks to Sam who started this fabulous meme. So here goes me!

Bachelor No: 69

Name: Queer Ranter

Occupation: Soon to be a fabulous Chemical Engineer

Age: 23

Zodiac: Taurus

Fave Hangout: KLCC, Pavillion, Mid Valley and The Curve

Talent: Flashing, cam whoring, shopping, sex, sex and more sex and irrelevant illogical deductions

Three Things You Can't Live Without.
I absolutely can't live without my stuffed toys! I heart Rat rat, Pink Lion, Moo moo, Teddy and Sharkie. I love them so much. Item two is my kinky underwear. Can't live without them especially my g-strings. Sexy, kinky g-strings. Finally, I can't live without my contacts. I absolutely love wearing contacts.

What is the sweetest thing a guy has done for you?
I received a surprised Valentine's gift from McDave eventhough he's in KL and I'm in Notroh Woods. So very sweet of him.

The most daredevil thing I’ve ever done is...
Making out with McDave in a mall only to be almost discovered by the guard!

What’s one thing you’re glad you’ve outgrown?
Glad that I've outgrown not owning a pair of jeans.

Your biggest mistake is...
Not realising I'm queer sooner.

Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?
Ewan McGregor! I can so totally relate to him in Moulin Rouge (such morbid movie I know...).

Why do men...
Have to look so hawt until it makes me drool and feel so unpretty?

If you were a product, how would your advertising campaign read?
Feeling queer? Have some Queer Ranter. I'll give yea some TLC.


You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Pussies Are Fattening

Yes its true boys and girls. Pussies are fattening I tell you! This epiphany came to me yesterday while having lunch with La Faghag, Slender Faghag and roommie. In fact it came earlier last month while chatting with Alex but the full extent realisation happened yesterday.

I realised that all the good looking seniors that have graduated and anchored attached to a parasite girl, all have put on weight! Such a waste. Not only they are straight and fancies girls, they've lost their physical appeal. Oh this saddens me.

What is it about pussies that makes them put on weight I wonder...

Oh Josh. My hawt Josh.

It is very common amongst married men. They're really hawt when they're single and when they're married, they're no longer hawt...

Since Josh Duhamel is dating Fergie, I hope he keeps staying hawt.

Very sad...

I shall mourn for the losses of good looking guys.

I must save them from this terrible and horrible fate.

But how?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

I Got It!

I was shocked to receive the call from DC I this morning. There I was thinking, "Wow, these people are efficient even got the result before the specified date!". My heart was pounding really fast, probably as fast as Seabiscuits on the race track going through the final stretch.

Time slowed down.

Each enunciation by the HR personnel was emphasized.

My palms were sweaty, my knees grew weak and I began to feel lightheaded.

I sat down on the edge of my bed and looked out the window as I listened raptly. All that 30 minutes interview came down to this very second. Turning point in my life. The answer that I've been waiting for.

Then he said, "Queer Ranter, you got through to the second round.".

It was great news for me! I made it! I made it to the next round! Oh I was so happy! Nothing I do could contain my happiness. I jumped, I screamed and I cried. Still I was overflowing with joy.

The guy waited till I calmed down then said, "The HOD for the division is temporarily stationed in Houston, Texas and requests that you to travel to Houston, all expenses paid, for the interview. Are you fine with that?".

Hell yea! I haven't landed the job and here I am travelling already!?

The guy continued, "You'll be staying in St. Regis Hotel until your interview and office visit is completed.".

Holy fuck!

St. Regis (they sure know how to take care of their potential employee)!? Wicked!

I was speechless by then. I was just stunned by the offer. They're really generous. These Oil & Gas companies are filthy rich and they can afford to splurge a little. I shall be part of the crew and have a share of the richness.

Then as fate would have it, the cruel and harsh reality sets in. I woke up from my much needed slumber. I looked around my room and the sun was already high and shining through the slits of my curtains. I searched for my phone frantically. Flipped my pillows, tossed my stuffed toys aside and literally searched the entired bed but the phone was no where to be found.

I found my phone on the floor, next to my bed instead. I checked the call registry. Scrolled up and down several times but no such luck. They haven't called.


Perhaps some things are too good to be true? Perhaps not. Either way, I'm still waiting for their reply.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

My Legacy

I think I've mentioned this before in my previous post but I'll just say it again. I hardly get calls on my phone. I hardly call too but still doesn't explain why is my phone bill so bloody high every month... Anyhow, I like it that I don't get many calls. Gives me space and peace and quiet.

So when I do get calls, I'm very wary of it especially calls from unknown phone numbers or lecturers. How appropriate that my ringtone for unknown and ungroup people is One Missed Call theme. Very eerie...

The other day, my lecturer called. It was kinda random. He called to check if I was free today at 1600. At first, I was rather reluctant to say yes. Who knows what he wanted? But I said yes anyways and thank goodness for that.

It turned out to be a photo shooting session in on of the labs in campus and he needs students! A cam whore like me (not to mention charming and oh so hawt looking), I wouldn't miss it for the world! The uni is making a brochure for Masters programme for some sort of control course. Buggered if I know. Process Engineering stuff is so not my thing.

So long as I can be their muse to attract new students I'm fine with it. Heheheh.

One of the many labs we have.

This is how you do it.

I was half expecting an entourage of hairstylists, make-up artists and the rest of the gang with the photographer. No such luck. Luckily I got all ready in the room instead.

I wonder if they'll use my photo in the brochure.

Wonder if that will attract good looking queers into this campus. It's in dire need of good looking men!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

Adorable Or Scary?

They say kids say the darnest thing. Well the video clip that I found confirms it. I don't know whether to laugh or to be stupefied by it.

Just take a look at it.

Doesn't this girl remind you of Boo from Monsters Inc.?

Awwww adorable Boo.

Heheheh. The resemblance is uncanny!

So monsters, beware. This kid is gonna kick your sorry ass butt.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


My oh my. Would you look at the time. Its 0715 in the morning and the sun is about to rise. No I did not wake up. In fact, I haven't slept since yesterday. No I'm not high on caffeine or took ADD medication just to stay up.

Believe it or not, I was actually working. Well... Not really. See I have my Final Year Design Project report to compile. Its about 300++ pages thick! But that's not why I haven't slept. I was partly compiling what little left to compile, watching Little Miss Sunshine, playing Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core on my PSP and of course slacking. I feel like I'm turning into Janvier, Master of Slacker. Heheheh.

It's rare to catch me waking up at seven in the morning. It's almost unheard of for me to stay up the whole night doing work (part work). I guess I just felt like staying up. I am so turning into Janvier...

I've forgotten what's it like looking at sunrise. So the best I had was this.


It had to be a cloudy morning when I want to see sunrise...

See how everyone is sound asleep?

Half the campus started sleeping an hour ago and the other half will start waking up an hour later.

I'm just in the twilight zone.

I'll give myself until noon before imminent shutdown. As it is, I'm starting to feel a little light headed. I'll start freaking out when Rat Rat starts talking back or talking period,..

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

On Display For All To See

I have been inadvertently labeled the "exhibitionist" by my roomie. Its not an unjust labeling I tell you. It had happened quite a few times already. Maybe I was born an exhibitionist. Heheheh.

Last month or so, I was just lying on my bed wearing only my boxers while playing my PSP. Then roomie came in and just stood at the door frozen. Then he said, "QR, I can see your thinggi...". I didn't give much noticed but popped it back in.

Then few years back when McDave stayed over in campus, my roomie walked in on us. I was under the table and McDave was sitting on the chair without his pants. That was hilarious! Cause roomie opened the door, said "Oh Shit!", walked out and closed the door. Kekekeke. Still cracks me up hearing the story.

Another story involved La Faghag. We were cam whoring while waiting for our turn for interview. Took lots of pic here and there, posed like this and posed like that. Then she browsed through my photos in my phone for the photos we took. She gasped outloud with her face all scrunched up in shock. Instantly, I knew what she saw. She saw kinky photos of little me that were in my phone! Suffice to say, it wasn't little there (yes I know what you're thinking).

At least, La Faghag liked the look of it visually. She's rather impressed actually. Heheheh. The things La Faghag goes through with me. You know I love you dear and yes you may have a second peek if you'd like. Heheheh.

I'm like the new Edison Chen without the press coverage. Heheheh.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter

The Unexpected Call

There I was dragging myself out of bed at seven in the morning. You can ask La Faghag, I am so not a morning person at all... But I had to cause today is the big day with DC II. Oh but I woke up with an extreme sore on my right calf from the cramp I had in my sleep.

What a way to start the day but the show must go on.

Showered, dressed up and headed to the waiting place for the interview.

While waiting for my turn, I was a nervous wreck! My hands were cold and I was shivering. It became worse when it was my turn. I don't know why I was so nervous to the point of shaking. The air con didn't help much either. It was freezing cold! I tried to be compose as best as I could but probably she could see I was shaking so badly.

I tried my best to answer the questions well but I messed up one question. What are your achievements? I went blanked. I had the answer in my head but I just fell apart and blabbered something else instead... I managed (or at least I think I did) to redeem myself by asking her a lot of questions about the company and the position I was applying for.

So it was a so so interview and I could have done better honestly.

I went out of the room and was feeling a little sad. Walked around the fair and met up the people from my previous company to chat. I sometimes do miss working in my previous company because of the people, not the job.

Then I got a called.

*one missed call ringtone

Interview Secretariate: Hello Queer Ranter?
Me: Yes?
IS: Can you come back again at 1330 for your DC II interview?
Me: *blanked Didn't I just went for one just now? Are you at the waiting area?
IS: Yes.
Me: I'm standing in front of you.
IS: Oh hi. Yes you've been shortlisted for an interview at 1330.
Me: Uh I went to the interview just now didn't I?
IS: Yes but this one is for another division.
Me: Oh!? Ok. Thanks.

Apparently, this guy is looking for people for his division and he shortlisted four people to be interviewed from the pile of CVs that he got yesterday. I was so excited. Thanks to my sis and Walter for sprucing up my CV.

So I went in for it and I think it went well. I was calm, composed and confident when I was talking to him. Spoke to him as though I knew him for donkey years and I tried to juice out as much information as I can about him, his position, his experience and the company.

I got to know DC II better and more about the industry of which they're involved in. We chatted a lot and I tossed him loads of questions. From his experience, to technical knowledge in the field and what is the career development like in the company. I sold myself as much as I could for him and I do hope he bought it.

I'm very pleased with myself with my performance and I am excited about this company. DC II has just upped itself to DC I!

Right now, I'm just hopeful about it. I'll know in two weeks time.

Now I shall write a thank you letter to him. He was indeed very helpful and nice.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter