Three Intrepid Explorers

Arrrg. Another day with blogger's block... That and the fact that not much things are happening here. Just stayed home and getting fairer. My friends, Cal & Mar, told me this really funny joke the other day. Thought I should share it with yall. Enjoy. :P

So these three explorers get lost in a deep jungle somewhere in Africa, and they get kidnapped by this African tribe. The three of them are brought forth to the tribe's chieftan, who asks them in a loud booming Swahili voice, "We do not take kindly to foreigners treading on our holy ground. There are only two punishments fit for such a heinous act."

The explorers gulp.

"There is Death.... or Sumba."

And so the chieftan turns to the first explorer and says, "Make your choice."

Quite obviously, the poor sod doesn't wanna die, so he blurts out, "S-s-s-sumba! Please!"

"Very well. Sumba, it is."

So 15 of the meanest looking tribesman start beating the poor sot towards an inch of his life. They advance in and proceed to kick, beat and rape him until almost every bone in his body is liquified. He's alive though. Barely.

Once that's good and done, the chieftan turns towards the 2nd explorer and asks the same question.

The guy has no choice, he really doesn't wanna die. So he grits his teeth and chooses Sumba.

Same thing happens again, and they get really enthusiastic about it, at that. At the ordeal the man can't walk and he can barely speak, but he's still alive.

So the chieftan turns to the third guy and asks, "Death? Or Sumba?"

Now, taking into account that the third guy's nerves are shot after seeing what they did to his friends, he says, "Fuck it. Death."

The chieftan throws his arms back and booms,
"Very Well! Death! Sumba."
-Live Long & Prosper

Folk Song

*Warning. This post contains a highly addictive song. You have been warned.

This must be the most addictive song I've ever heard in my life introduced to me by Cal and Mar. Its soo simple and nice to listen. I can just leave this running for hours and keep listening to it~~~ Funny thing is that you can find this by googling leek girl. Here is the link to it. I can't stop playing it~~~ Its been an hour and it looks like its going to go on for a very, very long time.

Once you're done with that, here is the original song. Kinda nice too. Though I think we need to get them a makeover. Never the less, enjoy the show.

-Live Long & Prosper

Meme Meme Meme Meme

Got tagged by Joshua, AGAIN. Heheheh. I kinda like memes cause they're fun, especially this one. This objective is to write the dullest entry ever. So here goes.

I woke up this morning. Sat at the edge of my bed while hugging Teddy. Then I got up, sat in front of the computer and stared into it.

Because misery loves company, you've been tagged.

-Live Long & Prosper

Sixth Sense?

Some people can predict the future, some can see the spirit world while the others don't have any sixth sense. I seem to have a uncanny ability to predict when I'll gett sms from Mc Dave and only him. Everytime I get an sms from him is after I pick up my phone, looked at it and put it back to where it was. Sometimes, I would be thinking of him and the sms just comes or he and I will sent an sms to each other at the same time. Must be the mass sms we've been sending each other and if I'm not wrong, its about 1000 plus sms in less than a month. Evolution in the making? Send tonnes of sms to evolve to a psychic being. Hehehe. I kinda predicted that Mc Dave would give me a suprise today. He came to my house after his exams today~~~ Had dinner with me and my parents.

I remember back when I was young, I was susceptible of seeing ghosts/spirits. I could only see but couldn't communicate to them. Just seeing them doing the things that they do, mostly wondering around but some of them actually upset and scared the shit out of me. Once I had a scary encounter in Vietnam while visiting my parents during my school holidays. I was sleeping in the living hall in a hotel but I stayed up the whole night not sleeping cause of the intense feeling of fear. I could see a hand stained with blood even though I closed my eyes and was under my blanket. I was sweating soo much but I remained that way till day break. That was the scariest encounter I ever had.

I still do see them from time to time but very rare. The last time was in my hostel room back in campus. The first time I entered the room, it felt chilly but I didn't think much of it cause it was a freaking hot day and chilly was good. Sometimes I couldn't sleep at night cause I could sense there was something there in the room and it had a very frightening aura to it. Though I only felt that when I was going to sleep. When I was awake, it wouldn't disturb. Now that I'm changing room next semester, I hope things would be better.

Another encounter was when my mom and I were flying to Penang. I was sitting at the window seat looking at clouds. Then suddenly, I saw the goddess Kuan Yin standing on a lotus flower on the clouds with two other beings that looked like kids. I quickly told my mom and she looked out but she couldn't see anything while it was as clear as day for me. Ever since then, I feel like someone is watching over me.

My faghag, KKK, she too had the ability to see ghosts but unlike me, she could summon this particular
ghost. A witch to me precise. Imagine Professor Mc Gonagall. I know, its weird but funny since we have "bomohs" instead of witches here in Malaysia. Perhaps this witch was lost or something.

Anyone with interesting Sixth Sense?

-Live Long & Prosper

Mini Gathering

Last night, Lawrence and I went up to LCCT to pick up a fellow blogger, Prince of Darkness. I've known Prince for a few months now through GTalk. He's a funny, cheery and jovial lad. He's quite good looking too. Hehhehe. Its the black shirt I tell you. Put any Chinese lad in a black shirt and he's stunning. Instant knight in shinning armor. :P It was my first time meeting him that night. Oh and he speaks and sounds like Leggie except Prince is much noisier than Leggie. :)

As for Lawrence, I think I've known him about the same time as Prince. Yesterday was my first meeting him after soo many times of not being able to meet him because of my schedule. So we planned to meet at Carrefour then headed to LCCT after that. He was rather shy-ish and quiet-ish so I had to do most of the talking in the car while he's driving.

It didn't take long to arrive at LCCT though we did get a little lost and had to trace back the road but no fuss really. When we arrived at the LCCT, I was shock that it looked like Tesco or Macro. It looked so el-cheapo building... Prince was already out of the building when we got there, so it was a pitstop and off we went to our next destination.

Lawrence brought us to Nilai to yam cha but got lost on the way there. I don't blame him really cause Malaysia's signboards are almost close to useless. Sometimes it shows and sometimes its doesn't but he managed to get us to Nilai. We were the only three guys there not watching the football match that was going on. Hhehee. We stayed there till 3.00 AM chatting. To my suprised, this mamak shop closes. I always thought that they never close like Seven Eleven, always open 24/7. Then Lawrence took us to Steven's Corner, another mamak shop. As usual, we were the only three guys not watching the football match. Hehhe. Stayed there till 4.00 AM cause Lawrence was tired and he just got back from Penang too. He brought us back to my place and he went back.

Prince was staying over as planned a few months back. It was about 4.30 AM and by the time we finished showering, it was 5.00 AM. No, we weren't shower together or do anything kinky of the sort. We stayed up chatting about Airbus and Boeing for some bizarre reason. I was actually using Wikipedia to check on the planes available in the market. I turned off the light at 6.00 AM but Prince and his highly imaginative and active mind, was trying to make things out of my glow in the dark constellations. I think we eventually slept at 7.00 AM when my parents woke up.

I think we only had one hour of sleep cause our phone rang at about 8.00 AM. He got a call and I had two sms... We only got out of bed at 10.00 AM. I was checking my mail and blog while he was doing his stuff. My mom seems to like Prince too. They were chatting away while having breakfast. The same thing happened with Mc Dave too. I guess its the ability to speak Chinese thing. By noon, we had to send Prince to the LRT station.

I had a blast meeting these two bloggers and I hope they had fun too. Always fun meeting new people. Thanks to Lawrence for driving us around that night and enjoy yourself to the max Prince.

-Live Long & Prosper

Blogger's Gathering

Louis is having a bloggers gathering next month~~~ Its gonna be on the 8th of July in KL and the itinerary can be found in his blog.

Deng it. I don't know if I can make it cause I'm booked on that day~~~ Arrrg. I wonder if I can leave my function early for this gathering... Hmmm. If only I had Hermione's Time Turner to attend both.

-Live Long & Prosper

Do You Like Pets?

Thinking back, I only had two normal pets and an abnormal pet. When I was living with my aunt during my primary school years, I had fishes as my pets. They were really fun to have and just nice to look at when I was bored. Even though its really easy to take care of, I somehow managed to kill all of them at some point. Then I'll ask for replacements but still they died... I haven't got a clue why. I had many beautiful fishes in my aquarium, decorated with various plants, had many different types of fishes that were so colourful and other manmade decorations like the bubbling treasure chest, marbles and sand.

About this time round, I had a weird pet as well. I had crabs as pets, the kind you'll find in muddy shores. Those tiny ones, brown in colour and had one huge and one small claws. I liked catching them and bringing them back to my room. I will then paint them with my liquid paper and they looked funny being coated in white. I hope it wasn't toxic to them... I liked just looking into their tiny, black eyes and prodding them with my pencil. Heheheh. I do return them back after I was done with them.

Then in my secondary years, form two if my memory serves me right, I had white mice. First I had a male one, I think it was given to me by a friend, but I decided to get him a female white mice to keep him company. The female had a patch on one of its eyes and I called it Patch while the male was Adams. Heheheh. Inspired by the movie Patch Adams. For a week it was only them two in the cage. They were always munching on the nuts and were running on the wheel. Then one day, Patch gave birth to 7 baby mice. They were soo tiny, pinky and cute but fragile. It didn't take long for them to grow big. Another week went by and more baby mice popped up. They sure can breed fast but I didn't keep them long enough to see the third batch of baby mice cause I had to give them away. I was staying in my school hostel by then... I do miss my white mice sometimes. They were very entertaining and cute.

Right now, I have no pets. Mom isn't the pet type of parent. She thinks they bring in flees and bugs into the house, not to mention potential diseases into the house as well... I think if you take care of it, it'll be fine. My parents have been bugging my sis and her husband for grandchildren but they are anti-kids. They don't like them much, in fact they can't stand kids. So solution to that, they got kittens instead. It would be interesting when people ask them how many kids they got cause they'll reply, "Oh, I have two little, cute kittens.". Hhahaahha.

I love cats too more than dog. I don't know why but I have this affinity to cats. I think they're really smart animals, self-sufficient and each has their unique personality. I was reading an article about cats in the newspapers today. The writer was talking about cats are telepathic. They can read human thoughts and send human simple messages like I want to eat without purring. I've seen it few times and I think animals in general have Six Sense abilities. When I get a place to my own, I'll get a cat and I hope my future partner isn't going to be allergic or dislike cats...

-Live Long & Prosper

Rants Of Random Thoughts

I was woken up abruptly by two calls and an sms, not to forget my dad rushed into my room and woke me up to tell me beef was in the fridge if I needed lunch later. Geez, talk about emergencies. Yes I was very annoyed but that was morning. There's nothing much to do for the rest of the day except DOTA but even that couldn't entertain me much. Mc Dave is busy studying for his exams so I can't really sms him. Everyone seems to be offline too. Where has everyone gone? My friend asked me out to Mid Valley for a gathering but I declined. I just wanted to stay home today.

Yesterday, I went out with Mc Dave, initially, for one movie but we ended up watching two movies instead. The first was RV and it was pathetic. I was really disappointed with Robin Williams after that movie. He has yet to make a bad movie until this movie came along. Sure its funny and all but it was a bad movie. What happened to Patch Adams or Good Will Hunting? Waste of time and money really. Don't bother watching it if you're going to the cinemas anytime soon.

We decided to watch a second movie after that to statisfy our hunger of good movie and it was Take The Lead. Really good and inspiring movie and Antonio Banderes acted the role really well and the dance choreographies are just stunning. I wanna learn how to Salsa and Tango too~~~ Oh yea. There was a Chinese dude in the movie and he's cute! Heheheh. Nice movie to go out with a bunch of friends for a little outing.

Its seems that my throat is not fully healed yet or a new condition appeared. I'm having slight cough but not bad as to interupt whatever I'm doing. Gotta love parents and their "special" remedy. Latest craze are coconut oil and overdose of vitamin C. Some wacky doctor they met preached to them about the wonders of coconut oil. It can prevent flu and cough by drinking a table spoon of coconut oil. Yukes. There was a period where my parents used coconut oil to cook. It tasted bad! Thank goodness they don't use it anymore. I like my virgin olive oil thank you very much. Everyday I have to take 2000 mg of vitamin C after my meals. Huge overdose huh. I don't see what's the point since vitamin C is water soluble and flush straight out of my body in my urine. I'm just too fucking lazy to argue no for it. Bla bla bla. Parents. Remedy. Hmmm...

-Live Long & Prosper


Got tagged by another meme by Koala. Heheh. Took me a long time before I realised I got tagged and here it is.

8 Different Points About Your Perfect Lover
  1. He should like me for who I am. I can't change drastically but small things I can. I am who I am from the experiences I gained throughout the years I am alive.
  2. He should be able to be himself with me. He shouldn't feel as though he has to change for my sake. I love you for who you are not what I think you can be.
  3. He should be able to accept/tolerate my weirdness. I have my drama moments and other annoying moments but hey, I'm human.
  4. He should be able to tell me most of the things about himself. Open up to me and share his thoughts.
  5. He should be able to listen to my thoughts. Maybe a rare thing but when it happens, it happens.
  6. He should be adventerous, not afraid to try out new and thrilling excitement. What's the point of going for a holiday without someone accompanying me?
  7. He should like food and not afraid to try all sorts of food. I love food and I would like to enjoy it with my love one.
  8. He should be able to cook. Don't mind breakfast-in-bed once in awhile. :)
I shall torture the following bloggers with this meme because I love you all~~~ :P

-Live Long & Prosper

Gobble Gobble Gobble...

My dad recently pointed out the change in my eating habits. I didn't realised it myself but its true. I've been eating at regular intervals of two/three hours with small amount of food. Its weird cause I never eat like this but I feel very hungry two/three hours after my meals. Not that I don't want to eat much but I couldn't eat much on one sitting. So I eat small portions, very small compared to what I used to eat. I have an eating habit of a diabetic. They eat small portions of food more frequently to sustain sugar in their bloodstream at a consistent level compared to having heavy breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper. Sugar high is not a good feeling to have after your meal. Its almost like you're drunk and you're just crapping crap with the feeling of lightheadedness.

Come to think of it, throughout my entire life, I have had two major changes in my eating habits. When I was young, I used to be a very skinny kid and a very picky eater. I wouldn't eat many things but that all changed when I lived with my aunt. She would force me to finish up my food and tell me to eat what's on the table. I guess from then on, I started to put on weight. I was fat when I was in my primary school years but thank goodness for puberty. My puberty started when I was 11 years old. Heheheh, early bloomer. So I started to grow upwards. Maybe this was how I develope the love for good and tasty food.

My next major eating habit change was when I came to uni. I don't know what prompt me to do it but I reduced the intake of carbohydrate, mainly rice. Perhaps, I was more conscious of myself image, perhaps its the fact that my dad is a diabetic and the chances of me getting it is high or it could be both. Reducing the amount of carbohydrate taken in every meal works wonders. It made me lose about 10 kg within a semester in my uni.

And the last major change is the diabetic eating habits. I find myself hungry almost everytime in the day and I will go hunt for food in the kitchen. The usuals are bread with ham,egg and HL Banana Flavour Milk, leftovers from lunch or dinner, or just biscuits. Gosh, I hope I don't put on weight. I'm soo obsess with myself these days...

-Live Long & Prosper

Blog Addiction

I remember the first gay blog that I read was Derek's and from there I blog hopped around. Believe me, in my bookmarks, there are about 20 odd gay blog links. I think I started reading blogs almost three quater through my semester when I'm all tied up with lab reports, revisions, assignments and projects but I couldn't stop myself from reading blogs. Though my addiction to my own blog was because of a certain two gay bloggers... Linking my old and dead blog to their blog... I'm not complaining though. :P

There's just something about reading blogs. Reading random entries about random things. Sometimes its sad, sometimes its happy. Some makes your brain think until it hurts, some just tickle your funny bones till milk comes out of your nose. I love reading random thoughts from other people or in other words, "38"ing at other people's life.

Its also a great way to get to know more friends and these people sure are a wacky bunch. Some of them resembles what they write in their blog but some are a little different. No matter, its always good to have people of the same interest/background to hang out with.

Mc Dave is only starting to realise why I enjoy blogging so much. He too is a blog addict now, checking my entries and cbox entries to see what's going on in my blog. Soon he's going to start hopping to other blogs starting from Alex's. Something fishy is going on every since after he and Alex chatted while I was having my afternoon nap... Hheehe. Though I would very much like it if he could meet the bloggers that I have met. I'm sure he'll have a fun time knowing them as I did. In fact, he's having fun chatting in MY CBOX. Heheheh. Oh well. No matter. Its all good. Miss you much dear.

-Live Long & Prosper

Only... Me?

Mc Dave called last night. We were smsing each other the whole day but sms could only satisfy us soo much. We missed each other soo much so he called me and talked about random things from reminiscing the time together when he was staying over till how we first met. I did mention about how we met in my previous post but that was just my side of the story.

A little something I found out about his side of the story last night. It was me who first messaged him in Axcest cause of the nick that he used that caught my attention and a rather interesting, obscene pic that he put for his default picture. He checked my profile and my pictures that I put in my profile. I had a picture of me abseiling in Pangkor and he thought, wow, this guy is rather cute and fun. Never seen this kind of picture in Axcest before. So he replied my message but wasn't hoping for anything. However, I did reply him and he replied me back and the next thing we knew, we were smsing each other everyday.

He doesn't go for any guy who's younger than him but I am the first and only that he bothered to reply to. He was only interested in guys same age as him or older than him cause he likes to be the one being "manja"ed but I think it takes two to "manja". Hehheeh. I admit, I'm childish and jovial most of the time but when it's time to be serious, I'll be serious. There were several other "only" me thing he mentioned like I am the "only" one he can be close to and it felt real, "only" my parents reminded him of his family in his hometown and I'm the "only" person with the same name as he's. :P I wonder if its true... Hehehhe. Kidding baby. :)

I finished watching another gay themed movie today but I can't seem to get enough of them. I really like these kinds of movies cause its not your typical mainstream storyline. Somehow, when there's a gay themed movie, its more meaningful, emotional and something I can relate to most of the time regardless of language the movie was made in. The movie that I watched was Mei Shao Nian Zhi Lian (Bishonen). Yes, its an ancient movie but it was a superb movie none the less. The plot detail can be found here. The character, Sam, somehow reminded me of me. I'm not sure why but I can connect to him. Its like watching myself in the movie but not all of it resembled me. It was a tragic and illfated romance story and it almost made me cry. I felt so lonely after the movie and I started to miss Mc Dave terribly. I called him immediately just to hear his voice once more.

-Live Long & Prosper

Happy Father's Day

Thanks everyone for your good wishes and concerns regaring my health. I'm as fit as a fiddle now. The medications sure does its wonders fast and lots of sleep helped too. I slept practically the whole evening yesterday and woke up at about 8.00 PM. By that time, I felt much much better. The fever went down and my throat was normal again. I could eat solid stuff. I had bread and beef ham. The beef ham was oh soo scrumptious but 100g cost RM7.90. It was on offer too... The price we pay for imported non halal stuff.

Today is Father's Day and as usual, nothing much happened in this household. No big feast, no dinner outing or any of the sort. Like I said, not many celebrations happen goes on in this household. Mc Dave, being a sweetheart that he is, sent me an sms with messages to my parents. One, wishing my dad happy fathers day and the other, thanked both my parents for giving him a great time staying over. So I passed the messaged to my parents and I saw their face lit up light a bulb. Dad even said to ask him to buy dinner to celebrate. He's definitely in the family now. Good news for me cause now I can get him to stay over without much questioning.

I tried reloading my Jaring account today since it left only about RM1.00. Hheeheh. Extensive usage due to blogging, chatting and DOTAing. I hate using dialup. Its soo freaking expensive but I can't get broadband since I'm only home for less then four months in a year and no one at home uses the internet to warrant a broadband connection... Sigh. This sucks. I tried using my dad's credit card but it didn't work because the company to stop any internet transactions until its security issues are resolved... It has been a year since they disabled it and still I can't use it now. I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to get E-Coupon from a post office near my place. That means I can't DOTA or chat tonight... So sad. I'm crashing at my friend's place tonight for entertainment.

Maxis continues to make money from Mc Dave and me now that we're apart. Been smsing him since this morning again. Maxis should use us as new advertising material or something. Heheh. He's also reading my blog too from his Nokia 3100 since he's got no computer or internet access at his place. It's his other way to get to know me better and check on me. I hope he leaves comments and also messages in my chatbox. Please do dear, I know many readers want to get to know you.

I miss my dear soo much and he misses me too. He's been flicking through the pics he took of me and us in his phone while I kept on remembering of the time when he was here. I miss the scent of Oceanus that he uses and I miss stoking his super straight hair with my fingers. I miss his tender lips kissing me and I miss the feeling of hugging him. Oh I miss you soo much dear. If only we can be together longer.

-Live Long & Prosper

Too Much Sex?

Woke up abruptly this morning with Mc Dave asking me what's wrong. I was having a fever and a bad one too. He was worried and asked if he should notified my mom. I just nodded yes. My mom came into the room and touched my forehead. Her palm was soo cold compared to the rest of my body which were burning hot... I could barely speak cause my throat was hurting badly. Mom asked me to change and we went to Gleneagles Hospital to see the doctor there.

The journey there was a dizzy one and my eyes were very sensitive to light. I could hardly open my eyes to see where I was going. Didn't take us long to get there since the hospital was nearby and the meeting with the doctor was a brief one too. She just asked what was wrong, checked my throat and checked my lungs. She said my throat was really sore and red but nothing to worry about. She just wrote a prescription of antibiotic, Strepsils, Panadol and Difflam Solution. (Its green in colour. How scary is that...) All this medication cost a total of RM75.00 not including RM 17.00 for consultation... Dem expensive...

When I got back, Mc Dave was really worried and wondered what the doctor said. I told him not to worry since it was a throat infection, nothing terminal. I tried my best to sooth him but I could see it in his eyes that he was worried sick. I went straight into my room and laid down on my bed. My parents went out to get some groceries to cook porridge. Mc Dave was sitting at the side of my bed holding my hands. He helped me to get water, tucked me in bed, talked to me, kept feeling my body temperature and made me promise him that I will rest and drink lots of fluid... He was really worried and stayed by me while waiting for my parents to come back to send him to LRT station. What a way to have our last day together huh. Me sick and him worried sick.

When my parents came back, he had to go and I fell asleep straight. It was sad that he had to go. I won't be able to wake up in the mornings to his morning kiss and fell the warmth of his body by my side. My bed is now a lonely place to sleep in and in my room, there's only me. I'm missing my Mc Dave already. Sigh. All good things must come to an end. I just wish we can spend more time together in the future but its doesn't look like it since I'm going back to campus soon next month. I'll miss him even more then.

-Live Long & Prosper

Sexcapade III

*Warning. Super duper expicit entry. You have been warned.

Woke up super late again... Around noon with mom shouting at us again to wake us up. We're begining to be like brothers to her now... Mom, Mc Dave and me went out to see my nephew in his kindergarden. (See doing the family thing again. These are signs!!!) My nephew was soo adorable in his uniform, red pants and white t-shirt. Soo KAWAII though my nephew was a little shy. My mom had a little chat with the teacher to check on my nephew's progress. After that, we went to pack lunch and headed straight home cause I had my Mandarin class. Throughout the journey, my mom and Mc Dave were talking away about current issues.

I had my Mandarin class while Mc Dave was studying in my room. The class was a fun one and I learnt soo many new characters. I'll have to practise writing them cause not easy to remember how the characters looked like. The teacher was a 26 year old female. She's really nice and funny too. Pity it wasn't a guy. I think my progress will be better with a guy teacher. *wink wink

After my class, my parents went to Nilai leaving us all alone. Heheheh. You guessed it, we were very naughty while they were away. Since we haven't had shower together, we decided to take an early shower. We entered the shower butt naked together and turned on the water heater. Hot water was flowing and the shower was begining to fill with steam. We kissed under the running water and hugged each other tightly. I was running my fingers all over his body and sucked his nipple. He moaned loudly but there weren't anyone to hear us. Then I knelt down and started licking and sucking his hot rod. I looked up as I was giving him the blowjob and I saw the look of approval in his facial expressions. He indicated to stop and asked me to bend over the sink. I did and he lathered his rod and my anus. Slowly, his rod searched for my anus and once it found it, he gently slid it in. I felt a wave of sensations and slightly lost control of my footing. He supported me and began to hump me. Slowly at first, then it gathered momentum. With every penetration, it sent a wave of sensations throughout my body and I can't help but moaned out loud. It was the most celestial feeling I had while he was going in and out of me until he came.

We took a short break kissing and hugging under the showerhead. He looked at me again and whispered me to do him. I nodded and lubed my rod and his anus. It didn't took me long to locate where the entrance was and slowly I slid my rod in. I started with random humping without any rhythm and slowly increase the pace and the penetration depth. He was moaning wildly and aloud. I was penetrating him deep and hard until he was moaning/saying, "Oh. You're fucking me so hard. Aa... Aa... Aa... So... Hard... Oh... Ah..." but I couldn't cum. So I took a breather and then continued again but this time harder than before and he moaned even louder. I kept on at it until he asked to stop. He turned around and said no more but I managed to convince him one more round. He reluctantly agreed and bent over the sink. This time I did it with rhythym and much more harder. It was driving him wild and soon I came. It was a fuck he and I won't ever forget. One of the best in these three days. Man, we're like bunnies trying to breed. Hhahaha.

We cleaned ourselves up and took a proper shower. I was soaping his body with Dove Shower Foal and he did mine too. It was a very intimate moment showering together. I love to look into his eyes and trying to see what he was feeling and he would asked, "What you staring at me for?" and I'll just say, "Nothing. Just like looking into your eyes.". My knight in shinning armor...

The rest of the evening went on very slow cause it was his last night staying over here. Sigh. We spent much of the evening talking, kissing and cuddling. We gotten to know each other more and I feel much closer to him now, though there are still many things that we don't know about each other. In due time we will know more I guess. We took pictures of me and each other in bed with his phone. Very lovey duvey pics. Its for him so that when he misses me, I'm just a few clicks away in his phone. He even helped me choose my new blog template. We both really liked this template soo much. Its very peaceful he said and pleasing to the eyes to read.

I felt my thoat a little sore... Must be all the heaty stuff I've been eating. Durian, fried banana, bakuteh and cookies...

-Live Long & Prosper

Sexcapade II

*Warning. Another very very explicit entry. You have been warned.

Woke up really late today, thanks to Mc Dave we slept 4.00 AM. Mom woke us up at noon. She practically shouted, "Yong, wake up. Its noon already." The funny bit is that Mc Dave and I share the same last name so he was a bit disoriented when my mom woke us up. Reminded him of his mom. Hehehe. So we got up and went straight to shower. Not both of us at the same time. We went to Ampang for the Yong Tau Foo shop called Hong Hong Restaurant. Really delicious food and it only cost us RM26. See, soo much better than Bukhara. Bah.

After lunch, we went to Jaya Jusco to get some groceries and also Carrefour to get even more groceries. Well not that much really. Just a bit here and there. In Carrefour, there was one female promoter thought that Mc Dave was my big bro... I don't see the resemblance really.

P: These two are your sons?
Mom: No la. This is my son (me.) and this is his friend. (Mc Dave.)
P: Is it? But they look like brothers.
Mom: Hahah. Ya, I also wish that have a "kai zai" (God son.) like him. Hhaha.

Very very bizarre responce don't you think?

Then we headed back. Didn't do much at home really. Mc Dave did some studying and took a short nap while I was doing some studying of my own and DOTA. But later at about 6.00 PM my parents went out for "pasar malam". Mc Dave and I had an early dinner but halfway through the meal, we realised that we could have showered together when my parents left. Too late now. Heheh. Somehow, after the meal, we got a little naughty in my room. We started fourplaying with each other and things got really heated up. He wanted me to do him. I obliged and took the lub and condom from my box of forbidden stuff. I
put the condom on and lubed myself. I first fingered him to loosen him up before I enter. I started with one finger then two then three. Feeling that it was sufficiently loose, I slowly entered him. I managed to enter him and fucked him awhile but we heard my parent's car door shut. They were back and downstairs... Mc Dave freaked out and quickly told me to pull out. I did but as I was pulling out, my room door flung open. There wasn't anybody but because the main door in my apartment opened, the pressure difference cause my room door to flung open. I quickly shut it and cleaned up. Phew... Close encounter really. Heheh.

Later in the evening, Mc Dave did a little more studying while I was DOTAing. After that he stopped and I started doing my work. It took me three hours to finish my work and he just sat on my bed and stared at me work. Apparently its very interesting to see me concentrate. Maybe its his fetish... Then we had a chat about us. Yes the "US" chat. It was alright. We shared our feelings and opened up to each other. So that was really nice. We hugged and kissed, enjoying the time together.

Neither Mc Dave or I remembered what prompted us to fuck the brains out of each other or how it started but we did. I can't remember the details much but it was the best I've had. I remember he did me first with "Doggie Position" and the "Lie on the back position" way but he didn't came. Then he asked me to do him again since we had to abort this evening. So I did but only the
"Lie on the back position". I did him long and hard and he was moaning rather loudly. I got very very naughty and inserted one finger first then another while doing him. He moaned even more and gotten more excited. Soo excited that he came. I never made my ex came while doing him. What an achievement for me as a top. :P I kept on doing him until I came.

I'm actually a skeptic about achieving orgasm solely by being fucked but now that I have withnessed it, I guess it must be true. :)

Again, we slept at 4.00 AM. Heheh. Rough night I say.

-Live Long & Prosper

Sexcapade I

*Warning. This entry is very very explicit. You have been warned.

Outing with Mc Dave was really interesting even though it was a short outing. I was soo tired with the busy two days outing with the merry men. We went to Bangsar Shopping Center for lunch cause I wanted to see his "Sis" and he had something to do there too. Here is the really interesting part. He's an optician student and he gave me an eye test. Heheheh. Never had eye tests on a date before. Huhuhhu. He said, he is going to make me a new pair of glasses as my birthday pressie. Soo sweet. Someway somehow, he got my IC Number. I have no freaking idea where or when he got it from... He claimed it was "DATA TRANSFER". Don't ask me WTF is that cause I have no idea... Maybe he's 007.

After that we headed home. When we arrived, my parents were away. Hehehe. Obviously we did something since I am the naughty one. :P We fondled, kissed passionately and hugged each other in my NEW BED~~~ I love my bed! But we didn't do much cause I didn't know when my parents were coming back. Didn't wanna get caught just yet.

My parents came back not long after we arrived. I introduced them to Mc Dave and they absolutely adored him. They were talking to him for soo long. Buggered if I know what they were talking about. He's like the perfect son. He speaks fluent Mandarin, tall, good looking, smart and courteous. My dad even requested him to help make him a new pair of glasses too. Hmmm. Is this some sort of a sign?

He practically became family immediately and do family things with us. Mom fed him lots of food since he doesn't really feed himself well. So mom took him under her wings and fed him like a new hatching. I do hope he put on a little flesh while he's here. Then again, I might just make him burn more calory than what my mom fed him... Hehehe.

We spent the rest of the night, well the time when my parents were still awake chatting and getting to know each other more. He even thought me some Chinese words of my Chinese class. Heheh. He kept teasing me about the way I write my characters, they can't stand cause they're unbalanced... Meanie! Couldn't do much really since we had to behave and he's the perfect son. :) Not just perfect son, my mom reffered him as "khor khor". Huhhuhu. Soo funny and ironic. "Khor khor" (Big bro.) and "Di di".(Small bro.)

After my parents went to sleep, "Khor khor" got a little more intimate with "Di di". We started of cuddling each other on my bed. Lots of tongue action involved, lips sucking, lips biting and our fingers explored around in search of hidden buttons. I got up and lit my lavender scented candle, turned off the lights and started to undressed each other. Guess what I found underneath his pants and in the midst of his thick jungle. A huge and fully engorged rod staring at me right in the face. I didn't hesitated to engulf it with my eager mouth. He moaned
and muscles in his body contracted with every flick of my tongue. I slowly moved my head upwards towards his chest, kissing him along the way and I licked his nipples profusely. That got him even more excited and he switched place with me and started to mimic what I did except that he rimmed me as well.

Then I whispered, "Do you want to do me?" and he replied by nodding. I took out my box of forbidden stuff and took out KY Jelly and a condom. He put it on, lubed me up and entered me. I felt a sharp pain cause he went in too fast and I have not had anyone in me before but slowly I got used to it. He was doing me like there was no tomorrow and finally he came in me. We switched place again and I face fucked him till I came then we kissed after that.

And that was day one or rather night one. Hehehe. Actually many "firsts" happened. It was my first being a bottom, it was my first doing it in my NEW BED and it was my first feeling really intimate with a guy.

P.S. Mc Dave was reading this entry while I was writing it. He encouraged it in fact. I feel so shy shy. :P Ya right.

-Live Long & Prosper

Five Merry Men

Sleepover at Alex's was nice but deng tiring. At 5.30 AM, the mosque started its prayers... MrBunnyBan and I got up at the same time... I'm not used to it cause my home or hostel, there aren't any mosques around. But luckily I managed to go back to sleep again though we woke up very very late in the afternoon... Alex made plans with Paul to meet in the evening for a movie in KLCC again. Heheheh.

I made Mc Dave worried sick about me and he didn't get a proper sleep last night... I told him that I'll contact him later last night but I forgotten and I couldn't. The next morning, I didn't hear his sms either until later in the afternoon. I immediately gave him a call and it calmed him down a little... He thought something had happened to me like an accident or something. I'm so sorry dear...

It was only around 4.00 PM that Alex, MrBunnyBan and me had our first meal of the day. We had it in my place and it was Mc Donald takeaway. I took my shower at my place since I didn't bring anything for the stayover in Alex's. It was nice to have them at my place for a brief moment. Heheh. After I was done showering, off we went to KLCC. Afraid that we were going to be late for our movie, we took the elevated highway from my place to KLCC. It took us a shocking 5 minutes to arrive. I love my place~~~

Once we arrived, we were wondering where to wait for Paul and Leggie. We wanted to go to Kinokuniya but Paul called Alex saying that he and Leggie were in Starbucks. Suprise, suprise. He's definately a Starbucks junkie now. Hehhehe. As usual he was blogging and surfing the net while Leggie... I had no idea what he was doing. Enjoying his banana cream (Sounds a tad obscene.) I guess...

Then off to movie and it was Cars. Great animation movie from Pixar. I really love Pixar. They have not disappointed me with all the movies that they have made and not to forget the miniclips they do for every movie they made. This time was called "One Man Band". I don't want to spoil it so you just have to go watch it. Heheh. Brilliant.

Then we went for dinner. We wanted to go to have "Square Pizza" in Avenue K but it was closed. Since we were there, I suggested Kim Gary's. Heheheh. Saw that coming didn't you? So five of us marched into Kim Gary's. It was the best Kim Gary's experience ever for me. I was telling them about Wilson, the waiter there, and was pointing him to everyone. Though Alex and Paul preferred the another guy. No matter, me still like Wilson. It was soo funny when Wilson was taking our order, Paul made him laugh. It was the first time me seeing him laugh. Hahhaha. It was funny cause Paul kept cracking up jokes and all. I guessed Wilson knew we were all a bunch of queers from the way we talked and behave I guess. Didn't make much effort in hiding our identities.

After the dinner, Paul and Leggie had to go back since they were tired and going to work the next morning. By this time, it was 10.30 PM but Alex, MrBunnyBan and me didn't want to go back just yet and decided to take a little drive. We drove by BB Walk to have a look around what to do but didn't see anything interesting. Then we decided to have look in Liquid since Alex has been there before while MrBunnyBan and I haven't. We drove to Pasar Seni, parked the car and walked to Liquid. To our disappointment, it was close. Huhuhuh. I guess queers don't go clubbing on weekdays. :P So we went to Petaling Street to just have a look. Nothing interesting really except I saw a box set of Gravitation. It was an original with goverment's approval sticker. That's odd. Yaoi approved by the goverment? Not to mention a VCD/DVD seller kept bugging us to buy porn from him. Thank goodness Alex shooed him away. After Petaling Street, we went back to BB Walk and had a drink in Coffee Bean at KL Plaza. There was another three queers there too sitting in Coffee Bean just like us three. Hehehhe. One reminded me of Xavier a lot though he didn't looked like Xavier.

It was close to midnight when the people in Coffee Bean started to switch off the lights indicating that they were closing. First stop was Alex's place to drop him off. We didn't crash his place this time cause I have an appointment with Mc Dave at noon the next day. We said our goodbyes and hugged. Then off to my place. MrBunnyBan bunked at my place for the night. I can't wait till tomorrow~~~

-Live Long & Prosper

Six Very Unmerry Men

As mentioned in the previous entry, I shall now explain why it was a huge mistake to have our dinner in Bukhara. I shall start from the begining. So we met Leggie outside of Bukhara and went in straight. (Mistake Number 1.) Then the waiter distributed the menu to each of us but I didn't really paid attention to the menu cause we were all chatting/bitching/laughing away. (Mistake Number 2.) But when we actually looked at the menu, we didn't know what to order and we looked at one another thinking what to order. (Mistake Number 3.) A guy in suit came to our table and asked for our drinks order. He did explained what is this and that but then he sensed that we had no idea what to order. So he started suggesting what to order, this is like this and that is like that. We just agreed to his suggestions. (The Fatal Mistake.)

None of us really paid any attention to what was ordered by the guy. We just continued chatting away. Took them some time before the food arrived but when it did, I was wondering how much did we order... There were six dishes, two steaks, two salmons and two chickens. But we just enjoyed the meal since everyone was rather hungry and the food was really pleasing to the eyes. Chomp chomp chomp... The food was alright, different but nothing spectacular. It was almost like eating other people's common food, different but nothing spectacular.

After hours of chatting, we asked for the bill. They had this very interesting gadget that was on every table. It was a modern service bell, it was WIRELESS. Oooo. So Paul pressed the "Bill" button and the waiter just puff in front of us and handed the bill to MrBunnyBan. I was sitting opposite of him. As the waiter handed him the bill, my eyes locked on to the total of our dinner. It was a staggering RM444.31. WTF?! What the fuck did we just eat?! MrBunnyBan and Paul paid the bill first and off the waiter went. We stared at each other in shock. I was just stunned because I have never seen a bill this expensive before in my life for food. Thank goodness MrBunnyBan brought quite an amount of money and paid most of it. We divided the cost amongst us and it came up to RM75.00 per person... The most expensive meal I ever had in KLCC for something so mediocre. I'm never going back again not even for a romantic dinner with Mc Dave.

-Live Long & Prosper

Six Merry Men

My first queer outing with 5 other queer bloggers. It was really fun seeing the writer behind the blog in person. Well actually, there were only two bloggers that I haven't met, Paul and Leggie. Heheh. My first impression of Leggie was a shy and quiet person but as the night went on, he was still rather quiet ish but he could really crack jokes. Combine him with the joker, jovial and spontaneous, Paul, we couldn't stop laughing the whole night.

All of us met at Starbucks in KLCC at about 5.00 PM. The first person I saw from a far amongst the crowd was Alex. He and his super fair, white skin with bright ish brown hair colour stood out like a lighthouse. Gay beacon I like to call it. :P Next was Paul. Should have guessed that we would be meeting in Starbucks since they offer free WIFI. :P So there he was in front of his laptop blogging away. Hehehe. Then it was Xavier. Hug smile on his face when he saw MrBunnyBan and me approaching them. Heheh. Leggie joined us later.

We were basically chatting/bitching away in Starbucks and MrBunnyBan was giving out souvenirs from Aussie. Xavier got the most amusing/annoying toy ever, a snoring koala. Heheheh. Its super KAWAII and it snores. This was MrBunnyBan's secret plan to annoy the heck out of Alex. He can't stand those KAWAII things that makes KAWAII sounds. Hehehhe. Poor Alex. *hugs

When it was nearly 6.00 PM, we decided to have our dinner in Bukhara (Big mistake. Will explain in next entry.) and Leggie was already there waiting for us when we arrived. So we had our dinner there and sat there for hours chatting/bitching/joking/laughing. It was really great time. I was laughing soo much that time, all thanks to Paul. Forever coming up with weird ass jokes. :P There was a really funny moment where Xavier and Paul took out their laptops and me with my Palm surfing the net, blogs specifically. Huhuhuh. Rather sad ish when you come to think of it. 6 queer bloggers gathering in a restaurant reading blogs... Hhehehehe.

Alex, MrBunnyBan and I were suppose to go to Kuala Selangor to watch fireflies (Or lalat as Paul would call them.) but it was raining in KLCC and we thought better not go all the way there to find out its raining there too. So we stayed in KLCC and watched X-Men III instead since MrBunnyBan and me haven't watched it. Leggie and Paul didn't join us (ANTISOCIAL!!!) and claim that they were tired, bla bla bla... Xavier had to rush to somewhere that night so he too didn't join us.

The movie was good. I enjoyed it but it wasn't the best compared to the previous X-Mens. I didn't really mind it cause I got my two queer friends and it was the company that mattered most. It was already past midnight and we decided to head back. We had to send Alex back first but on the way, Alex and MrBunnyBan were hungry. So we stopped at a mamak shop near Alex's place. We sat there and chatted/bitched/joked some more. We love our chatting/bitching/joking sessions. :)

After that we dropped by Alex's place. Finally, I get to see how this feller lives since his room in campus is soo spartan. I like to look at a person's room cause it tells a little about how the person is. However, MrBunnyBan wasn't looking around or chatting with us much. He fell asleep... Since the driver can't send me back to my place, we decided to crash at Alex's. Hhehehe. My second queer stayover.

-Live Long & Prosper


A meme for a yam cha?! This is an outrage Joshua. Well at least this will somewhat makeup for yesterday's super boring and short post I guess. Come to think of it, this is my first meme. Heheh. Gotta love the blogger community. Hahahah.

My Top 10 List of Life's Simple Pleasures
  1. Talking to my love one - Mc Dave brightens my days in an instant. I love it when he calls me on the phone. We always have something to talk/bitch about and hearing his voice is very soothing too.
  2. Hugging/kissing - Being intimate with my love one is a great feeling. Especially when I feel his warmth and his body in contact with mine. Staring into his eyes to see what he's thinking and what he feels.
  3. DOTA - Pawning and owning a game is so therapeutic. I never get bored playing DOTA and I can play it for hours but best played it with friends.
  4. Chatting - Chatting with friends, bloggers and family members are fun. At least I get to know what's going on in their lives and get to know them better not to mention looking out for yam cha or roadtrip invitations. :P
  5. Shopping - I love shopping~~~ If only I have more money to do so. I'll go for cloths, assesories, books, kinky underwear and computer stuff.
  6. Movies - Movies are a great way to have fun and meet up with friends for outings.
  7. TV Series - Kill time by watching my favourite tv series like Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, Battlestar Galactica, House, Grey's Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer.
  8. Facial - I love the mask I got from my mom. Mud mask is so relaxing and it improves my skin complexion. Have to look my best all the time. Yes yes, I am vain...
  9. Being alone - I like the quietness and serenity of being alone. I can do what I want at the place I want it and on the time I feel like it.
  10. Food - I love eating feel good and different types of food. A nice feeling of satisfaction from good food. Gastronomic experience is best shared with friends.
End of my meme.

I shall now torment the following bloggers with this meme:
-Live Long & Prosper

Random Thoughtlessness

I can't write today... Too bored, too tired and can't think straight...

-Live Long & Prosper

Lazy But Busy Day

Got up rather early this morning... Deng PDA rang at 8.00 AM to remind me of today's event... I forgot to turn off the alarm function. Well I did had a good sleep but still waking up that early in the morning was not fun... I couldn't get back to sleep after that but was literally tossing and turning in bed for hours I did fall asleep after that until noon. Huhuuh.

Had lunch at about one in the afternoon in MrBunnyBan's place but after that we were just feeling lazy... The weather was making us sleepy but I didn't want to sleep. MrBunnyBan slept while I was playing DOTA. :P Hehehh. Love playing DOTA.

At about 4.30 PM, we left for an old folks home in Cheng cause my club organised a Father & Mother's Day celebration. We didn't do much really. Kinda like showing our face there for the sake of pictures and all but we did entertain the people there. It was an interesting experience for me as it was my first time going to an old folks home.

After that, we had our dinner in a mamak shop. I didn't know what to order so I just ordered Roti Telur. It was alright and I had it with mutton curry. The mutton curry was nice and the meat was really tender. After dinner, I thought of joining everyone to go to Jonker's Street cause there's night market there on Fridays and Saturdays but I was rather tired and I could see MrBunnyBan was tired too. So I decided to call it a night and we headed back home.

At home, MrbunnyBan, his brother and me were having a discussion about DOTA. Heheheh. See, nerds... Two queers, a straight guy and DOTA. It really was fun thinking of combos, items, hero abilities and everything about the game. But more importantly, I was able to chat with his brother. Didn't talked much with him yesterday cause he looked at me like he wanted to eat me or something and he sounded a little... How should I put this... Pompous, arrogant and condescending... I guessed he didn't really like me at first sight. Hehehe. Its alright now, I think.

Well off time for me to go to bed. Very tired and I'm heading back to KL tomorrow morning... Sigh. I wish that I am in Melaka for a little longer to get to know MrBunnyBan more... Not going to be able to see him again for a year after July... I hate partings and goodbyes cause they make me emotional.

-Live Long & Prosper

Jalan-jalan, Cari Makan

Greetings from Melaka or more specifically MrBunnyBan's lair, quite a cosy place actually. I like condos or apartments compared to houses. Not sure why but I like home which is above ground. I have a grand scheme for my current apartment back in KL. I would like to join two units together, break the wall in between and make it into a 2 bedrooms apartment. It basically involves many breaking down walls. Hmmm or maybe I should just get a new apartment/condo/penthouse.

I arrived in Melaka about 3.00 PM and the weather was a bit depressing cause it was drizzling the whole evening and everything was all in different shades of grey. We headed straight to Jonker Street to a shop called Jonker Desserts. This is my second time going there and I love their Assam Laksa and Durian Cendol. Yum yum. (Yikes. Imagine the amount of calories in those food...) We sat there and chatted while enjoying the ambiance of the place but it was rather packed with people. Singaporeans from the look of it or maybe its just KLians.

After that, we had to go cause the parking time limit was an hour but we had no idea what to do to kill time. The solution, DOTA~~~ Heheheh. Two queer nerds really. We should make a clan named, "Queers R Us". Rally up all the queer DOTA players! We played two games in a CyberCafe opposite of my old primary school. Why didn't they have that when I was studying there?! We lost the first game terribly but we won the second game. Heheheh. Great way to kill time.

Then it was time for dinner. We went to a place called Capitol nearby and they are famous for their Satay Celup. Every CNY, we will come down to Melaka and visit our relatives here but after the whole charade of reunion meals, we would go to this shop for Satay Celup. It is said that only Melakans will enjoy Satay Celup. Reasons are still a mystery to me. Buggered if I know. Hehehhe.

So that was day one and now I'm chilling out in his room with all the stuffed toys. Of course, I am also entertaining Mc Dave. Poor baby miss me soo much. I miss you too dear. I hope one day, we can come and visit Melaka.

-Live Long & Prosper

Mc Dave, Me and Who?!

The movie date was superb! It was the best date I ever had. (Its my second but hell it was the best day in my life.) We went to Kim Gary's in Sungai Wang and it was my first time there. Never knew they had one there but I still prefer the one in Avenue K for its ambiance and good looking waiters. There weren't any good looking or even cute waiters there. How can that be?! I thought Kim Gary's is renown for its good looking, yummy, appetising waiters... But it was alright, I had Mc Dave in front of me after all. :P We both had nissin noodles. It was alright.

Then we headed to Low Yat to APT for haircuts. It was wash and cut. I loved how they washed my hair and the shampoo they used was really good. The hair wash/massage almost made me fall asleep on the chair. It took a whole 10 minutes then off to rinsing. The guy didn't take long to cut my hair but I really like the haircut. Now I have manageable hair. However, Mc Dave took a longer time for his haircut. He's rather particular about his hair but I guess that's why he has dashing hair. :P

We walked around Low Yat in search of the shop that sells kinky underwear. We had no idea where it was but we were walking around and all the while I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I kept grabbing his arse and kept feeling them with my hands. We found the shop, it was called Engayge. Hmmm, subtle name for a shop that practically sells gay clothes. It had some good, kinky stuff there. Me like the thongs. :P Mc Dave doesn't like thongs cause the string at the back keeps him stimulated all day and he can't concentrate his work. That's the point really. Hahah.

After that we headed to Time Square but it was raining. Luckily, Mc Dave had an umbrella in his bag and we shared it to walk under the rain to Time Square. This gave him an excuse to hug me in public. Oh soo sweet~~~ I love it when he hugs me in public. We went straight to collect our tickets and ate kuei ling kou to kill time. Before long, it was time to go for our movie.

Our seats were on the last row, the three seater seats. There was a Malay, tudung girl siting at the aisle seat. Deng her... But no matter, Mc Dave sat inside and I sat at the middle. I immediately leaned towards him right after we sat. My hand slowly inched its way through under his bag which was on his crotch. Hehehe. It was cold and my hand needed to go some place warm. Hahaha. Not long after that, I can feel something bulging. Oooo. I teased him with my fingers and kept groping it. I was getting excited myself but he couldn't do anything about it cause the bloody gal was next to me. No matter, I continued dancing and prancing my fingers on his now raging hardon. When the movie started, I removed my hand and held his hand. (We were there for the movie after all. :P) Throughout the movie, he fed me popcorn and I fed him too. He would licked and sucked my finger everytime it entered his mouth. I loved it.

Once the movie ended, we stayed back to wait till everyone was out. While waiting, being the opportunist that I am, explored a little bit more of him. I managed to sneak my hands into his bottoms. Oh so nice, warm, smooth, perky and supple. Me like. We were the last one to walk out of the cinema and the door closed behind us. There wasn't anyone and Mc Dave pulled me by the waist and kissed me. He kissed me~~~ There were tongues involved too~~~ But it was a brief one. I was caught offguard really. I should have pushed him to the wall and passionately kissed him and kissed him good. But oh well.

So we went to have our dinner at Mc Donalds. Hahaha, I can hear you all laughing aloud... Especially Xavier and Alex... It was a nice meal, we shared fries, drinks and nuggets. He had to go to the loo so I just followed to rid my face of excess oil. Hate them. Once he was done, he came out, washed his hands and gave me another kiss there and then. Heheheh. Not many people use these toilets at this floor. It was a lovely kiss...

We still had ample time before he had to go back, so we explored the higher levels of Time Square. It was rather empty really with many lots unoccupied. As we were walking, we got a bit more physical like holding hands, grabbing buttocks and crotch or hugging. It was really nice. We walked and found a dead end. Weird but there was an emergency exit. We entered to have a look around and it lead us to a locked door. He turned towards me and again, held me by the waist and kissed me. I hugged him and kissed him back but my hands, I swear they have a mind of its own, went on an adventure. My left hand entered his pants and grabbed his bum and my right hand entered to his crotch. I like what I felt in my right hand, something bushy, something thick, something hard, something that kept growing and growing and something really warm. (I think it is safe to say that he is quite well endowed.) I kept fiddling with it but with limited movements. I could almost fully grabbed his rod with my right hand but it was a tricky under the pants and jock strap. I played with his rod, teased him with my fingers (Lets just say, I know my penile anatomy really well.) and he moaned a little in between kisses. He soon followed my lead and put his hands into my jeans and under my Skinx briefs. We kept kissing, fencing with our tongues, groping arses and fiddling throbbing rods of steel. Not sure how long it was but it felt like eternity. Suddenly, Mc Dave stopped. We heard some noises and it was a Pak Guard. Thank goodness we were leaning on a wall and stopped on time before the Pak Guard came into view. He scowled as us and asked, "What are you doing here?" but he didn't not apprehend us. We just walked passed him and out the emergency exit. That was the most exciting and breaking the law thing that I have ever did! It sure was awesome before the Pak Guard came into picture.

We headed for the Monorail after that to KL Central. There he took a bus back to Shah Alam and I took the LRT back. It sure hell was a super eventful movie date I ever had. The best~~~ Next agenda, Mc Dave's stayover next week for two/three nights. Sleepless night I might imagine. :) I'm off to Melaka tomorrow. MrBunnyBan, please prepare for my arrival.

-Live Long & Prosper

All Set

Yea yea~~~ Tomorrow is movie outing with Mc Dave. Woot woot. Finally I get to see him again and we are going to watch The Omen in Time Square. I'll meet him in KLCC and take a cab from there. I wonder if the movie is really scary as Alien back in the good old days of scary movies that will scare the shit out of you.

We'll have lunch in Kim Gary's, again. Hahaha. Told yea I'm a Kim Gary's junkie. Hehehe. This time, he'll get to eat the hot and fresh, right out of the toaster French Toast and we'll share it. Soo romantic. If only shagging session comes after that. Hehehe.

I'm finally getting my hair cut. Hehehe. Mc Dave is taking me to APT (Or something like that. Not really good with names.) in Low Yat since he's getting a haircut too. Now I wonder what hairstyle I should get or perhaps I shall just wait till tomorrow and talk to the hairstylist. Mc Dave is treating me this haircut. So sweet of him~~~ Our first haircut together. Hahahah.

While we're there, we'll go have a look at a shop that sells gay porn. Heheheh. Never been to a gay porn shop ever, not even the straight ones. Don't think we'll be buying any of them. I know I won't. I have trusty "suppliers/friends". Hahha. Then, we'll take a look at the shop next to it that sells kinky underwears. Hehehhe. Maybe, just maybe, I might get something from there. Nothing like wearing kinky underwear to boost one's ego. :P

-Live Long & Prosper

Wu Ding

I was having trouble figuring out what to write but this song came into mind. This must be one of the most beautiful duet I have ever heard. It is soo romantic, sweet and make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I can't help but to keep repeating this song in my Winamp. Best song to listen to when you're missing someone.

I dedicate this song to my dear Mc Dave. I think I really really like him and perhaps this feeling I have for him, its love...

-Live Long & Prosper

Missing You...

These days my life pretty much revolves around Mc Dave or is it the other way round, his life revolves around mine? Either way, it doesn't matter really. I would wake up to a sms from Mc Dave and it is almost the same timing every morning, 11.30 AM. The sms is always very cute, funny and always, always calls me Little Lion... Now his sms is my new found cup of coffee in the morning. But everytime I wake up, I wish that he is next to me in bed under my comforter and keeping me warm from the warmth of his body. It sucks waking up in the morning alone in bed...

But today was a little different. I woke up super early this morning despite me sleeping at 4.00 AM in the morning. I gave him a wake up call. (He wakes up at 8.30 AM on his working days.) I love hearing him when he just got up. Soo adorable.

The day will go on with us exchanging sms with each other the whole day. Yes the whole day unless he or I will be busy, out with friends or asleep. Heheh. That's why I can fill his inbox with 200 sms within 3 days. Maxis is getting soo much profit out of us... Well not really, since I'm on postpaid and I am in his Active 5 list~~~ So sweet putting me in his LIST. :P

Then my day will end, smsing him still since the morning. Heheh. Sometimes, we call using landline and we'll talk for hours on the phone. I just love listening to his voice and him yap yap yap. :P

I really miss him now even though we've only met twice. Sigh. I want him to be next to me and do all the lovey duvey stuff. Sigh. Guess I shall not rush this, take it slow and be patient.

-Live Long & Prosper


Mc Dave got the shock of his life when I went to give him a little suprise at his work place in Shah Alam. Sigh, of all places, why Shah Alam. It was a tiring journey but all worth it just to see the look on his face when he saw me.

I started my journey from my place to KLCC, more specifically Kim Gary's at Avanue K. I love their French Toast and it was the best French Toast I ever had. Seriously, it just melts in your mouth. The syrup and a lump of butter was soo savouring like a festival was going on in my mouth. So I packed that but it took so long. I was amazed with the amount of people in Kim Gary's even though it was well after lunch hour. I think I spent about 15 minutes waiting for it.

Then, I took the LRT to KL Central to take the KTM. Throughout the journey to Shah Alam, I was smsing Mc Dave to check on him and told him white lies about me going window shopping in Mid Valley. Finally after 40 minutes of travelling by LRT, KTM and taxi, I arrived at his workplace. I passed by his workplace twice but he had customers to deal with. So I went on to get my friend a pressie then I walked pass his workplace again. This time no customer so I called him up.

I went on describing the his workplace but he thought I was in Mid Valley. Kept describing the place and walked in front of it till he saw me. Should have taken a pic of him. Heheheh. Just soo hilarious. He was talking in Cantonese (Yes I do understand Cantonese.) on the phone with me saying, "You crazy ah. Why you here? Bla bla bla...". Basically, he was going how crazy I was to go all the way there just to see him.

He took some time off from his work and we went to Coffee Bean to have a drink. The look on his face was just priceless really. It was like he was about to cry or something or I don't know. Disbelief and touched, that's it. We sat down, chatted and drank our drinks. Could have had more physical touches or do little queer things but the place was not exactly queer friendly. Ah... I was dying just to share drinks with him, touch him, hug him or kiss him. Sigh. But I kept staring into his eyes though. I just love looking at him, it triggered something in me I guess.

Oh he absolutely love the tie after a better inspection of the tie it seemed. Hehehe. I kept asking why did I get such expensive tie. To me, I think it was a reasonable price for a tie from Topman and a good tie too. Plus, orice is just a small set back compared to being with the person you really like/love.

We spent about one and half hour together and I enjoyed the time tremendously. Wish I could have stayed longer but I had to go. An hour journey back and right now my feet are killing me. (MrBunnyBun take note. :P) Mc Dave was kind enough to bring me to the taxi stand and paid the fare for me. Ah... My knight in shinning armor~~~ Oh did I say he looked soo hot in long sleeves with slacks? Well he does! Though he could use a better looking shirt from say, G2000 or Raoul. :P

On the way back, we smsed each other. From the sms, he really loved the suprise and was really touched. I swear, I nearly cried reading the sms in the KTM. (Listening to violin pieces did not help much either.) I actually saved that message in my phone. I never saved messages in my phone before. You can say that he is always in my mind, from the time I wake up and the time I go to sleep. He checked his phone, 200 sms in the span of 3 days from me. Heheheh. I am missing him now...

-Live Long & Prosper

Bla Day

Bored the whole day and very uninspiring day too...

-Live Long & Prosper


Today is Mc Dave's birthday. Happy birthday dear~~~ (Even though he does not read my blog nor am I giving him the address for it either. Not anytime soon anyways.) He enjoyed his cake went it was past midnight yesterday but wished that I was there with him to share it with. I wished it too dear but do not fret, we have about 6 weeks to see each other.

I was talking to Alex last night about how the date went, then out of no where I had an evoking thought. I was thinking, "There is no such thing as the One, the Perfect One. If this relationship is going to work, then we have to make it happen.". I don't think there is such thing as a perfect relationship. All relationship will have its complications. If the relationship is really worth it, then both people must persevere for it.

* * *

On a completely different note, ever since high school till now even, my mom always tell me not to find a girlfriend. You need to study, bla bla bla. I'm sure some of you endure this. Heheh. The irony is, I'm not looking for a girlfriend but a boyfriend. :P She did not say I couldn't find a boyfriend now did she?

-Live Long & Prosper