One Month Old~~~

My RA decided to have a party for his little boy (Kawai desu~~~). It was a huge dinner party, approximately 80 people attended and the place is called Indulgence. Very accurate name for this place. The food was really good, scrumptious, delicious and almost sinful to eat. Heavenly, compared to stupid campus food. They served Western Food like salmon, salad, lamb, pasta, sausages, beef and lots and lots of pastry. Oh if only I had taken pics of it for all of you to see. I was starving by the time the food arrived, so I just gobbled it up. Sorry folks. The place is beautifully decorated. It is very cozy with dimmed lights, very romantic, comfy sofa with pillows. It is very modern I guess. This was basically the highlight of the day.

The rest of the day was spent attempting to study... From the sound of it, I failed miserably. In the morning, I was distracted tweaking my blog. Curse you Alex~~~ :P Didn't take that long to tweak it. I was just putting the photo badge in my blog. As you can see on the right side of the blog.

Then, finally I managed to study a little. Soon starvation set in, my poor brains could not function no more and a hint of hypoglycemic was alerting my body. Went down for lunch in campus. Food is food, can't complain here. Second attempt to study went underway after lunch. Study, study, study... Woke up an hour later by a SMS... Fuck~~~ The bloody weather was soo freaking hot. I was practically sweating. By this time, it was already nearly 3 pm. Had to go shower and get ready for the dinner. Had to leave early to go to JJ and get some stuff. Right after shower, power outage. Sweat like a pig when dressing up too. Sigh.

Last night, the Management did give us a heads up on the power outage. Some maintenance work to be done. In a way, its good that they told us before hand but why did they have to chose such timing where the temperature was at its max and the air is practically still. I just wished that they had chosen a better timing for it.

Nothing queer related happened today. Everyone busy with studies.

-Live Long & Prosper


Qi Hua said...

Wei Wei.. aper illegitimate illegitimate nie? ciss!!! Shouldn't send u back that day.. u go sit in David's car! Muahahaha~~