So Where Am I Sitting?

Previously, cows will fly before you'll get me out of the bed at six in the morning. But now it seems cows are flying to the Moon because, believe it or not, I woke up at five thirty in the morning to get ready for work. They start work at seven thirty and our ride comes at seven. The sun rises early here and I intend to make full use of the free breakfast buffet as long as I'm staying in the hotel.

Practically three quarter of the day was spent on briefings. HR briefings (claims claims claims!), safety briefings, the company structure briefings and so on. It's true about this company keeping it's employees well fed because food and drinks were provided constantly! I really have to start watching what I eat now. I think I can save my money packing their food for lunch and dinner. There's always extra anyways.

Finally, I know what's my job title. I'm a Production Analyst. Sounds boring, nerdy and geeky huh? Well it's actually quite interesting (it could have been glamourous too...). Basically I'm a General Physician for oil wells., making sure that the oil keeps flowing out. I should have done medical and be a real General Physician instead... Oh well, I get to go offshore whenever I want to with the boss's permission of course.

My colleagues are wackos! Funny and noisy bunch of people. Quite the talker and quite the joker too kinda like during my internship. Though people in the company are generally friendly and love to chit chat and all. I guess it's true about what they say about Sabah and Sarawak people, they're friendly.

It was a good first day though I don't have a workstation to work in... I foresee I will be floating around for quite some time till they get it all sorted out for me...


You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Ah-Bong said...

hahahaha ;) enjoy ur work!

cleo weiland said...

Oooh production analyst!

And since you're going offshore, they'll be sending you to SMTC in Lutong for Sea's lots of fun! But beware, you will need heaps of sunblock. I got so tanned that people took longer to recognise me. Sigh.

Anyway, hope you enjoy work. Take advantage of every perk you get, the company is well known for employee benefits.

Kalah the Big Blue!

Take care dear :)

PS: Your scroll looks just like that same cert we get post-intern and post-foundation..that dull shade of grey. But it does come in a nice leather-y folder with UTP emblazoned on it. And your transcript..well same thing like the one we picked up before intern la. You must've really hated OB huh? (Ternampak ok! Didn't mean to peek :P)

aaronng88 said...

hehe! grats on new job! & miri's a rly fun place to b.

The beaches are awesome~ should try their food thr. kinda special. If u go chinese restaurant, there's this 'money' chai.. i think~

they also have something called 'kong ping' which is like the mince pork on a biscuit~

tk cr ^^

Darren said...

Dying to noe if any of those geeks are cute. Keke. Update quickly!

Jason said...

Uh... take pictures! Kolo Mee!

[YeOp] said...

Production Analyst (PA)..

I was there before during my internship.

I bet you know Shalita, Wak, Nadiah, Elmi, Sharlyna, Weng Hong & etc.

Happy working!

All the best~