Wearing The Square Hat

The day that all under undergraduates have been waiting for, graduation day! I wasn't all that hyped up about it but was just feeling normal like any other day. But when I put on the the robe, hood and mortarboard, I was up in Seventh Heaven but at the same time in the Saharan Desert (I was drench in sweat from head to toe...).

I must say, I looked absolutely dashing in the outfit. The usual diva me couldn't help but stare at myself in any reflective surfaces I could fine. Vain I know. Hahahah. My parents splurged about RM 300 on photos alone. Three packages in total, one family, one solo and a few on stage shots. Such cutthroat prices! But I absolutely adore the solo photo of me. Just such a perfect shot.

The highlight of the day was walking up the stage and accepting the scroll. All that five years of rigorous torture for a piece of paper... The things people put value on sometimes are just ridiculous... Though the feeling that all eyes were on me witnessing my achievement was a fantastic feeling. One of a kind I'll say.

The Chancellor of my university is an ancient old Jurassic guy. I having this thought in my head that he might just passout right when I am about to take my scroll from him. Hahhaha. Silly I know but totally possible! I'll get my other five seconds of fame there from press coverage. Hahahha.

Five years of torture and few hours of awesome time. Totally worth it.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Jason said...

Teruknya peljar ni.
Kelulusan anda dibatalkan.

Will said...

The trick is to wear only a thong under the robe. Nothing more.


Chester said...

congratulations =)

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Kakaka. It can happen you know! Scary shit. :P

Will: Hahahha. I was wearing a thong. :P

Chester: Thanks~~~ :)

cleo weiland said...


You were wearing a what underneath your robe?!

ikanbilis said...

bangga dengan kejayan kamu!


i feel awkward saying it in malay but whattheheck.lol.