Life Of Debts

Guess you can say that I have entered another phase of adulthood. I am well on my way to complete the infamous 5 C's. Car, Credit Card, Club House, Condominium and I have no idea what the last "C" is. I do not suppose it is Career? Whatever it is, I have achieved two now. Credit Card was first (bless the person who thought of it!).

And now for the second "C", a Car!

My new ride!

Finally my little own ride. It is not the Mini Cooper but it does the trick for me. It would be the perfect car for me if the engine has a little more "umph". It is annoying trying to overtake with this car or going up a hill.

But still I love my car very much. So far, I have washed, waxed and shined the car every weekend now. It is the monsoon season and I love driving in the rain but it is a bitch to wash of the stains from puddles of water. Stains are very noticeable against black background.

Having a car is amazingly liberating. Especially here where there are no public transportations to speak off and taxis do not run on meter. Best thing is when I am driving around and listening to music. The first CD I got is Madonna Celebration. Wonderful album I must say. No other perfect way to officiate my car.

As wonderful as having the car sounds, it comes with a price. A car is not something that can be bought with cash in hand but requires financial aid from financial institutions. So every month, I get my salary slashed to keep my pretty car. So part of life is living a life of debts?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


simonlover said...

Myvi is a cute car. I own an apple green one.. =P

nase said...

Ever wonder that the possible risk and source of financial woes amongst the lots of people is ironically the first 'C' ~ credit card?

Legolas said...

Come pick me?

William said...

Apple green? Dannel Lee's choice. :P

Apa nombor? Aku nak beli Magnum.

Janvier said...

Isn't it 'Cash'?

Queer Ranter said...

SimonLover: Oooo green. Me likey me black. :P

Nase: Oh yes. The plastic money. More life of debts!

Legolas: You live in some ulu place. My car cannot handle the terrain. :P

William: Hhahahah. 3 digit car plate too. I likey the numbers! No idea why though...

Janvier: Oh yea! Who cares about career right? :P

Ban said...

Wah, new car over there? You're gonna ship it over when you come back?

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you look great in it blasting Madonna!

savante said...

Time for that condo then!