The Red Boudoir

It took a year and the influence of Paul's constant furniture shopping spree did I decide to makeover my room into a boudoir! It all started with a red curtain. Not just any plain red curtain but red curtain with suade flower patterns. It is a pretty curtain and it quickly become the center piece of which I decorated my room around. Red is the theme of my boudoir.

Then I saw a medium sized carpet that completely took my breath away. Yes, it is red and it has a dark shade to it when you swipe it across. Two toned material. Nice! More than just a pretty carpet, it is extremely comfy to sleep on and roll on. Pretty and comfy. Pretty comfy. I really love the carpet. To make the carpet even more comfy and homey, pillows! Big or small, I need to have pillows on the carpet. So everyone can sit on the carpet, hug the pillow and chill.

My Little Red Boudoir

I think neon white lights are such horrid lightings for a boudoir. It did not take me long to find a lovely lamp. Dragging the huge box to KL Central, a flight from KL and retrieving it from the conveyor belt was all it took for this pretty hanging lamp to arrive to my room. Lovely yellow light emphasises the redness of the room.

Still, there are a few more items I need before my boudoir is complete. A lovely low tv bench to put in front of my bed, an iMac on the low tv bench, matching red quilt set and more pillows for my carpet. This would probably take me another year to do it.


How about a red beanbag to sit on?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


simonlover said...

Hehe...What is missing is ur collection of red undies?!!!! ...Anyway, ur room is so cute!..Tot u like evtg black one?....Hmmm

nicky05 said... newbie...haha..i love ur room design...especially the picture on the wall tat caught my attention ...haha it

William said...

Is it the angle or the bed looks a bit kiddy-sized? A nice harmony in the room.

Cheryl said...

yes yes beanbag, i like!

drownedglass said...

Hmmm... a boudoir with a plush red carpet to roll around on? Methinks you'll spending more time on the floor than on the bed ;)

Love the bedsheet, by the way. It's so cute!

savante said...

Definitely need a plush bedcover/quilt in red.

Legolas said...

Staying there forever like Paul?

san said...


Ban said... long will yo be there???