Credit Crunch? Where?

Recession. Is it here? Is it real? Is it my problem? Urban legend? Urban myth to scare us off the Boogeyman shopkeeper? Well whatever the diagnosis and prognosis of this decade's economic crisis, I did a little shopping... I can't believe my eyes too but I did it.

This time, I shopped for a bedside table and table lamp... My new found faghag and I went round the city in search for that perfect bedside table and table lamp. Took us a good five hours for them too but it was worth it.

This is what I got.

Total expenditure, RM 250!

Not exactly IKEA but it does the trick. The thing about shopping for furnitures and lamps, it gives me more idea of how to decorate my room. A table like this would do nicely. A cabinet like that is just perfect. Oh I want that lamp! And it just goes on and on. Financial death trap I tell you.

At least now I know what this place has to offer. So next purchases are lights (I hate my room florescent light), table for my laptop and cabinet for extra storage. Gosh, decorating this room is like a new hobby or something...

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

classy! and the stuffed toys will definitely be happy!

savante said...

Love decorating too but hey, don't get too carried away, yeah. Just get light portable stuff. You're not staying there for that long.

Kenji said...

Haha decorating is awesome if you have the money! But yes, it feels very different when you walk into a room with exactly the right hue, exactly the right placement of furniture, and how right it is! So I understand your need to shop for them even during recession! :P

Jason said...

You're evolving :)