Say What?

Food makes people say strange things I reckon. Especially when you're all drowsy and stomach bloated till you feel like you're going to pop with a prod.

Me: I wanna get an iPhone!!!
LPY: I'm just going to wait for the BlackBerry Storm.
Me: So racist... "BLACK" Berry...
LPY: So self indulgent... "I" Phone...

It is extremely hard to laugh when you're stomach is bloated but hell it was hilarious! Gotta love these spontaneous hilarious jokes.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


jase said...

my goodness.. like that also can!? Racist and self indulgent?! hehehe

Jason said...

Silly Little Prince said...

i don't think u need any food to make u go doink~ :P

savante said...

The blog's alive!

Evann said...

Haha that's a good one! So what are your thoughts on youtube then? :P

[Q]-ben said...

glad to finally see that u are back..

Cleo Weiland said...


Another way for me to diss people with better phones than me hahaha :P

Kenji said...

Hahaha! Wth... I can't ever come out with such smart ass joke sometimes! I fail in that sense! xD

Takashi said...

hello. it's frankie we're talking about. Anytime.


Queer Ranter said...

Jase: Hahahah I know! Random kan?

Jason: :P Hilarious la. Phone rivalry!

SillyLittlePrince: Hahahah. True also. But extra wack after dinner. :P

Savante: Of course it is!

Evann: Hmmm that's a pickle. Shall have to think about that. :P

QBen: Yeap yeap. :P

CleoWeiland: Tau tau je la you ni. :P

Kenji: Hahahha. Well you got some and you lose some right? :P

Takashi: Hahahah. Where got? Say until like that ka? :P