Back In Civilization Again

Heheheh. Hi all. Finally a post from me after a long long time of my vanishing act. Here I am at home again but this time, as most of you know, alone and with my baby. It was totally a last minute decision to come back. I wasn't even thinking of it but my friend KKK (not the Ku Klux Klan), poisoned me with thoughts of no lectures on Thursday & Friday. So why not go back.

Further more, mom and dad are away in Aussie for my sis's wedding thinggi. Fuck... I could have been in Aussie right now... Grrrr... Dem dem dem. I really want to go to Aussie...

Then again... There's a brightside to this misfortune. I have the whole house to meself. Yes meself. Its been a long long time since I've been in this house alone for several days. Heheheh.
So I told this fabulous news to my baby and he got all excited. Started to plan this and that and this.

So here I am, alone at home again waiting for my "husband" to come back from work. Tonight shall be Pasta with Grilled Cheese and Pasta with Pesto. Yum yum. Oh did I tell you my "husband" is practically feeding me tonnes of food... He is stocking food like there's a nuclear war coming up. Loads of food... And tonight he's bringing more groceries back! I'm gonna be stuffed~~~ Hheheeh.

That's all from me. Going back into the kitchen to do some cooking for my baby.

PS: Paul, perhaps you should switch to my campus and you'll get tonnes of holidays. :P

-Live Long & Prosper


Harvey said...

wah, can cook and eat together naked

defiant85 said...

Harvey: Not can my dear. Did. :)

++ Chris ++ said...

Gosh... You two are naughty, huehehe. How about take a bath together? Soaking in bathtub with aromatherapy and warm water...;)

defiant85 said...

Chris: If only there's a bathtub at home... Guess we'll have to settle showering standing up. :P

Apollo David said...

harvey, my baby really cook well. he always done some thing out of my expectation. i'm waiting to take bath inside the bathtub with my baby.