Genting Vacation

Would you believe me if I tell you that I have never been to Genting Highlands before? Believe it. Never had a family trip up there before and I have no idea why... Oh well. At last, I've been to Genting.

My baby planned this trip a month back if I'm not mistaken. I told him that I've never been to Genting and he suggested that we should make it as our first trip together. We got a really sweet deal too. RM40.00 per night for two. Deng that's cheap. Gotta love deals like this.

Genting reminded me a lot of Aussie cause of the cold weather at night and the mist that was never in short supply. Literally covered with them everytime we go out. We had the honeydew drink along with Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Peppermint Tart in Coffee Beans, sitting outside of the building with wind and mist blowing into our faces. Yes it was freezing cold but it was great experience.

We didn't go for the Theme Park cause I didn't think it was worth our money and also my baby had been on the rides tonnes of time so why not save some money and use it else where. We did go for Ripley's Believe It or Not and that was super fun. Weird ass stuff but entertaining. I had a sudden craving for cotton candy when we were up there. I haven't had them of ages and I just love cotton candy.Yuummmy...

The cable car ride down was super fun. At first, for a brief moment, I had acrophobia but it vanished after a few seconds later. The scenes were soo beautiful and the mechanism of the cable car facinated me. Heheheh, being the skanky couple, we had to live up to our name, so I decided to take a picture of us kissing in the cable car. Thank goodness not many people were going down that day. Managed to get a car to ourselves. Heheheh.

Pity we couldn't get into the casino and come out rich cause I didn't have any shirts with me... I didn't know the casino had a dresscode to follow. Dem it. Sigh... Oh well. I think besides the casino, there's really not much else around to do except walk here and walk there and see here and see there. It didn't matter to me cause I'm out with my baby. Lovely baby.

Sex in high altitude is awesome and I highly encourage everyone to try it. I know Leggie and Paul are expecting me to write a skanky post but sorry dears, not this time. :P Perhaps next time we shall do it in the plane's restroom as suggested by Leggie. I wonder who's the skanky one these days..

-Live Long & Prosper


ikanbilis said...

i want to go Genting! with someone, not yet found.

Harvey said...

Oooh, so it's really true that you get better sex in high altitude ar... hmm.... I bet it's even more "exciting" in space. What's with all the cum floating around.

defiant85 said...

Ikanbilis - Now now. Perhaps one day in the future.

Harvey - That's just EWWWW... Plus in space is harder la. Zero G how to thrust?