Its Alive

Hey all. I'm back in action not sure if its permanent yet cause I haven't gotten my replacement graphic card yet as it died a week ago. I'm kinda borrowing my friend's graphic card that was suppose to be dead too but it turned out that its just PMSing itself. Its working on my computer though and I'm happy for that. Hehehe. It doesn't work on his computer for some odd reason. Ah. I'm just glad I get to use my computer now. Woot woot.

Anyhow, nothing much been going on here really. Been struggling to survive without my computer but I almost went insane just playing Rocket Mania in my Palm... Thank goodness for my Palm.

I'm finally going back in a few days time for my Mid Semester Break. Woot woot. Baby here I come. I missed him soo much and I really really wanna spend lots and lots of time with him. Love you dear.

-Live Long & Prosper


savante said...

You just went back to school and now break again?! God, I wanna go back to schooL!

MrBunnyBan said...

Rocket mania?...