Jet Setting Lifestyle

I never thought that I'd experience a glimpse of a jet setter. All thanks to the back to back job trainings that I'm having. First was training in Singapore. My flight transited in KLIA. That was Sunday and the next day I was back in the office. Little did I know, my training that starts on Tuesday has been confirmed in Peninsular (travelling is expected here too...).

If only they told me earlier, I'd just stay in KL instead of flying back to KLIA again... Oh well, so long as I get to fly. Tired sure but I just love flying. I quickly settled my paperwork in the office and rushed back home to pack my clothes. Thank goodness I washed my clothes the night I arrived from Singapore or else I'd have nothing to wear. I over packed my luggage and it weighed 20 kg on the dot! Pheww!

The thing about having training is the food... They always feed us with good food. Normally this is a good thing but I'm trying to watch my figure here! I bought a lovely pair of black shorts from Fourskin in Singapore and it fits me just nice. No way I'm going to out grow my shorts! I love them too much.

Now that I'm back in KL for two weeks of training, I'm gonna enjoy my stay here at every chance I get. Shopping is a must! Clubbing is mandatory! And hanging out with my dear friends.

I'll be in KL till the 9th. Happy happy joy joy!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Chester said...

until 9th :0 can come disturb you :p

savante said...

Damn. Why didn't I get to see you in fourskin?

Legolas said...

I want rich engineer to belanja me makan.

Jason said...

I should've grab the ice blended that night

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

wow You're leavinggg.... on a jet planeee..

Heheh been a while eh Frankie man :) How have ya been? And you know every time I see you're sign off i always think GG. :P

Will said...

enjoy u self till max while u still at KL. Yah Miri is so bored till i got not idea where to go. Kindly let me know if you find any nice place to go at Miri. :p