Victim of Label

It all started with a conversation with this budaks. I said, "I wanna get an LV wallet". He went on a hissing fits and rampage saying LV is so passe and plebeian these days. How the real thing and the fake are identical and such. Well fine...

Toss that out of the wish list. Then I went around the net looking for one.

Lo and behold, Ted Baker (I hearts the Internet). Yes I found my perfect wallet from Ted Baker. Radlow is it's name and at the oh so pretty price of £ 55. Hmmm. I almost got it online but the shipment fee is just horrendous! It costs £ 35 to have it delivered here!


Ah Ted, art thou a sight for sore eye.

Urgh. I just hope the branches in KL have it or I'll start screaming. Hell has no fury like a queer's scorn when it comes to shopping for pretty things. I am not going to pay £ 35 just to ship this lovely thing over here. I can get so many things with that money wasted.

So there. I have my sights set on you Radlow. Come to me you pretty little thing. Come into my pocket where you belong.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Jason said...

Emm... I need to change mine too.

aaronng88 said...

haha =p
LOL! the 'budaks' has a name okay? =p ANYHOO~ good tat u let go off ur LV wish~ TB is so much better~ =p

Chester said...

i want another bag collection ! I saw one in guess and in L.V

Legolas said...

I need new wallet too. I can get a same one as yours.

savante said...

Get it lah. If you love it, just ship it.