Ever had the feeling that you're trapped? Not physically but emotionally. Well I feel trapped in a straight world especially where I am working now. I'm not referring to the office. I don't expect it to be a place I can fully express myself. Don't shit where you eat I say. Not having any queer friends and surrounded by only straight people can be very asphyxiating at times.

My trip down to Singapore reaffirmed this claim. I felt alive when I was there. I could be myself, loud and proud queer. It was so nice to be in the company of queer friends while enjoying a good meal together. Have walks down the street holding hands and laughing aloud with everyone minding their own business. Not to mention, everywhere you look there'll be a queer.


I miss my friends in Singapore and I miss my friends in KL even more. Modern technology can only bring them so close to me. Nothing can replace human touch and human interaction. Which is why I can't wait to see them next week. At least I know they won't ask me, "Do you have a girlfriend?" (I totally hate that question by the way). I'll start freaking out if my colleagues start to present their daugthers to me...

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Legolas said...

Before they present their daughters to you, tell them up front it'll all end in disaster. Then have dates with their daughters and make them all have a nervous breakdown. Then nobody will send their daughters to you again.

Janvier said...

Leggie is evil. What happens if it's the boss's daughter? Hancur chance for promotion.

We tell people we're married to our books (because we always carry one).

Glog said...

Just say yes...
Then show them one of your fag hag's picture.


Jaded_Jeremy said...

Instead of that typical question, a colleague usually ask me, "Is he attached?" whenever I mention a friend. She's married.

Change if you must. Make best use of your situation lor.

cleo weiland said...

Presenting their daughters to you? Haha! Imagine that.

You just stay there a wee bit longer. I'll come find you if I'm posted back to Labuan. I love Miri.

Don't get me started about Singapore!

Miss you lots here too by the way.

Leonardo said...

So, lets start practicing it in the mirror.. have optional interesting answers if that question is asked again. 'Do u have a girlfriend?'

1) Yes, but she passed away like a 7 months ago.. then theyll divert their attention somewhere else with sympathy.

2) Yes, but were having long distance relationship of non existence.

3) Yes, but i think she is sleeping with another man.

4) Yes, but im sleeping with a man at a same time.

Pick ur best. Lol

Jason said...

Aww... poor Frankster. Cepat balik, we can go pig out.