The Favourite

After notifying my supervisors of my hand and wrist injury, I think they panic and went on an overly concerned mode. They kept asking about the orthopedic diagnosis and what the prognosis is. So much so, they kept trying to reach me and finally when they got a hold on me:

SV: QR, hello. How's the hand?
QR: It's alright. Just keeping it idle.
SV: Alright. I would like you to clear your leave. Take a week off. You've been offshore for far too long.
QR: Leave? Who? What? Why? Do you have enough people in the office?
SV: Yea no worries.

Honestly, I never saw this coming from my "Rule with an iron fist" Supervisor but I am not complaining. My other colleagues are envious but they are not surprised as they dubbed me as "The Favourite". I shall gladly take the leave. Well I am already into the leave in KL! The Doctor insists that I come back so he can work his "magic healing" on my hand and wrist through some sort of endurance training that involves the bed... I am starting to doubt he's a real doctor.

My poor disabled hand.

As for the orthopedics' diagnosis, it is a mild case of CTS. I am to keep my wrist immobile as much as possible to let the nerve heal naturally. This means less autoeroticism activities with the right hand, less typing, basically less everything with the right hand. I have to be a lefty till the right hand is better. So the doctor instructed me to wear a splint.

Claw of The Disabled Hand!

So unglam and straight right... Why could it not be pink with glitters?! I need rhinestones and turn it into an accessory ala Lady Gaga. However it is good for one thing, it attracts attention and sympathy! Yes I bask in attention and sympathy. Such attention whore I know.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Kris said...

Good thing the Doctor will be more than happy to give you all the attention! Hope your hand heals fast even with any extraneous activity that may happen this week...=)

William said...

The Doctor must feed you dim sim now.

Jason said...

they dubbed u as the 'favourite'?
ahh...nicey :)

Legolas said...

You're in KL and no sms and call and makan-makan? I shall break that wrist.

Ban said...

Wah, the favourite lagi! Dun auto-eroticise so hard next time, k?

Janvier said...

Why haven't you pinkify the wrist guard when we bumped into you!

classyadele said...

No shite. CTS is serious huh? I've always thought that it's gonna be 'pretty hard' to get CTS. but looking at the kind of work I'm doing now - and coupled with the amount of time I spend on the computer...dammit...did i just feel an aching strain on my wrist...or is that my head.


classyadele said...

having said that - get well soon, love. Perhaps this is a good time to catch up on ur backlog of blog entries! :)Just dont get another case of CTS!

*types with toes*