QR Is Back!

Good gosh! My dear blog has been left unattended for two months and will you look at the virtual dusts that settled on it... Resuscitating a dying blog sure is hard especially when the momentum of blogging has been lost. I kinda feel a little weird typing this post even!

This is the price I paid for being ever so busy and workaholic at work, not forgetting the constant hitch offshore for several weeks. I'm well albeit tired from constant hard day's work, be it physical labour of the ever tiring job of "tai chi" paperwork. How else am I going to feed myself, yes?

Anyhow, I have several posts lined up for the coming days. So stay tune.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


ikanbilis said...

welcome back, darling! i miss you!

chiselstone said...


Kris said...

Hi QR!
This sounds like an opportune time to jump on the bandwagon of your blog, now there's excitement without the suspense :) *motivate!*

JustMe said...

misses you much.

Update update on ya no-alcohol/no-sex/workfull offshore life.

Queer Ranter said...

Thanks everyone! Good to be back~~~ :)