Reap What Others Sow

All week long when I was offshore, food wastes were tossed into the sea. Waste not, want not. What better way than to feed the fishes. They say looking at fishes swim about give a sense of serenity and it does. Maybe it is part serene and part amusement when the fishes fight for the food. It is good for the soul after all.

It is what I look forward to everyday to feed the fishes and watch them swim after a laborious day of work. Tossing food overboard from the platform and looking down onto the fishes chow down on lunch. Did not take the others to start fishing upon seeing swarms of fishes gathering around the leftovers. It is an easy catch after all when all the fishes are on frenzy feast.

Fish they did but it took a little ingenuity. These fishes are not as dumb as they seemed. Fishing hook must be kept well hidden in the bait. Bury the hook deep into the chicken wing or attach pieces of sausages around the hook. Fool the fish and you get dinner.

This bugger weights nearly three kilograms!

That is enough to feed a family of three but the fishes on my platform are considered small. The big fishes are on another platform and the size of it are huge! Think barbecue party for ten.

So perhaps it is part serene, amusement and amazement.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Legolas said...

Make sure you don't drop into the ocean and become fish food. But I must say the fish out there tastes really so nice.

savante said...

Luckily you tak terjatuh ke bawah jadi fishbait. :)

William said...


Ban said...

Lots of nibbling ocean fish around platforms like to go for the ends of the bait. So you have to hook the bait in such a way that you anticipate that they're gong to bite there.

You're so getting a fishing rod for your bday. And a cookbook for fish.

Queer Ranter said...

Legolas: There are enough railings to stop me from falling la... And yes fishes are yummy!

Savant: Knowing you, you would love to see that happening and giggle from above...

William: Umai they call it here. :P

Ban: Goodness! A fishing rod?! I would like other sort of rods instead. :P