Cuddling Cuddles

The next morning was not filled much with exciting events. I was still too groggy to do anything. Just wished I could have slept for a few more hours. It was a very slow Saturday morning. Slow as it was, there were many things to prepare for the upcoming Christmas dinner. Those mostly involved hand and eye coordinations while our mouths constantly chattering of the latest gossips and munching some of the food that we made.

By night, the house was filled with guests. There was a theme for the dinner but it seemed that no one received the memo. I myself did not adhere to the theme. Lack of time to shop for clothes. But I was only interested in two things, the drinks and The Doctor. There was so much drinks that we had several bottles left unopened, enough for another party. I was very satisfied with the constant flow of Bailey and that made me drunk enough to start acting and talking silly.

Throughout the night, I was by The Doctor's side. The accidental glances, gentle strokes on his back and purposely resting my head on his shoulders. I craved for the intimacy from such physical interaction since that fateful cold night. It was truly public display of affection on my part.

As the night went by, alcohol started to take it's affect on everyone including The Doctor who's a sturdy drinker. Then something unexpected happened in the kitchen as I was thirstily seeking refills for my Bailey. I was alone in the kitchen and I felt someone was by the kitchen door. I turned to see and it was The Doctor. I just smiled at him and asked if he wanted a refill. He did not answer but instead he walked towards me. With his gentle hands he held the back of my head and kissed me.

What a passionate kiss it was.

The noise from the party faded away and I was in Cloud Nine. Nothing else mattered but to hold him tight. Felt like time stood still and it was going on forever but alas, slowly the noise crept in and I gained my bearings. I gazed into his eyes as he gazed into mine. What beautiful eyes they were and I felt safe in his embrace.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


::. Anton ::. said...

Wow! a few more similar posts ..... and you cld well be the next Barbara Cartland of the East! hehehe

Savante, pls pass me the bucket! lolz

p/s seriously, well-written, me likey the read! ^_^

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

So romantic! Thanks for taking us there.

Ban said...

Granted, nice post. But still late late late! :P

(Me keeps thinking of Doctor Who when you call him "the Doctor")

Queer Ranter said...

Anton: Wakakakak. Enjoy the ride why don't you. :P

Jeve: Hello you two. Thanks for dropping by!

Ban: Wakakkaka. I know kan! Which Doctor better looking hmmm?

quicksilverlining said...

christmas in july, eh?