Instant Noodles

What is it about instant noodles that people around me seems to think that it is the most important bare essential food ever? Sure I have cravings once in a blue moon for instant noodles but to think it is survival food? I don't get that. Potato of the modern time? Our ancestors survived on sweet potatoes during the Communist rule and we survive on instant noodles.

I remember when I was in high school, instant noodles seemed to be the staple supper. Put the instant noodle and water into the bowl, pop it into the microwave machine and supper is ready. The instant noodle of choice back then was Indo Mee original flavour. I wonder if it's because the majority of the students were Indonesian.

I guess it's understandable when these people are out at sea. All they need is hot water and in five minutes they have a meal. Short lunch break leaves plenty more time to sleep or continue work. And for those night manning the platform, the instant noodle boxes are good enough substitute for a soft mattress. Lay the boxes on hard steel grating and you have a bed. I've heard they've fought over boxes before...

I can say working offshore has two extreme living conditions, luxurious and spartan. Luxurious living condition like on a drilling rig and spartan on the platform that only has the basic necessities but these are all a question of relative to what.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


William said...

In such conditions, who keeps the peace?

Ban said...

Heeeee, instant noodles. I should convert you to the school of BOVRIL.

Queer Ranter said...

William: Submit to Senpais? :P

Ban: Uh ewwwwwwwww. That's as bad as Milo which is equivalent of puke. Wakakkakaka.