When the gang said Chatuchak has everything, they literally meant everything under the freaking sun! I was not prepared for the immensity of the place! It's freaking huge with so many shops everywhere. Turn a corner here and another turn there is enough for others to lose track of you.

1000++ shops!

Lemme try and give a sense of how huge the place is. I've only managed to explore the middle section of the market and it took about five hours. Loads of printed tee shirts, caps, trousers and other commercialised clothes. Loads of souvenirs as well from woodcrafts to metalworks. Everything here is just so CHEAP!

Cheap cheap!

The thing about this place was it's packed with people and things on sale. Not to mention the air was rather still, hot and humid. It was giving me headache and I couldn't make up my mind on what to get. Just too many things packed into a relatively small area.

More cheap cheap!

I ended up getting a few printed tee shirts, some wood carvings and a very lovely nice pink Thai silk scarf! I heart. Though I was rather disappointed not getting what I wanted from there. Shorts, casual jackets and shirts. Apparently they were on the west side which I didn't go. That's where all the designer clothes are!

The art section was breath taking. So many beautiful art pieces that I really like. I was so occupied in admiring them, I forgotten to take photos. If only I had more money with me, I'd get a few pieces to decorate my space with. The art scene there is way more out there compared to our. All sorts can be found here and they're all for sale!

Remember to bring loads of cash and shop till you drop here.

Stay tune for Day Three.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Janvier said...

'People and things on sale'? We don't recall seeing people on sale... :p haha ok ok. Yeah you couldn't put that scarf down!

Jason said...

When are you gonna put on that scarf ah?

T-MO-T-TING said...

buy a green jacket for me pls HAHAHA!

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Wakakkaka! You know what I mean la. :P

Yes, me heart the scarf~~~

Jason: Someday. Hahahah dunno what to wear it with yet. :P

TMoTTing: Kkakakakak. I'm sure they have it there. :)

NotHamsap said...

is the use of credit card available there? it's not good to bring too much cash with you.