Hellboy II

The adventures of Red and Blue continues with Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Again, the world as we know it is faced with an unstoppable army made from the ancient time during a war between humans and mythical creatures.

So who you gonna call?

Hellboy of course. Spawn of Satan, the bringer of doom and raised by a human Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, is called once more to save human race from the brink of destruction. Pretty heavy job for a person that's not like by either humans nor the other mythical creatures but someone has gotta do it.

The movie starts of good with the recount of the ancient war between humans and mythical creatures through comic style drawings. Fast forward, the film is filled with awesome action sequence, cleverly scripted and hilarious scripts (as expected from Hellboy) and funny character developments. Can you imagine Red and Blue drunk and singing to Can't Smile Without You.

Hellboy and "The Big Baby".

As good as the movie was, I have one qualm about the movie. There are some parts that seemed a little draggy. Especially the ending I reckon but I shan't spoil the ending for those who haven't watched it.

Never the less, go watch Hellboy II. It's a good watch and you might just fall off your seat laughing your head off.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Ernie said...

nice movie to watch.. i enjoyed it as much i like Pan's Labyrinth!

Jason said...

Em... slowly evolving into movie blog? I prefer action packed lo... comedy ar... hmm...

savante said...

I liked Agent Myers in the first film. In this one, there's no one hawt!!

Queer Ranter said...

Ernie: Me too~~~ Just so fun ain't it?

Jason: Hahahah. Well it is the movie season. :P

Savante: Hahhahaah. True to that. I'm always hawt. Kakakkaa.

Inaesb said...

Hellboy 2 open in Malaysia already ah? Tak aci le..