Hainanese Chicken Rice

It is unquestionable that the best chicken rice is made by Hainanese. It's all in the method of which they prepare the chicken, the rice and the chilly sauce. All these are mandatory to make the perfect gastronomic experience. Tilt this delicate balance and all is ruined.

So when my friend suggested that we have Hainanese Chicken Rice for lunch, I was a little skeptical. My mom makes one mean ass Hainanese Chicken Rice, family pride and joy secret recipe. So this place had better be real good.

Loke Yun Restaurant located deep in Ampang territory (158, Jalan Besar, Ampang). You can Wikimapia search Loke Yun and it'll show you where it is located. This place serves pretty good Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Loke Yun Restaurant and that's the owner on the left.

Here's what we ordered, half a steamed chicken (each bird is 2 kg), baby Romanian lettuce and bean sprout. The chicken serving is huge for even the three of us. Taste wise, everything was just right. Just savoury enough, tender and succulent meat. Then comes the sauces sprinkled all over it.

Steamed Chicken.

Some sort of vegetable dishes is a must when eating chicken rice. Usually I'd order cold bean curd too but we didn't order it this time round. The baby Romanian lettuce and bean sprout that we ordered were just perfect. They were boiled for just the right amount of time for it to cook but maintaining it's crunch. These too were sprinkled with various sauces.

Baby Romanian lettuce (yau mak) in various sauces.

Bean sprout in various sauces.

I like the chilly sauce that they make. Unlike other places where it is diluted with water more than anything. They made it well because of the generous amount of chicken stock and chicken oil blended with the chilly and garlic. The bowl next to the chilly sauce is blended ginger. It's a lovely combination.

Chilly sauce and blended ginger.

Lastly, the rice is extremely good. Very fragrant with chicken stock and not too lumpy or dry. Came to our table piping hot and gave us good sized serving too.

I like it how that they used pretty painted porcelain plates and bowls. There's just more satisfaction eating from it somehow and pleasing to the eye too.

Now to some, this place may be a tad expensive. Not cutthroat expensive but just a little more pricey than your usual chicken rice. It amounted to RM 40 for the three of us including drinks but it's actually not bad considering the big serving that they gave us and most importantly, it's good food.

I'll definitely come back to this place for more. I recommend that you should go and give it a try too.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Jason said...

Good write ups :p

Sam said...

Bring me bring me! :)

-C said...

dammit I'm hungry now!!

aconfusedboy said...

this is making me miss chicken rice. and i haven't even left the country yet! :( haha

Ryan said...

I am a Hainanese! But I don't know how to make Hainanese Chicken Rice, sad to say! :p

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Yey thanks. :)

Sam: Jomers~~~

C: Hahahah. Go eat. :P

AConfusedBoy: O.o

Go eat before you leave!

Ryan: Hhahaah. Neither do I! Dem must learn. :P

Superboy said...

Oh my! I enjoy chicken rice but sometimes the smell of garlic and chilli lingers... :P Worse still if you burp. :P

Queer Ranter said...

Superboy: I know! I get hungry very fast when the smell lingers~~~ :P

Cedric Ang said...

Maybe one of these days, I should bring you to this chicken rice shop that I know. I kid you not, the picture that you have is not really that appetizing.

Question is, do you trust me with my taste buds ?