I Feel Alive Again

It's been a long while since I've read a good book. So long in fact, I've forgotten what's it like to read, letting the book take me where the writer wants to take me, the smell of a book and the feel of the texture on each page as I turn to read the next. I love my book and how I could go on for a good few months or was it a total year without reading is beyond me.

This morning was a perfect setting for me to start reading again. Sun is shining bright but it was a windy morning. Perfect to laze on the bed reading a good book and what book was it? It was a present from Sam for Christmas. Thanks Sam.

The Manny by Holly Peterson. Looks like a chic lit doesn't it?

Rat Rat's futile attempt to chew on paper...

Chic lit or not, I'm curious to know what the story turns out.

MANNY [MAN-EE] N: A nanny of the male persuasion.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


JD Cole said...

chic lit book??

well, it's the fundamental thing to do for a queer ;P

joshua said...

It read like soft porn to me. Haha with all the vulgarities. Gasp!

There are better books out there, but this can be a good time killer.

Alice said...

huge contrast from the first paragraph and the last paragraph.


from sunny weathers to witty bitch.

Ban said...

Oh! Chic lit! Good to see you've found ways to kill time. Hrm... you may have just sealed what you get for your birthday...

nase said...

sounds interesting, eh. Good to knw you're back on your feet again, oops I mean on your back or maybe in front, huh since you enjoy lying down and read, hehe.

Queer Ranter said...

JDCole: Amen sista! :P

Joshua: Hahahahha. Soft Porn!!! I'm loving it so far. I need a time killer not a brainer. :P

Alice: Hahahhha. Where got bitch? I'm innocent and nice. :)

Ban: Yea good time killer. YOU ARE NOT GETTING BOOKS FOR MY BDAY! Ok maybe one and maybe another one with the popups. :P

Nase: Yea yea. I hearts my reading~~~ In any position thinkable. :P