Oh So Very Queer...

This actually took place when I was out with my clubby friends to a mamak/shisha place to chill. This is also where we first encountered the "Islamic Beer". Finally gotten around to uploading the photo for all to see. The so called 99.99% alcohol free fermented malt drink...

Come grab your Islamic Beer!!!

Halfway chilling while enjoying our "Islamic Beer" it started to pour like a typhoon hitting KL. Rain water was splashing all around us and even the hut that we were sitting in was leaking! Wet blanket was definitely the understatement of 2008 that night. Everyone's mood just gone sour at that point.

Everyone agreed that we should just call it a night. Problem was, it was still raining and the waiters were all sheltered in the main building. One of us had to go and pay the bill. Out of the blue, everyone started to toss loose change at me to pay the bill. Obediently I agreed.

But suddenly I realized, "I can't pay the bill. I'm wearing FABRIC shoes! You pay.".

Then he replied, "I can't! I'm wearing suedes!" and tosses the money to the guy who was wearing leather shoes.

Poor sod came back to us with his trousers wet up to his knees. At least his feet weren't wet. Hehehhe. Well he did muttered and muttered loudly for all to hear, "Women...".

I love my shoes too much just to get them all wet. They're my precious.

How queer can I get huh?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


JD Cole said...

that's fabulous honey~

we should take care of our precious against everything including catastrophic weather!!


Altantuya Feels said...

you go gurl~

that's the spirit ;P

savante said...

So how did the beer taste?

Mark said...

Oh, what a classic queerish incident =P

Ban said...

Why was it queerish?

*Anton* said...

Lolz ....liked the yell "women" .

0.01% alcohol is still alcohol. ish!


Jason said...

I have to say. I love my shoes too, and they are precious. I have a fabric shoe frm River island, kinda get soil easily :(

Fable Frog said...

Having dry feet is very VERY important! you did the right thing! LOL!

William said...

Kaki ayam la...

Queer Ranter said...

JDCole: Acts of God too. :P

Altantuya: Hahahah and PROUD of it! Heheheh.

Savante: Tastes just like fruity bubbly. I kinda like it.

Mark: It sure was. Hahahaha.

Ban: Aiyo blur nye...

Anton: Hahahah. Yeap that's me! :P

Jason: I know what you mean. I hearts my fabric shoes~~~

FableFrog: Oh how I remember your post on STINKY FEET!!!

William: How UNGLAM!!!