Addiction To Spice

Food is here really blend. There's nothing like food in KL like hokkien mee, bak kut teh, fried cockles, dim sum and fine dining. Ipoh food, gosh how I miss Ipoh food. Dim sum, Ipoh hor fun, Hakka mee and the hawker food. Then there's Malaccan food, the satay celup, chicken rice balls, mee Siam, pork satay, cendol and Baba food.

Yes I really love my food.

There's a kind of food that I've never tried before in my life. I love my "belacan" and "sambal" but never had anything like this. It's called "lalapan". It's basically raw and boiled vegetables served with "sambal belacan" and a plate of white rice. I like having my "lalapan" with fried fish or fried chicken on the side, I need some sort of meat on my plate.

Instant addiction!

The "sambal belacan" is really one of a kind. Never had I had such spicy food before! What's more, it's highly addictive! It makes me want to have more despite it being extremely spicy to the point of heartbeat racing and perspiration working on overtime. I get this high eating it and it's just so spicily delicious! There's just no way to describe it but to try it for yourself. Extreme deliciousness~~~

See, everyone of us has a hidden sadomasochism.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


nase said...

Luv my lalapan too, weird but somehow I missed my Sarawakian food....and those rats there are so huge almost cat sized! Have you tasted the rat's meat there? Mwahahahaha!

JD Cole said...

rat's meat??


Jason said...

Something interesting ni!

lllearned said...

Yummmss... Lalapan! Isn't it like Ulam? :P

Alex said...

Where's the babi?

Queer Ranter said...

Nase: What Sarawakian food...

Rat?! Did you just say RAT?!

*hugs Rat Rat

Mean man!

JDCole: You're telling me right. My poor Rat Rat...

Jason: Oh yes. Definite must have!

Illearned: Oh yes. Basically is ulam but maybe this is like from somewhere like Indonesia or something.

Alex: Good idea! I must bring my siew yok next time! Sure dem sedap one.

William said...

In Indonesia, lalapan == ulam.