When A Queer Shops...

What's my new year's resolution? I've got none. I don't do resolutions cause I feel it doesn't do anything for me. I'd rather take the new year a day at a time and embrace every moments of it. Cliche as it sounds but carpe diem fits this description well.

So to start off the new year, I ceased the day by going shopping in KLCC and Pavilion. I am amazed at my shopping because I was literally, "Oh nice... Take. That too. Take". Well I did have a rough idea of the things I wanted to get and I did get them. Except for a few sudden splurges here and there.

How am I suppose to bring these stuff back?!

My favourite buy was Dilbert 2.0 20 Years of Dilbert hardbound box edition from Kinokuniya (I believe a reader spotted me there lugging this 10kg book). Good bargain too cause I got it at 30% discount! RM 370 - 30% = RM 259!!! That was the first item that started my shopping spree.

Then came the working clothes. I love the dark grey checkered trousers (why do people here call it pants?) and two new cardigans. That should keep me warm and stylish in the office for a bit. However, I didn't manage to find many working shirts that I like. So I only settled with one. Got a three ties to mix and match with my current shirts in my wardrobe.

For casual/clubbing wear I got two shirts, a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes. I just realised the shirts aren't in the photo... Probably in the washing or somewhere in the house. One red with black fine line from Topman and white short sleeved shirt from Zara.

Finally I've gotten something heavy duty to combat the harsh weather and working condition, Biotherm! Basic cleanse, tone and moisturise and an added sunblock. SPF 50. That should keep the UV rays away.

So what's the damage? Approximately RM 2000. Well it's a price to pay for the satisfaction of shopping. I totally enjoyed my shopping workout. It's a complete workout with weights involved and lots and lots of cardio. Why gym when you can shop? Hehhehe.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Anonymous said...

Wats tat cutie RAT doing atop Dilbert??! Bet u so didnt have to buy tat !!! *wink wink*

Your buys look fabulous, i can see a theme here... hahaa. Have great weekend!

Nicholas Rashidee said...

the mouse so cute cute cute~! nyit nyit nyit~

Ban said...

....that's a lot of shopping! Rat rat must be in awe.

JD Cole said...


that's a lot of shopping in a day!!

but then again, fabulousity is what fabulousity does...so, keep on living in the fab lane by doing more shopping ;P

Queer Ranter said...

Anonymous: Hahahha. That rat is about 2 plus years old. :P

You have a fab weekend too. :)

NicholasRashidee: Hahahaha. Yep yep. I hearts me rat. :P

Ban: He sure was! :P

JDCole: Hahhahah. I know. I'm shocked myself. :P

savante said...

Kaya punya budak! Buy us lunch! :P

Queer Ranter said...

Savante: What kaya!? Kaya people spend RM 2k a day ok. I spend it on a monthly basis it seems. :P

Hamilton said...

LOL.. as I look through these items, I was thinking, uh huh, hmm hmm nice stuff, and.... a HAMSTER! A RAT! A PIGGY, omg what is that! so adorable! lol seriously what is that small stuffed animal.

Queer Ranter said...

Hamilton: Hahahah. It's a rat and his name is Rat Rat. :)