Oxymoron of 2009

Mamak-ing while sitting under an umbrella waiting for the rain to stop isn't the perfect setting that I'd like to chill with my friends. Not just any rain but those huge downpours sort of rain. It's noisy, cold and annoying. I get annoyed getting wet by rain. I love rain when I'm dry and away from the rain.

But prior to the mistimed horrendous torrential downpour something peculiar came up. Islamic Beer. Yes you read it right, Islamic Beer. Oxymoron of 2009. Islamic (alcohol is "haram") and beer (full of alcohol). So what exactly is Islamic Beer? It's just a malt drink with gas and fruity flavors. It's equivalent of fruity bubbly. The lady said it's 99.9 % alcohol free.

Seriously... The things people come up with...

Just as I thought that would be enough of an oxymoron dose for one night, this popped up. My dear friend (also known as "Muka Ketat" and flashed victim) loves pork even though it's "haram" for him to do so. But he found a way round it this tricky situation. Say "Bismillah" before eating and also say a prayer before slaughtering the pig. Then you'll have "Halal Pork"!

Wouldn't life be boring without these lovely oxymoron to keep us entertained?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Sam said...

Does blessing alcohol actually make it less harmful? No right?

Exactly. :P

Nicholas Rashidee said...

haha.. can have halal gay also anot? well, root beer is not haram mah.. hihihi~ ^^

ihik.. ihik.. alhamdulillah..

Ban said...

halal gay sex!!! just make one guy pakai tudung during it :P

William said...

Perfect for the Year of the Ox. Gotta get myself some of that halal pork.

JD Cole said...


btw, all leather used for gucci products are pig skin =)

what is fabulousity without some controversy eh? ;P

Queer Ranter said...

Sam: You tell me. I'm confused about all these things...

NicholasRashidee: Kakakkaka. Smarty pants you. :P

Ban: Ooooo. How kinky! :P

William: Hahahah. Let's go find some then.

JDCole: Oh my! I didn't know that dirty little secret!!!

*Anton* said...

Kau fu and Kam Mou! ^_^