23rd Jubilation

See, this is why I love my faghags so much. I keep saying that if I was straight, La Faghag will be the ideal girl for me but alas, I like my boys and she likes her men. So we sit on the same side of the fence and enjoy the view of boys and men. My faghags, La Faghag and Slender Faghag brought me to Indulgence for a little treat.


Indulgence is a beautiful place, colonial double storey bungalow converted into a restaurant. Nice little cosy and comfy place. I was here once three years ago and have been longing to dine in this place ever since. I got half of that wish granted today. We came here purely for cakes.

I must say, I am really impressed with the effort they put into the presentation of the cakes. I was delighted to see the pretty chocolate and cream decoration around the cake. Though the cake is just as delicious.

I ordered Mississipi Mud Cake and this is possibly the best mud cake I've had ever! Turning 23 with this masterpiece of a cake is the best experience ever. I was literally climaxing till the very last bite, savouring every last bit of crumbs. The cake was nicely heated to a nice warm temperature and drizzled with chocolate sauce and cream. The chocolate was just rich enough, not overpowering or sickening. But the best is yet to come.

Once every cells of your tongue complete registering the entirety of the flavour, the texture of the cake takes effect. Small piece of the cake began to crumble and disintegrated. The thick moist cake began to feel as light as feather and vanished.

I kid you not. I loved every bit of it.

Mississippi Mud Cake.

Slender Faghag ordered the Fudgy Brownie. It was delicious but uncomparable to Mississipi Mud Cake. It was nicely baked. Not too rich but has a nice dense and moist texture to it. The chocolate and nutty flavour blended with each other so well. And just look at the decoration. So cute and pretty.

Fudgy Brownie.

And the last lovely piece of cake ordered by La Faghag, Chocolate Hazelnut Torte. I like this cake cause its very light and creamy. Chocolate Hazelnut lovers would love this cake very much. Delicate balance of chocolate and hazelnut. Just lovely. Fluffy texture with hard nutty nuts.

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte.

Three different chocolate cakes. Each distictively different and lovely. Cakes like these should and must be enjoyed with coffee or any hot drinks. Macchiato and Cafe Latte. Freshly brewed. Every sip was heavenly.


Cafe Latte.

I'm definitely coming back to this place to try their main courses. So till then for Indulgence.

Details of Indulgence.

14, Jalan Raja Di Hilir,
Ipoh, Perak 30350.
Tel - 05-2557051.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


daohui said...

Oh My God! The Mississippi mud cake looks sooooooo delicious.

I want!

Happy Birthday!

ikanbilis said...

yum yum!

royal celebration lah you. where's m cake-ship award?

William said...

Sorry lo wished you Hepi Bday by proxy via Derek. Hehe. The cakes look mouth-watering!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

OMG. The forst and third slice looks heavenly.


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Oh I think Perak would be just a tad too far for me.

Jason said...

Yalah, we'll come next month. No need to keep reminding me :p

Queer Ranter said...

Daohui: Thank you. Yes the cake is lovely.

Ikanbilis: Hhahah. M-cake ship award. :P

William: No worries. Thanks anyways.

Soul: They are delicious I'll tell you that. Yes a tad too far for you. :P

Jason: Yey. :P