I reckon CLEO's Bachelor needs a reselection! Thanks to Sam who started this fabulous meme. So here goes me!

Bachelor No: 69

Name: Queer Ranter

Occupation: Soon to be a fabulous Chemical Engineer

Age: 23

Zodiac: Taurus

Fave Hangout: KLCC, Pavillion, Mid Valley and The Curve

Talent: Flashing, cam whoring, shopping, sex, sex and more sex and irrelevant illogical deductions

Three Things You Can't Live Without.
I absolutely can't live without my stuffed toys! I heart Rat rat, Pink Lion, Moo moo, Teddy and Sharkie. I love them so much. Item two is my kinky underwear. Can't live without them especially my g-strings. Sexy, kinky g-strings. Finally, I can't live without my contacts. I absolutely love wearing contacts.

What is the sweetest thing a guy has done for you?
I received a surprised Valentine's gift from McDave eventhough he's in KL and I'm in Notroh Woods. So very sweet of him.

The most daredevil thing I’ve ever done is...
Making out with McDave in a mall only to be almost discovered by the guard!

What’s one thing you’re glad you’ve outgrown?
Glad that I've outgrown not owning a pair of jeans.

Your biggest mistake is...
Not realising I'm queer sooner.

Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?
Ewan McGregor! I can so totally relate to him in Moulin Rouge (such morbid movie I know...).

Why do men...
Have to look so hawt until it makes me drool and feel so unpretty?

If you were a product, how would your advertising campaign read?
Feeling queer? Have some Queer Ranter. I'll give yea some TLC.


You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


la faghag said...

haha such a narcissist post!
bachelor no. 69 ey. does that mean you come in 69 flavours? ;)

..and what's this. you consider sex a talent not a hobby ???? :D

btw, you left out lubricant in three things you can't live without too. hehe

ikanbilis said...


syok sendiri lah. in a good way =P

Mr Wanna said...

I can see myself voting for you. You go girl!! Hahahahahaaa...

-C said...

I'm seriously surprised you don't see the bachelor thing as being a communistic enterprise.

...you know. Everything belongs to everyone. etc. Sharing is caring.

Ernie said...

taip AFUNDI queer... hehehe..

am soo gonna vote for u!

Jason said...

Lawks.... you just love to be in the limelight :P

Queer Ranter said...

La Faghag: Yes la you smarty pants. :P

Ikanbilis: Then come syok with me. :P

MrWanna: Nude photoshoot is required! Be my photographer?

C: Eh!? We are!? Yey. :P

Jason: Of course I do. I flourish in it. Heheheh.