My oh my. Would you look at the time. Its 0715 in the morning and the sun is about to rise. No I did not wake up. In fact, I haven't slept since yesterday. No I'm not high on caffeine or took ADD medication just to stay up.

Believe it or not, I was actually working. Well... Not really. See I have my Final Year Design Project report to compile. Its about 300++ pages thick! But that's not why I haven't slept. I was partly compiling what little left to compile, watching Little Miss Sunshine, playing Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core on my PSP and of course slacking. I feel like I'm turning into Janvier, Master of Slacker. Heheheh.

It's rare to catch me waking up at seven in the morning. It's almost unheard of for me to stay up the whole night doing work (part work). I guess I just felt like staying up. I am so turning into Janvier...

I've forgotten what's it like looking at sunrise. So the best I had was this.


It had to be a cloudy morning when I want to see sunrise...

See how everyone is sound asleep?

Half the campus started sleeping an hour ago and the other half will start waking up an hour later.

I'm just in the twilight zone.

I'll give myself until noon before imminent shutdown. As it is, I'm starting to feel a little light headed. I'll start freaking out when Rat Rat starts talking back or talking period,..

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Daniel Henry said...

i seriously think that your college needs to give you more assignmentssss... too free to blog...

Jason said...

Poor QR.
But nvm, you can tan yourself more to cover up those dark circles.

Life Cafez said...

Poor you... but don't you think it's a great experience we can get when we are "young"...when teh age is catching, this is absolute a NONO again.. Well, put more frequent eye masks and apply eye gel :P Have a great weekend :P

Queer Ranter said...

Daniel: Wkakakaka. I'm in my final semester. Chill man. :P

Jason: Tanning will cover my dark circles?!


Lifecafez: Wakkakaka. Will bear that in mind. :P