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I am officially sick of MS Word. Not because MS Word sucks. Oh no, I heart my MS Word 2007. I've been doing it for the whole day now and I'm now sick of doing word processing! Reports after reports, endless papertrails. Well technically its only one report but so many documents were opened everywhere!


On to today's post then.

My psychotic, deranged and fruitcake of a junior, ChiRa, has bugged me to do her meme despite the fact that I wasn't TAGGED! Well I shall entertain her demand. Though I think the meme is unfair to me. I appreciate male body more than female body.

Compose a list of your top ten sexiest famous men (if you're a girl) or women (if you're a guy).

Like what do I do now?!

I'll do what I do best, list down my boys/men.

Number 10

This pretty boy's name is Zac Efron. First spotted from High School Musical (which I still have not watch) but was only known to me in Hairspray. I like him because he's young (my age!) and he's got a lovely pair of blue eyes to go with his twinkie looks. Not to mention, hawt body for a person who's the SAME AGE as ME! So unfair...

Number 9

Good day mate! Curtis Stone, possibly the hawtest looking cook this century. He's got the looks, flirtatious charm, endearing Aussie accent and the skills in the kitchen. If I ever get caught in his show Take Home Chef, I will faint and he'll catch me in his strong, skillful and able arms (swoons). FYI, he's still single.

Number 8

Tell me who won't love him for his role in Moulin Rouge? If you don't, you've got no heart you hear! Kidding. I sold my soul the moment I saw him in Moulin Rouge. Such a romantic love story and he portrayed the character really well. Oh and he sings! Once again in Down With Love, he totally stole the spotlight from all the other characters especially the scene when he rips his shirt open and the buttons were flying everywhere. SO HAWT!

Number 7

This man has the most charming smile ever! If you ever want to hire a host for a show and get record breaking ratings, get James Marsden. His charming smile did its wonders on me when I was watching him in Hairspray. Yes I was captivated by his smiles. Oh and he was a Versace model too!

Number 6

Flame On! Yummy and hunky-licious Chris Evans makes it to number 6 in my list for obvious reasons. He's hawt. He's very hawt. He's supernova hawt! And he's got this mischievous boyish look. Oh and his hawt body too. He can spontanously combust my clothes anytime.

Number 5

From the moment I saw him in Las Vegas, I am addicted to him. Josh Duhamel is yummy-licious! Very handsome man, perfectly sculpted body, almost Greek mythology like and I am envious of his hair! Physically, everything about him is so perfect! Very hawt. I like. Dem you Fergie!

Number 4

Jonathan Rhys Meyers stands on number 4 in my list of sexiest famous men. This Irish man is uber hawt and uber sexy and his Irish accent makes my knees go weak. He melts my heart everytime I see him on the silverscreen. I especially love his performance in Match Point and now I'm itching to watch him in The Tudors. My Irish knight in shining armor. I just love the way he speaks and the accent is so entrancing. Irish accent spells SEXY!

Number 3

Ah Daniel Wu. I absolutely love Daniel Wu. I dub him, "Asian Perfection". Smooth and nicely toned body, he is my favourite Asian superstar. I fell in love with him when I saw him in Bishōnen. Any hawt guy who acted as a gay character gets my approval right away. I love his body, very typically Asian. Slender and lean. I also adore his youthful looks. I like.

Number 2

I'm sure everyone has seen this Biotherm ad campaign. Takashi Kaneshiro another "Asian Perfection", is a highly talented actor/model. He speaks Mandarin, Japanese and English fluently!. I am swooned by people who can speak well in English and I'd just die if he can speak Mandarin and Japanese! Look at the photo. See how alluring the gaze of his eyes are? This is what I call F.I.E.R.C.E! Everything about him screams HAWT! So hawt, he's sizzling!

Number 1

And number one in my list of sexiest famous men, Wang Lee Hom! He is super handsome, has a hawt built and toned body and very talented in music. A guy who plays the violin is enough to make me fall for him. A guy who plays the violin, looks like Lee Hom and built and toned, I'd sell my soul to the Devil himself just to be with him. To me, he's perfect! Good looks, talented, real hawt and real sexy! Yes I am obsessed with him.

With my top ten finally done (took me TWO days!), I shall tag the following:

Azzuro (something tells me Daniel Henny is in the list)
Dr. Paul (Chris Evans is in the list too I bet)
Alex (I know Ryan Carnes is in your list)
Sam (hmmm not sure who'd be in your list)
Ohkulala (I'd like to know who makes it in your list)

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


-Pinkie ChiRa- said...

oh my god.

james marsden is SO CUTE.

*pats jamesie's head..

come 'ere boy..

bye QR. he's mine.

ikanbilis said...

owhmegawd i need to tell you a secret and i need to kill you.

*drool, melt*

La Faghag said...

I only spotted Josh Duhamel in Transformers and liked him ever since!...looked so hot in a soldier outfit, all tanned as well!

Never paid much attention to him in Las Vegas. Then again, I never did get caught up with that TV series! Lolx.

Hamilton said...

You know Wang Lee Hom is a confirmed gay right? He was partying in NYC and hooked up with a close friend of my friend. He is pretty out in America as in people here do not know him at all and any facts would just be passed on as rumors in Asia. Congrats, your #1 loves the cocks too.

chase / chubz said...

josh is so dreamy. i love him

Jason said...

No 8. no name?

Queer Ranter said...

Pinkie: *snatches James away from Pinkie

Ikanbilis: Hahahah. :P

LaFaghag: Lets drool together then. :)

Hamilton: He is!? Could my secret dream be true?!

Chase: Oh yes he is. Yummy.

Jason: Ewan McGregor...

the ugly submarine said...

Ohh. I likey like all the man on the list! I actually shot a commercial with Lee Hom. Not sure if he's gay or or not, but one thing i'm pretty sure is he's hot. HOT! Flaming HOT!!!

Ah-Bong said...

wong lee hom?!?!?!?!



i prefer wong hei. :D

Leon Koh said...

Josh Duhamel is so hot! I didnt know he was in transformers?! I better go watch again